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  1. If it crashes after loading a video, disable openGl in preferences. Win32 2.6.20 Final Install (32 bits), FossHub, MD5: 214ce95a9b864e23df5cceed1ec5550b.
  2. Windows Mac OS X Unix-like Processor RAM VRAM HDD; Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Yes Yes No Skylake or later: 8 GB: 2 GB: 8 GB: Adobe Premiere Elements: Yes Yes (as of v9) No 2 GHz+ with SSE2 support: 2 GB.

Avidemux for Mac is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. Avidemux for macOS supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities. Features and Highlights.

Avidemux for mac os x 10.8
Avidemux is a multi-platform video editor that performs some basic and not so basic operations for a video sequence.
Cut, apply filters, and recode are the three main activities that you can do with this program.
The filters are organized by categories. They come in all types: those that transform the clip features (crop, rotate, flip, dissolve), reduce noise, adjust the color, shape, rewind, etc.
Also, Avidemux includes a number of predefined formats that you can use to export the movie to DVD, PSP, FLV, MP4, VCD, or SVCD.
MacHow to edit content of videos in MKV format Free mac os x downloadMac

How To Use Avidemux

The use of the Matroska container format is very popular given its status as a free standard that lets you include, in a single file, a video with several audio and subtitle tracks. The only problem is that many TVs or home entertainment centers cannot correctly read this system, and sometimes you can only access one of the included tracks. To do so, you’re going to learn to use the free program Avidemux to modify the content of your MKV videos and remove or include extra audio or subtitle channels.
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Avidemux Download: I’ve been using different video editing software like Sony Vegas Pro and more but these software require high space and specs as well. But I’ve found Avidemux very simple but effective working video editing software that can encode and decode easily. Today I will be discussing about this video editing software and show you how to download it as well.

Well this video editing software might not be the strongest but it is far more effective and has a sole purpose only. We can only decode, encode and extract audio or video clips using this software with more features added. The thing I most liked about this software is that it has a very basic UI design, which gives users a better chance of editing videos effectively. We can even add different filters and effects such as transactions to make our videos stand out. This might not be your ideal software but it is one of the best movie editing tools for cross platform. It has cloud saving option which allows users to restore and pack or edit projects on different platforms using cloud saving.

Now if you are really looking for free software that can edit your videos and at the same time consume less space. Then Avidemux video editing software is specially made for you, so go on and read the below guide to learn to download this video editor.

Avidemux Video Editor Features

Avidemux 2.6

Are you still wondering why Avidemux is amongst the top encoding and decoding software of all time? Then it’s time for you to learn more about the app features and how it works as well.

  • We can convert any video format to different Video formats
  • We can also convert a Video format to MP3 format too
  • Simply this software is the best encoding and decoding
  • Addition or extraction of audio streams is possible
  • One of the best and finest none linear video editing software
  • Avidemux can automate your work of decoding easily
  • It comes with a very simple but modern looking UI design
  • It is easy to use and converting a video is now easy

Well these were few of the features that can help you make use of Avidemux video editing softwarein an effective manner. You can start reading the below download guide, to install the video editing app right on your desktop platform.

Download Avidemux For Windows 10/7/8/, MAC and Linux OS 2017

In the below guide I will show you how to download Avidemux for Windows, Mac and Linux directly. So, the installation steps are same for every OS, so I would be showing you how to download Avidemux For Windows 10 64 Bit version only.

  • First we have to open Avidemux download page from here
  • As you can see in the download page, different download links are present
  • We have Avidemux 32 64 Bit for Windows, Mac and Linux OS as well
  • So I will click on “Download Avidemux Win64 Installer” and save the exe file

Avidemux For Mac Os X 10.8

  • Then run the exe file and click on Next button to continue
  • After that select installation directory, click next again and wait
  • Now the app will begin to install and takes a bit of time
  • Finally after a minute of installation we have successfully installed Avidemux on Windows!

Note: If you want to download Avidemux For Mac or Linux OS, then you can select any other download link from the download page. And follow the same installations instructions as above and you will find yourself a cleanly installed Avidemux for Mac and Linux.

Avidemux Mac Os X Download

And now we have finally installed Avidemux video editor latest version for Windows, Mac and Linux OS as well. You can now edit video formats such as AVI, DVD and many more and apply filters, effects over them and also have the feature to transcode to other format too.

Avidemux Download Mac

At the end of the day I can say Avidemux video editor is fine video editing software for multiple platform operating systems. It can not only provide basic editing tools but also gives users a better interface to edit, save and publish their videos.