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I have completed the installation of a RNS E navigation headunit and OEM satellite radio tuner into. my 2001 A6 This document will be of most use to owners of a 2000 2001 C5 A6 or B5 A4 S4 RS4 and. involves the replacement of the original Symphony I headunit. For instructions on how to upgrade to the RNS E from an existing Symphony II headunit in a 2002 2004. A6 S6 RS6 or 2002 2005 allroad please see these two sets of excellent instructions instead of this document. Justin s RNS E into a 2003 allroad here http audi ogdenlabs com. Nene s RNS E into a 2003 RS6 here www htms org rnse html. The RNS E works almost perfectly in the 2000 2001 A6 One issue that has yet to be resolved is the. infamous Clock problem The RNS E gets the time and date information from the instrument. cluster When a navigation route is programmed the RNS E gives an estimated time of arrival ETA. The problem is that the time and date signals from the cluster are not completely understood This. results in an error in the RNS E internal clock Since this clock is wrong the ETA given during route. guidance is also wrong If the RNS E is loaded with the latest US firmware internal software the. clock is also shown in the bottom center of the screen at all times This clock display will also be. wrong most of the time Many users are in the process of troubleshooting this problem but a solution. has yet to be found, This document is prepared as a step by step guide and will follow the outline on the next page No one. step is particularly difficult but as a whole it can seem overwhelming The outline may reinforce that. feeling at first glance In this case the reader is urged to read and understand each section individually. The work in each section can be performed independently of the other sections except that the. completion of Section 1 is a prerequisite to the work demonstrated in the remaining sections. A complete installation of the RNS E requires all steps in Section 1 to be. performed Do not install the headunit without connecting to CANbus or. without having access to VAG COM or other means to code the control module. Note from the Author, Thanks to the www navplus us community as a whole This is one of the best automotive based. forums to which I have ever had the pleasure of contributing. Special thanks to users TeddyBGame and Proxus for putting together the deal that enabled me to. obtain the RNS E navigation headunit Ted has extensive knowledge of Audi audio and navigation. systems and we have collaborated on many projects Proxus was a great seller to deal with and. worked with me on some issues with my navigation DVD even after the sale. Because of some past inquiries I would like to say that donations are gladly accepted but not. expected Many hours of research and labor produced this document but I consider it to be freeware. If you paid money to gain access to this document you were robbed. If you have any questions or comments big or small please feel free to email me lee nsxjr com. The most recent version of this document can be downloaded from the web at www nsxjr com. 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page i. Section 1 RNS E Navigation Headunit Page 1,1 1 Instrument Cluster. 1 1 1 Connecting to CANbus,1 1 2 Mounting the GPS Antenna. 1 2 Reverse Wire,1 3 Headunit Installation,1 3 1 Connecting to CANbus.
1 3 2 Plug and Play Wiring Harness,1 3 3 Radio Antenna Adapter. 1 3 4 Entering the Security PIN Code,1 4 Control Module Coding VAG COM. Section 2 Satellite Radio Module Page 19,2 1 The Basics SAT Radio Tuner Wiring Info. 2 2 Power Wires,2 3 Audio Wires,2 4 Data Wires,2 5 Antenna Wires. 2 6 Completion,Section 3 Multifunction Steering Wheel Page 26.
3 1 MFSW Control Unit Installation,3 2 Control Module Coding VAG COM. Section 4 Bluetooth Telephone Module Page 29,4 1 Custom Wiring Harness. 4 2 Connecting the K line,4 3 Control Module Coding VAG COM. Section 5 TV Tuner Module or A V Interface future project. List of Appendices,Appendix A Parts List,Appendix B RNS E Engineering Mode. Appendix C SAT Radio Diagnostics,Appendix D Symphony I to RNS E Wiring Diagram.
Appendix E SAT Tuner Wiring Diagram,Appendix F Trunk Trim Removal. Appendix G BOSE Amplifier Pinouts,Appendix H Climate Control Faceplate. Appendix J Screen Shot Mode, Appendix K Bluetooth Module Operation via Steering Wheel. 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page ii. Section 1 RNS E Navigation Headunit, The installation of the RNS E Navigation unit into a 2000 2001 A6 is a multi step process The main. obstacle to overcome for this installation is that the original Symphony I radio is not CANbus. Controller Area Network enabled The vehicle has many CANbus systems from engine management. to transmission control to the one of interest here called infotainment These are all separate. networks and the infotainment communication network is the one that helps all the radio. telephone navigation telematics etc in a vehicle communicate with one another in an efficient. manner All of these different items are connected to the CANbus like a computer network and they. all communicate via two wires CAN H and CAN L The Symphony I radio shows CAN H and CAN L. on the wiring label but it is not wired to function via CANbus The CANbus network is available in. the vehicle if the clock in the tachometer dial is digital If the vehicle has an analog clock then stop. here the wiring in this document will not apply to that vehicle. If the CD based navigation system is installed in the trunk the CANbus wiring will be present These wires will. need to be removed and taped out of the way during the installation process. Have all Radio Security Codes in hand before disconnecting the battery. Eject the CD from the Symphony headunit before disconnecting the battery. Do not turn the ignition switch on while the instrument cluster is removed. 1 1 Instrument Cluster, The first tasks to complete are behind the instrument cluster Cover the top of the steering wheel.
column with a shop towel or painter s tape to prevent scratching when the cluster is removed. Some images in Section 1 are 2004 Ted Basile and are used with express written permission. 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page 1. Remove the center trim piece 1 between the,steering wheel column and instrument cluster. by pulling straight out, The picture shows the steering wheel removed It is. not necessary to remove the steering wheel for any. part of this installation, Remove the driver s side knee panel and set it out of the way See the picture below. Remove the two Phillips screws holding the bottom of the instrument cluster These are likely to be. extremely tight Use the proper size Phillips screwdriver Reach up under the dash and push the. instrument cluster out from the rear When the cluster is loose remove it by pulling the left side out. first unplugging the blue connector on the left rear then the grey connector in the middle then the. green connector on the right end Each of these plugs has a small purple clamp that holds it in place. Simply lift this purple clamp up and the plug will remove itself from the cluster See next illustration. 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page 2. To remove the instrument cluster screws try tightening the screw first just to break it loose The screw has a very. fine thread pitch meaning the screw will not actually tighten much by being turned clockwise Also use an offset. screwdriver for better torque This method has worked for me numerous times. Remove the Symphony I headunit,Insert the four radio removal tools as shown. Cover the top of the climate control unit with painter s tape. to prevent accidental scratches while removing and. installing the radio, Pull the headunit straight out without pulling on the radio.
removal tools If necessary push the radio out from behind. by reaching around under the driver s side dash in the area. revealed by removing the knee panel Alternatively place as. many fingers as possible in the cassette slot wiggle and pull. Once the radio is out unplug the four wiring harnesses the. two antenna connectors and the brown single wire, connector Remove the radio keys from the face by pressing. in the locking tab and pulling the key straight out This is. illustrated in the picture to the right,Set the Symphony I radio aside. 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page 3. 1 1 1 Connecting to CANbus, This step changes CLK and DATA wires that run from the cluster to the radio to CAN H and CAN L. This also accomplishes is the reassignment of the correct pins on the steering wheel control unit to be. on the CAN network for proper operation Refer to Appendix D for diagrams of the wiring changes. outlined in Section 1, The steering wheel control module installation is covered in Section 3. The existing control unit may be left in place with no ill effects but will not be operational. The grey instrument cluster connector must be,dismantled to change the wiring This connector is.
called T32c Slide a little purple clamp off the,bottom remove the cable tie from the bottom and. then slide the grey cover off the top of the,connector Rewire the pins as shown below. Remove the CLK wire from Pin 12 of T32c and reinstall into Pin 5 CAN H of T32c. Remove the DATA wire from Pin 13 of T32c and reinstall into Pin 6 CAN L of T32c. Reinstall the grey cover purple bottom clip and cable tie onto the connector T32c. 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page 4. 1 1 2 Mounting the GPS Antenna, While the instrument cluster is removed install the GPS Antenna as shown in the picture below. Extend the antenna wire from this location to the area behind the headunit This is a proven. installation location for almost every Audi vehicle It will likely be necessary to fish the wire from the. cluster area to the headunit area by accessing the area under the dash on the driver s side. Reinstall all connectors onto the instrument cluster making sure the purple clamps lock into place. Reinstall the instrument cluster buy gently pushing back into place and tightening the two screws. If desired the instrument cluster screws can be replaced with similarly threaded hex head screws. This type of screw will be easier to remove if the instrument cluster needs to be serviced in the future. 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page 5. 1 2 Reverse Wire, The RNS E installation into the A6 requires that a separate connection for the reverse wire be made. This wire permits the RNS E to know when the vehicle is in reverse gear so that it will move the. indicator correctly on the map Without this wire the RNS E will move the indicator forward on the. map which will create a location error until the unit is able to synchronize with the GPS satellites. This sync seems to occur about once a minute while the unit is receiving at least three satellite signals. This subsection is not required for the installation If not completed the vehicle location on the map will be in. error for a period of time after travelling in reverse. Remove the,left side lower,A pillar trim, Locate Connector T10f the brown 10 pin connector in this connection station Pin 8 in this connector.
is a blue red wire that signals reverse Tap into this wire and run the connection to the area behind the. headunit This wire indicates 12V when the vehicle is in reverse gear. The wire must be well secured and not interfere with the steering mechanism. Reinstall the lower A pillar trim the driver s side knee panel and the upper steering column trim. 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page 6. 1 3 Headunit Installation, The subsections within this topic will describe how to complete the physical installation of the RNS E. headunit To continue from this point Sections 1 1 and 1 2 must be complete. Before performing the work in this section the original satin black climate control faceplate may be. replaced with a faceplate from a 2002 2004 A6 to match the flat black color of the RNS E Since this. step is not required further information is located in Appendix H. 1 3 1 Connecting to CANbus, Obtain a terminal extractor tool to make this section a snap http forums bostonaudi org viewtopic php t 3945. In the area behind the headunit locate the black or multi colored 20 pin connector This is officially. named Connector I The pins in this connector are smaller than all the other connectors The purple. sliding locking bar does not completely come out of this connector but it must slide out as far as it. will go before moving any wires The vehicle may have the three colored pieces that all snap together. to form one instead of the black housing See the picture below for comparison of both types. Remove the CLK wire from Pin 8 of Connector I and reinstall into Pin 7 CAN H of Connector I. Remove the DATA wire from Pin 9 of Connector I and reinstall into Pin 12 CAN L of Connector I. Slide the purple locking bar back into its closed position. 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page 7. 1 3 2 Plug and Play Wiring Harness, This section describes a crucial step that is often overlooked during installation. The plug and play harness provides all electrical connections to an expensive. electronic device that is likely used and carries no warranty coverage. The plug and play PNP harness is the easiest way to connect the majority of the wiring when. replacing a symphony radio This has two ends that will be referred to as the RNS end and the vehicle. end The RNS end is the large square Quad lock connector The vehicle end has four housings that. connect to the four plugs removed from the symphony radio These PNP harnesses can be purchased. for the specific vehicle requirements of Bose or Non Bose telephone or none and CD changer or none. It is recommended to purchase the telephone and CD changer options even if the vehicle is not. presently equipped with those modules This will ensure flexibility for future upgrades. Verify that each wire of the PNP harness connects the proper pins on each end. The chart on the next page lists each item and the correct pin assignments for comparison There are. pictures following the chart that detail the pin numbers listed in the chart There are also wiring. labels on the top of the RNS E and Symphony I that list all pins with descriptions This is an. important step to ensure proper operation of the RNS E Many PNP harnesses are assembled with the. Symphony II radios in mind and there will be a few wiring differences compared to the Symphony I. Reminder This document is specific to installations replacing the Symphony I radio For Symphony II radio. replacements there is a chart specific to that installation available on the web at www nsxjr com. Some connections are made outside the PNP harness meaning it is only connected to one harness end. Connect RNS E Pin B7 to ground if the vehicle is equipped with the BOSE system. Connect RNS E Pin C2 to the reverse wire installed in Section 1 2. Connect RNS E Pin D14 to the large brown single pin connector. Connect vehicle Pin 10 Connector IV to chassis ground in a convenient location. Once the PNP harness has been verified for accuracy connect each vehicle end to the corresponding. plug in the vehicle Each connector can only be inserted one way to protect against wiring mistakes. If the vehicle is equipped with the BOSE amplifier and speaker system the front speaker connector can be. completely removed from the PNP harness This is RNS E connector A to vehicle connector II. 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page 8. Plug and Play Harness wiring chart for Symphony I to RNS E. Description RNS E harness end Vehicle harness end,Pin A Speaker Connecter Pin Connector Description. Connector 2 Right Front 3 II RF,not 3 Left Front 5 II LF.
necessary 4 N C N C,for 5 N C N C,BOSE 6 Right Front 4 II RF. systems 7 Left Front 6 II LF,B EXT Control Connector. MOST network 1 Most Ring break N C,CDC Audio 2 CDC NF GND 18 I S GND. Speed signal 3 V Signal 1 III GALA,Battery Power out 4 U14R 2 16 I 12V. K diagnostic 5 K Line 3 III K,CDC Data 6 CDC Data out 14 I DATA OUT.
Bose ground wire 7 BOSE Pin Ground for Bose Systems Only. CDC Audio 8 CDC NF L IN 19 I L CH,CDC Audio 9 CDC NF R IN 20 I R CH. accessory power 10 U14 ST CDC 17 I ACC,CDC Data 11 CDC Data IN 13 I DATA IN. CDC Data 12 CDC Data CLK 15 I DATA CLK,C EXT Control Connector. mic for speech control 1 MIC IN N C,reverse 12V 2 RFSL Connect to Reverse Wire. to amp 3 Line Out FL 4 I LF,mic out to tel module 4 MIC Out N C.
to amp 5 Line Out RL 1 I LR,tel module audio in 6 TEL NF IN 4 IV TEL. mic for speech control 7 MIC IN N C,to amp 8 Line Out GND 3 I COM. to amp 9 Line Out FR 5 I RF,mic out to tel module 10 MIC Out N C. to amp 11 Line Out RR 2 I RR,tel module audio in 12 TEL NF IN 3 IV TEL. CDC chassis ground Connect to Ground in convenient location 10 IV CD GND. D Power Connector,infotainment bus 9 CAN H 7 I CAN H.
infotainment bus 10 CAN L 12 I CAN L,Tel Module mute 11 TEL Mute 1 IV MUTE. Main Ground 12 Kl 31 8 III,Amp turn on 13 U14 ST DSP 6 I ACC. Connect to large brown single,Alarm GND 14 DWA GND pin connector. Main Power 15 Kl 30 7 III,Battery Power out 16 U14R 1 N C. N C No Connection,NF Niederfrequenz English Audio Frequency.
Kl Klemme English Terminal, DWA Diebstahl Warnanlage English Theft Alarm System. 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page 9. Plug and Play Harness,RNS E Symphony I, 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page 10. 1 3 3 Radio Antenna Adapter, The Radio Antenna ends must also be used with an adapter harness in order to be connected to the. RNS E headunit It is crucial to purchase the correct antenna adapter Most antenna adapters that are. supplied in package deals are used for upgrades from Symphony II radios and will not work for. replacement of the Symphony I The correct antenna adapter is shown below. Connect the two antenna leads from the vehicle to the antenna adapter. 1 3 4 Entering the Security PIN Code, Do not continue without the Radio Security PIN Code available. Do not press on the LCD screen while sliding the RNS E into place. Connect the PNP harness radio antenna adapter and GPS antenna to the RNS E unit. Slide the RNS E into place as far as it will go but not so far that it locks into place Reconnect the. negative battery terminal The Security code PIN entry is not as simple as inputting the code once to. unlock the unit For some reason the RNS E unit needs some time to acclimate itself to the vehicle. Follow the steps below to unlock the unit This sequence will be necessary every time the unit is. disconnected from the battery for more than a few minutes. 1 Turn on the ignition Turn on the RNS E if it does not start with the ignition. 2 Press the SETUP and RADIO or FM AM buttons for a few seconds until the unit reboots. 3 Input the PIN code The unit will likely immediately return to the PIN entry screen. 4 If the unit accepts the PIN code skip ahead to Section 1 4 to code the control module. 5 With the ignition still on input the PIN code a few more times and wait 15 minutes. 6 Turn the ignition off and wait 30 minutes,7 Repeat steps 1 through 4.
If the installation will not continue to include Satellite radio telephone module or A V interface then. the RNS E may be pushed all the way into place until the locking tabs click In the A6 this will be. tricky because extra space behind the headunit is scarce The housings at the vehicle end of the PNP. harness plugs should be tucked into the space behind the climate control unit This can be done by. holding the RNS E as close to the opening as possible with one hand while using the other hand to. tuck the housing ends down It will take a few tries to get it right Slide the RNS E into place by. placing fingertips near the radio removal key slots and pushing straight back Do not push on the LCD. screen Ensure all four tabs lock into place with a popping sound. 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page 11. 1 4 Control Module Coding VAG COM, The RNS E and instrument cluster must be coded with VAG COM to ensure proper operation. Connect a diagnostic cable to the vehicle and start the VAG COM software on the computer. In leiu of using VAG COM software the vehicle can be coded at any Audi dealership Expect to pay for this service. VAG COM Release 512 is recommended,From the Main VAG COM screen press. Select under the Select Control Module area,Select 37 Navigation or 56 Radio on the. Control Module Screen Either option will,access the RNS E for coding. The software is now connected to the RNS E,in the Open Controller window Note the.
Software Coding located just below the part,number display Check the chart on the next. page to see what the coding means If the,coding is satisfactory exit out of the VAG. COM software and skip the recoding,instructions directly to the adaptation. settings If the control module needs to be,recoded continue with the steps below. My coding is 0509635 this is for A6 with Bose SAT radio BT module and Multifunction Steering Wheel. 2005 2006 Lee H NSX JR Audi Symphony I to RNS E Install Guide Version 2 1 Page 12.

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