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Manual Analog Elemental Series 6,CE Conformity 6,Notes on Environmental Protection 6. Symbols and Notes 6,Important Security Advices 7,Scope of Delivery and Packaging 8. Placement 8,Introduction 8,The Analog Elements 8,Die Signalprozessoren der zweiten Generation 9. Concept and Categories of the Analog Elemental Series 9. Dual Channel Preamplifiers 9,Channel Strips 9,Processing Units 10. Optional Features 11,Information on Transformers 11.
Common Technical Specifications 11,Dimensions and Weight 11. Rear Panel Wiring Diagram 12,Rear Panel Versions 13. Rear Panel 1 13,Rear Panel 2 13,Rear Panel 3 13,Optional Converter Wiring Diagram 13. Rear Panel Connections and Switches 14,Signal Connections 14. Input and Output Electronics 14,XLR sockets 14,Balanced connections 14.
Unbalanced connections 14,Power connection and fuse 15. Voltage Selector 15,Power switch 15,GND Lift 15,Channel Strip Switch Ch 1 OUT Ch 2 IN 15. 2 Analog Elemental Series,The Modules 16,Premium Mic Pre Introduction 16. Features 16,Premium Mic Pre Control Elements 16,Mic Gain 16. About Leveling 17,VU Meter 17,48 V Phantom Power Supply 18.
Phase Reverse 18,High Pass Filter 18,Premium Mic Pre Technology 19. Triple Stage Preamp 19,Stage 1 The Input Transformer 19. Stage 2 The Discrete Differential Amplifier 19,Stage 3 The Instrumentation Amplifier 20. Foil and Styroflex Capacitors 20,Output Stages 20,Premium Mic Pre Technical Specifications 20. Control Elements 20,Premium Mic Pre Block Diagram 21.
Preference Mic Pre Introduction 22,Main Features 22. Preference Mic Pre Control Elements 22,Mic Gain 22. About Leveling 22,VU Meter 23,48 V Phantom Power Supply 23. Phase Reverse 24,High Pass Filter 24,Preference Mic Pre Technology 25. SSM 2019 25,Servo Drive Design 25,Foil And Styroflex Capacitors 25.
Preference Mic Pre Technical Specifications 26,Control Elements 26. Preference Mic Pre Block Diagram 27,Analog Elemental Series 3. Dual Band De Esser Introduction 28,The Dual Band De Esser 28. Dual Band De Esser Control Elements 28,HI Band On Low Band On 28. Low S Reduction 29,High S Reduction 29,Male Female 29.
Signal LED SIG 29,Dual Band De Esser Technical Specifications 30. Control Elements 30,Dual Band De Esser Block Diagram 31. DynaMaxx Introduction 32,DynaMaxx Control Elements 32. Compression 32,Make Up Gain 33,Gain Reduction LEDs 33. DE COM De Compression 33,FX Com Effect Compression 34.
Lim Limiter 34,Signal LED SIG 35,DynaMaxx Technology 35. Why are conventional compressors unsatisfactory 35. Full Band versus Multi Band 36,Attack Time Automation 36. Release Time Automation 37,Threshold And Ratio 37,DynaMaxx Technical Specifications 38. DynaMaxx Block Diagramm 39,4 Analog Elemental Series. Transient Designer Introduction 40,Transient Designer Control Elements 40.
Sustain 41,Output Gain 41,Link Mode 41,Signal LED 41. Transient Designer Applications 42,Drums Percussions 42. Guitars 43,Bass Staccato vs Legato 43,Ambience 43,Keyboards Sampler 43. Post Production 43,Mastering 43,Transient Designer Technical Specifications 44. Outputs 44,Transient Designer Block Diagram 45,TwinTube Introduction 46.
TwinTube Control Elements 46,HAR ON SAT ON 46,HARMONICS Control 46. HARMONICS Switch 47,SATURATION Control 47,Signal LED 47. TwinTube Applications 47,Acoustic Guitars 47,TwinTube Measurements 48. TwinTube Technical Specifications 50, AUDIO CUMULATIVE Harmonics and Saturation Stage 50. TwinTube Block Diagram 51,Analog Elemental Series 5.
Manual Analog Elemental Series,Version 1 0 6 2012, Developers Wolfgang Neumann Enzo Triolo Jens Gronwald. This manual contains a description of the product It in no way represents a guarantee of. particular characteristics or results of use The information in this document has been care. fully compiled and verified and unless otherwise stated or agreed upon correctly describes. the product at the time of packaging with this document. Sound Performance Lab SPL continuously strives to improve its products and reserves the. right to modify the product described in this manual at any time without prior notice. 2012 SPL electronics GmbH All rights reserved This document is the property of SPL and. may not be copied or reproduced in any manner in part or fully without prior authorization by. SPL Names of other companies and their products are trademarks of their respective owners. CE Conformity, The construction of the Analog Elemental Series is in compliance with the. standards and regulations of the European Community. Notes on Environmental Protection, At the end of its operating life this product must not be disposed of with regular. household waste but must be returned to a collection point for the recycling of. electrical and electronic equipment The wheelie bin symbol on the product. user s manual and packaging indicates that The materials can be re used in. accordance with their markings Through re use recycling of raw materials or other forms. of recycling of old products you are making an important contribution to the protection of. our environment Your local administrative office can advise you of the responsible waste. disposal point WEEE Registration 973 349 88,SPL electronics GmbH. Sohlweg 80 41372 Niederkruechten Germany,Phone 49 0 21 63 98 34 0 Fax 49 0 21 63 98 34 20.
E Mail info spl info Website spl info, 2012 SPL electronics GmbH All rights technical changes mistakes and misprints reserved The SPL logo Analog Code. Vitalizer and Atmos are trademarks of SPL electronics GmbH All other logos and brand names are registered trademarks. of their respective owners,Symbols and Notes, IN THIS MANUAL A LIGHTNING SYMBOL WITHIN A TRIANGLE WARNS YOU ABOUT THE. POTENTIAL FOR DANGEROUS ELECTRICAL SHOCKS WHICH CAN ALSO OCCUR EVEN AFTER. THE MACHINE HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED FROM A POWER SOURCE. AN EXCLAMATION MARK WITHIN A TRIANGLE IS INTENDED TO MAKE YOU AWARE OF. IMPORTANT OPERATIONAL ADVICE AND OR WARNINGS THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED BE. ESPECIALLY ATTENTIVE TO THESE AND ALWAYS FOLLOW THE ADVICE THEY GIVE. The symbol of a lamp directs your attention to explanations of important functions or applica. Attention Do not attempt any alterations to this machine without the approval or supervision. of SPL electronics GmbH Doing so could nullify completely any and all of your warranty guar. antee rights and claims to user support,6 Analog Elemental Series. Important Security Advices, Please note and retain this manual Carefully read and follow all of the safety and operating. instructions before you use the machine Be doubly careful to follow all warnings and special. safety instructions noted in this manual and on the unit. Connections Only use the connections as described Other connections can lead to health. risks and equipment damage, Water and humidity Do not use this machine anywhere near water for example near a wash.
basin or bath in a damp cellar near swimming pools or the like In such cases there is an. extremely high risk of fatal electrical shocks, Insertion of foreign objects or fluids Never allow a foreign object through any of the. machine s chassis openings You can easily come into contact with dangerous voltage or. cause a damaging short circuit Never allow any fluids to be spilled or sprayed on the machine. Such actions can lead to dangerous electrical shocks or fire. Opening the unit Do not open the machine housing as there is great risk you will damage the. machine or even after being disconnected you may receive a dangerous electrical shock. Electrical power Run this machine only from power sources which can provide proper power. in the range from 100 to 250 volts When in doubt about a source contact your dealer or a. professional electrician To be sure you have isolated the machine do so by disconnecting all. power and signal connections Be sure that the power supply plug is always accessible When. not using the machine for a longer period make sure to unplug it from your wall power socket. and from the guitar amp, Cord protection Make sure that your power and guitar amplifier signal cords are arranged. to avoid being stepped on or any kind of crimping and damage related to such event Do not. allow any equipment or furniture to crimp the cords. Power connection overloads Avoid any kind of overload in connections to wall sockets. extension or splitter power cords or to signal inputs Always keep manufacturer warnings. and instructions in mind Overloads create fire hazards and risk of dangerous shocks. Lightning Before thunderstorms or other severe weather disconnect the machine from wall. power but to avoid life threatening lightning strikes not during a storm Similarly before. any severe weather disconnect all the power connections of other machines and antenna and. phone network cables which may be interconnected so that no lightning damage or overload. results from such secondary connections, Air circulation Chassis openings offer ventilation and serve to protect the machine from over. heating Never cover or otherwise close off these openings Never place the machine on a soft. surface carpet sofa etc Make sure to provide for a mounting space of 4 5 cm 2 inches to. the sides and top of the unit when mounting the unit in racks or on cabinets. Controls and switches Operate the controls and switches only as described in the manual. Incorrect adjustments outside safe parameters can lead to damage and unnecessary repair. costs Never use the switches or level controls to effect excessive or extreme changes. Repairs Unplug the unit from all power and signal connections and immediately contact a. qualified technician when you think repairs are needed or when moisture or foreign objects. may accidentally have gotten in to the housing or in cases when the machine may have fallen. and shows any sign of having been damaged This also applies to any situation in which the. unit has not been subjected to any of these unusual circumstances but still is not functioning. normally or its performance is substantially altered In cases of damage to the power supply. and cord first consider turning off the main circuit breaker before unplugging the power cord. Replacement substitute parts Be sure that any service technician uses original replacement. parts or those with identical specifications as the originals Incorrectly substituted parts can. lead to fire electrical shock or other dangers including further equipment damage. Safety inspection Be sure always to ask a service technician to conduct a thorough safety. check and ensure that the state of the repaired machine is in all respects up to factory stan. Cleaning In cleaning do not use any solvents as these can damage the chassis finish Use. a clean dry cloth if necessary with an acid free cleaning oil Disconnect the machine from. your power source before cleaning,Analog Elemental Series 7. Scope of Delivery and Packaging, The scope of delivery comprises the Analog Elemental Series unit the power cord the guar.
antee card and this manual, Please keep the original packaging In case of a service procedure the original packaging. ensures a safe transport It also serves as a safe packaging for your own transports if you do. not use special transportation cases, Be very careful to check that the rear chassis power selection switch is set to the correct. local line voltage position before using the unit 230 V position 220 240 V 50 Hz 115 V posi. tion 110 120 V 60 Hz When in doubt about a source contact your dealer or a professional. electrician, Before connecting any equipment make sure that any machine to be connected is turned off. Follow all safety instructions on page 5 and read further information on connections on page. 10 onwards, Place the unit on a level and stable surface The unit s enclosure is EMC safe and effectively. shielded against HF interference Nonetheless you should carefully consider where you place. the unit to avoid electrical disturbances It should be positioned so that you can easily reach. it but there are other considerations Try not to place it near heat sources or in direct sunlight. and avoid exposure to vibrations dust heat cold or moisture It should also be kept away. from transformers motors power amplifiers and digital processors Always ensure sufficient. air circulation by keeping a distance of 4 5 cm 2 inches to the sides and top of the unit. Introduction,The Analog Elements, Our research and development efforts are always ruled by two maxims innovation and ease.
of use In many occasions both approaches get interleaved so that a good product idea is at. the same time very easy to use when implemented as a musically sound solution Hence it. is no surprise that our one knob devices like the SPL De Esser and DynaMaxx compressor. have been successful for so many years and are considered classics among our products. Even though originally conceived in 1U 19 inch format the possibility of applying the modular. concept to our preamps and processors in order to satisfy the wishes of customers with very. specific needs has always been lingering in our minds The introduction of the RackPack. Series finally allowed for a modular system that can accommodate six different modules in. three frame options, Premium Mic Pre High end microphone preamplifier with transformer. Preference Mic Pre Reliable preamplifier ideal for multi channel applications. Dual Band De Esser Second generation of our unique De Esser with phase cancellation. technology, DynaMaxx Second generation of the best set forget compressor with signal depen. dent automation, Transient Designer Second generation processor by the original inventor of the tran. sient tool, TwinTube Tube processor for saturation and presence effects. Key to the selection of modules was the idea of offering an elemental collection of combinable. analog components for music production Some modules were developed from scratch with. this in mind Premium and Preference preamps TwinTube while some others were enhanced. and adapted to the modular concept which resulted in the second generation of our beloved. DynaMaxx Dual Band De Esser and Transient Designer processors In order to put to use. all the work invested in developing our analog elements and translate it into single units we. created the Analog Elemental Series,8 Analog Elemental Series.
Introduction,The Next Generation Signal Processors. The development of the processors brought with itself the following advances. On all three processors that were revised the operating voltage was increased from 15. to 18 volts This allows us to enhance the performance of a circuit considering that the. basis of every circuit is the voltage performance ratio Thus dynamic range signal to. noise ratio and THD can be improved, Dual Band De Esser two bands for more precise and flexible processing. DynaMaxx modifications to allow for the optional fitting of a transformer. Transient Designer additional output level control an important enhancement to the. device s operation which allows for an immediate control of level differences. Concept and Categories of the Analog Elemental Series. Every Analog Elemental unit combines two modules Depending on the application the 13. resulting units can be sorted into three product categories. Preamplifiers consisting of two Premium or Preference modules the outstanding. RackPack Preamps in 1U 19 inch units, Channel Strips consisting of preamp and processing modules perfect front ends with. optimally matched processing for vocals or instruments. Processing Units to complement analog outboard equipment. The Analog Elemental concept makes it possible to build any imaginable configuration with. SPL s elemental processing tools Every module combination results in an exceptional and. unique unit We have summarized here the most important aspects of the different configura. Dual Channel Preamplifiers,Premium Preamplifiers, It is not easy to make high quality recordings An exceptional sonic foundation to work upon. is a must This can be achieved with microphones and preamps whose impulse response and. transduction capabilities are not limited just like the SPL Premium Preamps Created by. SPL founder Wolfgang Neumann these classic solid state masterpieces featuring an inte. grated transformer seduce anybody that lends an ear to them The two channel unit resulting. from the combination of two Premium Preamp Modules could withstand comparison to any. product regardless of their price Model Number 1212. Preference Preamplifiers, Our goal when developing the Preference Preamps was to match professional sound quality.
to the highest reliability possible Our decade long experience designing and manufacturing. microphone and instrument preamps guarantees the best price performance ratio The. results can be heard in all sorts of situations regardless of whether it is live or in the studio. the SPL Preference Preamps provide a rock solid foundation for any production And they are. also perfectly suited to replace the integrated preamps of audio interfaces and mixers Model. Number 1211,Channel Strips,Premium or Preference Preamp DynaMaxx. Do you play or have to record instruments often There are lots of ways to do it but then. again it all comes down to the end result Our way to achieving outstanding results is argu. ably the shortest one considering that it consists of only two knobs Gain preamplifica. tion and Compression This applies to vocal recordings as well The high end alternative to. the Preference DynaMaxx Combo Model 1223 is the Premium DynaMaxx unit Model 1233. Analog Elemental Series 9,Introduction,Premium or Preference Preamp Dual Band De Esser. The combination of a Premium or Preference Preamp with the Dual Band De Esser preserves. the sound character and timbre of voices even with extreme settings An unbeatable combi. nation for live applications The high end alternative to the Preference Dual Band De Esser. Combo Model 1229 is the Premium Dual Band De Esser unit Model 1239. Premium or Preference Preamp TwinTube, The combination of a preamp with the TwinTube effects processor allows for fascinating sound. shaping possibilities Two totally independent tube effects Saturation and Harmonics. make vocals sound more sonorous and rootsy while highlighting their presence and empha. sizing the harmonics Presence authority cutting edge glaze take full advantage of the. character of the vocals The high end alternative to the Preference TwinTube Combo Model. 1224 is the Premium TwinTube unit Model 1234,Processing Units. Dual Band De Essers, Those who need two Dual Band De Esser units will find in this combination the perfect 1U 19.
solution In case more units are needed a RackPack frame is the best way to go 3U 19 rack. frames that can host four or eight Analog Elemental Series modules. Dual Band De Esser TwinTube, This combination effectively expands any sound engineer s processing needs De Essing and. TwinTube processors are ideal for vocal tracks and are the perfect complement to any respect. able preamp Model Number 1294,Dual Band De Esser DynaMaxx. A very nice processing combination for vocals Being able to have the two most straightfor. ward one knob SPL processors under the same hood is not only exciting but also comforting. it is very easy to abandon oneself to their magic and prowess Model Number 1293. TwinTube Processors, Considered one of the world s finest tube effects processors the TwinTube provides the two. single most important artifacts generated by tubes Saturation and Harmonics The warmth. presence and suppleness analog tube and coil filtering provide can enrich any production. regardless of the music genre Model Number 1214,Transient Designer TwinTube. The second generation Transient Designer with output level control and the exceptional. TwinTube together in one processing unit a combination that can certainly fill the gaps of. many studios when it comes to analog processing arsenal This is a perfect example of some. thing that is much more than the sum of its parts the Transient Designer allows to clearly. emphasize sound parts that can then be processed with the TwinTube Very effective on all. sorts of percussive signals the tube sound complements perfectly the Transient Designer. and opens up an unprecedented amount of sound shaping possibilities Model Number 1254. 10 Analog Elemental Series,Introduction,Optional Features.
Optional for all processing modules Lundhal transformers at the input and output stages. Premium preamplifier modules integrate input and output transformers Preference. preamplifier modules cannot be fitted with transformers Transformers are not visible. from the outside and are only available as a factory option during purchase Retrofitting is. not contemplated More information on transformers below. Optional for every Analog Elemental unit additional digital output via a converter module. For more information on the Converter Module refer to page 9. Additional functions for Channel Strip modules channel strip switcher on the rear When. engaged this switch internally forwards the output signal of the first module directly into. the input of the second module making external cabling unnecessary. Information on Transformers, All processing modules can be equipped with input and output transformers Exceptions. Preference Mic Pre is not available with transformers Premium Mic Pre always comes with. inout and output transformers, We think a good part of the warmth that is commonly associated with vintage gear comes. from transformers With transformers the low end and lower mids sound rounder full bodied. with more punch The top end gets a silky touch and benefits from improved presence without. sounding boosted Reasons are reduced odd harmonics which produce harsh top end. impressions and a slower characteristic compared to electronic stages which causes a more. voluminous sound, We recommend transformers especially for vocals while electronic stages can be better for. highest precision in signal transmission transients but in the end it s a question of personal. taste applications or for example which mics are in use. Transformers transmit the signal by induction This means there is no static connection like. a wire to transmit the signal This protects the unit from damage caused by power failures in. the input output connections In addition hum problems are effectively avoided if balanced. connections are used throughout That s why transformers can be very interesting for live. units or in units used for facilities that need highest operational safety broadcast sound. reinforcement Another notable advantage for many live and recording applications is that. very long cable lengths are possible with no loss in signal quality At the end of the day it. depends on personal taste main applications or for example on the microphone and other. equipment if transformers are required or not,Common Technical Specifications. Power Supply Toroidal transformer,Fuses 230 V AC 50 Hz 315 mA.
120 V AC 60 Hz 630 mA,Voltage Selector 115V 230V,Power Consumption 230 V 9 1 W 10 8 VA. 115 V 5 6 W 7 1 VA,Dimensions and Weight, Housing W x H x D 482 x 88 x 320 mm depth includes knobs and sockets. Weight ca 4 6 kg,Weight with Premium Module s ca 4 9 kg. Weight with TwinTube Module s ca 4 8 kg,Analog Elemental Series 11. Wiring Diagram for Microphone Preamplifier Modules. Console Patchbay Console Patchbay,DAW Interface DAW Interface.
Microphone Microphone,Rear Panel Wiring Diagram,Ch 1 OUT Ch 2 IN. Ch 1 OUT Ch 2 IN,Make sure that the voltage switch setting. reflects the correct local power line voltage,Line Signal Line Signal. 2 1 Pin wiring XLR input sockets, 1 GND 2 hot 3 cold Console Patchbay Console Patchbay. DAW Interface DAW Interface,1 2 Pin wiring XLR output sockets.
1 GND 2 hot 3 cold,Analog Elemental Series,Wiring Diagram for Processing Modules. Rear Panel Versions, Depending on their configuration and additional features the Analog Elemental Series. modules can have three different rear panels The additional elements are the optional AD. converter digital output and the channel strip switch which internally forwards the output. signal of the first module to the input of the second module ruling out the need for external. Pin 3 cold Pin 3 to GND Pin 1,OUT IN OUT IN,VOLTAGE FUSE SERIAL No. Pin 2 hot operation connect,For unbalanced,I 230V 50Hz. 800mA slow,C AUTION WARNING, 115V 60Hz GND LIFT RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK TO REDUCE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT EXPOSE.
DO NOT OPEN THIS UNIT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE DISCONNECT MAINS. 1 6 A slow GND, MADE IN GERMANY spl info AVIS RISQUE DE CHOC LECTRIQUE NE PAS OUVRIR BEFORE REMOVING COVER THIS EQUIPMENT MUST BE EARTHED OUT Ch 2 IN OUT Ch 1 IN. Rear Panel 1, Without converter or channel strip switch configuration example two preamp module. Ch 2 Ch 1 OUT Ch 2 IN Ch 1,Pin 3 cold Pin 3 to GND Pin 1. OUT IN OUT IN,VOLTAGE FUSE SERIAL No,Pin 2 hot operation connect. For unbalanced,I 230V 50Hz,800mA slow,C AUTION WARNING OFF.
115V 60Hz GND LIFT RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK TO REDUCE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT EXPOSE. DO NOT OPEN THIS UNIT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE DISCONNECT MAINS. 1 6 A slow GND, MADE IN GERMANY spl info AVIS RISQUE DE CHOC LECTRIQUE NE PAS OUVRIR BEFORE REMOVING COVER THIS EQUIPMENT MUST BE EARTHED OUT Ch 2 IN Ch 1 OUT Ch 2 IN OUT Ch 1 IN. Rear Panel 2, Without converter with channel strip switch configuration example channel strip consisting. of preamp and processing module,Ch 2 Ch 1 OUT Ch 2 IN Ch 1. Pin 3 cold Pin 3 to GND Pin 1,OUT IN OUT IN, VOLTAGE FUSE AD 24 192 SAMPLE RATE SYNC INPUT DIGITAL OUTPUTS SERIAL No. Pin 2 hot operation connect,For unbalanced,Converter ON.
I 230V 50Hz SYNC,800mA slow LOCK,GND LIFT 44 1,Model 48 SPDIF SPDIF OPTICAL Made in. 0 1090 192 kHz when clocked via Sync Input OUTPUT OUTPUT Germany. C AUTION WARNING OFF, 115V 60Hz GND LIFT RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK TO REDUCE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT EXPOSE. DO NOT OPEN THIS UNIT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE DISCONNECT MAINS. 1 6 A slow GND, MADE IN GERMANY spl info AVIS RISQUE DE CHOC LECTRIQUE NE PAS OUVRIR BEFORE REMOVING COVER THIS EQUIPMENT MUST BE EARTHED OUT Ch 2 IN Ch 1 OUT Ch 2 IN OUT Ch 1 IN. Rear Panel 3, With converter and channel strip switch configuration example channel strip consisting of. preamp and processing module including digital output. Optional Converter Wiring Diagram, The optional AD converter provides an additional digital output The diagram shows how to.
connect it to an interface For more detailed information refer to the converter module user s. DAW Interface,DAW Interface,Analog Elemental Series 13. Rear Panel Connections and Switches,Signal Connections. Turn off the unit before connecting or disconnecting any cable or equipment to it Otherwise. you risk the possibility of damaging your ears or equipment. Input and Output Electronics, The input and output electronics are based upon bridge circuits that keep the signal flow. constant regardless of malfunctioning equipment and power outages power fail safety. by relay hard bypasses The bridge and insert circuits rely on high quality relays Contact. surfaces are gold plated to provide better conductivity and encapsulated to avoid external. influences due to climate or atmospheric conditions. XLR sockets, All signal connections are made via balanced XLR connectors Inputs are always female and. accept male connectors outputs are always male All in all a very comprehensible principle. Balanced connections, It is impossible to exclude interferences when a single audio signal is transmitted Shielding is.
effective against electric but not against electromagnetic influences Motors transformers. and alternating current can always induce interferences But even if the transmission would. succeed differences in ground potentials between driver and receiver would produce distur. In balanced connections a reference signal with reversed polarity is transmitted additionally. to the audio signal through a second wire The ground signal is routed separately through. a third wire Input and output stages are drivers and receivers and the receiving stage can. suppress interferences by subtracting the difference between audio and reference signal. Unbalanced connections, Unbalanced connections from and to RCA or 1 4 TS sockets can be made without adaptors to. the balanced XLR sockets The correct wiring is important The diagram shows the pin config. uration of the XLR sockets and how to correctly connect them for unbalanced connections. Input Output,balanced unbalanced balanced unbalanced. 2 1 2 1 1 2 1 2, Connections to RCA sockets are always unbalanced a wiring to jack connectors can be both. balanced 1 4 TRS stereo jack or unbalanced 1 4 TS mono jack We recommend to use. individually configured cables from XLR to RCA or jack sockets instead of adaptors You can. get cables in any needed configuration from audio dealers With the diagram above the. dealer can ensure to provide the appropriate cable for your application. 14 Analog Elemental Series,Rear Panel Connections and Switches. Power connection and fuse, Connect the power cord to the rear MAINS INPUT socket Transformer power cord and case.
connection conform to VDE UL and CSA requirements, The fuse is accessible from outside and placed right behind the flap right from the socket. Fuse ratings are 315 mA slow blow 230 volts or 630 mA slow blow 115 volts. Voltage Selector, The rear panel VOLTAGE selector sets the local line voltage 115 V position 110 120 volts 6o Hz. 230 V position 220 240 volts 50 Hz The diagram shows the correct switch position for 230 V. power supply, BEFORE you connect electrical power make sure that the VOLTAGE selector setting reflects. the correct local power line voltage,Power switch, Use the POWER switch on the rear panel to turn the unit on or off The VU meters on the front. panel will light on as soon as you turn the unit on regardless of the position of the ACTIVE. push button Thus they fulfill a second function as power indicators. The rear panel GND LIFT switch eliminates hum by separating the internal ground from the. unit s housing ground Hum can for example result when this unit s housing has a common. ground connection with other devices that might have a different ground potential The switch. is usually deactivated to retain the shielding of the housing. Channel Strip Switch Ch 1 OUT Ch 2 IN,Ch 1 OUT Ch 2 IN.
The channel strip switch connects two modules internally with each other as long as the. signal flow allows for it For instance with an Analog Elemental unit consisting of a preamp. and a processing module Channel Strip configuration When the switch is set to ON the. output signal of the preamp feeds the input of the processing module directly This simpli OFF. fies the signal flow and makes it unnecessary to connect the output and input of the modules Ch 1 OUT Ch 2 IN.

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