Ahnlab Trusguard 500a ???

AhnLab TrusGuard integrates firewall, IPS, VPN, anti-virus, and anti-spam security features with a unique self-defense system against DDoS attacks. It is designed for efficient and secure connectivity with internal systems through an IPSec/SSL VPN. AhnLab offers a full lineup of TrusGuard to protect any business environment, including TrusGuard 22000 for full-scale, customizable corporate network security.

  1. Ahnlab Trustguard 500a
  2. Ahnlab Trusguard 500a

Scales up to protect high-performance networks

Capable of handling growing network traffic, thanks to optimization for high-performance multicore environments

AhnLab Recognized as 2020 South Korea Endpoint Security Vendor of the Year for Two Consecutive Years AhnLab V3 Nominated as Top Product by AV-TEST on October 2020 Evaluation AhnLab Warns of Phishing Website Disguised as Popular Out-of-Stock Items. AhnLab TrusGuard는‘방화벽/ VPN 기반의고성능네트워크?안’과‘강력한안 위협대응기술력’이결된 “차세대네트워크통합보안시스템”니다. IPS Firewall SSL VPN Application Control C&C 서버탐지/차단 IPSec VPN Web Filtering DLP (Data Loss Prevention) Anti-Malware (Anti-Virus) Anti-Spam CC인증.

Ensures network stability

Ahnlab trusguard 500a

Protects network resources (such as, websites, database servers, applications servers, and client machines) from unknown network attacks with the 3-step defense.

Covers IPv6 network environments

Complete support for IPv6 networks

Reduces total cost of operation (TCO)

Offers cost cuts compared to integrating multiple security products Relieves operational and labor costs associated with managing multiple security solutions

Increases productivity and network efficiency

Eliminates unwanted traffic via access control and restriction of programs and sites that are hazardous or not related to work Optimizes network traffic to lower network operation costs

Centralizes responses to network threats

Routes VPN traffic through the head office for enhanced security Centralizes management of quarantines and treatment of infected computers via the AnhLab Policy Center (APC)

Enhances protection for branch offices

Includes IPS, antivirus, and anti-malsite features that are distributed to branch offices for enhanced protection against attacks

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Ahnlab Trustguard 500a

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Ahnlab Trusguard 500a

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