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Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount. in figures in words,SH 2 00 FLOORING WORK, 2 1 11 36 Providing and fixing Ist quality ceramic Sqm 108. glazed walls tiles conforming to IS 15622,thickness to be specified by the. manufacture of approved make in all,colours shades except burgundy bottle. green black of any size as approved by,Engineer in charge in skirting risers of. steps and dados over 12 mm thick bed of,cement Mortar 1 3 1 cement 3 coarse.
sand and jointing with grey cement slurry,3 3kg per sqm including pointing in. white cement mixed with pigment of,matching shade complete. 2 2 11 38 Providing and laying Ceramic glazed floor Sqm 40. tiles 300x300 mm thickness to be specified,by the manufacturer of Ist quality. conforming to IS 15622 of approved make in,all colours shades except White Ivory. Grey Fume Red Brown laid on 20mm thick,cement mortar 1 4 1 Cement 4 Coarse sand.
including grouting the joints with white,cement and matching pigments etc complete. 2 3 11 41 2 Providing and laying polished vitrified Sqm 415. floor tiles in different sizes thickness,to be specified by the manufacturer with. water absorption s less than 0 08 and,conforming to IS 15622 of approved make in. all colours and shades laid on 20mm thick,cement mortar 1 4 1 cement 4 coarse. sand including grouting the joints with,white cement and matching pigments etc.
Size of Tile 60x60cm, 2 4 4 1 3 Providing and laying in position cement cum 9. concrete of specified grade excluding the,cost of centering and shuttering All. work up to Floor five Level,Page 2 of 26, Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount. in figures in words,1 2 4 1 cement 2 coarse sand 4 graded. stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size,2 5 8 2 Providing and fixing 18mm thick gang saw.
cut mirror polished premoulded and,prepolished machine cut for kitchen. platforms vanity counters window sills,facias and similar locations of required. size of approved shade colour and texture,laid over 20mm thick base cement mortar. 1 4 1 cement 4 coarse sand with joints,treated with white cement mixed with. matching pigment epoxy touch ups,including rubbing curing moulding and.
polishing to edge to give high gloss,finish etc complete at all levels. 8 2 2 Granite of any colour and shade,8 2 2 1 Area of slab upto 0 50 sqm Sqm 25. SH 3 00 BRICK WORK,3 1 6 4 2 Brick work with F P S bricks of class. designation 75 in superstructure above,plinth level up to floor V level in all. shapes and sizes in,Cement mortar 1 6 1 cement 6 coarse cum 75.
3 2 6 13 2 Half brick masonry with F P Sbricks of,class designation 75 in super structure. above plinth level upto floor V level,Cement mortar 1 4 1 cement 4 coarse sqm 30. SH 4 00 RCC WORK,Page 3 of 26, Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount. in figures in words, 4 1 5 3 Reinforced cement concrete work in beams Cum 11. suspended floors roofs having slope up to,15 landings balconies shelves chajjas.
lintels bands plain window sills,staircases and spiralstair cases up to. floor five level excluding the cost of,centering shuttering finishing and. reinforcement with 1 2 4 1 cement,2coarse sand 4 graded stone aggregate 20. mm nominal size, 4 2 5 22 3 Reinforcement for R C C work including kg 1000. straightening cutting bending placing in,position and binding all complete Cold.
twisted bars,4 3 Centering and shuttering including. strutting propping etc and removal of,5 9 3 Suspended floors roofs landings sqm 50. balconies and access platform,5 9 5 Lintels beams plinth beams girders sqm 40. bressumers and cantilevers, 5 9 16 1 Edges of slabs and bracks in floors and Metres 28. walls a Under 20Cms wide,SH 5 00 FINISHING WORK,5 1 13 4 12 mm cement plaster of mix.
13 4 1 1 4 1 cement 4 coarse sand sqm 325,Page 4 of 26. Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount. in figures in words,5 2 13 5 15 mm cement plaster on rough side of. single or half brick wall of mix,13 5 1 1 4 1 cement 4 coarse sand sqm 325. 5 3 13 16 6 mm cement plaster of mix,13 16 1 1 3 1 cement 3 fine sand sqm 50. 5 4 13 42 Distempering with 1st quality acrylic,washable distemper ready mixed of.
approved manufacturer and of required,shade and colour complete as per. manufacturer s specification,13 42 1 Two or more coats on new work sqm 610. 5 5 13 68 French spirit polishing, 13 68 1 Two or more coats on new works including a sqm 150. coat of wood filler,5 6 13 62 Painting with synthetic enamel paint of. approved brand and manufacture of required,colour to give an even shade.
13 62 1 Two or more coats on new work over an sqm 120. under coat of suitable shade with ordinary,paint of approved brand and manufacture. SH 6 00 WOOD WORK,Page 5 of 26, Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount. in figures in words,6 1 9 1 Providing wood work in frames of doors. windows clerestory windows and other,frames wrought framed and fixed in. 9 1 1 Second class teak wood Cum 3,6 2 9 3 Providing wood work in frames of false.
ceiling partitions etc sawn and put up,in position. 9 3 2 Kiln seasoned and chemically treated Cum 8,Hollock wood. 6 3 9 11 Extra for providing heavy sheet float,glass panes instead of ordinary float. glass in glazed doors windows and,clerestory window shuttrs Area of oepning. for glass panes exluding portion inside,rebate shall be measured.
9 11 1 5 5mm thick instead of 4mm thick Sqm 28,6 4 9 35 Providing and fixing in wall lining flat. pressed three layer medium density,particle board or graded wood Pre. laminated one side decorative lamination,on other side balancing lamination Grade. 1 Type II IS 12823 marked including,priming coat on unexposed surface with. necessary fixing arrangement and screws,etc complete.
9 35 1 12mm thick Sqm 610, 6 5 9 74 Providing and fixing bright finished brass. tower bolts barrel type with necessary,screws etc complete. Page 6 of 26, Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount. in figures in words,9 74 1 250x10 mm each 22,9 74 4 100x10 mm each 22. 6 6 9 76 Providing and fixing bright finsihed brass each 22. 100mm mortice latch and lock with 6 levers,and a pair of lever handles with necessary.
screws etc complete best make of,approved quality, 6 7 9 82 Providing and fixing bright finsihed brass each 22. hanging type floor door stopper with,necessary screws etc complete. 6 8 9 101 Providing and fixing aluminium hanging,floor door stopper ISI on marked anodised. anodic coating not less than grade AC 10,as per IS 1868 transparant or dyed to. required colour and shade with necessary,screws etc complete.
9 101 2 Twin rubber stopper each 18, 6 9 9 20 Providing and fixing ISI marked flush door. shutters conforming to IS 2202 Part 1,decorative type core of block baord. construction with frame of Ist class hard,wood and well matched teak 3 ply veneering. with vertical grains or cross bands and,face veneers on both faces of shutters. 9 20 2 30mm thick including ISI marked Stainless Sqm 42. Steel butt hinges with necessary screws,Page 7 of 26.
Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount. in figures in words, 6 10 12 45 Providing and fixing at all height false. ceiling including providing and fixing of,frame work made of special sections power. pressed from M S sheet and galvanised in,accordance with zinc coating of grade 350. as per IS 277 and consisting of angle,cleats of size 25mm wide x 1 6mm thick. with flanges of 22mm and 37mm at 1200mm,centre to centre one flange fixed to the.
ceiling with dash fastener 12 5mm diax40mm,long with 6mm dia bolts to the angle. hangers of 25x25x0 55mm of required,length and other end of angle hanger. being fixed with nut and bolts to G I,channels 45x15x0 9mm running at the rate. of 1200mm centre to centre to which the,ceiling section 0 5mm thick button wedge. of 80mm with tapered flanges of 26mm each,having clips of 10 5mm at 450mm centre to.
centre shall be fixed in a direction,perpendicular to G I channel with. connecting clips made out of 2 64mm,diax230mm long G I wire at every junction. including fixing the gypsum board with,ceiling section and perimeter channels. 0 5mm thick 27mm high having flanges of,20mm and 30mm long the perimeter of. ceiling fixed to wall partition with the,help of rawl plungs at.
450mm centre to centre with 25mm long,drive all screws 230mm interval. including jointing and fixing to a flush,finish of tapered and square edges of the. board with recommended filler jointing,tapes finisher and two coats of primer. suitably for board as per manufactures,specification and also including the cost. of making openings for light fittings,grills diffusers cutouts made with frame.
of perimeter channels suitable fixed all,complete as per drawing and specification. and direction of the Engineer in Charge,but excluding the cost of painting with. Page 8 of 26, Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount. in figures in words, 12 45 1 12 5mm thick tapered edge gypsum board Sqm 410. conforming to IS 2095 Part 1, 6 11 Providing and fixing 100 mm wide vertical Sqm 20.
venation blinds polyster fabric lourers,linked to each other with wane chain and. hanged with PVC hooks sliding on aluminium,guide rail the control handles attached. to high strength polyster handle fibre,cord shall be moulded type and to be made. of steel ball chain at the bottom of,lourers shall be of a glavanised steel. plate duly powder coated including fixing,to galvanized steel bracket on the top.
all complete, 6 12 Disposal of malba building rubbish etc Cum 200. by mechanical transport including,loading unloading and stacking for all. leads and lift complete as per direction,of Engineer in Charge. 6 13 Providing and fixing UPVC panelled and Sqm 82. glazed doors windows with frames,Glazing with 5mm thick float glass on both. sides and pre laminated board of 6mm thick,in bottom inside panel including fittings.
and fixtures insulation material etc,complete The window material should have. the property of with acoustic insulation,thermal insulation water tight fire. resistant termite resistant as per ISI,BS specification of required shape size. and design as per approval of Engineer in,6 14 10 2 charge. Structural steel work riveted bolted or kg 810,welded in built up sections trusses and.
framed work including cutting hoisting,fixing in position and applying a priming. coat of approved steel primer all complete,Page 9 of 26. Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount. in figures in words,SH 7 00 ALUMINIUM WORK,7 1 21 1 Providing and fixing aluminium work for. doors windows ventilators and partitions,with extruded built up standard tubular. sections appropriate Z sections and other,sections of approved make conforming to.
IS 733 and IS 1285 fixed with rawl plugs,and screws or with fixing clips or with. expansion hold fasteners including,necessary filling up of gaps at junctions. at top bottom and sides with required PVC,neoprene felt etc Aluminium sections. shall be smooth rust free straight,mitred and jointed mechanically wherever. required including cleat angle Aluminium,snap beading for glazing panelling C P.
brass stainless steel screws all,complete as per architectural drawings and. the directions of Engineer in charge,Glazing and panelling to be paid for. separately,21 1 1 For fixed portion, 21 1 1 1 Abodised aluminium anodised transparent Kg 23. or dyed to required shade according to IS,1868 Minimum anodic coating of grade AC. 7 2 21 1 2 For shutters of doors windows,ventilators including providing and fixing.
hinges pivots and making provision for,fixing of fittings wherever required. including the cost of PVC neoprene gasket,required Fittings shall be paid for. separately, 21 1 2 1 Abnodised aluminium anodised transparent Kg 45. or dyed to required shade according to,IS 1868 Minimum anodic coating of grade. Page 10 of 26, Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount.
in figures in words,7 3 21 2 Providing and fixing 12mm thick. prelaminated particle board flat pressed,three layer or graded wood particle boqard. conforming to IS 12823 Grade 1 Type II in,panelling fixed in aluminium doors. windows shutters and partition frames with,C P brass stainless steel screws etc. complete as per architectual drawings and,directions of engineer in charge.
21 2 2 Pre laminated particle board with Sqm 4,decorative lamination on both sides. 7 4 21 3 Providing and fixing glazing in aluminium. door window ventilator shutters and,partitions etc with PVC neoprene gasket. etc complete as per the architectural,drawings and the directions of engineer in. charge Cost of aluminium snap beading,21 3 2 With float glass panes of 5 50 mm Sqm 4. 7 5 21 4 Providing and fixing double action,hydraulic floor spring of approved brand.
and manufacture IS 6315 marked for doors,including cost of cutting floors as. required embedding in floors and cover,plates with brass pivot and single piece. M S sheet outer box with slide plate etc,complete as per the direction of Engineer. 21 4 1 With stainless steel cover plate each 4,Page 11 of 26. Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount. in figures in words, 7 6 21 8 Filling the gap in between aluminium frame.
adjacent RCC Brick Stone work by,providing weather silicon sealant over. backer rod of approved quality as per,architectural drawings and direction of. Engineer in charge complete,21 8 1 Upto 5mm depth and 5mm width metre 240. 7 7 21 12 Providing and fixing aluminium tubular,handle bar 32mm outer dia 3 0 mm thick. 2100 mm long with SS screws ect Complete,as per direction of Engineer in Charge.
21 12 1 Anodized AC 15 aluminium tubular handle each 8. 7 8 21 13 Providing and fixing 100mm brass locks each 2. best make of approved quality for,aluminium doors including necessary. cutting and making good etc complete,Page 12 of 26. Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount. in figures in words,SH 8 00 SANITARY AND WATER SUPPLY. 8 1 Water closed p fixing wall mounted each 4,european type W C pan Hindware make along. with cast iron wall cantilever brackets,with seat cover installing connecting.
into S C I pipe water supply p fixing,concealed cistern and all connection. complete as per specification and,direction of engineer in charge sample can. be seen for the same in DIMTS office, 8 2 Providing and fixing hindware riva urinal each 2. with censor attachment within it etc,complete as per specification and approval. of Engineer in charge sample can be seen,for the same in dimts office.
8 3 P F hindware make kathy rectangular wash each 4. basin fixed into counter including CP,waste coupling with rubber plug bottle. trap with long wall connection pipe and CP,inlet connection as per specification and. aprroval of E in charge sample can be,seen for the same in dimts office. 8 4 Providing and fixing Stainless Steel A,ISI 304 18 8 kitchen sink as per IS 13983. with C I brackets and stainless steel,plug 40 mm including painting of fittings.
and brackets cutting and making good the,walls wherever required. Kitchen sink with drain board 510x1040mm each 0,bowl depth 250mm. Page 13 of 26, Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount. in figures in words,8 5 Providing and fixing mirror of superior. glass of approved quality and of,required shape and size with plastic.
moulded frame of approved make and shade,with 6mm thick hard board backing. Rectangular shape 1500x450mm each 2, 8 6 Providing and fixing toilet paper holder each 4. 8 7 Urinal partitions providing and fixing each 1,merino modesty pannels as per. specification and approval of Engineer in,charge sample can be seen for the same in. DIMTS office,8 8 Providing and fixing PTMT liquid soap each 2.
container 109mm wide 125mm high and 112mm,distance from wall of standard shape with. bracket of the same materials with snap,fittings of approved quality and colour. weighing not less than 105 gms, 8 9 Angle cock P F Jaguar florentine series each 8. heavy body CP complete as per,specification and approval of E in charge. 8 10 Pillar Cock P F Jaguar PRESSMATIC series each 4. heavy body CP make pillar cock with,adjustable wall flange etc Complete as.
per specification and approval of Engineer, 8 11 Jet spray P F hand shower Health faucet each 4. with 8 mm dia 1 meter long PVC tube wall,hook etc Complete make Jaguar. florentine as per specification and,approval of Engineer in charge. Page 14 of 26, Item No DSR Ref Description Unit Qty Rate in Rs Amount. in figures in words, 8 12 17 35 Providing and fixing soil waste and vent.
17 35 1 100 mm dia, 17 35 1 1 Sand cast iron S S pipe as per IS 1729 metre 50. 8 13 17 37 Providing and fixing M S holder bat,clamps of approved design to Sand Cast. iron cast iron spun pipe embedded in and,including cement concrete blocks. 10x10x10cm of 1 2 4 mix 1 cement 2,coarse sand 4 graded stone aggregate. 20mm nominal size including cost of,cutting holes and making good the walls.
17 37 1 For 100 mm dia Pipe each 10, 8 14 17 41 Providing and fixing double equal junction. of required degree with access door,insertion rubber washer 3 mm thick bolts. and nuts complete,17 41 1 100x100x100x100mm, 17 41 1 1 Sand cast iron S S as per IS 1729 each 3. 8 15 17 58 Providing lead caulked joints to sand cast. iron centrifugally cast spun iron pipes,and fittings of diameter. 17 58 1 100 mm each 25, 8 16 P F CP brass Jali for floor traps 100 mm each 5.

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