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TABLE OF CONTENTS,3 Exhibition Description,4 Glossary. 7 Types of Origami,8 Artist Bios,16 Speakers The U S. 18 Speakers Overseas,20 Educational Reference Materials. 26 Online Origami Resources,27 Origami Merchandise. 29 Suggested Educational Activities,29 How to fold a Penguin by Florence Temko.
30 How to fold a Coaster,31 How to fold an Origami Fortune Teller. 32 How to fold an Origami Crane,34 How to make your own Crease Pattern. EXHIBITION OVERVIEW, Above the Fold demonstrates the extraordinary power and potential of. contemporary origami In the hands of nine international artists what was once. considered a children s craft becomes a sophisticated global art form Paper is. transformed into breathtaking sculpture large scale installations and conceptual. works that express contemporary social political and aesthetic ideas Above the. Fold is the first traveling exhibition to bring origami installations from around the. world to North American audiences, Visionary master folders such as Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine. Canada USA Vincent Floderer France Miri Golan Israel Paul Jackson. UK Israel Dr Robert J Lang USA Yuko Nishimura Japan Richard. Sweeney UK and Jiangmei Wu China USA push the boundaries of paper. as a medium to create bold provocative works, Each artist will create pieces specifically for this tour their collective works have.
never been seen before anywhere in the world, These nine internationally celebrated folders comprise a cross section of. contemporary origami artists ranging in age from 29 to 71 hailing from four. different continents and working in seven different countries Their origami. creations will present original above the fold commentaries on diverse aspects. of modern life and art, The exhibition celebrates these artists who are redefining a traditional Japanese. craft as a modern global genre inventing unexpected forms of artistic expression. IA A hopes to produce an accompanying exhibition catalogue with essays that. explore the nine artists ingenuity showcasing their vibrant oeuvres with full color. images of their most significant pieces, Above the Fold was developed by International Arts Artists and independent. curator author and educator Meher McArthur former curator of East Asian. Art at Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena California and curator of the traveling. exhibition Folding Paper The Infinite Possibilities of Origami. GLOSSARY OF TERMS, backcoating a process in which two colored sheets of paper are glued together. to create one two toned sheet of paper, crane in Japan this bird is fabled to live for one thousand years and is a symbol.
of longevity fidelity and peace There is a belief that folding one thousand cranes. will grant you one wish, crease pattern a map of the major folds in an origami design. computational origami the study of what can be done with a folded sheet of. ikebana the Japanese art of flower arrangement, kabuki a classical Japanese theater movement featuring elaborate costumes. and stylized dramas, kaden gift wrapper which usually feature black strings and are given at funerals. kami higher beings who control nature and can take up residence in trees. rocks rivers and mountains, Knotology a technique developed by Heinz Strobl b 1946 German in which. paper strips are knotted into flat pentagons layered on one another and then. woven and plaited to make models that like his Snapology figures are stable. without the use of glue or tape,mecho female butterfly.
noshi a small auspicious charm usually made of carefully folded red and white. papiroflexia paper folding Spanish a term coined by Vicente Sol rzano. Sagredo 1883 1970 a physician with a passion for paper folding. ocho male butterfly, Order of the Rising Sun awarded by the Emperor of Japan for services to the. nation this is a profound honor and a highly prestigious decoration. orizuru folded cranes, polyhedra geometric solids in three dimensions with flat faces and straight. edges varying in complexity, renzuru or roko an the technique of folding multiple cranes from a single sheet. sake rice wine, shide white zigzag shaped paper strips associated with Shinto rituals. Shinto the indigenous religion of Japan,shishi Chinese guardian lions.
shugi envelope or gift wrapper which are usually tied with red and gold wrapped. paper strings and are given for celebrations such as weddings. Snapology a technique developed by Heinz Strobl b 1946 German in which. one set of paper strips are folded into triangular prisms the units or modules. which a second set of strips are folded into snaps connectors. tato folded paper purses, tsutsumi The tradition of paper gift wrapping It may have begun among. the courtiers of the Heian period but an 18th century Japanese book about. ceremonial paper folding called Tsutsumi no Ki explains that this tradition was. established in the Muromachi period 1333 1574 when the samurai class. was ruling Japan from Kyoto According to this text samurai etiquette required. warriors to fold wrapping paper in a certain way depending on the gift inside and. this gift wrapping etiquette was passed down from generation to generation At. some point these folded gift wrappers were adorned with noshi. trompe l oeil French for deceive the eye an art technique in which extremely. realistic imagery is used to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects are. three dimensional, wet folding a technique that allows for the sculptural modeling of details. pioneered by Akira Yoshizawa,TYPES OF ORIGAMI, Representational Origami one or more sheets of paper folded into an animal. flower or figure from the real or supernatural realm. Geometric Origami There are two main types of geometric origami modular. origami and origami tessellations, Modular Origami multiple sheets of paper are folded into individual units. and then assembled into a larger more complex geometric structure These. structures created using mathematical calculations are held together by. friction or ten sion such as that created by inserting flaps from one module into. pockets of another, Origami Tessellation a pattern fills a plane with no overlaps or gaps like.
decorative wall tiles often created using pleats to connect together elements. such as twist folds in a repeating fashion Many origami tessellations have the. appearance of woven paper,ARTIST BIO,ERIK DEMAINE AND MARTIN DEMAINE. b 1981 and 1942 Canada USA, Erik Demaine completed his Bachelor of Science degree by age 14 and his Ph D by age. 20 His dissertation a seminal work in the field of computational origami received national. awards and won him a MacArthur Fellowship Since joining the MIT faculty in 2001 he. has been the leading theoretician in computational origami the study of what can be. done with a folded sheet of paper and he is exploring origami applications in architecture. robotics and molecular biology Artistically he collaborates with his artist father Martin. Demaine to create Curved Crease Sculptures and other unconventional origami works. Their Curved Crease Sculptures were inspired by David Huffman an electrical engineer. and a pioneer in computational origami The Demaines works can be found in the. permanent collections of the Smithsonian American Art Museum s Renwick Gallery and the. Museum of Modern Art New York More information on their exhibitions can be found at. erikdemaine org,Left Destructors III 2013,Top right Greene Recycling Destructors VIII 2013. Bottom right Together 2012,ARTIST BIO,VINCENT FLODERER. b 1961 France, Vincent Floderer has moved away from conventional origami and is developing a whole.
new vocabulary of techniques most famously crumpling The inspiration for his crumpling. came originally from English folder Paul Jackson but he has developed Jackson s ideas. further and has evolved methods including dampening and stretching that have allowed. him to create organic forms such as mushrooms and toadstools and multi layered forms. such as corals and sponges Turning paper inside out has also resulted in organic abstract. creations His website is www le crimp org,Top Left Unidentified Flying Origami 2012. Top Right Detail of Unidentified Flying Origami 2014. Bottom Left Detail of Unidentified Flying Origami 2014. ARTIST BIO,MIRI GOLAN,b 1965 Israel, Miri Golan is probably best known for the educational work she does in Israel using. origami to unite people of different religious and cultural backgrounds Her students often. create garlands of origami cranes as a wish or prayer for a more peaceful world However. Golan who is married to English origami artist Paul Jackson also creates conceptual. pieces such as the two below in which she uses pages of sacred texts the Torah and the. Koran to create deliate works More information about her educational programs can be. found at www foldingtogether org,Top Left Untitled I 2014. Bottom Right Untitled III 2014,ARTIST BIO,PAUL JACKSON. b 1956 UK Israel, Paul Jackson s childhood hobby was origami After art school in London he taught folding.
techniques wrote books about paper art and in the 1990s started exhibiting his origami. In 2000 he met Israeli artist Miri Golan and relocated to Israel where he now teaches. at art and design colleges In contrast to the complex detailed origami of many artists. Jackson s paper sculptures aspire to be simple elegant in sequence and form surprising. in concept and even audacious He prefers forms that appear to have been discovered. in the paper rather than contrived from it His website is www origami artist com. Top Side B of Untitled 2014,Bottom Left Detail of Untitled 2014. ARTIST BIO,ROBERT J LANG,b 1961 USA, After 30 years of studying origami as his passion Robert J Lang gave up his day job. as a laser physicist to focus on both the art and science of origami He is now one of. the most respected origami artists in the world and uses his background in science and. mathematics to design extremely complex forms from uncut squares of paper Although. Lang has developed software that can determine the creases necessary to fold a sheet of. paper into a specific form most of his creations are designed using pencil and paper He. has written many books on origami given a TED Talk about origami and has collaborated. with other scientists doctors and engineers to apply his knowledge of complex folding to. the design of airbag deployment software space telescope lenses and heart cradles His. website is www langorigami com,Top Left Pentasia 2014. Right Four crease patterns designed,as street artwork for the city of Santa. Monica 1999,Bottom Left 3 7 Hyperbolic Limit,opus 600 2011.
ARTIST BIO,YUKO NISHIMURA,b 1978 Japan, In 2001 Nishimura graduated from the Architectural Design program at Nihon. University in Tokyo and in 2006 she graduated from the Master s Program in Design. from the Department of Art at Tsukuba University in Ibaragi Prefecture With her. background in architecture and design Nishimura transforms crisp single white sheets. of a special Japanese handmade paper into two dimensional panels with complex. geometrical patterns that allow light to play across the textured surfaces She also. creates three dimensional works that intersect the worlds of architecture and fashion. Already in her short professional career she has been awarded several prizes in. notable competitions including the 54th Modern Art Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan. Art Museum in 2004 and 2005 and the Tsukuba University Art Award in 2006 Her. website is www yukonishimura com,Left Wave 2013,Right Detail of Shine 2008. ARTIST BIO,RICHARD SWEENEY, Richard Sweeney studied sculpture and three dimensional design at art school As. part of his study of three dimensional design he manipulated paper by hand to create. 3 D design models many of which ultimately developed into sculptures in their own. right Combining hand craft with computer aided design and CNC computer numerical. control manufacturing techniques Sweeney seeks to maintain an experimental hands on. approach utilizing the unique properties of often mundane materials such as paper to. discover unique sculptural forms His website is www richardsweeney com. Top Detail of Air 2014,Bottom Air 2014,ARTIST BIO,JIANGMEI WU. b 1967 China USA, Jiangmei Wu China USA Currently an Assistant Professor in design at Indiana University.
Bloomington she also works as an artist and designer and is interested in how folding can. be expressed mathmatically physically and aesthetically how it can be done with different. materials and techniques and how these aspects work together with the conceptual. space in which they occur In her folded works like Ruga Swan ruga is the Latin word for. a fold crease or wrinkle the folded forms have rigid properties and at the same time are. flexible they are deployable and can be collapsed again into smaller compressed forms. This installation created from two folded sections joined together unites her fascination. with interior skin natural forms and he effects of light and shadow.

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