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A lot of companies have switched over from using fax machines to simply sending out faxes from their computers or their cell phones.

It’s not entirely possible for a lot of companies to completely abandon the practice of faxing. However, it is possible to adapt faxing into the modern world. That’s where online fax service comes in.

These online fax services provide you with fax numbers, toll-free and international sometimes, that can allow you to send faxes anywhere you want from your mac itself. However, all of these fax services come with their unique set of advantages and drawbacks.

As such, in this article, I offer a comparative run down of the 5 best free fax apps for Mac so you can decide which ones to use.


The following table lists out the 5 best free fax apps for Mac. You can go through their specifications and features to narrow down your options and then read about them in the following parts.
Fax App for AndroidReviewFeaturesEase of UseUI DesignCheck App
CocoFaxCocoFax ReviewVery GoodVery EasyGreat
eFaxeFax ReviewVery GoodVery EasyGreat
iFaxiFax ReviewVery GoodOkayGood
FaxDocumentFaxDocument ReviewWeakEasyOkay
FaxFreshFaxFresh ReviewWeakEasyOkay

Part 1: CocoFax

CocoFax is an extremely reasonable online fax service, perhaps one of the most reasonable services in the market.

However, that reasonable nature is conditional. It’s ideal for companies that need to send out hundreds of faxes every month within domestic boundaries. However, it doesn’t fare so well when it comes to international faxing. In that case, you’ll be charged an additional 5 cents to $1 for every fax sent out.

The price plans in CocoFax are extremely flexible and offer a wide range of options. You can choose a package with which you can send out 1000 faxes a month.

The CocoFax app for Mac is very user-friendly and it can help you send multiple faxes. You can also manage contacts with it or integrate it with Outlook so that you can receive all faxes directly to your mailbox. You also have the option of sending faxes either directly from the online account or from your mailbox.


Contact management is easy.Expensive.
Send up to 1000 faxes per month
Easy integration with Outlook, Dropbox, etc.
Can send unlimited faxes a month.
24/7 customer support.

Part 2: eFax

eFax is the ideal option for businesses that need to send faxes to international recipients on a regular basis. It’s one of the few apps in the market in which you can send out international faxes without a surcharge. That’s one of the main reasons for its popularity.

However, the ability to send out international faxes comes at a high price point, and it also leads to a decreased number of faxes being sent out. Whereas its competitors can let you send at least 400 or 500 faxes a month, eFax lets you send out a maximum of 200 faxes a month without surcharge.

eFax comes with a trial period of 30 days. Once that’s over, it becomes the most expensive fax app in the market.

The eFax app for Mac allows you to efficiently manage all your faxes. You can send faxes through the online account or from your email directly. Both of these methods are pretty simple. If you want to send faxes from the online account, you have to simply go to the online account and click on ‘Send Faxes’. If you want to send a fax from your email, you just have to enter the fax number in the address bar and suffice it with “”.

eFax also comes with some great features with which you can forward faxes to several recipients and you can also add digital signatures to your documents.


Easy management of faxes.Expensive.
International faxing with no surcharge.Only 200 faxes a month possible.
Digital signatures.
24/7 support.

Part 3: iFax

iFax is an online fax service available in 17 countries across the globe, and faxing between those countries is free from surcharges. iFax was designed to provide simplicity and ease of use. Sending faxes from this app is like sending an email, a few taps and you’re done.

One of the major issues with iFax is that it only provides a short 7-day trial period whereas many of its competitors provide a trial period of 30 days.

The iFax mac app is extremely user-friendly. In the main menu, you can choose whether to go to your inbox, send faxes, or arrange them. You also get to choose from a set of templates for the cover letter and modify it according to your needs. Furthermore, you can also add a brand logo or a digital signature to your documents. All of these features make iFax one of the most feature-rich mac fax apps in the market.

Furthermore, iFax also supports all the major file formats, in addition to the popular ones such as PDF and TIFF.

iFax payment works on a credit system. In the chart below you can check out the pricing breakdown.

Best Free App For Mac
Powerful features.Only a 7-day trial available.
Intuitive UI.Expensive.
Wide range of file formats available.

Part 4: FaxDocument

FaxDocument is an extremely efficient means of faxing documents to any of the countries that are supported in the application without any surcharge. The app supports 39 countries around the world, and you can send faxes to these countries easily.

Unlike other fax seeing services mentioned above, the FaxDocument Mac App allows you to purchase packages of faxes rather than monthly packages. As such, you can buy a package of 50 faxes for $29.99 or a package of 25 faxes for $19.99.

Once you’ve bought the package, you can simply send out the faxes to all the necessary recipients. You can also add a cover page along with your documents. There are several other features that you can avail of. For example, you get a complete fax log of all the faxes sent out, and you can also modify the cover letter template.

However, if you compare this to the other services, you’ll find that FaxDocument is a lot more expensive than its competitors. Furthermore, beside the bare essentials of sending and receiving faxes, it doesn’t have a lot of advanced features such as adding digital signatures, etc.

Simple to use.Expensive.
Efficiency.Lack of features.

Part 5: FaxFresh

FaxFresh is a similar free fax app for mac with which you can send out faxes anywhere at all. The process of using FaxFresh is extremely simple as well. It can be completed in a 4 step process:

  1. Upload the PDF of the documents you want to send and enter the recipient’s fax number along with country code.
  2. Make the requisite payment through an online gateway.
  3. Send the fax on it’s way.
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation message that your fax has been delivered.

With this process you need to only pay when you have to send out a fax and you don’t need to worry about any subscriptions. The cost of a single fax is 25¢ per page, though you have to send faxes worth at least $1.99 for every transaction.

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This is pretty expensive and not a great option for companies that need to send large quantities of faxes on a regular basis. However, if you’re an individual in need of sending faxes only occasionally, this is a great option for you.
You can use the FaxFresh Mac App to render the process even smoother and better. It’s currently only available in 100 regions such as Europe, Japan, Australia, the US, etc.

Pay as you go.Lack of features.
No subscription.Not ideal for big businesses and corporations.
Ease of use.


As you can see, there are a number of different means by which you can send faxes from a Mac.

If you’re a big business or company, you should ideally use services like eFax or CocoFax, depending on how many faxes you need to send out per month and whether it’s domestic or international.

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However, if you’re just an individual, then you can use services like FaxDocument or FaxFresh so you can pay for a select number of faxes for an unlimited period as opposed to having to subscribe to it.

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Whichever option you go with, do comment down below and keep us informed about your decision.