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See full list on Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Andre Collection, Inc. At 4949 Everett Ct, Vernon, CA 90058. Search for other Bathroom Fixtures, Cabinets & Accessories in Vernon on The Real Yellow Pages®. Judgement filed against me for collections, but plaintiff went out of business. Alright, so it looks like I've got two judgements against me on public record, never received a summons for either, but it looks like both plaintiffs went out of business as I'm trying to contact them but the websites are no longer there, and all the phone numbers. But, like any other business in these trying economic times, brokers sometimes experience financial difficulties and end up going out of business. When this happens, a situation frequently arises in which the broker fails to pay the trucking companies it hired and these trucking companies, in turn, seek payment of freight invoices from the.

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Core Belief

  • All dealings should be with utmost professionalism, honesty and integrity.
  • Delivery of services of the highest quality & standard.
  • Comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  • Use the Company’s assets only for business purposes.
  • No misuse of the Company’s information to which access is given.
  • No receipt or offer of any illegal payments or gifts.
  • No engagement in activities that are in conflict with the Company’s interests.
  • No use of physical force or means of duress, coercion.
SeeAndre Collection - The Chicago Faucet Shoppe

The debt collection / recovery policy of Tata Teleservices Limited (The Company) is built around dignity and respect to the Customers. The Company selects outsourced agencies for providing such services, which, possess unblemished records, are free from criminal background, and agree to work within the framework of Company’s philosophy, policies and business ethics. The Company meticulously follows due diligence guidelines in selection of outsourced agencies.


The collection policy and the outsourcing arrangement will not affect the rights of Customer against the Company, including the right of the Customer to obtain redress as applicable under various licensing conditions, Indian Telegraph Rules, TRAI regulations, directions and orders etc.

The payment against Company services has a stipulated due date, which is appended on monthly bills & will be decided by the Company taking into account periodicity of billing and usage by Customer. The Company will specify to the Customer upfront tariff plans at the time of acquisition and such tariff plans and delay payment charges, if any, will be reproduced on monthly bills duly applied on usage log of Customers.

All the practices adopted by the Company for follow up and recovery of dues and repossession of Company assets will be in due consonance with all applicable laws and regulations. The essence of Company’s polices / procedure for collection & recovery of dues are reproduced below

  • The Company will send detailed monthly bill to Customer on predefined bill date (bill cycle). Such bill shall include details of all charges, due date of the payment, delay payment charges, Company’s toll free contact center number & contact name/title, address, telephone number and e-mail address of appellate officer of the Company, reference information about appended collection / recovery policy & billing dispute resolution mechanism on TTSL website. This information can also be provided to Customers from Company’s customer service centers. In addition the Company will send a SMS / outbound dialer’s call to Customer, intimating outstanding of dues and due date by which Customer must clear his dues.
  • Post dispatch of bill, SMS Message and/or outbound dialer call, the Company may allocate such details of Customer outstanding bill to a Collection Agency. The Collection Agency will update Customer about the due date & outstanding amount of the Customer and facilitate Customer by way of informing nearest payment centre and other channel / mode of payment.
  • Customers are expected to pay their dues by the due date. In the event of any doubt about the outstanding / clarification on the due amount and charges in the bills, the Customer is requested to seek clarification / register their complaints to the authorized Company’s channels as indicated on bill or Company’s website.
  • In the event of failure of payment of dues by the due date, the Company may send a reminder SMS / outbound dialer message or out call intimating about non payment of over dues & subsequently degrade service levels (outgoing / incoming facility) of the Customer and these services may be restored only upon clearance of dues.
  • When a customer has disconnected our services, the Company shall initiate due action to repossess its properties provided to the Customer if any, at the time of enrollment, by way of allocating Customer details and asset particulars to the recovery agencies involved in repossession of the Company’s assets.
  • Wherever the Customer has disputed the bill / outstanding dues and such of the dispute/complaint/appeal is pending, such cases will not be followed by the Collection Agency for collection of dues.
  • In case agent of Collection Agency finds that the telephone has been taken fraudulently with the identity/ address proof not in line with records furnished to the Company the agent of Collection Agency will provide the feedback to the Company. The Company will examine the case and take appropriate action.
  • The Company shall maintain secrecy / privacy of the Customer information as per the licensing conditions and will not share details of call records to its agencies. The Company may not entrust a collection case of a defaulting consumer to more than one collection agency at a time.
  • The Company may not entrust a collection case of a defaulting consumer to more than one collection agency at a time.
  • In the event of continuance of default in payment of dues, the Company may initiate recovery proceedings through Company’s legal representatives, advocates & solicitors against the Customer as per service agreement signed by Customer, law of land and various statutory provisions inclusive (not exhaustive) of Negotiable Instrument Act, Proceeding under summary suit / recovery suit. Any legal case may be settled amicably between the Company & Customer.
  • Collection Agencies engaged in collection of dues are communicated about Company’s philosophy, instruction by regulator and other abetting laws, by way of multiple clauses in the legal agreement signed for the assignment and a detailed code of conduct is published and communicated to all collection agencies.

Andre Collection Inc. - Home | Facebook

Andre Collection - The Chicago Faucet Shoppe

Click here to read the Code of Conduct for Our Collection Agencies.

Many small business owners have heard of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and assume it will cover them in the even a past due invoice needs to be sent to collections. This is not the case. There is less oversight for business debt collection than you may think!

Though Congress enacted the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in 1977 and added it to the Consumer Credit Protection Act in 1978, it actually defines “consumers” and “debt” as specifically referring to personal, family or household transactions. This means that debts owed by businesses or by individuals for business purposes (commercial debts) are not subject to the FDCPA. In fact, there are no federal laws, that regulate third-party commercial (business-to-business) debt collection or provide guidelines for the conduct of commercial debt collectors.

So, if the FDCPA does not apply to business debt collection by third parties, how are those collection agencies regulated?

Andre Collection Out Of Business

State Regulation


The first and most sound line of defense for business debt collection is your state’s laws. In some U.S. states, commercial collection firms must be licensed in order to do business in those states. For the protection of creditors, most of these states also require that the firms be bonded. In some states, licensing is required to collect for creditors of that state; in others, to collect against debtors located in the state. Contact your local business bureau for insight on the laws of your state. In all instances of licensing, some form of renewal is required, and should be checked for any collection agency you’re considering. Small business owners should be warned, very few collection agencies are licensed in 50 fifty states.

Established Associations

The next line of defense would primarily be the Commercial Law League of America and its Commercial Collection Agency Association. They have generally assumed responsibility for looking after the needs and rights of creditors and their customers/debtors when it comes to business debt collection needs and practices. However, they have no real legal jurisdiction or legal standing (can’t do much but revoke membership).

This is why it’s of utmost importance to ensure your business does the appropriate due diligence when selecting a collections agency (or avoid needing collection agencies by using an AR management platform).

Protect Your Business

Small businesses must be very wary of their local reputation, it’s the lifeblood of their business. Working with a collection agency who collects unethically or who harasses your debtors can seriously damage your own business’ reputation around town.

First and foremost we recommend avoiding the need for a collections agency all together by diligently managing your receivables. If you feel a debt must go to collections, we strongly recommend only working with members of the Commercial Collection Agency Association (who are therefore also certified by the Commercial Law League of America) and ensuring the collection agency is licensed in your state.

Andre Collection Out Of Businesses

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