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76 A GUIDE TO RADIATION PROTECTION,Radionuclide Symbol Mass number. Curium Cm 244,Curium Cm 245,Curium Cm 246,Californium Cf 249. Californium Cf 250,Californium Cf 252, Class II Radionuclides medium toxicity upper sub group A. Radionuclide Symbol Mass number,Sodium Na 22,Chlorine Cl 36. Calcium Ca 45,Scandium Sc 46,Manganese Mn 54,Cobalt Co 60.
Strontium Sr 89,Strontium Sr 90,Yttrium y 91,Zirconium Zr 95. Ruthenium Ru 106,Silver Ag 110m,Cadmium Cd 115m,Indium In 114m. Antimony Sb 124,Antimony Sb 125,Tellurium Te 127m,Tellurium Te 129m. Iodine I 126,Iodine I 131,Iodine I 133,Caesium Cs 134. Caesium Cs 137,Barium Ba 140,Cerium Ce 144,Europium Eu 152.
Europium Eu 154,Terbium Tb 160,Thulium Tm 170,Hafnium Hf 181. Tantallum Ta 182,Iridium Ir 192,Thallium Tl 204,Bismuth Bi 207. Bismuth Bi 210,Astatine At 211, APPENDIX CLASSIFICATION TABLES OF RADIONUCLIDES 77. Radionuclide Symbol Mass number,Lead Pb 212,Radium Ra 224. Actinium Ac 228,Protoactinium Pa 230,Thorium Th 234.
Uranium u 236,Berkelium Bk 249, Class III Radionuc Udes medium toxicity lower sub group B. Radionuclide Symbol Mass number,Beryllium Be 7,Carbon c 14. Fluorine F 18,Sodium Na 24,Chlorine Cl 38,Silicon Si 31. Phosphorus p 32,Sulphur s 35,Argon A 41,Potassium K 42. Calcium Ca 47,Scandium Sc 47,Scandium Sc 48,Vanadium v 48.
Chromium Cr 51,Manganese Mn 52,Manganese Mn 56,Iron Fe 55. Iron Fe 59,Cobalt Co 57,Cobalt Co 58,Nickel Ni 63,Nickel Ni 65. Copper Cu 64,Zinc Zn 65,Zinc Zn 69m,Gallium Ga 72,Arsenic As 73. Arsenic As 74,Arsenic As 76,Arsenic As 77,Selenium Se 75. Bromine Br 82,Krypton Kr 85m,Krypton Kr 87,78 A GUIDE TO RADIATION PROTECTION.
Radionuclide Symbol Mass number,Rubidium Rb 86,Strontium Sr 85. Strontium Sr 91,Strontium Sr 92,Yttrium y 90,Yttrium y 92. Yttrium y 93,Zirconium Zr 97,Niobium Nb 93m,Niobium Nb 95. Molybdenum Mo 99,Technetium Tc 96,Technetium Tc 97m. Technetium Tc 97,Technetium Tc 99,Ruthenium Ru 97,Ruthenium Ru 103.
Ruthenium Ru 105,Rhodium Rh 105,Palladium Pd 103,Palladium Pd 109. Silver Ag 105,Silver Ag 111,Cadmium Cd 109,Cadmium Cd 115. Indium In 115m,Tin Sn 113,Tin Sn 125,Antimony Sb 122. Tellurium Te 125m,Tellurium Te 127,Tellurium Te 129. Tellurium Te 131m,Tellurium Te 132,Iodine I 132,Iodine I 134.
Iodine I 135,Xenon Xe 135,Caesium Cs 131,Caesium Cs 136. Barium Ba 131,Lanthanum La 140,Cerium Ce 141,Cerium Ce 143. Praseodymium Pr 142,Praseodymium Pr 143,Neodymium Nd 147. Neodymium Nd 149, APPENDIX CLASSIFICATION TABLES OF RADIONUCLIDES 79. Radionuclide Symbol Mass number,Promethium Pm 147,Promethium Pm 149.
Samarium Sm 151,Samarium Sm 153,Europium Eu 152,Europium Eu 155. Gadolinium Gd 153,Gadolinium Gd 159,Dysprosium Dy 165. Dysprosium Dy 166,Holmium Ho 166,Erbium Er 169,Erbium Er 171. Thulium Tm 171,Ytterbium Yb 175,Lutecium Lu 177,Tungsten w 181. Tungsten w 185,Tungsten w 187,Rhenium Re 183,Rhenium Re 186.
Rhenium Re 188,Osmium Os 185,Osmium Os 191,Osmium Os 193. Iridium Ir 190,Iridium lr 194,Platinum Pt 191,Platinum Pt 193. Platinum Pt 197,Gold Au 196,Gold Au 198,Gold Au 199. Mercury Hg 197,Mercury Hg 197m,Mercury Hg 203,Thallium Tl 200. Thallium Tl 201,Thallium Tl 202,Lead Pb 203,Bismuth Bi 206.
Bismuth Bi 212,Radon Rn 220,Radon Rn 222,Thorium Th 231. Protoactinium Pa 233,Neptunium Np 239,80 A GUIDE TO RADIATION PROTECTION. Class IV Radlonuclldes low toxicity,Radionuclide Symbol Mass number. Hydrogen H 3,Argon A 37,Cobalt Co 58m,Nickel Ni 59. Zinc Zn 69,Germanium Ge 71,Krypton Kr 85,Strontium Sr 85m.
Rubidium Rb 87,Yttrium y 91m,Zirconium Zr 93,Niobium Nb 97. Technetium Tc 96m,Technetium Tc 99m,Rhodium Rh 103m. Indium In 113m,Indium In 115,Iodine I 129,Xenon Xe 131m. Xenon Xe 133,Caesium Cs 134m,Caesium Cs 135,Samarium Sm 147. Rhenium Re 187,Osmium Os 191m,Platinum Pt 193m,Platinum Pt 197m.
Thorium Th 232,Natural thorium Th Nat,Uranium u 235. Uranium u 238,Natural uranium U N at, Note 1 The I A E A classification does not list seven radionuclides which. are being used in the U K These are,Radionuclide Class. Oxygen 0 15 IV,Potassium K 43 III,Iron Fe 52 III,Cobalt Co 56 II. Iodine I 124 I 125 II,Iodine I 130 III, APPENDIX CLASSIFICATION TABLES OF RADIONUCLIDES 81.
Note 2 m indicates metastable state This is the name given to excited. nuclear states which take longer to decay to their ground state than other. states of the same type The term is used to identify the half life to use with. the nuclide,Bibliography, This is not a complete bibliography as it only includes the. publications referred to in the book and a few others which may be. Copies of the Acts Regulations and Codes of Practice listed in this. Bibliography are available from H M Stationery Office except when. Relevant acts and regulations in the United Kingdom. Radioactive Substances Act 1960, This Act regulates the keeping and use of radioactive material and. makes provision as to the disposal and accumulation of radioactive. Regulations under the Factories Act 1961, a The Ionising Radiations Sealed Sources Regulations 1969. b The Ionising Radiations Unsealed Radioactive Substances. Regulations 1968, These regulations impose requirements for the protection of per. sons employed in factories and other places to which the Factories. Act 1961 applies, Regulations affecting the transport of radioactive materials.
a The Air Navigation Order 1970, b The Merchant Shipping Dangerous Goods Rules 1965. BIBLIOGRAPHY 83,c Inland Postal Regulations, d British Railways Conditions of Carriage for the Conveyance. of Radioactive Substances by Merchandise and Passenger. e The Radioactive Substances Carriage by Road Great. Britain Regulations 1974, f The Radioactive Substances Road Transport Workers. Regulations 1970,Important non statutory codes of practice. a Code of Practice for the Protection of Persons against Ionis. ing Radiations arising from Medical and Dental Use. b Code of Practice for the Protection of Persons exposed to. Ionising Radiations in Research and Teaching, c Memorandum on the Use of Ionising Radiations in Schools.
Establishments of Further Education and Teacher Training. d Code of Practice for the Carriage of Radioactive Materials. e Code of Practice for the Storage of Radioactive Materials in. International codes, a The Manual of Industrial Radiation Protection Part II. Model Code of Safety Regulations Ionising Radiations. b International Atomic Energy Agency Regulations for the. Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials 1967, A survey of the existing legislation for different countries has been. published by the World Health Organization in their International. Digest of Health Legislation and off prints of the relevant parts. Protection against Ionising Radiations may be obtained from. Distribution and Sales Unit,Palais des Nations,Switzerland. 84 A GUIDE TO RADIATION PROTECTION,Useful British Standards Institution Booklets. British Standards Institution Booklet BS 4097 1966. British Standards Institution Booklet BS 4094 Part 1 1966. International Atomic Agency Vienna Safety Series,This series covers a wide range of topics.
International Commission on Radiological Protection Publications. These are available from Pergamon Press,Alpha neutron sources 22 Dose 2 40. Alpha radiation 20 Dose equivalent 40,Americium beryllium Am Be neutron Dose rate 41. sources 71 Dose rate meters 50,Annihilation radiation 22. Atomic number Z 11,Attenuation factor 24 Electron capture sources 22. Elements 9,Backscattering thickness gauge 69,Becquerel Bq 12 Film badge 44.
Beta radiation 20 Fission neutron sources 23,minus radiation p 20 Flux 42. plus radiation p 22,Bremsstrahlung 21,Gamma neutron sources 23. Gamma radiation 20,Characteristic x rays 22 Geiger counter 48. Chromosomes 4 Genes 4, Classification of laboratories 17 Genetic effect of radiation 1 4. Classification tables of radionuclides 75 Gray Gy 39. Classified persons 55,Codes of practice 55,Half life or half period 33.
Competent persons 56,Half thickness half value layer 30. Contamination 16,monitors 48, Cosmic radiation 2 Indirectly ionizing radiation 24. Curie Ci 12 Ionization 24,Ionization chamber 38 51. Ionizing radiation 24,Decay constant 34,regulations 55. Decontamination methods for 59 60,Isotopes 11,Density measurement 70.
Dental x rays 69 keV 24,Derived working limits 6,Designated persons 55. Directly ionizing radiation 24 Labelling of radioactive materials 12. Labelling procedures 63 Radioactivity 11,Level gauges 69 Radioactive decay 20. Radioactive materials working with 27,labelling of 12. Mass number A 11 Radioactive sources 14, Maximum permissible body burden 7 Radioactive Substances Act 1960 54. Maximum permissible dose 4 Radiography 66, Measurement of internal radiation 53 containers 67.
Methods for decontamination 59 60 61 Radiotoxicity 17. MeV 23 Range of alpha particles 32,Microcurie Ci 12 Rem 2 40. Millicurie mCi 12 Road accidents 63,Moisture gauges 70 Roentgen R 38. Mutations 4 Rules to obey when working with,radioactive materials 27. Natural background 1,Neutron monitors 52 Scattering 30. Neutron number N 11 Scintillation counter 48,Neutron sources 22 Sealed sources 14.
Nuclear reaction 23 Shielding 28,Nuclide 11 Smear counting 50. Solid state radiation monitors 48,Somatic effects of radiation 1 2. Open sources 14 Specific gamma ray constant 67,use of in industry 73 Static electricity 72. Static master brush 72,Structure of matter 9,Packaging 61 Survey meters 50. Personnel dosimetry systems 44,Picocurie pCi 12, Pocket dosimeters 45 Thermoluminescent dosimeters 45.
Positrons 21 Thickness gauges 69, Precautions with open sources 58 Transfer certificate 55. Precautions with sealed sources 57 Transport index of package 63. Transport of radioactive materials 61,Type A Type B packages 62. Quality factor 40,Waste disposal 36 58,dose 2 X ray generators 68. early and late effects of 3,sources 21,warning signs 57 Z N ratio II.

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