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Adolescence Education Programme, Process, The Resource Person asks the participants to brainstorm on the word Values . The Resource Person starts noting the reaction of the participants on the. board All responses may be noted without denigrating any participant . The R P then talks about the kinds of values Values can be grouped into . 1 Human Values Personal Values, 2 Social Values, Personal Values are those which guide a human being for personal growth. and survival They aim at exalting the human being to a higher plane to. strive for honesty responsibility humanity and respect . Social Values are those that enable individuals to improve their social. relations enhance the understanding of the social set up and build on ones. psychosocial competence , The Resource Person now encourages the participants to make their Values. Necklace , My Personal Value Necklace, In these beads of the necklace the participants will write the name of few. Values Personal , My Social Value Necklace, In these beads the participants will write few Social Values they can.
identify,44 Classroom Session 1, Adolescence Education Programme. Personal Values, 1 Cleanliness 6 Respect, 2 Loyalty 7 Honesty. 3 Love 8 Patience, 4 Tolerance 9 Courtesy, 5 Gratitude 10 Patriotism. 6 Forgiveness 11 Control over sense, Social Values. 1 Discipline 5 Brotherhood, 2 Co operation 6 Justice.
3 Kindness 7 Dignity of individual, 4 Non violence 8 Sharing and Caring. 9 Charity, Some Activities on Value of Love, Use your imagination to symbolize love through words or colours . Discussion on In a loving world what would everyone want for his or. her family , Activity for Honesty, 1 Can you think of a time when you were loved for your honesty . 2 Can you recall a moment when you appreciated someone else s. honesty , 3 Complete I was loved for my honesty when . , 4 I like people to be honest because , 5 A small skit portraying the theme of honesty or dishonesty After the.
skit few processing question can be asked , a What was the effect on the people who were cheated . b Ask the students to think and reflect about their true feelings and the. need for being honest , Situation Cards, There is a student in your class who is always making fun of your height . He has just criticized you again , 1 How do you feel . 2 Which Life Skill will you use to overcome this situation . 3 Which values would you need to manage this situation . 4 Comment on the values of Tolerance and Self Respect in the light of. this situation ,45 Classroom Session 1, Adolescence Education Programme. Your best friend s mother has just died of AIDS , 1 How do you think your friend reacts to this situation .
2 Which Life Skill can you use to help or deal with this tragedy . 3 How can you respond using the values of kindness and love in such. a situation , You promised your mother that you would be back home by 10 pm. but you got carried away with your friend and got late Now its past. midnight Part of honesty is keeping our word , 1 How would you explain your situation to your mother . 2 Which Life Skill could have prevented such a situation . 3 Do you want people to trust you and why , 4 How would relate to the value of honesty in such a situation . Activity 10 But This Is Not Fair Being Responsible . Time 20 minutes, Objective , To develop Critical Thinking Skills. Mode Group Whole Class, Life Skills Focused , Critical Thinking Self Awareness Decision Making.
Value Enhanced , Social Justice Responsibility , Process. 1 Write the following What s Fair situations on the blackboard . What s Fair situations , a Seema wants to play cricket with a group of boys at break time but. they won t let her play because she is a girl Is this fair to Seema . b Rehman lives in a country that is at war It is dangerous to travel He. cannot go to the health clinic to get his immunization shots Is this. fair to Rehman , c Annie s grandfather gave her some money for her birthday Annie wants. to use it to buy sweets Her parents say that she cannot because that. would be bad for her health Is this fair to Annie . d Sudhir doesn t like school and wants to leave His parents say he can t. leave because he is only 10 yrs old Is this fair to Sudhir . 46 Classroom Session 1, Adolescence Education Programme. 2 Divide the class into groups of 4 or 5 students . 3 Ask the students to read and discuss the What s fair situations and. categorize them into three categories those in which they think the. student is being treated fairly those in which they think the student. is being treated unfairly and those they are not sure about . 4 Ask the groups to present their opinions and their reasoning and throw. these open for discussions , Read and Discuss, a What kinds of situations were described as fair Why .
b What kinds of situations were described as unfair Why . c Were some situations difficult to decide upon Why . 5 Ask the students to select one of the unfair situations and use it as. the beginning of a story They should complete the story in such a way. that the ending is fair to the student Ask them to look at unusual . creative ways to achieve this , Learning Outcomes. Application of Creative Thinking Skills to explore of various options. available to change an unfair situation into a fair situation . Activity 11 Self Awareness, Time 40 minutes, Objective . To develop sense of Self Respect Self Confidence and Positive . Mental Attitude , Mode Group, Life Skills Focused . Positive Thinking Decision Making Confidence, Value Enhanced . Social Responsibility Determination Respect for Self and others. WHO definition , This includes our recognition of ourselves our character strengths and.
weakness desires and dislikes It is a pre requisite for Effective . Communication Interpersonal Relationship and Developing Empathy . When this assessment is level headed reasonable and positive we develop. a strong sense of Self Esteem ,47 Classroom Session 1. Adolescence Education Programme, Self Esteem, Self Esteem is essentially a measure of self worth and importance It is an. important part of the personality that should be shaped from the very early. years During childhood if an individual s feelings are respected thoughts. valued and abilities recognized the child s Self Esteem is strengthened . When feelings are trampled upon and thoughts belittled with remarks like . I don t care what you think want or what a stupid idea the child s. Self Esteem remains low , Positive Self Esteem forms a strong foundation that helps a person to. practice the many Life Skills that are learned , Individuals with a strong Self Esteem. Know their own capabilities are more effective learners dynamic . more confident and ambitious function effectively and with personal. satisfaction and are more likely to succeed, Have feelings of being valued and worthwhile are able to act towards.
others in non threatening ways build healthy relationships and are. active members of social groups , Show healthy growth and development have positive mental health . have responsible behaviour and have a high resistance to pressures to. succumb to external pressures such as from peers the media etc . Whereas individuals with low Self Esteem , Feel that others don t respect value them don t know their capabilities. and less likely to succeed , Are less capable of responding to others feel isolated and less capable. of forming good and long term relationships, Are unable to control their personal life or to make decisions less able. to resist external pressures such as from peers the media etc and. more likely to smoke abuse alcohol and other drugs. Factors which affect Self Esteem , Our Self Awareness and self esteem start to develop very early on in life.
They are formed out of our observation of , Our own behaviour how we cope with situations our successes and. failures , How other people significant to us behave towards us parents . teachers close community , The way we believe that others see us . 48 Classroom Session 1, Adolescence Education Programme. Self Esteem vs Health Education, Changing this particular value might be one of the single most effective.
Health Education measures at our disposal Education programs on Health . Substance Abuse etc must aim to Enhance Self Esteem and Life Skills . Self Esteem can be increased by , A history of success nothing succeeds like success . Receiving respect acceptance and concerned treatment from significant . others , An accepting considerate environment at home school and work. place , At school improved student staff relationships certain types of. teaching methods group work active tutorial work etc . Developing Social and Life Skills , 6 Use the slide below to recapitulate and highlight the Key Messages . Key Messages Slide 19, l We all have different attributes qualities .
l Some we like and others we do not , l We can either learn to like the parts we do not like or to change them We. have a choice , l By being aware of our positive qualities we are more sure of ourselves and. more able to accomplish things , l By focusing on the concept of liking ourselves we feel good around other. people and perform better at anything we do , l Focusing on Positive Self Esteem is essential it affects how we view. others and ourselves and the way we approach almost every aspect of. our life People with low Self Esteem often engage in Self Destructive. behaviour , l Life Skills such as Self Awareness Critical Thinking Coping with Stress and.
Emotions can help us improve our Self Esteem ,49 Classroom Session 1. Adolescence Education Programme, Topic 3 Understanding Adolescent. Health Issues AHI , Time 90 minutes, Objectives, Through this topic the students will be able to . l Explain about Personal Hygiene and Good Nutrition Practices . l Explain why Abstinence is the most important during adolescence . l Explain the qualities of a healthy relationship . l Resolve common queries and doubts related to AHI . Method, Brainstorming Group Discussion and Case Study Analysis . Note The teacher can choose activities to be done suited to the local cultural. context , Note for Nodal Teachers, You can expect a lot of shyness embarrassment giggling and.
l, laughter You need to remind students of the importance of the. topic and the usage of correct terminology , l You should also remind students that the purpose is not to embarrass. them but to equip them with accurate information for a healthy life . 50 Classroom Session 1, Adolescence Education Programme. Activity 1 Menstrual Hygiene, Time 30 minutes, Objective . l To clarify the concept of menstruation and focus on menstrual. hygiene , Mode Separately for girls to be done by lady teachers .
Life Skills Focused , Empathy Critical Thinking Decision Making Coping with Stress. Values Enhanced , Honesty Tolerance, Process, 1 This activity is to be done with girl students only . 2 Get volunteers to do the following scenario as a role play . 3 Later explain the basic facts about menstruation and menstrual. hygiene , 4 Follow up with a quiz and a discussion regarding myths and. misconceptions about menstruation , Daughter Bye Amma I am going to Usha s house to play . Mother notices blood stains on her daughter s skirt and calls out to her . Wait Hema let me see Come change your clothes Take this cloth or sanitary. napkin and wear it I ll show you how Now you have become a big girl You. have got your periods You must know how to take care of yourself . Then the mother and girl go out of the scene and re enter a few minutes. later , The mother offers the daughter some sweets and applies Kumkum on her.
forehead , Mother You will have to sit apart for three days whenever you have your. periods , Hema But why Amma , Grandmother Yes Why Gayathri We should change with times I never. went to school You studied till class 6 only I m sure that was because your. mother stopped you from going to school after you got your periods I don t. want Hema to miss out on the opportunity to study and get a good job If. she is absent every month for 3 days her studies will suffer Having periods. is a normal thing Just teach her all about it ,51 Classroom Session 1. Adolescence Education Programme, Gayathri Oh Athay I m so glad you said that I was afraid you would insist. on it Hema You must change your cloth or sanitary napkin at least 3 4. times a day If you use cloth use only cotton cloth otherwise it will not. absorb the blood Wash the cloth with soap and water and dry them in the. sunlight , Learning Outcomes , Menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon.
A girl can carry on all normal day to day activities . Menstrual hygiene is Important , Activity 2 Analysis Of Advertisements Media For. Developing Good Nutrition Practices , Time 30 minutes. Objective , Through this topic the students will be able to understand and become. aware how the misleading information in advertisements can influence. one s ability to take appropriate decisions , Life Skills Focused . Critical Thinking Team Work and Self Awareness, Materials Required .
Magazines Newspapers Scissors Coloured Pens and Crayons . Preparatory Work , Collect samples of 10 attractive advertisements which are related to food. items both junk and nutritious food such as salad etc . Process, The students will be asked to look through magazines and newspapers. and collect 10 food advertisements relating to healthy and fast junk. food , The selected advertisement will be displayed on soft board . Keeping in mind the Advertisement displayed a discussion will be. conducted on images and words used by advertisers to influence young. people buy their products , Student will conduct a content analysis of the advertisement on the. basis of the following criteria Product name Price Nutritional Value . Total Calories Used , Ask students to create an advertisement for a food item that is.
nutritious Students should use word and images that really sell their. 52 Classroom Session 1, Adolescence Education Programme. product Use innovation and imagination , Key message. Adolescents need to understand that there are certain food items. which can be labeled as good and some as bad for their help . Activity 3 Healthy Growing Up, Time 1 hour and 30 minutes. Objectives , To enhance participants knowledge and understanding of AHI and address. these concerns with the students , Preparatory Work.
l Prepare OHP slides to be displayed at the end of the activity . l Keep relevant reference material at hand , l Stock few magazines and newspapers that can be distributed to the. group for helping them to prepare the presentation . Life Skills Focused, Critical Thinking Creative Thinking Problem Solving Coping with Stress . Decision Making and Self Awareness, Process, 1 Divide the participants into groups . 2 Give each Group the following case study , Sunita Case Study. 16 year old Sunita studies in class XI Of late she gets angry and irritable over. every small issue tends to avoid family members and does not meet her friends . Unable to bear the stress any longer she breaks down and tells her best friend. that her neighbour has recently physically abused her She fears that abuse. may recur She is hurt depressed anxious and fears that she may be put into a. very embarrasing situation including pregnancy , 3 Inform the groups that they have 10 minutes for discussion and.
preparation The presentation time allotted to each group is 05. minutes All the participants will have to contribute while presenting . They are free to use reference material and magazines and newspapers. to make their presentations ,53 Classroom Session 1. Adolescence Education Programme, Note for Teachers Facilitators. l Ensure that each group is guided by you for some time of their discussion . l The Teachers Facilitator has the discretion to discuss the details of the. topics depending upon the needs of the participants . 4 After the Group has presented the reasons and consequences of. Sunita s situation initiate a discussion with the participants using the. following set of questions , Discussion Questions. Why is Sunita moody Irritable and worried , l, l How could Sunita have prevented the abuse . l How can we help Sunita , l Who is responsible for the current situation of Sunita .
Sunita Lack of knowledge lack of assertiveness to say No Neighbour . unaware of legal implications low empathy self gratification . irresponsible sexual behaviour etc , l Could Sunita have identified the danger signals . l What should be the role of family members in such cases . Support and empathise communicate and discuss learn about the facts . seek medical help if required , l What should be the role of community in such cases . 5 Use the following slide to highlight the consequences of Sunita s. situation , Consequences of Sunita s situation Slide 20. l Family problems , l Social and community problems . l Education problems , l Psychological problems , l Health problems .
l Depression and suicide , l Problems for the baby . l Associated RTI STI and HIV AIDS if any , l Effect on future pregnancies . l Complications of unwanted pregnancy ,54 Classroom Session 1. Adolescence Education Programme, Activity 4 Let s Celebrate Abstinence . Time 30 minutes, Objectives , l To make the participants understand the problems associated with.
teenage pregnancy , l To make the participants understand that abstinence must be. practiced , Mode Group Work Whole class, Life Skills Focused . Empathy Critical Thinking Communication Skills Coping with Stress . Coping with Emotions, Values Enhanced , Courage Love Tolerance. Process, 1 Divide the class into 5 groups, 2 Ask each group to discuss and present their views on the following . The problems faced by a pregnant 16 year old girl and her baby . Additional problems faced if she is unwed , Problems faced by the child of an unwed mother .
Options in terms of course of action available to a teenage unwed. mother and their pros and cons, Reasons leading to teenage pregnancy. Discussion points, The problems faced by a pregnant 16 year old girl and her baby both. physical and medical are abortion still birth under weight anemia . mental physical retardation , Additional problems if she is unwed financial social stigma and. discrimination, Problems faced by the child abandonment orphanage adoption . stigma discrimination psychosocial problems etc , Options for action pros and cons MTP infection infertility .
morbidity and mortality adoption guilt responsibilities associated. with looking after the child as a young single mother . Reasons leading to teenage pregnancy e g Peer pressure premarital. sex child marriage rape ,55 Classroom Session 1, Adolescence Education Programme. Learning Outcomes , One must practice abstinence until marriage. Problems associated with teenage pregnancy, One should postpone any kind of physical contact till after marriage . One should postpone marriage till after 19 yrs of age and thereafter. pregnancy till after 21years of age This is good for the health of the. mother and the baby , Activity 5 Rights And Responsibilities. Time 30 minutes, Objective , l To enhance participants awareness of their reproductive rights and the.
responsibilities thereof , Level Class XI, Mode Separately for boys and girls. Life Skills Focused , Critical Thinking Decision Making Self Awareness Intrapersonal Skills . Values Enhanced , Honesty Responsibility Courage Love Compassion. Process, 1 Divide the class into groups , 2 Write the list of Reproductive rights on the blackboard . 3 Ask the children to choose Whose right each one of the following. is Mother father both none others etc , 4 Discuss Reproductive rights v s responsibilities.
5 Discuss alternate view points,56 Classroom Session 1. Adolescence Education Programme, Statement Whose Right Who is Responsible . Father Mother Father Mother, Both Family Both Family. To want to have a Both Both Family, child, To look after the child Both unless Both family. one partner is, mentally unsound, or physically, or financially.
incapable of doing, it family, To decide how many Both Both. children to have , To refuse to have Both Both, a child if you don t. want to , To test the sex of No One Community and State. unborn child , 1 It is not enough to want to exercise ones sexual and reproductive rights . One has to face up to the resultant actions and responsibilities . 2 Reproductive responsibilities will involve , To be able to look after the child physically financially and.
emotionally , Knowledge about methods of contraception. Responsibilities towards ones own health and that of the partner and. the child , Awareness about the financial social physical health and. psychological impact of pregnancy and child birth. Awareness about problems of teenage pregnancy problems associated. with abortion single parent , To stand up against social pressure to have a male child . Both Mother and Father have equal rights and the responsibilities. should be shared equitably , Certain biological responsibilities rest on the mother only One partner. may by choice shoulder some of the responsibilities financial for. example , What happens in the event of discordant decisions If for example .
one partner does not want a child as yet while the other does not.

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