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ACCENT International FALL 2009 EDITION, Kyung Hee University and the Global Collaborative Summer Program. A Paragon of International Education By Coulson Hageman Degree Candidate B S Ed History. ately captivated by the notion On the weekends we were. CCSU Student of studying in Asia for a given the chance to participate. Marek Krach far month I had never left the in various day trips organized. left participates United States for that long by Kyung Hee University. and never before had I been There was no additional cost to. in local cultural, outside the Western World attend these events and trans. program while Remembering Sun Tzu s fa portation and even some meals. attending the mous quote opportunities during these days were pro. Global Collabora are multiplied as they are vided by the university an. seized I registered for the example of the great hospital. tive Program, program and left for Korea a ity shown to international stu. July 2009 few months later dents by Kyung Hee These. trips included an expedition to, It wasn t until I was in a taxi the Demilitarized Zone DMZ. leaving Incheon Airport and between North and South Ko. In the summer of 2009 I had fered as well The entire pro en route to my dormitory that. the pleasure of traveling to a gram from enrollment to rea a day in Jeonju where the. I realized how amazing this students experienced tradi. different country and immers arrival to the transferring of opportunity was and how. ing myself in non Western credits after the completion of tional Korean food music and. fortunate I was to be able to culture and a day at an. culture for the first time in my courses is very streamlined participate in it For a West. life I participated in an ex and is an easy process due to amusement park. erner from the suburbs driv, cellent program offered to the partnership status be ing through Seoul at night However if one was simply.
CCSU students through a tween Central Connecticut was an awe inspiring experi looking for something to do. partner school Kyung Hee State University and Kyung ence The combination of the closer to campus there were. University in South Korea Hee University Airfare and bright lights and signs in a many options available within. called the Global Collabora transportation to and from the language I couldn t read and Seoul often within walking. tive In every way imagin airport in South Korea was the lack of English being spo distance of our dormitories. able it exceeded my expecta fully arranged by the faculty ken around me was com Palaces bus tours shopping. tions and without exaggerat of the Center for International pletely surreal I was just districts countless restaurants. ing was possibly the greatest Education of both schools about as far away from home with great food and even kara. experience of my life who did a wonderful job of as I geographically could be oke were just a few of the ac. putting this trip together thus and I was loving every second tivities that many of us en. As its name would imply the substantially reducing stress. Global Collaborative is a sum of it gaged in during our month in. for the students South Korea Traveling around, mer program offered at Kyung Upon arriving at Kyung Hee. I registered for two courses Seoul was quite easy as public. Hee that includes students University I was immediately transportation was readily. from roughly 20 countries U N and Global Govern impressed Aesthetically it. ance which was an analysis available and very affordable. placing these scholars in was likely the nicest campus I There was always something. of the United Nations and all had ever been on it was. training together in class of its subsidiary bodies and fun to do in Seoul in the rela. rooms for arguably one of the adorned with statues land tively short time I was there I. Contemporary Civilization scaping and beautiful archi. most international educa an overview of the history and didn t even have the chance to. tecture Everything had dras see everything that I wanted to. tional experiences imaginable effects of globalization Possi tically exceeded my expecta see which is really a good. With the exception of Korean bly because both of these tions including the dormito. language and culture courses courses were taught directly problem to have. ries which were fantastic, every class was taught in by Ivy League professors the The quality of education of Deciding to enroll in the Global. English Students had the classes were very intellectu fered by the Global Collabora Collaborative was one of the. option of registering for two ally stimulating though thor tive program was excellent as best decisions I have ever. oughly enjoyable well The combination of stu made This one month sum. courses a morning and an, afternoon class each of which Though I have had the urge dents from many nations mer program will probably. was three hours long Fitting to travel internationally for as united into one classroom and. the world class continued on page 3,with the theme for 2009 long as I can remember it. was only within the past year instruction offered,U N and Global Governance.
that I began to bring such by the professors,and East Asian Civilization a created a very. dreams into reality when I,large number of the classes unique learning. visited the United Kingdom in,involved political science environment. August of 2008 This experi, economics and international ence only elevated my desire Given the subject. relations though more exotic to see more of the world so I matter of the. options such as a course on began looking into the pleth courses it was. Oriental medicine were of ora of study abroad programs really the ideal. offered by CCSU s Center for environment to,PAGE 2 International Education study topics such.
When I learned of the Global as the United,Collaborative program offered Nations and inter. by Kyung Hee I was immedi national relations,Photo courtesy of Marek Krach. ACCENT International FALL 2009 EDITION, CCSU Hosts Workshop on Teaching about the Middle East. Teaching About the Middle According to Dr Ghassan E El students now teachers regis Avinoam Patt the Philip D. East a workshop for middle Eid associate professor of po tering for these workshops The Feltman Chair in Modern Jewish. and high school teachers will litical science workshop chair overall goal is to enhance the History University of Hartford. be held on CCSU s campus on and CCSU s liaison to this ongo knowledge of teachers and help and Moises Salinas professor of. Tuesday October 27 from 8 ing initiative This is an impor them gain deeper understand psychology and CCSU s Chief. a m to 3 p m The workshop tant academic endeavor that we ing of the vexing issues pertain Diversity Officer. which is being presented jointly have been engaged in jointly ing to the Middle East. by CCSU and the Maurice with the University of Hartford Advance registration is required. Greenberg Center for Judaic for the last four years It is a Dr El Eid will present a work The registration fee is 40 con. Studies at the University of great opportunity for faculty shop on The Middle East tinuing education units CEUs. Hartford will feature a keynote members to share their knowl Sources of Conflict and Pros will be awarded To register. address by Dr Moises Salinas edge and expertise on a very pects for Peace Other work contact Richard Cheney Associ. author and CCSU professor of important region of the world shop presenters include Hazza ate Director of Continuing Edu. psychology who will discuss his with high school and middle Abu Rabia adjunct professor of cation and Community Engage. new book Planting Hatred school teachers This is the first Arabic at CCSU and lecturer at ment at 832 2270 or by email. Sowing Pain The Psychology time CCSU hosts this workshop Quinnipiac University Richard to cheneyris mail ccsu edu. of the Israeli Palestinian Con which has been held at the Freund Director of the Maurice. flict Westport CT Greenwood University of Hartford in previ Greenberg Center for Judaic. Praeger 2009 ous years It is especially grati Studies Dr Joseph McKeon. fying to see some of my former CCSU professor of philosophy. CIEE Announces 2010 International Faculty Development Seminars. The Council on International Educational Exchange CIEE a leading U S non governmental international educa. tion organization has announced its Summer 2010 Faculty Development Seminar Series A list of the seminars. being held across the globe may be found on line at http www ciee org IFDS seminars index html Choose from. 20 topics in 23 countries in Africa Asia Australia Europe Latin America and the Middle East. Full time faculty interested in attending a CIEE seminar are encouraged to apply for a CCSU Faculty Development. Grant through the Grants and Funded Research Office by their January 27 2010 deadline Successful applicants. may then apply to the Center for International Education for up to 750 in supplemental funding to assist with the. travel costs associated with seminar attendance For planning purposes applicants should know that CCSU is an. institutional member of CIEE which qualifies faculty for the member discount. Global Collaborative continued from page 2, have resonating effects that will impact my the possibility of attending graduate friends with people from around the world or. life in more ways than I can imagine The school there is most certainly something simply travel and do something out of the. global networking opportunities that came that I will be considering in the months to ordinary their hopes will certainly be fulfilled. as a side effect of this program were simply come by this program. phenomenal I can now say that I have, friends from over a dozen countries whom I Overall the Global Collaborative is an.
have remained in contact with since return extraordinary program that has some PAGE 3. ing to the United States Additionally I am thing for nearly everyone Whether. hoping to return to South Korea in 2010 for someone wants to learn about a non. a full semester at Kyung Hee University and Western culture through immersion make. ACCENT International FALL 2009 EDITION, IELP Director Attends TESOL Advocacy Day in the Nation s Capital. On June 24 2009 Christie Ward Director of CCSU s Intensive perience for affiliate representatives on elements of advocacy By the. English Language Program IELP joined 22 other TESOL end of the day TESOL members had visited the offices of more than. Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages members 70 representatives and senators. representing 18 U S based affiliates in Washington DC for TESOL. Advocacy Day 2009 This event featured a day of issue briefings Responding to recent Congressional action TESOL Advocacy Day. and workshops capped by visits to Congressional offices on Capi 2009 was focused on adult ESL and the efforts to reauthorize the. tol Hill The goals of Advocacy Day were not only to lobby on key Workforce Investment Act WIA To maximize the impact of TESOL. issues for TESOL but also to provide an interactive learning ex Advocacy Day key members of Congress serving on the education. and appropriations committees in the U S Senate and House of Rep. resentatives were identified for meetings, This year Christie Ward represented ConnTESOL the local TESOL. affiliate at meetings with staff from the offices of Joe Courtney. Christopher Dodd and Joseph Lieberman to discuss adult ESL and. the impact in Connecticut As acting Chairman of the U S Senate. Committee on Health Education Labor and Pensions HELP Sena. tor Dodd is in an excellent position to support the reauthorization of. WIA and his staff indicated his sincere interest in funding ESL adult. education initiatives Likewise Representative Courtney is a strong. education advocate and has a seat on the House Education and Labor. Committee His staff expressed his support for increasing ESL Adult. Education funding and indicated particular interest in providing more. federal support for workplace ESL programs, Additional information about TESOL Advocacy Day including photo. graphs and a video of the interactive workshop will be available on. the TESOL web site at http www tesol org If you are interested in. learning more about your Congressional representatives and the. TESOL Advocacy Day participants prepare to meet their legislative issues TESOL is tracking go the TESOL U S Advocacy. Action Center at http capwiz com tesol,legislators on Capitol Hill. CCSU Joins United Nations Global Initiative, CCSU has joined Academic Impact a global initiative of the United Nations that joins institutions of higher.
education with the United Nations in actively supporting ten universally accepted principals in the areas of. human rights literacy sustainability and conflict resolution Visit http academicimpact org. engpage php engprinciples to view a list of the principles and please inform the Center for International. Education of any curricular or co or extra curricular activities you may be engaged in which espouse these. principles by e mailing a description of your activities to Lisa Marie Bigelow Associate Director of the CIE. at bigelow ccsu edu,Scenes from 2009 Summer Courses Abroad. Machu Pichu Peru Brazil Ayers Rock Australia,ACCENT International FALL 2009 EDITION. CCSU Junior Carly Dinnie At the Cross Section of Community Engagement and. International Education By Carly Dinnie Degree Candidate B S Psychology. From a young age I was fortunate reaffirmed the importance of and care for the millions of diately moved and inspired by. to have my parents introduce me helping those less fortunate and displaced Ugandan children in her story and contacted her. to the importance of giving back applying myself in the commu displacement camps help with about volunteering My volun. to the community At the mere nity I am an overall happier rehabilitation and the rescuing teering on the trip will most. age of seven I began volunteer more appreciative satisfied of child soldiers and are in likely allow me to participate in. ing with my family every Saturday compassionate and outgoing volved with numerous peace building projects tutoring and. morning at an Individuals with person when I participate in talks and campaigns house management at the or. Special Needs program through these programs phanage which provides children. Throughout the past two years, the Vernon Parks and Recreation with a loving home and school. For the past four years I have I have spread awareness of the. Department Additionally we par after having lost their parents to. been fortunate to work at a Invisible Children organization. ticipated in various service events AIDS, preschool that serves many through showing others their. through our church One Christ, economically disadvantaged film that started it all raised The future holds endless possi.
mas Eve we decided to leave, families by providing their chil and donated money and di bilities for me Ultimately I. Santa a note telling him to skip, dren with excellent and accred rectly supported Ugandan work strive to become a Doctor of. leaving my brother and me any, ited educational experiences I ers in displacement camps Counseling Psychology and work. presents for Christmas that year, have greatly enjoyed working through the purchases of items for UNICEF Ideally I would like. but to instead to donate 500 to, there and improving the lives of that they make Early in the to work as a therapist abroad if.
the Haiti Health Foundation in, little ones who might have not Spring 2009 semester I worked necessary for former Child Sol. order to build a Happy, otherwise been able to afford diligently to arrange for Invisi diers out of wars in places such. House This house would accom, such a high quality education ble Children to come to CCSU as Sudan and Northern Uganda. modate an entire disadvantaged, Furthermore providing them on their Spring 2009 U S uni in hopes of rehabilitation and full. family of eight who previously had, with stimulating activities and versity high school tour The recovery It is an issue I feel.
an unsafe and poorly constructed, fostering their mental intellec event took place on March 18 in strongly about and a dream I. shack for a home My brother and, tual and emotional growth has the Student Center Through hope and plan to achieve I also. I then received pictures of the, enabled the children to learn showing their film Invisible have interest in counseling for. family with great smiles on their, grow and receive emotional Children Rough Cut we raised mer U S soldiers involved in the. faces in front of the house that we, attention that many of them do awareness and encouraged war in Iraq who often struggle.
financed to build and a letter from, not necessarily receive at involvement and inspired many with depression Post Traumatic. them on Christmas Day instead of, home Although I feel as CCSU students to also become Stress Disorder etc upon their. presents Although it was difficult, though I am assisting in provid involved with the movement return Another career path that. as an egocentric kid to give up all, ing them with a great service Additionally I was able to at strongly interests me is that of a. those toys on Christmas through, they have most definitely pro tend a worldwide rally hosted Child Psychologist s I would like.
this experience I realized that, vided me with an even greater by Invisible Children in May to offer counseling and help for. what I felt after doing such an act, service and satisfaction 2009 The all night rally called children with emotional and or. of kindness could not have been, The Rescue was held in over behavior issues as working with. substituted by such material One of the ways in which I ap. 100 cities in 9 countries I at children is my passion. things ply myself that perhaps most,tended the event in New York. closely touches my heart is Volunteering experiences are so. My parents efforts greatly paid off City which took place. through involvement with a non productive because not only do. as service work is now one of the to encourage more powerful. profit organization called In they help and provide service for. top priorities in my life I have political action in rescuing the. visible Children This organiza people in need but in turn have. developed into a helpful moti thousands child soldiers cap. tion is based out of Northern an enormously constructive. vated and compassionate person tured by Joseph Kony The. Uganda Africa where a 23 effect on those who volunteer. I try to apply these characteristics event was a success and the. year long civil war is taking Service work and giving back to. often and in many ways In recent leaders of the Invisible Children. place The rebels of the war the community has made me. years I have been able to volun organization met with leaders. known as the LRA Lord s Resis such a greater more aware. teer in various youth programs of the White House in Washing. tance Army have been trying appreciative compassionate and. such as Pee Wee sports and ton D C as a follow up to the. to overthrow the Ugandan gov overall better person It enables. holiday events Such experiences event later in June 2009 I. ernment while using thousands me to touch the lives of many. have brought me great joy as hope to visit Uganda one day. of kidnapped children as sol while amazingly receiving so. working with and serving as a hopefully during a time of re. diers and killing hundreds of much more back My involve. mentor for children is my passion construction efforts as the war. thousands of innocent civilians ment in service work and in. I have also had the opportunity to will soon be over I hope. and burning down countless improving the lives of others has. serve adults in the community, homes schools and entire After graduation I am planning just started and I look forward.
through affairs such as working at, villages in the process Invisible to volunteer at an orphanage in to continuing to do so in the. a Senior Center and volunteering, Children addresses this issue Zambia Africa through the near and far future. at events like Christmas in April, which I feel very strongly Zambian Children s Fund I first. and an annual Seniors Break, about They serve to rebuild heard about the organization. fast Additionally I regularly, many of the schools that were through the CCSU Africana.
donate hygienic items to the PAGE 5, ruined during warfare provide Center when they hosted the. South Park Inn Homeless Shelter, school tuition to countless organization s founder Kathe. located in Hartford Participating, Ugandan orphans provide aide Padilla on campus I was imme. in these types of projects has,ACCENT International FALL 2009 EDITION. CCSU International Studies Graduate Student Participates in. State Department Critical Language Institute, During this past summer M S fees for program activities end of the program he was able hopes to leverage when ap.
in International Studies candi to write a research paper in plying for a State Department. date Jared Taylor spent nine Taylor who graduated from Arabic job For now he will con. weeks in Tangier Morocco in an CCSU with a B A degree in tinue to hone and practice his. intensive Arabic language pro History and a minor in Political Reflecting back on his experi language skills embark upon. gram sponsored by the State Science in May 2009 first be ence Taylor remarked My his first semester of courses. Department and Bureau of Edu came interested in learning overall experience in Morocco in his Master s Program and. cational and Cultural Af Arabic when he was in the U S was outstanding I learned look forward to next summer. fairs The program adminis Marine Corps stationed in more Arabic in nine weeks than when he plans to reapply to. tered by the Council of Ameri Iraq At that time he was as I had in two years of studies the Critical Languages Pro. can Overseas Research Centers tonished to find that many After completing this program I gram hopefully securing a. COARC awards Critical Lan experts sent into the region am more confident than ever placement in Jordan or Egypt. guage Scholarships to U S lacked adequate language skills that I will become fluent in. citizens currently enrolled in a and much critical information Arabic Not only did I learn. was lost in translation For Arabic I learned a tremendous. U S degree program graduate, or undergraduate to study one two and one half years he amount about the culture and Anyone who is. studied Arabic in the U S but the people of Morocco Anyone. of eleven critical need foreign, languages In addition to Ara had a strong desire to immerse who is serious about learning a serious about. himself in an Arabic speaking foreign language must immerse. bic the other critical need lan, culture where he knew he themselves in the language and. learning a foreign,guages are Bangla Bengali,Hindi Punjabi Turkish Urdu could make quick pro. gress That sparked him to,the culture This program ac.
complishes both Through the,language must im,Chinese Korean Persian Rus. sian and Azerbaijani The State undertake research to find a. suitable program and his re,program Jared met many peo. ple associated with the State,merse themselves,Department scholarship Taylor. received covered all program search led him to the State Department and hopes to be in the language. costs including international Department program He en employed by that federal. travel pre departure orienta tered the nine week program at agency some day His partici and the culture. tion costs applicable visa fees the novice low level and nine pation in the Critical Languages. room board group based in weeks later emerged four levels program gives him access to. tensive language instruction higher at the intermediate mid the State Department s alumni. program sponsored travel level His level of reading in website which provides net Jared Taylor. within country and all entrance creased two levels and by the working and contacts which he. CCSU Alumni Describes Experience Working Abroad for the U S State Department. By Agnes Bates B S International Business 2006,Hello to all my friends and teachers at CCSU. These past two years in Tallinn Estonia have flown by I have been working in the Embassy EXEC section with the Ambassador and. Deputy Chief of Mission as a OMS office management specialist and have learned a lot There is so much to adjust to and learn. about when you come from the private sector into the Government including a billion acronyms At post I am also the Post Language. Officer Electronic Country Clearance Administrator Federal Women s Program Coordinator and Regional Outreach Participant. Aside from having the honor of representing the United States in Estonia and at many other countries Embassy events I also joined. the local Diplomatic Association and have gained many new friends from all over the world. The Embassy Regional Outreach program is an excellent way to get into the far reaches of Estonia and meet officials visit local busi. ness and schools and so forth I do enjoy talking with the kids in schools about the United States and at times wish I had taken a few. more college courses on the U S government and geography I have kids asking about the U S political system and information on. the States and of course lately the new Administration. Estonian culture is marvelous we have attended many concerts symphonies and art exhibits The medieval Old Town is a lot of fun. to explore Although with pork being the other white meat we do occasionally miss a real hamburger During the long long long dark. days you never appreciate sunshine until you do not see it for months fresh fruit and vegetables are a bit hard to find There is no. bulk shopping who could fit it in the tiny EU fridge and due to less preservatives and sugar most things expire quickly so you are. constantly going to the market, They told us before we came here that most people speak English and we would not need language class ummmm if you stay in.
Tallinn that is 75 true but if you go out of the Tallinn area without Estonian and or Russian language skills NOT We have there. fore become experts at miming We have had interesting dinners as the ingredients and instructions are in every language BUT Eng. lish We now can speak basic phrases in both Estonian and Russian both out of courtesy to the culture we live in and for basic sur. vival living skills continued on page 7,ACCENT International FALL 2009 EDITION. Community Engagement, CCSU International Students Showcase Strengths through the BICEP Program. A new collaboration among the School of with the sponsoring organizations and with. Education and Professional Studies Center local area school children many of whom. IELP students from the Listening, for International Education and area may share similar cultural characteristics Speaking Level 4 Class Visit Naylor School. schools is being launched this semester with our students It is hoped that the. The Barnard International Community Edu CCSU students participating in this program. cation Program BICEP is an exciting ini through their experiences working with the. tiative aimed at connecting CCSU s interna CIE the School of Education and Profes. tional students which currently represent sional Studies and initially Naylor School. over 50 countries with students in the will feel an increased sense of being valued. local community through structured class members of the CCSU community Through. room visits to share their cultural heritage participation in this program students will. intellectual perspectives and individual be encouraged to share their ideas beliefs. talents CCSU s international students will skills and knowledge more widely in a vari. attend classes at local elementary and ety of other settings on the CCSU campus. middle schools and assist teachers with the including participating more regularly in. preparation of lesson plans Examples of class discussions joining student organiza. student presentations might include shar tions and sponsoring or participating in. ing artistic talents such as music dance other university events of personal interest. singing drawing or painting engaging in,Already 70 CCSU students have registered. native crafts sharing knowledge of their,to participate in the BICEP program led by.
country s politics history and economy,faculty and administrators from the School. presenting a mini language lesson alphabet,of Education and Professional Studies and. presentation teaching students to write,the Center for International Education in. their names in a different alphabet dem,cluding Dr Mitchell Sakofs Dr Nancy Birch. onstrating international modes of dress,Wagner Dr Karen Riem Dr Susan Seider.
making presentations on rituals in their,Ms Christie Ward Ms Toyin Ayeni and Ms. home country i e hand painting rainy,Nancy Weissmann in cooperation with the. and dry season rituals and food prepara,principal and participating teachers at Nay. tion discussing holidays and customs in,lor School in Hartford the first school to. their home country providing a folk talk or and Professional Studies and particularly that. host BICEP, storytelling presentation or exhibiting of Teacher Education The possibilities are as.
photographs and presenting lessons on We are very excited to welcome BICEP far ranging as the countries from which the. world geography participants to the Naylor CCSU Community international students and the members of. Through this initiative international stu School partnership said Karen Riem Uni the diverse Naylor CCSU community have. dents at CCSU will be able to share their versity Facilitator to the partnership Riem come I look forward to sharing new experi. rich cultural heritages in a structured yet continued This initiative aligns perfectly ences making new friends and learning to. informal way with and among each other with the mission of the School of Education gether through the BICEP program. Bates continued from page 6 My son Nigel has adjusted well but then again this is a great place for living overseas for the first time. We did not need to bring a car Between tram bus taxi and your feet you get around easily He attends the International school and has. made friends from all over the world He also has developed diplomatic skills as he attends regional outreach and Embassy events with me. meeting and shaking hands with dignitaries It is hard to tell he is only 14 as he is now 6 1. As for his international education We chose the international business IB program but I am not thrilled with it The concept is great and. the education is phenomenal BUT the amount of work I feel is far too much for a teen School days are 0830 to 1530 there are 3 hours. of homework on weeknights and a majority of the weekend is spent on homework and projects Nigel also joined the school Odyssey of the. Mind group where last year they competed in Hungary and this year they went to Slovakia However a benefit to this school is that it is. small His 9th grade has only 6 students so he has an advantage most kids do not get with teachers being able to instruct at the stu. dent s learning level Nigel has natural talent in Math and is now being instructed in the upper high school level They do the MAP testing. which I think is a marvelous program as it shows the student s year progress and they use it to note where they need to focus on for im. provement However at our next post we decided that he will switch for his final 3 years of high school to International High School with A. P courses although he can choose any IB certification and take the exam in senior year if he wishes. My oldest son Jonathan is now 21 and heading into his senior year at CCSU He is aiming for a teaching degree in Science but is also con. sidering continuing on for degree in bio ethics He has come to Estonia for the school breaks and enjoyed exploring Tallinn and can t wait to. come visit me in my next assignment So this brings me to our future We will shortly depart Tallinn and after some training in D C I will. be redeployed to my next post Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where I will be working in the Economic section of the Embassy. Agnes Lori Bates,ACCENT International FALL 2009 EDITION. CCSU Alum Named Principal of Sam Sharpe Teachers College Montego Bay Jamaica. Dr Asburn Pinnock who earned the Master s Degree in Educa School of Education and Professional Studies and Sam Sharpe was. tional Leadership from CCSU in 1996 and the Ed D in 2006 has created and I was asked to serve as the site coordinator in Ja. been appointed Principal of Sam Sharpe Teachers College SSTC maica. CCSU s long standing partner institution in Montego Bay Jamaica. Pinnock credits CCSU with helping to shape hundreds of educators. Dr Pinnock s long and close relationship with CCSU began in 1994. in Jamaica He explains that during the 1980s Professor George. when he came to CCSU on a two week exchange program under. Miller now deceased was resident tutor at Sam Sharpe through. written by a U S State Department grant I was inspired to study. the Caribbean Math Science Summer Institute directed by Dr Wil. at CCSU for a master s degree and talked to Dr Tony Rigazio. liam Driscoll In 1984 our first computer lab was set up through the. Digilio and Dr Karen Beyard professors of educational leader. math science program thanks to hundreds of computers being. ship about working part time in teacher education while I pur. shipped to Sam Sharpe according to Pinnock Students could. sued my master s explains Pinnock Around the same time. transfer up to 15 credits to CCSU and many took the opportunity to. Pinnock was contacted by Dr Cecile Walden then principal of. study there Many Jamaicans now CCSU graduates are in key posi. Sam Sharpe and asked to explore ways that CCSU could help. tions such as reading specialists principals education administra. strengthen the credentials of SSTC faculty Tony thought a mas. tor s or officers he states I am so proud to hold two degrees. ter s in educational leadership would be the best way to go re. from CCSU this center of excellence in international education. members Pinnock Thereafter the partnership between CCSU s. Test Your Global Knowledge, North Americans consume how much more energy per person than Africans Where in the world is a woman s life expectancy the highest. What is the link between a woman s education and family size Test your knowledge about global population life expectancy and. environmental challenges by taking NOVA s World in the Balance Global Trends Quiz at http www pbs org wgbh nova worldbalance. Asia Day set for December 3 CCSU s Ties to Poland and England Renewed. Dr Shizuko Tomoda Coordinator of the East Asian Studies Pro. CCSU recently renewed its partnership agreements with Wroc aw. gram has announced that Asia Day will take place on campus on. University of Technology Wroc aw Poland and the University of. Thursday December 3 The day long event to be held in the Bellin. Cumbria Carlisle and Lancaster England Under the terms of. Gallery of the Student Center is aimed at promoting interest in Asia. these agreements outgoing students pay tuition and fees directly. with a focus on Japan China Korea and Vietnam among the. to CCSU and room and board locally overseas students do the. CCSU community Students in Japanese and Chinese language. same and the students exchange places for a semester or year. classes will present a poster session and students who participated. CCSU students are eligible to apply for scholarships from the Cen. in the 2007 2008 and 2009 Course Abroad programs to Japan will. ter for International Education and financial aid may also apply. make multimedia presentations about their studies abroad Asian. These partnerships are among twenty two similar international. organizations in the local community will also be invited to partici. partnerships in place to provide affordable study abroad opportuni. pate For more information contact Dr Tomoda at tomo. ties for CCSU students,das ccsu edu,CIE Staff Member Spotlight. Stephanie Growick University Assistant Course Abroad Program. Stephanie Growick is a Univer cure high quality low cost travel frequently with her husband. sity Assistant in the Center for services to support the growing Stephanie has an Associate s. International Education working Course Abroad program Stepha Degree in Business Manage. with Lisa Marie Bigelow Associ nie works closely with Course ment and has been very active. ate CIE Director on the imple Abroad faculty directors on the as a fundraising volunteer for. mentation of the CCSU Course logistics to support their pro The Bridge Family Center in. Abroad program She has grams and also capably handles West Hartford and the Ameri. been a member of the CIE staff student inquiries and registra can Cancer Society Stephanie. since September 2008 and has tions may be reached at extension. just completed her first full cycle, Throughout her career as a travel 22044 or by e mail to growick. of course abroad programming, Working to support the course abroad consultant Stephanie arranged sta ccsu edu.
Stephanie has over 19 years, program is a very rewarding job especially experience as a travel consult and implemented plans for both. when students return from a program and ant and now brings that experi corporate and leisure travel She. stop by to tell me how much they learned ence and expertise to CCSU has traveled the world exten. during their travels where her main goals is to se sively and continues to travel. ACCENT International FALL 2009 EDITION, 2008 2009 Annual Report of the Center for International Education Available. The 2008 2009 Annual Report for the Center for International Education is now available on the Center s. website at http www ccsu edu page cfm p 2085 The report and its extensive set of appendices pro. vides information on the various programs and special initiatives undertaken by the Center during the last. academic year It also includes statistics about CCSU s growing community of international students and. scholars the progress being made to internationalize the CCSU curriculum and recent successes in in. creasing the number of students who have an international experience during their time at CCSU. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR IELP CONVERSATION PARTNERS PROGRAM. Would you like to help your students have an international experience at CCSU. without leaving the campus If so then you might consider encouraging them to. volunteer to become a Conversation Partner for the Intensive English Language. Program IELP, Being a Conversation Partner offers American students an opportunity to share. their ideas and interests with a peer from another part of the world CCSU faculty. and staff members and their families are also welcome to volunteer. The IELP staff pairs volunteers with IELP students who are interested in improving. their English conversation skills and learning more about life in the United States. Volunteers and partners usually meet for just one hour per week but the connec. tions they make can be long lasting, Working with IELP can be an easy way to add an international dimension to your. class you might choose to offer extra credit to students who volunteer or you can. take the relationship a step further by partnering with an IELP class for a shared. group activity,For more information please contact.
Lindsay Bensenhaver bensenhaver lib ccsu edu,Christie Ward wardc ccsu edu. School of Business WelcomesVisiting Scholar, This Fall the School versity of Manchester England where chology The research will center around. of Business and the his dissertation is on Sharing Under stress levels of students and the impact. Center for Interna standings of Information Systems Devel Audience Response System ARS technol. tional Education opment Methodologies A Critical Reflec ogy has on those stress levels. welcome Professor tive Issue for Practice and Curriculum. In addition to his research Prof Banks will, David Banks lec Among other professional positions held. turer in the School Dr Banks is a member of the Interna be teaching a course in Management Infor. of Computer and tional Bar of Editors for the Journal of IT mation Systems Department Prof Banks. Information Science Education and a consulting editor for the may be reached by telephone to 832 3293. at the University of Australian Journal of Information Sys or e mail to banksdaa ccsu edu Please. South Australia to tems join the Center for International Education. campus where here will be hosted by Dr in welcoming him to campus. During his time at CCSU Prof Banks will,Michael Gendron and the Management. conduct collaborative research in CCSU s,Information Systems Department.
Interdisciplinary Neurophysiology and, Professor Banks is completing his Ph D Biofeedback Lab with Dr Gendron and. at the Manchester Business School Uni Dr Carol Shaw Austad professor of psy PAGE 9. ACCENT International FALL 2009 EDITION, Jamaican Teachers Complete Master s Degree Requirements. Since 1999 and in response to the Ja then the students travel to CCSU in the. maican Ministry of Education s mandate second summer of their program to com Overall I found this to be. that all teachers hold a Master s degree plete remaining coursework and satisfy the. CCSU s School of Education and Profes University s residency requirement CCSU an excellent program The. sional Studies has been offering gradu has already graduated over 500 teachers. ate programs to in service educators in from these highly sought after profes. lecturers guided us in the, Montego Bay and Kingston Jamaica The sional programs right directions and even. Master of Science degree in Educational,Leadership in Jamaica started in 1999 at. As part of CCSU s ten year accreditation though at times the chal. from NEASC The New England Association,Sam Sharpe Montego Bay and became.
the lead partnership in, of Schools and Colleges two members of lenges seemed overwhelm. the Accreditation Site,offering Master s de,I believe that the program s Team visited Sam. ing I would not want less,gree programs The, Master of Science de strengths lie in the fact that Sharpe s Teachers Col than what I got. lege the first of our two,gree in Educational,Leadership was first. they introduce us to an array Jamaican partners Student Comment on Post. offered at MICO King of courses which open our eyes. Paulette Lemma Associ,Program Survey, ston in 2003 04 the to the diverse needs of our stu ate Vice President for.
Academic Affairs and, Masters in Reading and preparing for our NEASC re accreditation. Language Arts followed, dents and the strategies which Dean of the School of the same programs received accreditation. soon afterwards in can be used in the classroom Graduate Studies ar from the University of Council of Jamai. ranged for a comprehen,2004 at each of the to meet those needs can UCJ. sive schedule of meet,sites Faculty coordi, Student Comment on Post Program ings with faculty admin According to Dr Lemma Both of these. nators of these pro, istrators present stu programs meet CCSU S distinctive em.
grams are Dr Tony Survey dents and alumni of our phasis of international education Our. Rigazio Digilio Depart, Masters programs in most recent strategic plan has a goal to. ment of Educational, Educational Leadership and Reading and promote global awareness and respect for. Leadership and Dr Helen Abadiano, Language Arts In its final report NEASC diversity This goal encourages us as an. Department of Reading and Language, lauded these programs for meeting unique institution to form and maintain trans. needs for students at Sam Sharpe and national partnerships as evidenced by. CCSU faculty teach courses in Jamaica MICO and for Jamaica in general At ap these long standing partnerships with. during Summer and Winter Session and proximately the same time that we were. 2010 Course Abroad Programs Announced, During 2009 2010 faculty from all five schools Arts and Sciences Business Education and Professional Studies Engineering.
and Technology and Graduate Studies will collectively offer 32 course abroad programs traveling to 22 countries on five conti. nents The programs offered over Winter Session during the Spring semester and in Summer Session 2010 include a repeat of. many successful programs and a new offering to a country never before represented in the Course Abroad program South Af. rica The Department of Computer Science is also offering a Course Abroad program for the first time. Whether interested in business the liberal arts the sciences or the professions CCSU students will find a. program to further their progress toward degree requirements and to satisfy the University s international or Course Abroad. language requirements And participation in a Course Abroad program will enhance students academic ca. reers and resumes Courses are offered at all levels 100 through 500 so all students first year students Programs. through graduate students are eligible to participate. Short term study abroad programs are growing in popularity not only at CCSU but across the nation as. are open to all, well see What s New In Study Abroad At Abroad 101 Welcome Abroad http. www blog abroad101 com 2009 07 whats new in study abroad html Last year 447 CCSU students and CCSU Alumni. 48 faculty participated in Course Abroad programs Please help us get the word out by promoting study. abroad programs in your courses Complete program descriptions course syllabi pricing information and. registration forms are available online at www ccsu edu coursesabroad. ACCENT International FALL 2009 EDITION,CCSU Welcomes Fulbright Scholar. CCSU and the Center for International Education are pleased to. welcome Rev Dr Jose Nedumpara Professor of Political Science. and Principal of Prajyoti Niketan College in Pudakad Thrissur Ker. ala India to campus for the 2009 2010 academic year Dr. Nedumpara who has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar in Resi. dence will be hosted by Dr David Kideckel and the CCSU Anthro. pology Department where he will complete a research project. titled Preferential Treatment and Social Mobility of the Scheduled. Castes Dalits in India and African Americans in the USA A Com. parative Study, Dr Nedumpara holds the Ph D in Political Science from the Uni. versity of Kerala where he wrote his dissertation on the condition. of the dalit i e outcaste people of Bihar state one of the more. underdeveloped regions of India He also holds an M A in Political. Science from Mahatma Gandhi University and three bachelor s de. grees one in theology Dharmaram Pontifical Institute Bangalore. 1985 one in political science Kerala University 1981 and one. in philosophy Dharmaram Pontifical Institute 1978,Fulbright Scholar Rev Dr Jose Nedumpara left. with CCSU Prof of Anthropology David Kideckel In addition to his research Prof Nedumpara will collaborate with. faculty from the Department of Anthropology Political Science. and International Studies program to develop curriculum in the area of South Asian studies with an eye toward developing individ. ual course offerings into a full fledged area studies program Dr Nedumpara will also work closely with the University s Office of. Diversity and Equity to gain a better understanding of college and university equity issues so that he may increase his own compe. tency as a college administrator in India, Dr Nedumpara is available this semester to give guest lectures about his research and specialty areas including Caste Culture.
and Inequality Political Economy and Class Contradictions Coalition Politics in Kerala and Religion and Politics in South Asia He. may be reached by telephone through the Anthropology Department s main number 832 2610 or directly via e mail to. mailto josenedumpara yahoo co in or josenedumpara gmail com Please join the Center for International Education in welcoming. him to campus and invite him to guest lecture in your course s if appropriate. CCSU Renews Partnership with the University of Concepci n Chile. CCSU recently renewed its institutional partnership with the University of Concepci n setting the stage for continued collaborative. research among faculty from both universities and future student exchanges Founded in 1919 the University of Concepcion was. the first regional university in Chile and shares many similarities with CCSU. CCSU students can study abroad at the University of Concepci n for a single semester or the full academic year Participating stu. dents pay tuition and fees to their home institution and arrange and pay for room and board locally While this program can ac. commodate students in many disciplines it is most suitable for students studying biological sciences chemistry engineering and. mathematics The language of instruction is Spanish. According to Dr Antonio Garc a Lozada Professor of Modern Languages and Faculty Liaison to this partnership It is increasingly. important that CCSU s students be better versed in the languages cultures and traditions of other world regions particularly Latin. America so we can build a more secure future for both the United States and the world As citizens of the world we must teach our. students the importance of working well with other countries to advance our common goals of peace and prosperity University of. Concepci n is one of the finest institutions in the Concepci n region and in the country The university s leadership in research and. graduate programs has had considerable influence on the country s cultural and scientific development and it is an important na. tional center of research in education mathematics physics biological and marine sciences health economics geography agricul. ture arts and Spanish language and literatures The University of Concepci n is a place of knowledge where distinguished faculty. and qualified students interact in everyday life, Students interested in studying abroad on this partnership should attend a Study Abroad Information Session A complete listing of. the Information Sessions for 2009 2010 is available on the Calendar section of the CIE website www ccsu edu cie. CIE FULL TIME STAFF,CONTACT INFO AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Dr Nancy Birch Wagner Director,832 2050 wagnernab ccsu edu. Overall Center planning management budget staffing and. Ms Lisa Marie Bigelow Associate Director,CENTRAL CONNECTICUT 832 2042 bigelow ccsu edu. STATE UNIVERSITY, WWW CCSU EDU CIE Course Abroad Program administration bilateral partnership.
negotiations and renewals CCSU employment based immigra. Center for International Education tion Special Initiatives and CIE webmaster. Henry Barnard Hall Room 123, 1615 Stanley Street Ms Christie L Ward Associate Director CIE and Coordinator. New Britain CT 06050 USA IELP 832 2703 wardc ccsu edu. Phone 860 832 2040 Curriculum design instructor hiring and supervision student. Fax 860 832 2047 testing and placement marketing and student recruitment for. the Intensive English Language Program, Visit us on the web Ms Toyin Ayeni Coordinator International Student and. Scholar Services 832 2052 ayeni olu ccsu edu,www ccsu edu cie. Immigration advising programming and orientation for F 1 and. www ccsu edu studyabroad J 1 international students. www ccsu edu coursesabroad, Ms Nancy Weissmann International Education Coordinator. 832 2217 weissmannn ccsu edu, Access the full 2010 Course Abroad Catalog by clicking on the.
cover below or call us at 860 832 2040 to request a copy by mail Marketing recruitment placement and administration of study. abroad program,Where in the world will you go,Ms Carol Lummis Secretary II CIE. 832 2044 lummiscaj ccsu edu,2010 COURSE ABROAD PROGRAMS. Ms Carmetta Williams Secretary II IELP,832 3376 williamsc ccsu edu. Comments or questions about the CIE Newsletter Contact the co editors. Lisa Marie Bigelow bigelow ccsu edu,Christie Ward wardc ccsu edu. CENTRAL CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY Center for International Education. Center for International Education,Central Connecticut State University.
Henry Barnard Hall Room 123,1615 Stanley Street,New Britain CT 06050 USA.

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