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Course Description and Objectives, Design is the most central activity that defines the engineering profession Simon 1969. To compete in today s relentless market an engineer must be able to identify market. needs generate creative product ideas that meet the needs and develop innovative. products that realize the ideas During this process systematic thinking and creativity play. key roles for success In this course engineering design is treated in a holist process of. product development starting from market analysis and product definition to conceptual. design and product design Developing systematic thinking and fostering creativity are the. two general goals of this class The specific objectives for this course are for students. To have a general and systematic understanding of how engineering design process is. carried out in practice and how it is described and prescribed in different design. models and methods This general understanding of the basic concepts of design and. different types of design processes is important for students to have a general idea of. what is the state of knowledge of design practice and research. To understand specific issues of engineering design and the systematic methods to. deal with these issues Engineering design is not carried out in a completely free space. It must meet customer needs conform to the principles of physics deal with various. information uncertainties and meet the limits of time and budget Students will learn. how these issues will manifest themselves in the design process and what methods. can be applied to address them, To learn and master systematic approaches to solving various design problems To. solve large and complex design problems one needs to know how to approach the. problem and how to proceed when there are options This course will teach a. systematic approach to design that is built on both practical design experiences and. fundamental physical and decision making principles. To understand the value of design in a broader context Engineering design is part of a. product development process which includes both design and manufacturing. Furthermore it is part of a business process which competes with other business. entities To develop a competitive product for the market requires a good sense of. value of design Students will learn such topics as design for manufacturing utility. theory for design decision making and other quality and efficiency related topics. To practice learned methodologies through real design projects Students will be. given small design problems as homework and relatively large design problems as. term projects The design problems will be carefully selected to allow students. practice learned design theory and methods, Simon H A 1969 The Sciences of the Artificial MIT Press Cambridge Massachusetts. Course Structure, The scope of this course covers four components namely market analysis product. definition conceptual design product design and evaluation To make the learning process. more effective and efficient the course structure is designed to include the following. Part 1 Introduction to Design Get to Know Design, To goal of this module is to introduce basic concepts of design product and process in the.
context of engineering design, What is design What is not design What does it take to do design. What is a product What are possible and meaningful features of a product. What are general processes of problem solving decision making and inventing And. how do they relate to design, What is design process What are different phases and different kind of processes. Part 2 Product Planning Identify and Define Competitive Products. Product planning is a part of the design process that deals with generating competitive. product definitions based on company goals and market analysis. What are company s goals skills and capabilities, What is market What is market situation What product do you plan to make. What are market needs What do people need want and desire. Who are your competitors How well are they doing in satisfying market needs. What are your targets and plans in competing with others. Part 3 Conceptual Design Generate Creative Marketable Product Concepts. Conceptual design is at the heart of engineering design process that determines what your. product should be, What are main functions and auxiliary functions of the product to be design. How do these functions relate to each other, What are possible ways or means to achieve the functions identified What are.
desirable ones and best ones, How can one become more creative and what are practicable creative design methods. How should one compose a product concept based on the possible solutions. How should one evaluate and select from possible product concepts. Part 4 Product Embodiment Design Develop Effective Physical Realizations. Product design also called embodiment design is the process to create concrete physical. realizations for the design concepts generated at the conceptual design stage. What are the rules principles and guidelines that should be followed in realizing. design solutions,How should one deal with various constraints. What are the structural material manufacturing and assembling factors that need to. be considered during product design, How can one predict the performance of the product and estimate the cost. breakdowns,Course Work, The course work includes class lectures homework mid term exam and term project. Classroom Lectures, Weekly lectures will be offered on Wednesdays Students are required to complete reading.
assignments indicated in the schedule page before each lecture Usually the weekly 3 hour. classroom lecture is divided into two parts During the first 75 minutes the instructor will. present and discuss the contents outlined in the schedule page In the second 75 minutes. students will work in groups to discuss the topics lectured and discussed by the instructor. and practice design methods by solving small design problems in the first several weeks. or their project design problems as the course progresses Active participation in. classroom discussion is strongly required for all students. For the first 8 weeks there will be weekly homework assignment that requires students to. develop solutions to queries and small design problems Each homework assignment has 2. 3 short questions and or one small design problem intended to help students 1. assimilate the reading material and organize their thoughts about it and 2 digest key. concepts learned from the lectures Thoughtfulness clarity conciseness and incisiveness. are required,Mid term Exam, After the Part 3 Conceptual Design module is completed there will be a mid term exam. The exam will be open book and open note Questions of the exam will be similar to but. more comprehensive than the homework questions and design problems Students will be. asked to answer query questions and solve small design problems. Term Design Project, This course is Project Based The term project will be carried out throughout the course by. student teams of 5 6 members Each team will bid for its design project and develop a. specific design solution for their assigned design problem By doing the project students. will digest and apply the theories and methods learned from the class enhance their. creativity and develop the experience of solving close to real engineering design problems. Students should form project teams after the very first class Project Teams will give. multiple Project Briefings to the whole class There will be two Project Progress Reports and. a Final Project Report due at the 8th week 12th week and the end of the course. respectively,Course Materials, There are required and optional textbooks for this course Additional handouts and reading. materials will be provided on the Course Blackboard Website when needed. Required Textbook, David Ullman The Mechanical Design Process 4th Edition. NOTE You must finish reading the assigned pages before the class of the assigned date. Optional Textbook, Pahl G Beitz W Engineering Design A Systematic Approach 2nd Ed Springer.
Suh N P Axiomatic Design Advances and Applications Oxford University Press. Terninko J Step by Step QFD Customer Driven Product Design 2nd Ed St Lucie. Press A CRC Press Company,Grading Requirements, Students will be graded according to the following grading scheme. Homework 30, Total five 5 homework assignments will constitute 30 of the overall grade with each. amounting to 6 Each homework assignment has 2 3 short questions and or one small. design problem Questions are usually open ended Thoughtfulness clarity conciseness. and incisiveness are required,Midterm exam 30, Midterm exam is open book and open note limited to the materials that have been. discussed in classroom lectures homework assignments and design team projects. Questions will be similar to but more comprehensive than the homework questions and. design problems There will be query questions and small design problems involved. Term project 40, Note that 40 of your semester grade is based on the results of your design project which. is a team effort All project work done by the team is first given a team grade This team. grade is then weighted for each student based on confidential team self evaluations by all. team members at the end of the semester according to the following scheme. Each student will be asked to fill out a questionnaire which rate every team member. including him herself for the percentage participation to the team project from 0 no. participation to 10 100 participation The evaluations are averaged in order to find. each student s participation The project grade of each student of a team will be weighted. based on his or her percentage of participation,Academic Integrity.
The Viterbi School of Engineering adheres to the University s policies and procedures. governing academic integrity as described in SCampus Students are expected to be aware. of and to observe the academic integrity standards described in SCampus and to expect. those standards to be enforced in this course,Students with Disabilities. Any Student requesting academic accommodations based on a disability is required to. register with Disability Services and Programs DSP each semester A letter of verification. for approved accommodations can be obtained from DSP Please be sure the letter is. delivered to me or to TA as early in the semester as possible DSP is located in STU 301. and is open 8 30 a m 5 00 p m Monday through Friday The phone number for DSP is. 213 740 0776,Course Schedule,Assignment,Date Lecture Project Readings. Course introduction Introduction Textbook,to Engineering Design pp 1 22. Engineering Design Problems and Textbook,9 5 Homework1. Processes pp 23 45,Overview of Engineering Design Textbook Homework2.
9 12 Form project teams,Process pp 81 110 Project topics. 9 19 Product Planning and Specification Project assignment Project bid. pp 111 170,Progress Report I Textbook,9 26 Develop Function Structures Homework3. assignment pp 171 201,Briefing1 Task,10 3 Generate Design Concepts Planning. pp 204 211,Specification,10 10 Evaluate Design Concepts Homework4. pp 213 240, More Methods for Conceptual Design Briefing2 Concept.
10 17 Textbook Homework5,Conceptual Design Recap Generation. Course notes,10 24 Midterm exam,Progress Report II Textbook. 10 31 Product Generation,assignment pp 241 278,Final Report. 11 7 Product Generation An Example pp 241 278,assignment. Briefing3 Product,11 14 Product Evaluation Generation.
pp 279 314,Final Rep assignment,Prog Rep2 due,11 21 Thanksgiving University Holiday No class. on 11 20 Tue, 11 28 Design for X and Lifecycle Engineering Review of Prog Rep2 pp 315 362. Final Briefing Textbook,12 5 Engineering Design Recap. Overall Proj Report Course Notes,Final Project Report PDF file due 5pm by email.

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