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International Journal of Scientific Engineering Research Volume 4 Issue 6 June 2013 2355. ISSN 2229 5518, A Global System for Mobile Communication takes more time to free the congested lane. GSM which delays the waiting time of other lanes, The GSM standard originally described a Here the cost and fuel consumption is increased. digital circuit switched network optimized for full. duplex voice telephony The packet data 3 DESIGNING ATLC. transport is done via GPRS General Packet A Architecture of ATLC. Radio services and it is increased via EDGE A simplified ATLC is shown in Fig 1 where. Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution TC QT50 a vehicle counter sensoris mounted. referred as EGPRS on the TLC on each lane An ES which consists. of Microcontroller and GSM will be placed on, B TLC each SJ and is wired to each TC QT50 so that. A traffic signal is typically controlled by a the vehicle count from sensor will be given as. Traffic Light Controller placed inside a cabinet input to the ES Based on the count the traffic. mounted on a concrete pad Traffic controllers signals are displayed in each SJ and the total. use the concept of phases which are directions count summed for each lane will be send to the. of movement grouped together server with its name via GSM Finally the server. will send the warning signal about the congested, C TC QT50 D lanes and SJ to the ASJ and vehicles using. The TC QT50 D is a radar based sensor for GSM technology. detection of moving or stationary vehicles Fully,weatherized this sensor can withstand extreme.
temperatures wind snow and ice The TC,QT50 D offers flexible mounting options as it can. be mounted up to 40 feet away from passing,D Embedded System. An embedded system is a special purpose,computer system designed to perform a. Fig 1 Architecture of ATLC,dedicated function Unlike a general purpose. computer such as a personal computer an From Fig 2 it is shown how the counts from. embedded system performs one or a few pre sensor is amplified and converted into digital. defined tasks signal to be given as input to microcontroller and. then to traffic light for making decision,2 EXISTING SYSTEM.
In general Intelligent Traffic control System is,based on microprocessors and microcontrollers. using inductive loop or the sensors in which the,Traffic signal changes from lane to lane. according to fixed time intervals so that even the. empty lane used to get the green signal for fixed,time Even though the traffic is automated there. is still a need for Human Traffic controller to let. the emergency services pass and to control the,vehicles violating the law The sensors used are. not accurate and are used for shorter distance,Even though it is automated it requires remote.
monitoring by wireless networks Therefore it Fig 2 Architecture of Sensor. IJSER 2013,http www ijser org, International Journal of Scientific Engineering Research Volume 4 Issue 6 June 2013 2356. ISSN 2229 5518, B Signaling Management System Signaling based on ASJ is further divided into. From Fig 3 the Signaling Management Highly Congested ASJ HCASJ and Less. system includes Time Management Signal Congested ASJ LCASJ In HCASJ the lane. Management and Connection Management getting traffic from the congested SJ will get. These three modules further divided into cleared first according to the counts as shown in. corresponding sub modules Time management Fig 5 which is followed by the normal algorithm. system fix a waiting time as 2 minutes for every for its own traffic count as shown in Fig 6. lane getting a green signal and pedestrian walk,Signal management includes signaling based on. congestion adjacent SJ and emergency, Fig 3 Signaling Management with its module and sub. Signaling based on congestion generates,light signals for every lane according to the.
descending order of its congestion count sensed,by the sensor It is shown in Fig 4. Fig 5 Signaling on HCASJ based on lane s count of CSJ. Fig 6 Signaling on HCASJ based on its own lane s count. In LCASJ the green signal will be given,to two lanes opposite to each other for a round. followed by normal count priority It can be seen,Fig 4 Signaling based on congestion in Fig 7. IJSER 2013,http www ijser org, International Journal of Scientific Engineering Research Volume 4 Issue 6 June 2013 2357. ISSN 2229 5518,Fig 7 Signaling based on LCASJ,Signaling based on emergency services gets.
green signal for the lane having emergency,services that has given a warning signal and are. followed by normal count operation It can be,Fig 9 Wired Sensor and Wireless GSM communication. seen inFig 8,4 IMPLEMENTATIONAL AND,OPERATIONAL ENVIRONMENT. In implementation four TC QT50 vehicle,counter sensors are mounted on the TLCof. every SJ and are pointed towards eachlanes,say L1 L2 L3 L4 The sensorsare given a.
view say V1 V2 and distance say D 40m to, sense vehicles from that particular view up to the. given distance Then the sensor is wired to,connect to the ES which is placed on the TLC of. each SJ so that it can receive the count,information say C1 C2 C3 C4 for every lanes. for every particular junction,ES is composed with GSM and. Microcontroller so that the processed,information from Microcontroller can be.
communicated via GSM to and fro the server, Fig 8 Signaling based on Emergency Services GSM interconnects all the SJ to the server. Therefore after collecting the count information, C Connection Management System system will compare and sort the count in. Connection management includes wired and descending order Lane which have the highest. wireless connection Wired connection is made count will get the Green signal first and the next. between sensor and TLC to send the count and highest the Yellow signal the next Red signal. wireless is made through GSM between TLC to and so on ending up with pedestrian walk A. Server which in turn to vehicles SJ s and ASJ s time period say T 2min is maintained for each. and emergency services to server for sending shift from one signal to another Finally after a. warning signals as shown in Fig 9 cycle the system will be resumed and restarted. IJSER 2013,http www ijser org, International Journal of Scientific Engineering Research Volume 4 Issue 6 June 2013 2358. ISSN 2229 5518, Then the ES sum up the counts for every SJ the adjacent junctions as they are notified about. with its SJ name say the congestion by the server through GSM. C C1 C2 C3 C4 S1 S2 to the server via technology Even all the vehicles are informed. GSM Server then record the data and if it about the congestion so that they can reroute A. detects that the count is high say C 200 for device is fitted in all the emergency services By. S1 then it will senda warning signal say S1 to using that the drivers can inform the server when. its adjacent SJ S and all vehicles they are about to cross a junction which in turn. In case the ASJ is also highly congested informs the corresponding junction to give green. one then it will clear the lanes getting traffic signal The LCD in the sensor is used for. from the warned of SJ first followed by previous recording so that we can easily trace any. operation In case of LCASJ it generated two vehicle s route if needed. signals and clear traffic from two lanes opposite, to each other Vehicles that are warned can 7 FUTURE ENHANCEMENT.
reroute themselves if possible The emergency Apart from this the following things can be added. services also warns the server about the lane it in this project. gets to reach through when it is in 50m far from 1 Auto shutdown with alarms when there. the SJ so that it will get green signal when it is sensorfailure occurs. reaches the SJ This system reduces the waiting 2 Providing with a reroute map to all the. time prevents tampering reduced cost and easy vehicles when a particular junction gets. to install These sensors can withstand any congested. harsh environments It also manages the traffic, efficiently before the junction gets congested REFERENCES. 1 Jubair Mohammed Bilal Don Jacob,5 PROPOSED SYSTEM. Intelligent Traffic ControlSystem ICSPC 2007,To make the TLC more efficient we are using. PP 496 499,an adjustable field radar based system TC. 2 Haimeng Zhao XifengZheng Weiya Liu,QT50 series vehicle controller sensor which.
Intelligent TrafficControl System Based on DSP,sense the count of the stationary moving. and Nios II 2009 International AsiaConference,vehicles rejecting the humans for about 40 m. on Informatics in Control Automation and,and can be set in a specific view GSM is used. Robotics PP90 94,to send information about the congested signal. 3 Wu Hejun Miao Changyun Design of,junction to the server located in a remote.
intelligent traffic lightcontrol system based on,location which in turn will inform the adjacent. traffic flow 2010 International Conferenceon,signal junction and also to all the drivers about. Computer and Communication Technologies in,the congestion so that they can re route. Agriculture,accordingly Also the vehicles of emergency. Engineering PP 368 371,services are fitted with GSM device to inform.
4 Liang Tay Lin Hung Jen Huang Jim Min Lin,their arrival to get a green signal Therefore it. Fongray FrankYoung A New Intelligent Traffic,efficiently manages the traffic automatically and. Control System For Taiwan ITST2009 PP 138,economically Installation is simpleand easier. reducing the fuel consumption accidents and,5 Chen Zhaomeng Intelligent Traffic Control. pollution It is more Time consuming and,Central System ofBeijing SCOOT MACE 2010.
completely automated,PP 5067 5069,6 V K Sehgal Nitin D S Chauhan R. 6 CONCLUSION Sharma Smart WirelessTemperature Data. In this work of Automatic Traffic Control the Logger Using IEEE 802 15 4 ZigBee. trafficcount is measured by the sensor for about Protocol IEEE Region 10 Conference TENCON. 40 m in each lane and accordingly the traffic is 2008 PP 1 6 545. managed in the respective junction and also in,IJSER 2013.

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