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I’m trying to get an Excel 2011 32-bit (for Mac) spreadsheet working that contains a macro. The problem is that this macro works fine on a PC, but not on the Mac. I tried to import Tim Hall’s Dictionary.cls, but it still doesn’t work. Same thing for KeyValuePair.cls.

  1. 前提・実現したいことExcel for Macにて連想配列のサンプルコードを実行しようとしたところ 「実行時エラー '429': ActiveX コンポーネントはオブジェクトを作成できません。」 が表示され実行されません。調べる限りだとMa.
  2. To install ActiveX on your Mac by the easiest way follow these steps its simple. Open internet explorer or launch it by clicking on it. In the resources section click on the download provided links. Click on the download tab and the next window will appear of downloading Activex.

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Error: Run-time error ’429’
ActiveX component can’t create object

I’m not a programmer, so the problem is probably me, not knowing what to change to get things working. It’s probably super easy for those who know what they are doing. Can anyone spend a few minutes looking at the files and tell me which parts I need to change to get this running? [I assume it does work…]

FWIW, I have tried to replace “Scripting.Dictionary” with “New.Dictionary” in two places (see below), but that didn’t get it working.

RandomiseData file:


How to&Answers:

New.Dictionary is not a valid classname and will fail on PC as well. Usually the construct using early binding would be:

OR using late binding:

However, Mac OS does not have the Scripting Runtime library, so none of those things will be available to you — Dictionary, FileSystemObject, etc.


You’ll need to use a Collection or other data type in lieu of Dictionary type, or you can borrow from this other answer and implement a custom dictionary-like Class.

I tried to import Tim Hall’s Dictionary.cls, but it still doesn’t work. Same thing for KeyValuePair.cls.


I suspect you simply didn’t know that you also need to use conditional compilation method to assign the Dictionary class on a Mac OS, and the Scripting.Dictionary class on Windows OS.

Remove both of these lines:

They’ll fail even in Windows, as I described above. Likewise, if you want to use this code in both Win and Mac environments, you can’t use Scripting.Dictionary without taking some additional precautions to avoid errors.


You will need to implement conditional compilation using compiler directives to identify the OS. This is not overly complicated for anyone who’s done it before, but it’s not something that most beginners will even know is available to them, much less how to use it.

In pseudo-code, basically you’re doing this:

Assuming you’ve copied the KeyValuePair.clsandDictionary.cls code from the other answer which implements the Dictionary replica in to plain text files, and imported both of the modules to your project’s VBE.

I would put this code just above the line:

Practically speaking, as long as you place that code anywhere before you call on either of dAttributes or dValues, it doesn’t matter where you put it.

This should work on both operating systems, as the Dictionary.cls mimics the Scripting.Dictionary‘s methods.

NB: It’s preferable to group these object assignments, rather than peppering them about haphazardly throughout the procedure, especially when you’re using conditional compilation as it will be more human-readable and easier to maintain moving forward.


I see you said “I tried to import Tim Hall’s Dictionary.cls, but it still doesn’t work. Same thing for KeyValuePair.cls.”

Tim Halls’s 2016 Dictionary.cls is a complete replacement for Scripting.Dictionary and does not require KeyValuePair.cls which is a helper class I provided at
for my 2011 Dictionary.cls. Use either his class or my pair of classes, but not both.

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The advice on conditional compilation is good for writing code that works in either Mac or PC. I would suggestthat if you have your own dictionary class you don’t need the Windows Scripting.Dictionary at all. I think it’s better to have one class under your control than two where they might deviate in some subtle way.

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