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RE100 PROGRESS AND INSIGHTS ANNUAL REPORT KEY FINDINGS. FOREWORD KEY FINDINGS SCALE OF DEMAND, If RE100 members were a country they would be the 21st. Company data collected through the 2019 RE100 largest electricity consumer in the world in terawatt hours. reporting cycle carried out by CDP reveals or TWh 2018 2. Leading corporations are increasingly using their purchasing 1 CHINA 6 349. power and influence to transform electricity systems at scale US. 2019 marked a change for the RE100 initiative led by The HIGH AMBITION 3 INDIA 1 269. Climate Group in partnership with CDP for companies. committed to 100 renewable power 4,JAPAN 1 028,MAKING PROGRESS DRIVING IMPACT. 2028 is the average target,year for member companies. In its biggest year yet RE100 grew by over a By engaging with governments and energy to reach 100 renewable ELECTRICITY. third surpassing the 200 member milestone If suppliers leading members are starting to electricity and 3 in 4 are. they were a country RE100 members would be overcome policy challenges and technical targeting 2030 at the latest. 19 AUSTRALIA 244, the 21st largest electricity consumer in the world barriers to source renewable electricity They. RE100 has continued to expand geographically are creating new routes for others to follow. 20 INDONESIA 235, with 44 of new joiners in 2019 from across the and 44 are now engaging suppliers.
Asia Pacific,What matters most of course is the speed at. Over the last year we have been working, closely with members to amplify their FAST PROGRESS. which companies make progress 2028 is the demand developing new partnerships in. average target date for RE100 members to the Taiwanese market and in Australia The. achieve 100 renewable electricity One in three leadership of members coupled with the. 22 SOUTH AFRICA 227, are already over 75 toward their goal and one geographic expansion of RE100 is triggering. in two are being driven by cost savings,But despite falling costs1 renewables are still. marginal in a small number of countries where,broader system change such as in the.
Republic of Korea where a new mechanism,is being introduced by the Government to. enable companies to meet their RE100 goals,1 in 3 members are now. 75 renewable and 30,have reached their 100 goals, companies are struggling to get access Without 1 in 2 have experienced cost. decisive action these countries risk losing out on savings as a result GEOGRAPHIC EXPANSION. billions of US dollars in investment from RE100,THE QUESTION IS HOW. companies And without decarbonized grids, the planet remains exposed to catastrophic DO WE GO FASTER In the last year RE100 membership.
climate change,has grown by over a third with over. 2020 marks the beginning of the Climate,40 of new joiners from the Asia Pacific. Decade ten years to halve greenhouse gas, GHG emissions and put the world on track IMPACTFUL LEADERSHIP. to reach net zero by 2050 Our members are,playing their part and aim to scale up their. leadership in the coming year,Through RE100 they have a platform to do.
so We will be making sure that their voices,are heard loud and clear by governments. and the energy sector around the world who,44 are already influencing. suppliers on renewable,INFLUENCING,electricity 1 in 2 plan to SUPPLIERS. will need to rapidly respond to the increasing,demand for clean and affordable electricity. engage stakeholders such,as policy makers or utilities.
In partnership with on renewables by 2020, Figures in this report are based on 211 members at the time of writing Sample sizes differ for each topic area as not all companies. Cover photo AEON provided detailed answers to all questions A breakdown of each data point is available in the annex available at RE100 org. RE100 PROGRESS AND INSIGHTS ANNUAL REPORT CHAPTER 01. PROGRESS OF RE100 MEMBERS TOWARD 100 RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY. SCALE AMBITION 250, RE100 members joined 2014 2016 renewable electricity consumption. AND PROGRESS,RE100 members joined 2017,RE100 members joined 2018. RE100 members joined 2019,RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION. TWh CONSUMED BY RE100 MEMBERS, 1 A GROWING AND to Indonesia or South Africa3 That s an extra 40.
TWh yr in demand for clean energy compared,DIVERSIFYING MEMBERSHIP to the previous year. Among the world s most influential companies RE100 has continued to expand to new 100 20. clean energy is increasingly becoming the norm frontiers with 44 of the growth in the Asia. RE100 now brings together more than 200 Pacific region Japan is now home to the third. multinationals committed to 100 renewable largest number of members 28 rapidly. power 56 have joined since the last annual report catching up with the UK 37 Australia grew. our biggest growth year to date taking the from 1 to 8 members including all of the 50 10. total membership to 211 country s major banks Two more companies. joined from mainland China the first to do,The collective electricity consumption of our. so since the Paris Agreement was signed,members is on par with a medium sized country. They consumed 228 TWh yr in 2018 comparable 0 0,y y y y y y y y. tricit tricit tricit tricit tricit tricit tricit tricit. lec elec lec elec lec elec lec elec,al e ble al e ble al e ble al e ble.
Tot a Tot a Tot a Tot a,Re new Re new Re new Re new. 2015 2016 2017 2018, GEOGRAPHICAL BREAKDOWN OF RE100 MEMBERSHIP OVER TIME. Total no of RE100 members,Total no of RE100 members based outside. 2 CONTINUOUS PROGRESS, 200 Europe and North America TOWARD TARGETS SINCE JOINING RE100 WE VE PROCURED MORE. No of new RE100 members, RE100 members sourced 87 TWh yr of AND MORE RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY FOR OUR.
renewable electricity in 2018 up from 72,TWh yr the year before This means that. GLOBAL PORTFOLIO AND WE RE NOW PROUD,No of new RE100 members based. 38 of their total electricity usage comes TO HAVE ACHIEVED OUR 100 GOAL BUSINESS. NO OF MEMEBERS,150 outside Europe and North America. from renewables This is a similar proportion,to the year before even though more than. HAS A VITAL ROLE TO PLAY IN DRIVING THE, 50 companies have joined the initiative in CLEAN ECONOMY RE100 HAS PROVEN THAT.
the meantime many of them just starting, out on their renewable energy journey COLLABORATION MOVES THE NEEDLE. Nicola Acutt VP of Sustainability,Companies that were members last year 4 have. Strategy VMWare,increased their share of renewable electricity. sourcing by four points to 42 showing that,50 they are walking the talk and progressing. at pace toward their commitments, The average goal for reaching 100 to halve GHG emissions reductions over.
renewable electricity is 2028 with over the next decade to meet the objectives. 0 three quarters targeting 2030 at the latest of the Paris Agreement In addition nine. 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 This level of ambition will help the world members have declared that over the next. RE100 PROGRESS AND INSIGHTS ANNUAL REPORT CHAPTER 01. 18 months they will bring forward their Mountain surpassed ambitious interim. target date with another 15 planning targets putting them on the right. to adopt ambitious interim targets track to achieve their 100 goals. In 2018 one in three members were Nine companies made significant progress. already sourcing over 75 renewable toward their 100 goals seeing their. electricity and almost half of those over percentage of renewable electricity increase. 50 More than 30 members met their by over 20 points compared to the year before. 100 goals In 2019 two additional,members VMWare and Organic Valley. Lyft went from 0 to 44 renewable by,switching to a renewable electricity supplier. A SECRET INGREDIENT, also announced that they would do so by on joining RE100 in September 2018 Iron TO MAKING PROGRESS. the end of 2019 Mountain 39 and Facebook 24 also,made impressive progress thanks to new. FAST HAS BEEN EXTERNAL,Four members BMW Dentsu,Aegis Network Facebook and Iron.
power purchase agreements PPAs with COLLABORATION WORKING. large scale renewable energy projects,WITH PEERS NGOS UTILITY. COMPANIES AND EVEN OUR, MEMBERS PROGRESS TOWARD RE100 GOAL 2018 COMPETITORS HAS HELPED US. GO FURTHER AND FASTER THAN,WE COULD HAVE BY OURSELVES. Photo credit Iron Mountain,Kevin Hagen VP of Environment Social. Governance Strategy Iron Mountain,73 CASE STUDY IRON MOUNTAIN.
PROGRESSING AT SCALE,45 IN AN IMPACTFUL WAY,NO OF RE100 MEMBER COMPANIES. Storage and information,management services company. Over the past five years the,company has built a portfolio of. electricity The company is working on,addressing the challenges of achieving. 25 Iron Mountain has a goal to achieve,100 renewable electricity by 2050.
and was already sourcing 69 in,renewable energy solutions and. contracts including owning on site,solar systems executing solar PPAs. 24 7 local renewable supply in ways,that help deliver a greener more. cost effective grid for everyone, 2018 up by 39 in one year utilizing utility green power tariffs and. virtual power purchase agreements In a major renewable energy innovation. As well as reduced GHG emissions for the industry Iron Mountain has. VPPA for large scale wind farms, benefits include lower energy introduced a Green Power Pass.
0 25 50 75 95 bills and better cost stability In 2019 the UK Ireland the Netherlands. and Belgium became the first company,allowing the company to pass through. the benefits of renewable electricity,Our 100 renewable electricity. territories to achieve 100 renewable,to its customers The protocol means. RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY 100 goal is key to our strategy for. electricity and in the US Iron Mountain, reducing and stabilizing long term data center users can report GHG. has become one of the largest, energy expense and reducing emissions reduction and renewable.
purchasers of renewable power, our exposure to fossil fuel cost electricity use based on Iron Mountain s. volatility Sarah Abrams Senior VP Today Iron Mountain s strategy goes supply agreements increasing market. Global Real Estate Iron Mountain beyond reaching 100 renewable demand for renewable energy. RE100 PROGRESS AND INSIGHTS ANNUAL REPORT CHAPTER 02. Photo credit Signify,02 INCREASING CASE STUDY SIGNIFY. LEADERSHIP DRIVING,INNOVATIVE,Beyond their individual commitments. approaches that have the highest direct, to 100 renewable electricity RE100 impact on grid decarbonization. members have been innovating,It was once again a record breaking year.
collaborating and constantly challenging for PPAs a mechanism through which. themselves and each other to accelerate corporate buyers contract directly with. WE BECAME AN EARLY, the clean energy transition a project developer usually enabling MEMBER OF RE100 TO. renewable energy capacity to be added to,the grid SWITCH TO RENEWABLE. 1 TRANSFORMING PPAs accounted for 19 of the renewable ELECTRICITY SO THAT S. ELECTRICITY GRIDS power sourced by members in 2018 up from Signify the world leader in ENOUGH REASON IN. 16 the previous year This amounts to 14,In 2018 RE100 members continued to turn their. renewable electricity sourcing strategies toward,TWh of electricity consumption. connected LED lighting has set,an ambitious goal to reach 100.
ITSELF TO BE A PIONEER, renewable electricity by the end Robbert Slooten Global Sustainability. of 2020 Having already achieved Program Manager Signify. 89 in 2018 the company is now,addressing more challenging. geographies to reach its RE100 goal, APPROACHES TO RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY SOURCING BY RE100 MEMBERS OVER TIME. In 2019 Signify signed a 10 year VPPA, for electricity from Kisielice wind farm Wind turbine in Poland. 3 in Poland The electricity will power,4 D irect line to an off site.
16 four Signify factories and several, 35 13 generator with no grid transfers Wind turbine in Poland. 19 offices in the country which currently,Other options. account for over 25 of Signify s, P urchase from on site installations global electricity consumption. owned by a supplier But it wasn t always plain sailing for other companies and wants to. With a dependence on coal for 80 see more leaders following suit. Two years prior the Polish government, 31 Self generation of its electricity use Poland remains. had launched a tender for wind Developers should be aware that. OF TOTAL RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY,Europe s most polluting country.
Direct procurement from offsite energy offering competitive rates energy off takers are willing to. Signify is actively growing renewable, grid connected generators PPA This attracted developers who then commit until then it s a chicken. energy capacity on the local grid, 60 began to quote Signify higher prices and egg situation RE100 can collect. Contract with suppliers accelerating the clean energy transition. and share best practice and help, green electricity tariffs products Signify held firm on its offer and. The VPPA will bring tangible business members to hear each other s ideas. eventually found project opportunities,benefits It will reduce Signify s annual. 46 within the country also overcoming Signify is also encouraging its suppliers. 43 carbon footprint by 73 kt CO2e the, U nbundled energy attribute challenges around regulatory to switch to renewable electricity.
40 certificate purchase equivalent of taking more than 23 000. uncertainty and double counting The company has been setting. cars off the road Additionally Signify,expectations around annual reporting. expects to make cost savings as it pays It s a wonderful feeling that we stuck. and last year ran a pilot around, well below the fossil fuel equivalent with it and followed it through I hope. renewable electricity certificates to,it will pave the way for one other PPA. We have had a lot of positive get suppliers started on the journey. 2 maybe in China so that most of our,feedback from colleagues in. loads are in long term commitments Sourcing renewable electricity. operations and accounting The,shouldn t be difficult It should.
PPA created a lot of awareness Robbert knows Signify is sending. be as easy as buying a pair, internally and has strengthened an important market demand signal. of sneakers online, 2015 2016 2017 2018 people s passion for the company that could help unlock opportunities. RE100 PROGRESS AND INSIGHTS ANNUAL REPORT CHAPTER 02. Their popularity reflects a global trend with,companies signing contracts totalling 13 4 GW of. reported investing over US 140 million in,low carbon energy projects in 2018 mostly. collaborated to launch a new program offering,improved financing rates to global suppliers.
EVERY TIME ONE OF OUR SUPPLIERS JOINS US, renewable capacity globally in 2018 according to solar PV installations pegged to sustainability performance Working IN OUR EFFORTS TO ADDRESS CLIMATE CHANGE. BloombergNEF5 These new projects will come,online over the next few years and should see. Unbundled energy attribute certificates,with suppliers on renewable electricity is a. cost efficient way for a company to reduce their,WE MOVE CLOSER TO A BETTER FUTURE FOR THE. more renewable electricity being sourced this,nevertheless remained the preferred approach.
for RE100 members in 2018 43 of all renewable, scope 3 GHG emissions NEXT GENERATION WE VE MADE IT A PRIORITY. way by RE100 members, power consumed followed by contracts Members are also engaging with stakeholders at TO HOLD OUR SUPPLIERS ACCOUNTABLE TO. In 2018 members also generated more of the,renewable electricity they consumed over 3. with suppliers or green electricity products,accounting for 31 of the total Those strategies. the other end of their value chain consumers,and business customers By being a responsible.
THE SAME ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS WE, TWh in 2018 4 of the total with 104 disclosing have a key role in helping companies meet their company they can develop a competitive OBSERVE AND HOPE THAT OUR COLLABORATION. companies using this approach In addition,almost 2 TWh of renewable electricity was. 100 targets while sending a strong demand,signal to markets indirectly incentivizing key. advantage on their peers Putting sustainability,at the centre of their communications is also. WILL SHOW OTHERS WHAT IS POSSIBLE, purchased from on site installations owned by a stakeholders in the energy sector to accelerate a great way to mainstream renewables to a Lisa Jackson VP Environment.
supplier 2 of the total renewable power deployment broader audience Policy and Social Initiatives Apple. Taken together approaches that directly enable The trend toward direct sourcing methods is. or finance new renewable energy projects likely to become more apparent in the coming. account for over a quarter of all the renewable years 65 of responding RE100 members are. electricity consumed by RE100 members in 2018 planning to adopt impactful procurement. They are win win solutions for businesses in methods by the end of 2020 with members. addition to delivering costs savings generating,new revenues or providing certainty over long. considering signing PPAs developing on,site projects and or self generation or even. CASE STUDY PHILIPS, term costs they also bring private sector funding supporting the deployment of less mature. to project developers and equipment providers technologies such as hydrogen or biogas. Ingka Group and Google announced that they,had invested US 2 75 billion and US 7 billion. 2 MAINSTREAMING,BY EXAMPLE,respectively in on site or off site renewable.
electricity projects In total 43 companies RENEWABLES. Companies are using their voice and the power,of collective action through platforms like. RE100 to transform policies and markets at,scale The Climate Group and CDP have been. supporting RE100 members to engage with,AT SPEED SWITCHING TO 100. RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY,DRIVES LATERAL THINKING,policy makers to advocate policy frameworks. more favorable to renewables,COMBINING MANY,Members are also working with utilities to.
Hospitals health services and medical,supply chains across the world s major. PEOPLE FROM DIFFERENT, design new renewable electricity products that economies generate around 4 of global CO2 DISCIPLINES AROUND. emissions more than aviation As a leader,would be made available to all But there is. potential to do much more thankfully 49 of in healthcare technology and an early mover. A COMMON GOAL, responding members are planning to partner on renewable energy Philips finds itself well Robert Metzke Global Head. with and influence stakeholders by 2020 to help positioned to respond quickly to growing Sustainability and Chief of Staff. create markets for renewables customer expectations around climate action Innovation Strategy Philips. Members are also demonstrating leadership At the United Nations Climate Change. through their value chains 44 of responding Conference COP21 in 2015 Philips pledged to. companies were engaging with their suppliers play its part in fighting climate change The. in 2018 up from 36 the year before with an company committed to becoming carbon. additional 17 planning to do so in the next two neutral in its own operations and to sourcing. years As well as encouraging more companies 100 renewable electricity by 2020. Philips has invested in renewable electricity, THE CUMULATIVE CAPACITY OF GOOGLE S to switch to renewable power this can also help.
to bring the movement to new geographies and, Philips has increased its global renewable projects that deliver better outcomes at lower cost. LATEST 18 RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY DEALS new types of companies. electricity share from 79 in 2017 to 90 in,2018 and is well on track to achieve 100. achieving a positive local impact while boosting,the bottom line The company has signed PPAs in. SIGNED IN SEPTEMBER 2019 TAKING Innovation is key to unlocking progress across. supply chains and RE100 members are once,by 2020 As a result the company has seen. numerous business benefits such as improved,the US and the Netherlands and implemented on.
site solar generation projects in India and China, ITS GLOBAL PORTFOLIO TO OVER 5 4 GW again leading the way HSBC and Walmart internal efficiency where air pollution has become a health crisis. RE100 PROGRESS AND INSIGHTS ANNUAL REPORT CHAPTER 03. Photo credit AB InBev,WE WANTED TO GIVE CONSUMERS,A CHOICE WITH 41 MILLION. BUDWEISERS BEING SOLD,AROUND THE WORLD EVERY DAY,Individual company commitments to. source 100 renewable power are driven,Signing up to RE100 is a credible and. ambitious way for companies to show that, WE THOUGHT IMAGINE THE by a multitude of factors depending on they take stakeholders expectations.
seriously securing their licence to operate, CONVERSATION WE COULD START sector size location and more. and accessing required financing, Ezgi Barcenas Global VP Sustainability AB InBev Management of GHG emissions and Corporate. This translates into clear benefits for the,Social Responsibility CSR remain the main. companies that decide to lead on renewable,drivers for companies to join RE100 and. electricity Over a third of responding members,switch to renewable electricity they are.
identified customer retention as a co benefit of,important or very important for almost. progressing toward their RE100 commitment,all responding members. both consumers and business customers Even,Thunder Ranch Wind Farm in Oklahoma. But in 2019 a year characterized by public more strikingly over 50 identified benefits. CASE STUDY AB INBEV mobilization and investor action on climate in terms of employee satisfaction and staff. retention helping members to attract the,change 87 of responding RE100 members also. EMPOWERING CONSUMERS, cite customer expectations as an important or best talent and grow their business.
very important driver and 76 say the same of,The compelling business case remains. shareholder requests,a critical driver Adopting an ambitious. TO TAKE CLIMATE ACTION INVEST TIME WITH YOUR STAKEHOLDERS TO. renewable electricity strategy is seen as a,way to manage long term risk and increase. resilience to regulation and price volatility, Anheuser Busch InBev AB InBev is day we thought imagine the Ezgi is quick to add that consumers are. TALK ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE IT REALLY Cost savings are also important experienced. in 2018 by one in two responding members, the world s largest brewer With an conversation we could start skeptical and want to see companies HELPS YOU TO UNDERSTAND EXPECTATIONS progressing toward their RE100 target and.
annual electricity demand of over Ezgi Barcenas Global VP walk the talk brand efforts must be. Robert Metzke Global Head Sustainability and,an additional 10 of respondents are. 6 TWh it is also set to become the Sustainability AB InBev supported by corporate action. Chief of Staff Innovation Strategy Philips,anticipating them. world s largest corporate buyer of, In 2019 Budweiser went further still Today 50 of AB InBev s global. renewables in the consumer goods, putting renewable energy at the renewable electricity volume is under. sector targeting 100 purchased DRIVERS FOR RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY SOURCING OF RESPONDENTS. heart of an advertisement screened contract and the company is on. renewable electricity by 2025, during the Superbowl AB InBev also track to reach 70 under contract MANAGEMENT.
One of its most recognizable brands is donated 100 renewable electricity by 2020 Importantly AB InBev is OF GHG EMISSIONS. Budweiser Research by the company to power Atlanta the city that committed to reaching its goal by CORPORATE SOCIAL. RESPONSIBILITY CSR, showed consumers felt disempowered hosted the Superbowl for a week adding renewable capacity in all of its. to take climate action and Budweiser markets around the world This has CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS. Budweiser received great feedback, seized the opportunity to respond already been realized through PPAs. from consumers who saw the brand MANAGING LONG,in the US Australia Argentina China TERM RISKS. In 2018 Budweiser announced as high quality innovative and. India Mexico Brazil and the UK, that it would use 100 renewable progressive with the advertisement COST SAVINGS. electricity to brew its beers around receiving the highest positive AB InBev also aims to create. the world starting in the US To sentiment of all commercials momentum around the world by AIR QUALITY. show consumers when this milestone broadcast during the event encouraging peer companies to. is reached in each country a new follow its lead SHAREHOLDER REQUESTS. Irrelevant,Championing renewable,renewable electricity symbol is Not Important.
energy has gotten our brand Consumers employees and POLICY INCENTIVES. added to Budweiser packaging, team really excited Our success investors are all looking for Important. We wanted to give consumers a speaks to their ability as story companies to step up with REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS Very Important. choice With 41 million Budweisers tellers and shows the power of measurable commitments and drive. being sold around the world every our climate action strategy impact in a meaningful way 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100. RE100 PROGRESS AND INSIGHTS ANNUAL REPORT CHAPTER 04. Photo credit Adobe,THE TALENT ADOBE WISHES TO,RECRUIT AND RETAIN EXPECTS. US TO SET MEANINGFUL CLIMATE,GOALS AND WORK TO MEET THEM. The significant progress made by RE100 shaping the price difference between renewable. OUR RE100 COMMITMENT IS members at the global level covers a and fossil fuel electricity generation is critical. AMONG THE TOP GOALS FOR THIS variety of situations at the local level. Members ability to progress in each,Similarly the structure of the energy market. in some markets is a key barrier to progress, Vince Digneo Sustainability Strategist Adobe geography where they operate is Countries with unfavourable policy frameworks.
constrained by a number of internal for renewable electricity risk missing out on clear. factors e g size of their load ability business opportunities. to enter long term agreements or to RE100 members are working to address those. Adobe employees mobilize capital etc and external factors barriers in their priority geographies based on. collaborate at the, company s San Jose e g availability of suitable clean energy where they have operations and where those. headquarters, solutions regulatory frameworks etc barriers are the most stringent. Responses provided by members show that The Chinese market has proven difficult to. CASE STUDY ADOBE external factors are the main barriers to navigate for RE100 members due to regulatory. complexities In Russia the lack of a credible,progressing toward their RE100 commitments. ALIGNING WITH,tracking mechanism for renewable electricity has. Costs of renewable electricity and market been a key barrier. structures remain the main barriers faced by, members As technology costs are decreasing In Japan options to source renewable electricity.
EMPLOYEE EXPECTATIONS at a staggering rate with renewables becoming are limited Energy attribute certificates are. the cheapest form of power generation in more scarce and therefore expensive while very. countries the role of policies and regulations in few solutions for direct participation in energy. US software company Adobe grew Vince observed widespread interest Our employees want to see us. its revenue by 24 in fiscal year 2018 in sustainability among employees take good action but not just. while reducing absolute emissions by and pushed for the campus to among a flurry of other companies. 9 showing that going green does be fossil fuel free powered with doing the same thing it has to. not compromise the bottom line renewable electricity only have meaningful impact BARRIERS TO RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY SOURCING OF RESPONDENTS. In fact making the commitment to Adobe s principal engineers put ideas Adobe is working to benefit local. switch to 100 renewable electricity together for how to avoid the use of communities as it sources renewable COSTS OF RENEWABLE. ELECTRICITY, by 2035 has brought multiple natural gas and the building will be electricity increasing grid capacity. benefits for Adobe including all electric upon completion in 2022 and creating additional jobs MARKET. across solar wind and storage STRUCTURE,increased competitiveness. I knew the city of San Jose and, The talent Adobe wishes to the State of California were looking An example of this is its VPPA in LACK OF NECESSARY. GOVERNMENT SUPPORT, recruit and retain expects us to at how to accelerate this kind Nebraska for which Adobe partnered. set meaningful climate goals and of thing San Jose was thrilled with Facebook to buy wind power 320 LACK OF TRACKING Blank. work to meet them Our RE100 when it was announced MW of additional renewable energy Irrelevant. commitment is among the top has been added to the local grid OPERATIONAL. One of the ways in which Adobe Not Important,goals for this Vince Digneo ISSUES.
retains the support of its employees If we collaborate in this space we. Sustainability Strategist Adobe Important, is by choosing a meaningful approach all benefit It s about Adobe being TECHNICAL. BARRIERS Very Important, In June 2019 Adobe broke ground to sustainability The company has a a good citizen in the communities. on its newest building in San Jose strategy to decarbonize local grids it works in a responsible. California During the planning phase rather than offset the use of fossil fuels business growing responsibly 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100. RE100 PROGRESS AND INSIGHTS ANNUAL REPORT CHAPTER 04. On site solar PV at Fujidera,Photo credit AEON,Shopping Center. markets exist due to limited opportunities, for direct investments regulatory barriers to 1 CHINA CASE STUDY AEON. corporate PPAs etc,OVERCOMING,To overcome issues in Japan 20 RE100.
members 19 Japanese companies and Apple,supported by our regional delivery partner. 3 ARGENTINA,JCLP6 have asked the Government to raise. their 2030 renewable electricity target from,22 24 to 50 7 The members compiled a list of. 4 JAPAN BARRIERS,recommendations to make renewables cost. competitive with other electricity sources a,5 AUSTRALIA.
trend observed in many other G20 countries,According to IRENA India produces some of. the cheapest solar electricity in the world8 7 REPUBLIC OF KOREA. But RE100 members are struggling with a,fragmented policy landscape where key 8 US. regulations differing from state to state and, uncertainty over various charges and taxes in the MOST CHALLENGING COUNTRIES FOR. long term Through their membership of RE100 RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY SOURCING. companies are aiming for closer cooperation ACCORDING TO RE100 MEMBERS. with regulatory authorities and other key,stakeholders in each state. becomes fully compatible with RE100 Technical, At European Union level through the RE Source Criteria and ultimately enables members to make.
platform of which RE100 is a founding partner credible claims on their renewable electricity use. 11 RE100 members scrutinized the draft National,Taiwanese authorities have also taken notice. Energy and Climate Plans submitted by member,of the strong demand signal sent by RE100. states to make sure that they remove barriers to Retail giant AEON RE100 s largest. members and have acknowledged their role, corporate renewable energy sourcing9 Japanese member has so far invested. in driving renewable electricity uptake through, In the Republic of Korea citing RE100 as a supply chains As a global manufacturing hub in on site solar PV generation at its. reason to act the Government introduced a new they understand the need for clean energy if shopping centers to progress toward. certification system to enable companies to buy these businesses are to remain trusted partners its 2050 RE100 goal including. and track renewables CDP and local partner,Kosif are working to ensure that the system.
of RE100 multinationals through innovative on site PPAs. DIRECT ACCESS TO THE MARKET,But even though they are relatively. easy to develop and there is a strong,AND LARGE SCALE OFFSITE PPAS. business case on site solutions can only PROVIDE THE MOST EXCITING. cover up to 20 of the sites electricity, consumption Therefore it is critical for BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. AEON to be able to access affordable Takahiro Suzuki General Manager AEON. renewable power generated off site,Direct access to the market and. large scale offsite PPAs provide, initiated by the Government are still for renewable electricity consumption.
the most exciting business, unclear even though they should to 50 up from 22 24 They also. opportunities Takahiro Suzuki, help to bring those costs down asked for upgrades to the transmission. General Manager AEON,and distribution network and to. The grid requires much more, But this too is not without challenge support the development of PPAs. investment but the utilities,The main barrier is the high cost of.
that currently own it are often These actions would accelerate the. power transmission and distribution, unwilling or unable to invest growth of the market on the supply. in Japan which prevents companies,side and the emergence of new. from benefitting from the cost We believe government leadership. technologies beyond solar e g offshore, reductions observed globally for is needed in this area. wind or geothermal They would also,renewable energy technologies. In June 2019 AEON joined forces with enable companies to progress more. RE100 members The consequences of the 19 other RE100 companies to call on quickly toward their RE100 goals in. forum India deregulation of the power sector the Government to raise its 2030 target an impactful and cost effective way. RE100 PROGRESS AND INSIGHTS ANNUAL REPORT REFERENCES. 05 LOOKING, As the corporate movement on on board and engage with policy makers and the.
REFERENCES, 1 The global weighted average cost of electricity from onshore wind and. solar PV was declining by 13 year on year in 2018 according to IRENA. Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2018 https www irena org. renewable electricity continues to energy sector, media Files IRENA Agency Publication 2019 May IRENA Renewable. expand the impact of the RE100 By expanding into new regions in 2020 the Power Generations Costs in 2018 pdf. initiative in accelerating the clean energy initiative will amplify those commitments and. 2 International Energy Agency Key World Energy Statistics 2019 https. transition is only going to grow provide an essential platform for companies to. webstore iea org key world energy statistics 2019, collaborate to address technical barriers and help. As members get closer to their target dates design suitable policy and market solutions 3 International Energy Agency Key World Energy Statistics 2019 https. more of them now need to clean up the,webstore iea org key world energy statistics 2019. electricity they use in the more challenging 2020 is the beginning of the Climate Decade. countries for renewable power sourcing Led by ten years to halve global GHG emissions and put 4 RE100 Progress and Insights Annual Report November 2018. The Climate Group in partnership with CDP and the world on track to achieve net zero emission Moving to truly global impact http media virbcdn com files. supported by a growing set of regional delivery by the middle of the century The countries and fd 868ace70d5d2f590 RE100ProgressandInsightsAnnualReportNovemb. partners RE100 will remain a trusted initiative for the energy companies all along the value chain er2018 pdf. leading companies that fail to shift to renewables will be the first. 5 BloombergNEF 29 January 2019 Corporate Clean Energy Buying Surged. ones to pay the price, Many more businesses from different countries to New Record in 2018.
will join and commit to 100 renewable power The private sector faces the ultimate test to. 6 JCLP https japan clp jp en, Their leadership will deepen as they choose showcase leadership and seize opportunities. impactful sourcing solutions bring their suppliers now that advance the future clean economy 7 JCLP and The Climate Group June 2019 Proposal from Corporate. Consumers Aiming to Source 100 Power from Renewable Electricity. https www theclimategroup org sites default files policy proposal. re100 members in japan pdf, 8 IRENA Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2018 https www irena. org media Files IRENA Agency Publication 2019 May IRENA. Renewable Power Generations Costs in 2018 pdf, 9 Letter from companies RE Source Platform http resource platform eu. files downloads RE Source NECP Letter to EC pdf,ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. This report was written by The Climate Group Authors. with the support of CDP with data collection and Constant Alarcon The Climate Group. analysis by CDP We thank the RE100 members Marie Reynolds The Climate Group. for their contributions and support,Data and analysis.
Shailesh Telang CDP,Claire Lambert CDP, Led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP RE100 is The Climate Group s mission is to accelerate climate action. a collaborative initiative bringing together the world s most Our goal is a world of no more than 1 5 C of global warming. influential businesses committed to 100 renewable power and greater prosperity for all without delay We do this. Renewables are a smart business decision providing greater by bringing together powerful networks of business and. control over energy costs while helping companies to deliver governments that shift global markets and policies We act. on emission reduction goals RE100 members including as a catalyst to take innovation and solutions to scale using. Global Fortune 500 companies have a total revenue of over the power of communications to build ambition and pace. US 5 4 trillion and operate in a diverse range of sectors We focus on the greatest global opportunities for change. from information technology to automobile manufacturing. We are an international non profit organization founded in. Together they send a powerful signal to policymakers and. 2004 with offices in London New Delhi and New York. investors to accelerate the transition to a clean economy. Visit RE100 org and follow RE100 on Twitter Visit www theclimategroup org and. follow ClimateGroup, CDP is an international non profit that drives companies CDP in 2019 This is in addition to the over 920 cities. and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions states and regions who disclosed making CDP s platform. safeguard water resources and protect forests Voted one of the richest sources of information globally on how. number one climate research provider by investors and companies and governments are driving environmental. working with institutional investors with assets of US 96 change CDP formerly Carbon Disclosure Project is a. trillion we leverage investor and buyer power to motivate founding member of the We Mean Business Coalition. companies to disclose and manage their environmental. Visit cdp net follow us CDP to find out more, impacts Over 8 400 companies with over 50 of global. market capitalization disclosed environmental data through.

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consult with a professional in legal, business, accounting, and finance field, where appropriate. Neither the publisher, author nor any distributor shall be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages. No guarantee of income is made. Readers are ...

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Senior Mission Sisterhood Leadership Journey Connections

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What s new in ICU What s next for ICU Where is ICU

Sometimes the feature development in ICU4C leapfrogs ICU4J or vice versa by 1-2 releases. Since ICU is open source and closely tracks the Unicode Standard, ICU can support changes and additions to the Unicode Standard much more quickly than Java. Java support for Unicode is tied

Compendium of Translation Software

Compendium of Translation Software

Compendium of Translation Software commercial machine translation systems and computer-aided translation support tools Compiled by John Hutchins and Walter Hartmann Third edition (February 2002) Published on behalf of The International Association for Machine Translation by The European Association for Machine Translation