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Arizona is famous for its great outdoors and amazing wildlife In order to keep the wildlife. population thriving for many generations to come it requires organizations and individuals. to work together, Wildlife for Tomorrow is an example of an organization committed to enhancing the. management protection and enjoyment of Arizona s fish and wildlife resources. OneAZ Credit Union is proud to recognize and support Wildlife for Tomorrow for their. dedication to preserving the future of Arizona wildlife. 1 844 663 2928 OneAZcu com,Federally insured by NCUA. For membership eligibility visit OneAZcu com membership. ARIZONA GAME FISH DEPARTMENT,PRESENTED BY SHIKAR SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL. EXPERIENCE THE GREAT OUTDOORS AT THE,A R I Z O NA G A M E F I S H D E PA R T M E N T. 2019 OUTDOOR EXPO, Loads of exciting hands on activities educational presentations demos.
and the chance to meet with outdoor groups agencies and. exhibitors to learn about Arizona s outdoor recreational opportunities. To learn more visit azgfd gov expo for updates,March 30 31 2019 Saturday March 30. 9 a m to 5 p m,Sunday March 31,9 a m to 4 p m, Ben Avery Shooting Facility 4044 W Black Canyon Blvd Phoenix Ariz. FREE PARKING FREE ADMISSION,2018 19 Arizona Hunting Regulations 1. Safari Club International,Hunter of the Year AZ,Elk Strip Kaibab Experience Matters. Antelope Over 300,Coues Deer References Available,140 Coues Mule Deer.
218 Melissa Bachman Kaibab 92, ALL UNITS STATEWIDE Dan Adler 520 730 8147 Trust Matters. Veteran Owned Veteran Operated www DiamondOut tters com. 2 Arizona Game and, AdPages2017 indd 5 Fish Department www azgfd gov 4 5 2018 12 19 23 PM. Important Information for 2018 2019, This list is for informational purposes only and lists the major changes that have oc. curred since publication of the last regulations booklet Individuals should thoroughly. ARIZONA GAME AND FISH DEPARTMENT MISSION read and understand the appropriate regulations prior to submitting an application. To conserve Arizona s diverse wildlife resources and or going afield If you have questions please call 602 942 3000. manage for safe compatible outdoor recreation, opportunities for current and future generations Paper Application Deadline is Early The deadline to submit PAPER applications. ARIZONA GAME AND FISH COMMISSION is 7 p m Tuesday May 8 2018 The deadline to submit ONLINE applications is. James R Ammons Chair Yuma 11 59 p m Tuesday June 12 2018. James S Zieler St Johns, Eric S Sparks Tucson Hunter Harvest Questionnaire Design The Arizona Game and Fish Department.
Kurt R Davis Phoenix, Leland Bill Brake Elgin has redesigned its big game hunt permit tags and the Hunter Harvest Question. naire will now be included with your hunt permit tag A unique QR scan code as. ARIZONA GAME AND FISH DEPARTMENT well as a web link will be located on the back of hunt permit tags Scan the code. 5000 W Carefree Highway to access our Hunter Harvest Questionnaire webpage then select your species you. Phoenix Arizona 85086, 602 942 3000 may need to download a QR reader app to scan the code Completing your hunter. www azgfd gov questionnaire honestly and accurately is very important to the management of. wildlife in Arizona,Ty E Gray Director,Tom P Finley Deputy Director. Draw Odds Information Draw odds information for deer will no longer be. REGIONAL OFFICES printed in this regulation book Refer to the Hunt Arizona publication on the. Arizona Game and Fish Department website for draw odds information for all big. REGION I game species www azgfd com Hunting SurveyData. 2878 E White Mountain Blvd Pinetop 85935,928 367 4281. Mountain Lion Hunters Please see page 61 for important changes to the moun. 3500 S Lake Mary Road Flagstaff 86005 tain lion hunting season dates and new harvest thresholds The current mountain. 928 774 5045 lion season ends June 30 2018 The new season will open August 24 2018 and run. REGION III through May 31 2019,5325 N Stockton Hill Road Kingman 86409.
928 692 7700 Attention Youth Deer Hunters You may be eligible to purchase a companion. REGION IV javelina tag valid during your deer hunt and hunt both deer and javelina Look for. 9140 E 28th Street Yuma 85365 note 17 associated with your youth deer hunt. 928 342 0091, REGION V Sign up for a Free Portal Account to Access Draw Results Early If you. 555 N Greasewood Road Tucson 85745,520 628 5376, don t have an account create one for free www azgfd gov select the green My. Account button at top right follow the prompts,7200 E University Drive Mesa 85207. 480 981 9400 PointGuard Tag Surrender R12 4 118 Hunters may now choose to surrender. their hunt permit tag prior to the start of their hunt Hunters must have a Depart. The Arizona Game and Fish Department prohibits ment Portal Account and purchase the Department s PointGuard Membership for 5. discrimination on the basis of race color sex national origin. age religion or disability in its programs and activities If. at the time of application for each species Refer to page 13 for more information. anyone believes that they have been discriminated against. in any of the AZGFD s programs or activities including its Keep Credit Card Information Updated Online applicants are encouraged to. employment practices the individual may file a complaint keep their credit card payment information current If your payment is declined. alleging discrimination directly with the Director s Office at the time of the draw your application will not be drawn The Arizona Game. 5000 W Carefree Highway Phoenix AZ 85086 5000 602, and Fish Department will no longer call customers to obtain payment on drawn ap. 942 3000 or with the U S Fish and Wildlife Service Attn. Civil Rights Coordinator for Public Access 5275 Leesburg plications where credit cards have failed Deadline for updating your credit or debit. Pike MS WSFR Falls Church VA 22041 3803 Persons with card information online is 11 59 p m Arizona time Thursday June 28 2018. a disability may request a reasonable accommodation or NOTE If your credit debit card has been used for multiple applications. this document in an alternative format by contacting the. please notify your banking institution that multiple charges from Arizona. Director s Office as listed above,Game and Fish could be processed simultaneously.
This publication is partially paid for through the sale of. advertising The Arizona Game and Fish Department nei Drones Drones are considered aircraft and shall not be used to harass wildlife or. ther endorses products or services listed nor accepts assist in the taking of wildlife For more specific information please review Com. any liability from the use of listed products or services. mission Rules R12 4 301 R12 4 319 and R12 4 320 located on pages 125 and 130. Also see Fair Chase information on page 56,COVER PHOTO BY GEORGE ANDREJKO. 2018 19 Arizona Hunting Regulations 3,4 Arizona Game and. AdPages2017 indd 7 Fish Department www azgfd gov 4 5 2018 12 23 18 PM. Table of Contents, Phone Numbers Getting Started License and Fee Information 6. Want To Know If You Were Drawn Definitions 7, Call the Arizona Game and Fish Department s automated North American Model 8. service at 602 942 3000 Press 2 and follow voice prompts You. must provide your Department ID Number and birth date This. service is free of charge long distance charges may apply Or License Information 12. visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department website at License and Tag Fees 14. www azgfd gov,Draw Information 16,Main Number 602 942 3000 How to Apply 18.
Choose 1 for known extension or name Important Dates 20. Choose 2 for Draw Bonus Points and Hunting and Fishing. license info,Outdoor Skills 22,Choose 3 for Watercraft Hunting Camps 22. Choose 4 for Regions Shooting Range Information 28. Choose 5 for Customer Service,Choose 6 for Shooting Ranges Hunter Education 30. Big Game Seasons 33,Report a Wildlife Violation Deer 34. 800 352 0700 Operation Game Thief Turkey 45,Javelina 47. Report Vandalism or Livestock Depredation,800 VANDALS 826 3257 Bighorn Sheep 50.
Mandatory Harvest Reporting of Bear 57, These numbers are only for reporting your bear and mountain Mountain Lion 60. lion harvests,Population Management 65,Bear 800 970 BEAR 2327. Lion 800 438 0447,Small Game and Other Wildlife Seasons 78. Tree Squirrel 78,Cottontail Rabbit 80,n up fo Predatory and Fur bearing Mammals 82. Other Birds and Mammals 84,Pheasant 86,Chukar Partridge 90.
Blue Grouse 91,More Information to Know Before You Go 96. Where When and How You Can Hunt 96, Get the latest Arizona Game Operation Game Thief 100. and Fish Department n ews Off Highway Vehicles 101. Clinics Raffles and Partnerships 102, and information delivered Laws Rules and Legal Methods of Take 104. right to your computer Index 135,www azgfd gov signup. 2018 19 Arizona Hunting Regulations 5,Getting Started Checklist.
Welcome to hunting in Arizona If you don t know where Step 3 To Apply or not to Apply. you want to hunt what you need or even what you can 1 Don t Apply. hunt in Arizona this section is for you It is designed to For most small game species and all predator fur bearer and. help NEW hunters get started Following is some basic other birds and mammals you simply need a license and any re. information you should consider while planning your quired validations for example stamps to hunt. hunt The best way for all hunters to prepare themselves There are also several big game species that you may pursue sim. to hunt in Arizona is to take a Department sponsored ply by purchasing an over the counter nonpermit tag in addition. hunter education course see page 30 to your license These hunts include archery turkey mountain. lion fall bear some archery deer and elk Mountain lion bison. bear and bighorn sheep have mandatory reporting requirements. so check the information on the corresponding Commission. Step 1 Where to Start Order,1 What animal s can you hunt. Small game cottontail rabbit tree squirrel migratory game. Permits for most big game species sandhill crane and pheas. birds and upland game birds like quail, ant are issued through a hunt drawing If interested in hunting. Big game black bear bighorn sheep bison deer mule and any of these species you must apply for a tag in a drawing refer. white tailed elk javelina mountain lion pronghorn ante to page 16 in this booklet or the appropriate supplement for spe. lope and turkey cific information You can apply online or by paper application. The sample application form on page 19 will help you to apply. Predator fur bearer coyotes skunks foxes raccoons bobcat. for both a tag and license Follow the instructions on the sample. ringtail weasel and badgers, form and DON T forget to include your correct fee s. Other birds and mammals,2 Do you have a hunting license. Step 4 Do Your Homework, To hunt in Arizona a license is required Check out page 14 for.
1 Common violations, a list of our hunting permit and license fees You can purchase. hunting licenses online at www azgfd gov You also can purchase Before you go hunting we recommend you read pages 104 105. licenses tags and or stamps from any of our 200 license deal to be aware of the most common violations Also take a look at. ers information is online at www azgfd gov or Department the Arizona laws and rules beginning on page 108 to learn what. offices statewide see page 3 for office locations you can and can t do in Arizona If you are witness to a violation. please call our Operation Game Thief hotline at 1 800 352 0700. Are you a resident See resident definition on page 7 You. to report the violation You may be eligible for a cash reward. cannot be a resident of more than one state,2 Care transport information. 3 Did you validate your license, Before you go in the field review our laws and rules to under. You must first sign your license For some species you must also. stand requirements to possess and transport wildlife after your. purchase a stamp or stamp privilege for the license to be valid. hunt Generally you need to keep your license on your person. You will need a tag in addition to a valid license to hunt big game. and your tag affixed to your carcass at all times during transport. sandhill cranes and pheasants You must also sign all tags before. The Department has information available to properly care for. going afield for them to be valid, your wildlife see page 3 for regional office locations and phone. Step 2 Where When to Hunt 3 You re on your way, 1 Where do you want to hunt These are just some basic steps to help you start your first hunt.
Please read through the rest of the hunting and trapping regula. Arizona is divided into Game Management Units GMU or unit. tions to better familiarize yourself with hunting in Arizona If this. composed of state federal military and private land Review the. section fails to answer your questions contact any Arizona Game. GMU maps pages 70 77 and the Where you can hunt section. and Fish office or visit our website www azgfd gov. page 96 for more information,2 When do you want to hunt. There are several different seasons in which you can hunt a spe. cies Go to individual species to determine their seasons. 6 Arizona Game and Fish Department www azgfd gov,Definitions. License and Fees,Getting Started, Big Game Any of the following species mule deer white tailed deer Muzzleloading Handgun A firearm intended to be fired from the. pronghorn antelope elk turkey javelina bear bighorn sheep bison hand incapable of firing fixed ammunition having a single barrel. and mountain lion All species require a hunt permit tag except for loaded through the muzzle with black powder or synthetic black pow. archery turkey youth turkey fall bear mountain lion and some ar der and a single projectile. chery deer these species require a nonpermit tag, Muzzleloading Rifle A firearm intended to be fired from the shoul. Big Game Drawing A random computerized lottery drawing to de der incapable of firing fixed ammunition having a single barrel and. termine issuance of hunt permit tags Three separate draws occur single chamber loaded through the muzzle with black powder or. each year for various species synthetic black powder and a single projectile. Bonus Point An accumulated credit that authorizes the Department Nonpermit tag A tag for a hunt in which a Commission Order. to issue a Big Game Drawing applicant additional computer generat does not assign a hunt number and the number of tags is not limited. ed random numbers during a draw over the counter tag A nonpermit tag along with a license autho. rizes a hunter to hunt certain game species A nonpermit tag may be. Commission Order A document adopted by the Commission that. purchased at Department offices or from licensed dealers. does any or all of the following open close or alter seasons and. open areas for taking wildlife specify wildlife that may or may not be Resident Resident means a person who is domiciled claims the state. taken set bag or possession limits for wildlife or set the number of of Arizona as their true fixed and permanent home and principal res. permits available for a hunt idence in this state for six months immediately preceding the date of. application for a license permit tag or stamp and does not claim res. Daylong the 24 hour period between midnight and midnight. idency for any purpose in another state or jurisdiction or is a member. Department ID A number used to identify the hunter by name and of the armed forces of the United States or spouse of who is on active. address and to accumulate bonus points A hunter may designate duty and stationed in this state for either permanent or temporary duty. their Social Security number or a Department issued computer or is a member of the armed forces of the United States on active duty. generated number Federal regulations require all applicants must stationed in another state or country but who lists this state as their home. provide their Social Security number of record at the time of applying for a license permit tag or stamp. Game Management Unit An area established by the Commission Arizona Residents may purchase a resident license All other individu. for management purposes commonly referred to as GMU or Unit als must purchase a non resident license. see maps on pages 70 77 and boundary definitions on page 114. Restricted Nonpermit tag A tag issued for a supplemental hunt. Genus A major category in the classification of animals and plants. Season The legally established time a species can be hunted. ranking above the Species level and below the Family level. Small Game Any of the following species cottontail rabbits tree. HAM Designates weapon type as handgun archery or muzzleloader. squirrels upland game birds quail blue grouse chukar partridge. Hunt Area A game management unit GMU or unit portion of a and pheasants and migratory game birds doves waterfowl sand. unit group of units or any portion of Arizona and not included in a hill crane coots gallinules snipe and band tailed pigeons. GMU that is open to hunting by a particular hunt number. Species A naturally existing population of similar organisms that. Hunt Number The number assigned by Commission Order to a usually interbreed only among themselves. hunt where a limited number of hunt permit tags is available The. Stamp A form of authorization in addition to a license that allows. hunt number will specify species dates boundaries of the hunt area. the license holder to take wildlife specified by the stamp The form of. weapon type number of available permits legal wildlife and who. the stamp may be an actual stamp affixed to the back of the license a. may hunt Hunt numbers are assigned for any species where hunt. printed privilege on the license itself or a printed privilege on a sepa. permit tags are issued through a drawing,rate license form.
Hunt Permit tag A tag for a hunt in which a Commission Order has. Supplemental Hunt A season established for a particular species. assigned a hunt number The number of tags is limited by the Com. by the Commission for the following purposes take of depredating. mission Order and may only be obtained through a random drawing. wildlife take of wildlife under an Emergency Season or take of wild. A hunt permit tag along with a license authorizes an individual to. life under a population management hunt The Commission through. hunt a designated species during the designated hunt. Commission Order shall approve a season or seasons and prescribe. Hunter Pool A computerized database comprised of individuals a maximum number of restricted nonpermit tags for specific species. wishing to be considered for a restricted nonpermit tag when a sup that the Director may authorize for issuance. plemental hunt is authorized Entry into the hunter pool consists of. Trapper Registration Number A trapper s registered number. completing an application page 65 and submitting it along with the. shall be issued by the Department and entered upon the trapping li. application fee to the Department, cense at the time of purchase A trapper s registration number is not. License Dealer A business authorized to sell Arizona hunting fish transferable All traps shall plainly be identified with the trapper regis. ing and other licenses and stamps tration number or the trapper s name and address. 2018 19 Arizona Hunting Regulations 7,The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. What Is It, The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is the world s most successful system of con. servation No other continent retains such a complete balance of native wildlife species While other. Did You Know countries struggle to conserve the little they have left we enjoy great diversity and abundance of. wildlife This user pay public benefit model relies on sound science public participation active hab. The Arizona Game and Fish itat management strict regulation and active law enforcement to sustain wildlife populations The. Department is responsible end result is a harvestable surplus of game species every year and an opportunity for all to enjoy it. for wildlife management in,the state and receives no. state tax dollars Hunters,and anglers pay for wildlife.
conservation through their,purchase of licenses tags and. stamps and excise taxes on,hunting and fishing gear The. conservation dollars paid by,hunters and anglers benefit. both game and nongame,species and their habitats, Sportsmen s Role in Wildlife Conservation have generated more than 10 billion toward wildlife conservation. since 1937, Whether one chooses to actively participate in hunting or angling.
Though past conservation efforts have focused on hunted spe. people interested in wildlife and its future should understand the. cies non hunted species reap the rewards as well Countless. role sportsmen and women play in conservation Hunters and. numbers of non hunted species have been saved from peril by. anglers were the forward thinking conservationists who developed. protecting wetlands for ducks forests for deer and grasslands for. the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation over a century. ago Hunting angling and shooting sports continue to be the pri. mary source of funding for conservation efforts in North America. If Hunting and Angling Ended, Through a 10 percent to 12 percent excise tax on hunting angling. and shooting sports equipment participants in those activities There is no alternative funding system in place to replace the poten. tial lost funds for conservation If hunting and angling end funding. for wildlife conservation including enforcement of all wildlife laws. will be jeopardized, Hunters anglers shooters and boaters actively support wildlife. conservation through tangible actions such as buying licenses and. paying excise taxes on hunting fishing and shooting equipment and. motor boat fuel, Why are hunters and anglers so willing to support conservation. through their pocketbooks Because people place added value on. and are willing to pay for what they can use, Given the rate of population growth particularly in west. ern states the percentage of people participating in hunting and. fishing is decreasing Therefore it is important to engage in tradi. tional outdoor recreational activities and introduce others to these. Sandhill cranes,opportunities,8 Arizona Game and Fish Department www azgfd gov.
The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation,License and Fees. Getting Started, Arizona s Core Concepts Hunting and angling laws are created. through public process,The North American Model of Wildlife Con. Hunting seasons harvest limits and penal,servation is the foundation for wildlife. ties imposed for violations are established,conservation in Arizona and throughout.
through laws and regulations Everyone has,the country Hunters and anglers are its. the opportunity to shape the laws and regu,backbone The Arizona Game and Fish De. lations applied in wildlife conservation,partment s core concepts of the North. American Model are,Hunters Anglers Boaters and Shooters. Fund Conservation,Wildlife is held in the public trust.
Hunting and fishing license sales and excise,The public trust doctrine means that wild. taxes on hunting shooting and fishing equip,life belongs to everyone Through shared. ment and motor boat fuels pay for the,ownership and responsibility opportunity is. management of all wildlife including wildlife,provided to all. species that are not hunted, Regulated commerce in wildlife Wildlife is an international resource.
Early laws banning commercial hunting and Proper stewardship of wildlife and habi. the sale of meat and hides ensure sustain tats is both a source of national pride and. ability through regulation of harvest and an opportunity to cooperate with other na. regulating commerce of wildlife parts tions with whom we share natural resources. Scientific information gathered from,Cooperative management of migrating. animals like this radio collared elk, Hunting and angling opportunity for all waterfowl is one example of successful inter. contribute to wise wildlife manage, Opportunity to participate in hunting an national collaboration. ment decisions Sportsmen s dollars,gling and wildlife conservation is guaranteed. help pay for wildlife research in the, for all in good standing not by social status Science is the basis for wildlife policy.
user pay public benefit model of, or privilege financial capacity or land own The limited use of wildlife as a renewable. conservation, ership This concept ensures a broad base of natural resource is based on sound science. financial support and advocacy for research We learn as we go adapting our manage. monitoring habitat conservation and law ment strategies based on monitoring to. enforcement achieve sustainability, Regulations for the taking of wildlife are forged through public input Enforcement of The reward for this successful model of. these laws is critical to wildlife conservation conservation is the opportunity for all. 2018 19 Arizona Hunting Regulations 9, Ethical Hunting is Everyone s If you meet up with another hunter in the involve firearms and hot tempers Wheth. Business field be polite engage in conversation er you are in the city or next to a waterhole. and share information any threats intimidation assault or disor. Ethics is not only about what you should derly conduct can result in citations arrests. not do but what you should do Offer to A trophy is calculated not by score but by. memories Be respectful and congratulate and or jail time Please refrain from con. lend a hand to another hunter if they are re frontational behavior ethical hunting is. trieving downed game share information others for their harvest regardless of ant. ler size everyone s business,on hunting conditions and engage in helpful.
conversation with beginners you happen to Ethics with Waterholes Ethics with the Quarry. meet Hunting is a heritage we all share and, Waterholes on public and state lands be Only take a well placed shot in a vital. together we can continue to share it for gen, long to everyone and everyone should area of the game species you are permit. erations to come,enjoy free and equal access ted to take. Arizona Game and Fish Department, Responsible hunters should respect other Know your limitations Be mindful of your. What are Ethics effective shot range Avoid extreme dis. hunters privileges They should leave the, Ethics generally relate to fairness respect area if another hunter gets to a waterhole tance shots risky angles and situations.
and responsibility Aldo Leopold once said first where you do not feel confident in your. ethical behavior is doing the right thing shot Strive for a quick clean harvest. Ethically responsible hunters will always, when no one else is watching even when yield to another hunter who has reached Select appropriate equipment for your. doing the wrong thing is legal They are the waterhole first on any given morning quarry Be aware of the equipment s lim. the personal unwritten rules that we value or evening during the hunt itations as well as your effective range. When we talk about an ethical hunter their Take time to practice to ensure an accu. behavior is an example of the sportsmanship Simply posting a sign notice on or near a. they demonstrate in the field waterhole does not give anyone the ex. clusive right to hunt that waterhole the Respect your personal capabilities under. Ethics with Landowners hunter actually needs to be present various conditions that you could poten. tially encounter during a hunt Consider, Ask permission for access prior to Hanging a tree stand or setting a blind. your general health physical condition, the season before hunting on private near a waterhole does not entitle a per. weather and elevation in the area you,property son to exclusive hunting rights to that. plan to hunt Be sure to hunt areas that,waterhole Depending on the location.
Go out of your way to respect landown are within your physical limitations. it may be unlawful to leave tree stands, ers and their property Be courteous visit Bowhunters should keep in mind shots at. hanging or blinds set for extended pe, with them be thankful offer assistance greater distances may result in the quar. riods of time They may be considered, when necessary or share your harvest ry moving before the arrow reaches it. abandoned property and subject to,with them Kinetic energy is extremely important. Leave the land better than you found it on larger game animals as energy is lost. It is unlawful for a person to camp with, Return all gates to the way they were at longer distances which can result in.
in one fourth mile of a natural water hole, Notify the landowner of any damage or wounded or lost game. containing water or a man made wa, repairs needed to fences that you find Learn about the habits and habitat of the. tering facility containing water in such a,and offer your help game species you are hunting. place that wildlife or domestic stock will, When nature calls walk away from be denied access to the only reasonably Make every possible effort to recover. roads and trails Find a discrete location available water game. and bury the waste, Hunters are asked to please be courteous Adhere to the rules of fair chase.
Drive only on existing roads approved for and not hunt over waters all day to allow Follow up every shot at game with a. use time for livestock to access waters search for sign You cannot always tell im. Leave livestock and other property mediately that an animal has been hit. undisturbed Ethics about First Come,First Served Ethics with Carcass Disposal. Ethics with Other Hunters First Come First Serve is a common cour Thanks to recreationists the Operation. Follow safe firearms and bow handling tesy that should be used when more than Game Thief Program has enjoyed great. practices at all times one person wants to hunt the same area success with the Department receiving thou. Abide by game laws and regulations or waterhole regardless of who has a tree sands of calls each year many of which lead. stand or blind in the area The Arizona Game to the apprehension of wildlife law violators. Refrain from interfering with anoth, and Fish Department reminds all hunters The Arizona Game and Fish Department also. er hunter s hunt or campsite If you see, that confrontations in hunting situations can receives calls regarding the dumping of wild. someone in that area back out,10 Arizona Game and Fish Department www azgfd gov. License and Fees,Getting Started, life that have been legally killed because the same rights as you do to use the lands shoots a second elk due to a pass through.
reporting party is unable to discern that the Be courteous to non hunters when shot or accidentally shoots an extra dove. animal was taken legally Under these transporting your game from the field over the limit While these accidents are in. circumstances the Department expects and Transport animals discreetly frequent they do occur to honest hunters. appreciates notification In most cases the Don t leave remains of field dressing in every year. reports are from individuals that find the car places where it is easily visible Respect Your decisions in the time immediately after. casses in dumpsters close to urban areas other people that may be walking by you make a mistake can make a huge. and in or near a campsites and roads In an, Clean up to the best of your ability before difference in the outcome Mistake or acci. effort to reduce unnecessary reports the De, entering into a public place when return dent the sportsman is ultimately responsible. partment asks that sportsmen take care to, ing from a hunt if you cannot change for their actions Although self reporting may. dispose of their lawfully taken carcasses so, clothes Present a professional image not get you out of a citation it will greatly. that they are not discovered by the general,reduce the likelihood of being cited for a re.
public The Department recommends bury Take tasteful photographs of your hunt. vocable offense When accidents happen it, ing the carcasses or leaving them under a Invite someone new to come hunting is critical you notify the Department as soon. tree away from camping areas and roads with you as possible If you find yourself in this situa. Additionally if utilizing a dumpster use trash,tion don t compound your mistake by trying. bags or wrap the carcass to reduce offensive Ethics in Reporting Honest to conceal it Call the Operation Game Thief. odors Remember that sportsmen are obli Mistakes Hotline 800 352 0700 at your first opportu. gated to remove game from the field and are, The Arizona Game and Fish Department re nity and follow the instructions provided by. prohibited from wasting game meat, alizes that with the hundreds of thousands of the operator A wildlife manager will be dis. Ethics with Non hunters hunters that take to the field each year there patched to the scene to assist you In almost. are bound to be some unfortunate circum all cases the meat from animals involved in. Show respect for other users of the land a self reported violation will be donated to a. stances that may occur It might be a case, and their property They possess the charitable organization.
where a hunter mistakes a doe for a buck,Landowner Compact. The Landowner Compact is a new initiative that the Department to poor behavior by anyone recreating on the ranch If someone. has developed to help ensure hunters have access to and through is caught engaging in poor behavior by breaking wildlife laws and. private property and provides landowners an assurance that the ranch rules that person no longer has permission to hunt recreate. Department is working with all hunters to promote ethical use of or pass through private lands enrolled in the Landowner Compact. the land and respect for private property Landowners enrolling This program aims to raise awareness that our hunters can influ. on the Landowner Compact authorize AZGFD wildlife managers to ence future access through respect and appreciation of the value. act as their agent to enforce trespass laws and ranch rules specif of private lands for wildlife For more information visit http agfd. ically designed to address ethical issues that arise on a ranch due landownerrelations com ranch compact overview. Report vandalism at 1 800 VANDALS, PROTECT YOUR ACCESS certainly can affect your hunting access A Report this information to the Arizona. single act of vandalism to ranch improve Game and Fish Department s 24 hour hot. Vandalism has been identified by numerous, ments or livestock can result in a landowner line at 1 800 VANDALS 826 3257 Callers. surveys as one of the top reasons for denial, locking gates on private lands Don t allow can remain confidential and rewards may. of access through private lands, a few unethical individuals to cause the loss be offered for information that leads to an.
Vandalism is the malicious and deliber of access privileges to areas where you and arrest. ate destruction of someone else s property your friends like to hunt Help maintain. Vandalism is not a victimless crime it affects, and this includes destruction of property your public access by reporting violations. us all Don t let irresponsible vandals de,out in the countryside such as shooting salt. If you observe somebody committing van grade wildlife habitat and steal your hunting. blocks windmills and water troughs cut, dalism or causing damage to livestock note and outdoor recreational opportunities. ting fences removing boards from corrals,a description of the persons vehicles li. to use as firewood etc If you observe vandalism or livestock. cense plate numbers location time date,depredation please call 1 800 VANDALS.
These are not wildlife violations but they and any other information. 2018 19 Arizona Hunting Regulations 11,License Information. Who Can Go company your lifetime resident license If complimentary or lifetime license A mentor. Everyone needs a license to hunt wildlife in you are a lifetime license holder who has may apply for no more than two apprentice. Arizona You need in your possession a val moved out of state the 10 percent non resi hunting licenses per calendar year When ap. id hunt or combination hunt and fish license dent cap does not apply to you The lifetime plying for an apprentice license the mentor. plus any required hunt permit tags nonper license will remain legal for the taking of all must name the person he or she will be tak. mit tags or stamps Neither a Short term wildlife as permitted by law Residency may ing afield. Combination Hunting and Fishing License be re established after moving back to Arizo. na and meeting the required time period as High Achievement Scout License. nor an Apprentice Hunting License is valid The High Achievement Scout License is of. for big game defined below,fered to a resident youth who has attained. Youth ages 10 17 must purchase a Youth Residency Requirements either the rank of Eagle Scout Boy Scout or. Combination Hunting and Fishing license Resident means a person who is domiciled received a Gold Award Girl Scout The fee. The license fee is 5 claims the state of Arizona as their true for the reduced license is 5 The applicant. fixed and permanent home and principal must present proof of their rank or award. A person under 10 may hunt wildlife other by providing their certification letter wallet. residence in this state for six months im, than big game without a license only when card or award certificate at any Department. mediately preceding the date of application, accompanied by a properly licensed person office and complete the High Achievement. for a license permit tag or stamp and does, 18 years or older No more than two unli Scout License application Form 306 avail.
not claim residency for any purpose in an, censed children may accompany any license able on the Department website or at any. other state or jurisdiction or is a member or, holder Department office This license is not avail. spouse of a member of the armed forces of, No one under the age of 14 may hunt big the United States who is on active duty and able through the draw At the age of 21 an. game without having completed a Hunter stationed in this state for either permanent Eagle Scout or Gold Award recipient is no. Education Course No one under age 10 may or temporary duty or is a member of the longer eligible for the High Achievement. hunt big game in Arizona To hunt big game armed forces of the United States on active Scout License and from that point forward. anyone 10 to 13 years of age must have in duty stationed in another state or country would be required to purchase an adult. their possession a valid combination hunt but who lists this state as their home of re license. and fish license a valid Hunter Education cord at the time of applying for a license. Course completion card plus any required permit tag or stamp Lost License or Tag Replacement. permit tags or nonpermit tags Lost licenses hunt permit tags and non. Arizona residents may purchase a resident permit tags may be replaced for a 4 fee at. Where to Buy Licenses license All other individuals must purchase a any Arizona Game and Fish Department li. Arizona hunting licenses may be purchased non resident license cense dealer Licenses purchased online. online at www azgfd gov The Arizona Game can be reprinted for free Duplicate licenses. Apprentice License can be purchased online Consult R12 4 103. and Fish Department will not mail your li, Resident licensed hunters are able to ob Duplicate Tags and Licenses for additional in. cense to you If you would like a paper copy, tain a free Apprentice Hunting License valid formation Stamps cannot be replaced they.
you must print the license from a home, for two days for use when mentoring a new must be repurchased. computer Licenses also can be obtained,hunter This affords new hunters the oppor. from any license dealer or Arizona Game,and Fish Department office see locations on. tunity to try before you buy under the Physically Challenged Hunters. supervision of a licensed hunter Those hunters who are physically challenged. page 3 of this booklet, An Apprentice Hunting License is valid for may qualify for a Challenged Hunter Access. If you are applying for a big game hunt Mobility Permit CHAMP Consult R12 4 217. two consecutive days when the apprentice is, permit tag or bonus points on a paper appli for information about this permit Contact.
accompanied in the field by a mentor An ap, cation you may purchase your general hunt any Arizona Game and Fish Department. prentice hunting license is valid for the taking, available for residents only or combination office for additional information and applica. of small game fur bearing animals preda, hunt and fish license while you are enter tion The application is also available online. tory animals nongame animals and upland,ing your application for the draw The license. game birds Any required stamps must be,will not be issued and mailed until the draw.
purchased in addition to obtaining an Ap Non US Citizens Wanting to Hunt. is complete, prentice Hunting License An apprentice may in Arizona. be a resident or non resident and may only Pursuant to regulations by the U S Bureau. Lifetime License Holders of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms ATF non. If a lifetime license holder changes residency be licensed pursuant to this paragraph once. per calendar year A mentor must be a do immigrant aliens who want to temporarily. status from Arizona the licensee must then import firearms and or ammunition into the. purchase non resident stamps tags and miciled resident of this state who is at least. 18 years of age and must possess an an United States for the allowable purpose of. permits A non resident tag or stamp can ac taking wildlife will need an ATF import. nual hunting or combination license or a,12 Arizona Game and Fish Department www azgfd gov. License Information,License and Fees,Getting Started. permit and valid hunting license in child with a physical disability is under 14 game permit or tag to take big game pursu. possession at the time of entry import into years of age the child must satisfactori ant to the following requirements. the United States For further information or ly complete the Arizona hunter education. to make application for the import permit course or another comparable Hunter Ed The parent grandparent or guardian must. contact ATF s Firearms and Explosives Import ucation Course that is approved by the transfer the permit or tag to the child in a. Branch at 304 616 4550 or download an ap director manner prescribed by the Commission. plication from the ATF website at www atf gov A veteran of the armed forces of the Unit The child receiving the permit or tag must. ed States who has a service connected be accompanied by a parent grandparent. Tag Transfers or guardian when in the field,disability For the purposes of this para. Should you be unable to use your big game, graph disability means a permanent The child must possess a valid hunting li.
permit the Department is unable to reim, physical impairment that substantial cense and if under 14 years of age must. burse you for your fees or reinstate your, ly limits one or more major life activities satisfactorily complete the Arizona hunter. bonus points except as provided below, requiring the assistance of another per education course or another comparable. However under Arizona Revised Statutes, son or a mechanical device for physical hunter education course that is approved. and Arizona Game and Fish Commission, mobility by the Director before participating in the.
Rules there are ways people can transfer,Qualified organization means a non hunt. big game tags A 4 transfer fee applies un, less donating to a non profit organization profit organization that is qualified under Any big game that is taken counts toward. The Commission may prescribe the manner section 501 c 3 of the United States in the child s bag limit Once a tag is trans. and conditions of transferring and using per ternal revenue code and that affords ferred at a Department office the original. mits and tags under this paragraph including opportunities and experiences to children permittee may no longer use it. an application process for a qualified orga with life threatening medical conditions. Visit www azgfd gov hunting and scroll to the, nization to allow a person to transfer the or with physical disabilities or to veterans. additional hunting information There you, person s big game permit or tag to a quali with service connected disabilities. will find a link titled Tag Transfer Organiza, fied organization for use by A parent grandparent or legal guardian may tions you can donate your tag to are listed on.
A minor child who has a life threatening allow the parent s grandparent s or guard the page. medical condition or by a minor child who ian s minor child or minor grandchild to use. has a permanent physical disability If a the parent s grandparent s or guardian s big. PointGuard Tag Surrender R12 4 118,Tag Surrender allows a hunter to surrender. his or her tag to the Department for any rea,son prior to close of business the day before. the hunt starts, have expended your bonus points you You must meet the requirements listed in. Requirements will then be eligible to participate in Tag the left column. Only available to applicants applying on Surrender again for that species. Hunters must provide acceptable proof to, line not available to paper applicants When you surrender your hunt permit tag the Department of the Tag Transfer i e. Hunters must have a Department Portal You will not receive a refund for the cost receipt from the qualified nonprofit. Account of your tag You must submit your Tag Surrender re. Hunters must purchase the Department s The bonus points you expended to draw quest and provide proof of the tag being. PointGuard Membership Cost is 5 per the hunt permit tag will be reinstated donated within 60 days of the donation. species This membership is purchased at and no less than 30 days prior to the next. the time of application for each species The bonus point you would have accrued. draw deadline for that species, applied for Select PointGuard Member had you not drawn will be awarded.
According to rule the Department has mul, ship at the end of your online application You must surrender your hunt permit tag. tiple options for re issuance of surrendered, Hunters are only eligible to surrender one before your hunt. tags Proximity to start of a hunt type of tag, tag per species then the next time drawn If you transfer your hunt permit tag to a qual and demand for the tag will guide decisions. for that species the tag will have to be ified nonprofit you may still participate in about re issuance of surrendered tags. used expends bonus points Once you Tag Surrender,2018 19 Arizona Hunting Regulations 13.

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