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AVG Cleaner gives your Android phone or tablet a performance boost and frees up precious memory. Clean up your browser, call and text histories. Windows Defender is an anti-malware component of Microsoft Windows. It was first released as a free antispyware program download for Windows XP, shipped with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and made into a full antivirus program replacing Microsoft Security Essentials as part of Windows 8 and later versions. AVG Cleaner Android 5.1.2 APK Download and Install. Free up space and speed up your phone with the best cleaner app for Android.

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AVG Cleaner PRO What’s New?

Smart Tips:

The more you interact with cleaning and performance boosting tips, the better the results for you. Hidden cache on Oreo.

A Unique Features:

  • Now you can clean so much more junk on Oreo devices.
  • Improved automatic cleaning.
  • Schedule this Pro feature to take care of empty folders and clipboard.

App Review:

AVG Cleaner is a smart device manager & optimization tool already installed by almost 50 million people.

AVG Cleaner Top Features:

  • Remove preinstalled apps – Remove pre-installed apps to save space and boost performance.
  • Get more space – Remove old files, uninstall apps, and delete bad or unwanted photos and videos.
  • Improve performance – Use Cleaner to clear cache, remove junk, and identify apps that are slowing down your device.
  • Longer battery life – Cleaner’s battery saving feature helps improve your device’s battery life.
  • Hibernate apps – Suspend background apps to prolong battery life and save mobile data.
  • System info – Everything you need to know about your phone on one screen.
  • File manager – Smart File Manager & Storage Cleaner can analyze pictures, files, and apps to help you maximize your Android device’s performance.
  • Junk Cleaner – Clean out any useless junk from your device.

With AVG Cleaner, you will enjoy a longer battery life, avoid a lagging Android device, get rid of junk files, and automatically find bad quality or duplicate photos.

AVG Cleaner PRO Features:

AVG Cleaner Pro APK is a smart analysis application and clean-up tool that gives you more storage space, better performance, and longer battery life.

The booster, battery saver, memory and storage clean up, and app removal features are described below:

Cleaner: Advanced app remover & app manager:

  • Remove preinstalled apps: Do you have pre-installed bloatware apps you don’t need? We can prevent them from slowing down your device.
  • App analyzer: AVG Cleaner can identify apps that consume your battery, drain mobile data, or take up too much storage space, allowing you to clean them out more easily.
  • App remover: Easily remove apps that slow down your device.
  • Easily analyze apps based on storage, ram, battery, data consumption or usage.

Cleaner: Photo Analyzer:

  • Fast and easy photo gallery optimization.
  • Find bad quality or duplicate photos.
  • Our ‘swipe left to delete, swipe right to keep’ feature helps you decide if you want to remove or keep the identified photos.

Cleaner: Battery Saver & Optimizer:

  • App hibernation: Hibernating apps help you prolong battery life and keep your device running faster for longer.
  • Battery Profiles & Optimization: choose between “Low Battery”, “Home”, “Work”, and “Car” profiles, or set up your own to automatically adjust your battery usage how you want (30-day FREE trial).

Cleaner: 1-tap Analysis and Optimization

  • Clean your device with a single tap of a button.
  • Perform device scan and analysis with just one tap.
AVG Cleaner and Booster PRO APK

AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver PRO

Download AVG Cleaner Pro NOW to save precious memory & space and help boost speed & performance!

  • Get more space – clean junk cache files & unwanted apps

  • Get more power – optimize and extend battery life

  • Reduce data usage – view & remove apps by mobile data usage

  • Let it run automatically – daily/weekly auto-clean

Use AVG Cleaner to monitor, erase, clear and clean junk files & unwanted apps from your device’s internal and SD card to help boost speed and make space for the apps, music & photos you really love.

Cache Cleaner:

RAM cache processes – identify and clean up unnecessary cached RAM memory running in the background

Smart Photo Clean-up: clean your photo collection and make room for more important memories

  • Automatically identify bad & similar photos - AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver find all of your photos that are near-duplicates, dark, blurry or poor quality – all in one tap

  • Review the photos you want to keep - you decide which photos to clean. Swipe left to delete or right to keep

History Cleaner:

  • Browsing history – clear out the things you just don’t need like browser, clipboard, app store and email histories

  • Large files – view and easily clean media files and documents larger than 5 MB

  • Phone calls log – clear out long forgotten incoming, outgoing and missed calls
    App Uninstaller:

  • View and receive alerts about rarely used apps by time of last use

  • View and remove apps by size, battery consumption or mobile data usage

Battery Booster and Optimizer:

  • Battery Saver – helps you see what’s eating up your battery life and lets you easily switch them off to save power for when you need it most

  • Battery Profiles – choose between “Low Battery”, “Home”, “Office” and “Car” profiles to get your phone running the way you want

Avg Cleaner & Battery Saver Pro Apk Pc

AVG Cleaner works automatically and runs routine memory cleaning so you don’t have to. Our Auto Maintenance feature runs regular cleaning of your cache, history and calls and lets you know what else you can safely remove. Just set it up to automatically run at a daily or weekly frequency depending on your usage level and available memory and space.
Get your phone tidied up and clear up space to help it run smoother and quicker and boost speed and performance. Eliminate unwanted RAM cache memory data, old browser history or call logs to make more storage space available for the apps and data you want.
Download for FREE now!

AVG Cleaner is now part of AVG Performance, our award-winning, multi-device, tuning & cleaning subscription package

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