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Alternative products to Art Text3 alternative and related products to Art Text. Graphic design software for making artistic text effects. Vectornator Pro For Mac. Vector graphic design software for macOS Catalina. Design Tools + 6. What's new in Art Text v2.4.3. Improved assistant dialog UI. Fixed the problem with program crash when opening corrupt document. Fixed texture tiling for Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8). What's new in Art Text v2.4.2. Improved program performance and stability. Enhanced for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. 64-bit mode is now fully supported. Art Text is a Mac app that enables you to work with vector elements in an intuitive manner, and comes with a large collection of templates that will help you design new logos, icons, headings, or buttons in no time. Effortless to install vector graphics editor featuring a large templates, textures,. How to Use Integration with Art Text 4. Download and install Art Text 4.Note that integration doesn’t work for Art Text 4 Mac App Store version. Launch Art Text from Swift Publisher by clicking the Insert button on the toolbar and choosing Art Text from the drop-down menu.

Where Text Becomes an Art

Art Text is an app for Mac to create logos, mockups, badges and flyers. Moreover, Art Text can help to decorate any work with stunning design elements, such as icons and buttons, social headers and captions, word art and 3D text. Both professional designers and amateurs will be amazed by the selection of tools and diverse content collections, all in a slick and intuitive interface.

Graphics that you create in Art Text will be a perfect fit for various document types, such as presentations, flyers, brochures, business cards, and can even spice up photos or create picture captions before uploading to Facebook.

Styles and Materials


Art Text comes packed with a wide selection of text styles, surface materials, and effects. You are not bound by any of the presets, let your creativity take flight by playing around with textures, surface bump maps, environment textures, light spots and shadows, and other settings to come up with new materials.

3D Text

Art text 3 for macbook

Art Text implements 3D modeling engine which helps to convert any text, symbol or pictogram to 3D. Our graphic design software embeds 3D renderer together with tons of customizable 3D materials to ensure super realistic results every time.

Applying Masks

Tweak text finishing with a variety of masks to render an aged text or a scratched look, as well you may add a stamped effect with just one click. Easily experiment with settings and combine masks with other effects to get a somewhat unexpected, but impressive result.

Shading Materials

Special 2D materials open the door to an array of visual effects, such as bumping or embossing, you may also apply a glass, plastic or gold finish, you can make the surface glossy, matted, bright or faded, as well as giving your graphic a fascinating watercolor, oil paint, pencil or drawing look. The most demanding users will find the material editor handy for creating their own Shading Materials.

Photo Textures

Go beyond simple color fill by applying photo textures to give your text a grunge, nature, wood, paper, stone, or a watercolor texture as well as many more surfaces. All textures are tileable, allowing you to achieve uniform surfaces no matter the setting of the texture scale.

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Bend and Warp Text

Using geometry transformations, you can give the text a wavy, slanted and inflated look or give it any other shape that you can think of.

Icons, Symbols and Shapes


Hundreds of preloaded vector icons, symbols, shapes, paint stains, watercolor blobs, and spots that can be used like LEGO pieces in logo design.

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What's new in Art Text v.4.0.3

  • Fixed minor localization issues.

What's new in Art Text v.4.0.2

  • Introduced the new Colorize tool that adjusts the Hue, Saturation and Contrast for the entire design.
  • Improved Design Gallery and introduced Buy All option.
  • Fixed some issues with distortion effects.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Art Text 3 For Mac Download

What's new in Art Text v.4.0.1

  • Fixed the UI problem with Stroke options.
  • Fixed the problem with gradient fill.
  • Fixed the problem with Height and Width values for 3D Text.
  • Fixed app crashes on import of SVG files.
  • Fixed rendering issues with 3D text on bi-resolutions.
  • Other minor fixes and stability improvements.

What's new in Art Text v.4.0

Art Text 3 For Mac

Art Text 3 For Mac Shortcut


  • All new Design Gallery with 400+ design templates (free and paid).
  • 122 easy accessible style presets.
  • 110+ new masks.
  • Thanks to Apple Sidecar, Art Text extends workspace to an iPad display.
  • Dark and Light appearance supported.

2D Text & Effects

  • Introducing new Spray Fill feature.
  • 440+ Spray Fill objects.
  • 18 Spray Fill presets.
  • Spray Fill distribution maps.
  • Individual shadows for Spray Fill objects.
  • Light controls for Spray Fill.
  • 8 font distortion effects: Displacement, Side Displacement, Roundness, Brush, Outer Distress, Erosion, Mask and Blur.
  • 2D Shading materials receive the Bump Map option.
  • Brand-new rendering based on Apple Metal.

3D Text & Effects

  • Introducing reflection mask feature for 3D materials.
  • Bump Map technology has enhanced with inclusion of both height and normal maps.
  • 150+ Height Map masks for 3D Bump Map.
  • Export to Facebook 3D Photo.