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Mac veterans have been singing Alfred's praises for years, but some of Apple’s newer users might not have heard about the mighty app launcher. Free to all but the most serious professionals. Systweak Anti-Malware is a must-have Mac app that gives you multiple advantages such as cleaning infected files on Mac, secure Mac against Malware attacks and more.

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If you have purchased a new computer, especially a Mac, what would you do first? Yes, you would start operating it or if you have purchased it for home then you may want to plug in joysticks and start gaming but what I am asking is what all software would you get for your Mac so that it can continue to work as smoothly as it is working now.

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Even though Mac are powerful computers and are known globally for their performance and reliability, at the end of the day they are all machines which need maintenance in one way or another. Maybe not today but in near future, if your system starts crashing, freezing or lagging, then what would you do? Let’s imagine another scenario where there is nothing wrong with your system but there are some ways in which you can increase your productivity and its functionality by multiple folds, would you still sit back and do nothing? I doubt that. In this article, I am going to share with you some of the must have software for Mac and they may just be of your interest. Have a look:

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Must Have App/Software for Mac

1. Alfred

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One of the apps which has been quite popular among Apple users is Alfred. You may think that macOS is quite good and interactive but wait till you have used this application on your own. It is free to download but let that not make you think it is not as good as a paid one. If you are a new user then you may have not heard of this application but after experiencing its functionality, even the hardcore Windows users want it on their OS. It allows a user to set shortcuts for launching applications, opening files, folders, controlling music, extending texts, etc. It also provides an onboard calculator and an advanced search engine which is quite powerful. You can also control your Mac from your iPhone or iPad after installing the application in both the devices.

If you want to set up system commands like boot, sleep, clearing out Trash, etc. with Alfred you can do it easily. There are a lot more features like looking at the files and folders of a folder without opening it, zoom in on any text in any part of the screen, flexible clipboard functions, workflows, navigation, controlling iTunes, themes, emails, passwords, sync settings and so much more. It is like a really powerful assistant that anyone would love.

2. Smart Mac Care

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If you are constantly worried about the well being of your system then look no further than Smart Mac Care. A one stop solution for all your Mac problems like crashing, freezing, junk files, folders, applications, cache, storage, low memory, performance lag, logs, incomplete downloads, etc. It scans the entire storage unit for any issues even if they are malwares and prepares an action list for you. You just need to take a look and with another click you can get rid of them all and solve the issues. It is one of the best Mac cleaner software in the industry which is trusted by many and has proved to be reliably effective.

3. Dropbox

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Dropbox is an online storage facility just like iCloud drive which is quite popular in western countries. Dropbox is among the earliest players of the cloud storage industries and is widely known as one of best. Apple users do enjoy iCloud but it can get filled pretty fast and then the only option remains is to either buy more space or look for alternatives. The website can be used for simply uploading and downloading of files but if you are installing its app then you get to enjoy auto sync which can automatically upload your files, relieving you from the tension of backup.

4. Google Chrome

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Let’s not get started on which is the best browser around the town. This kind of debate was not the critical issue with Windows users but veteran Mac users do support the functionality of Safari. Then why Chrome? You may ask. Well to put it simply, Chrome is better adapted for complex workflows. If you are working on multiple computers at home and in office with different OS platforms then Safari won’t be able to help you out there but Chrome can sync up your data and you can use the same tabs and data anywhere you go. If you are facing any issues with Safari then too Chrome is a great alternative. It also offers quick searches, voice search, Google Assistant, a lot of extensions and themes to enhance the functionality. In short if you have Chrome then it won’t cost you anything but it will definitely increase your productivity and options to work on.

So these were some of the must have software for Mac that I wanted to share with you. There are a lot more such applications out there which are really incredible and open the doors to more options but the apps we have listed are trusted by millions of users around the world and they have been in the industry for quite a long time which speaks volumes about their reliability and customer satisfaction.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for reading!

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Mac App Store is a rich library of applications that are useful for your daily needs while using a Mac. If you have recently bought a Mac, you might be needing a lot of software and applications to run your system smoothly. Because in the end, all you need is software that keeps you coming back on your system making the most of it. Just like utility app Evernote, there are numerous other apps that might be useful for a Mac user.

We have curated here the list of must-have Mac apps. You can download them either from the App Store or from any other legit third-party app store. Remember, along with Mac apps, there are a few iOS apps that are worth your time.

Must have Mac Apps:

1. Advanced Identity Protector

In the list of must-have Mac apps, we need apps of all sorts and here, we cannot miss Advanced Identity Protector. It is one of the best identity theft protection tools that scans your system for all the identity traces that get stored in the form of web browsing history, emails and notes etc. This tool removes identity traces from your Mac and makes it difficult for someone with malicious intent to trace your confidential information. During the scan process, you will have to give access to your system’s privacy section. Later on, you can delete, or securely store personal information in an encrypted digital vault included in this tool.


  • Protects all your confidential information.
  • You can exclude items from the scan list.
  • See ‘scan logs’ by exact date and time.
  • Comes with in-built Vault to lock your sensitive data

2. Smart Mac Care- Best Mac Optimization Suite

No system can stay perfect without optimization, so there is always a need for optimization tools for Mac too. In the list of must-have Mac apps 2020, Smart Mac Care is yet another application that aims at complete cleaning and optimization of your Mac. This app can find and remove cluttered files to make a better disk space on your Mac for optimized work. It can also erase hidden malware to protect your device from malicious attacks.


  • Clean & optimize your Mac.
  • Take care of your browser privacy.
  • Saves your Mac from Malware threats.

Click Here To Download Smart Mac Care

3. Mouseless- A Utility Tool For Mac

To get the most out of your Mac, you can check out this amazing application that can help you learn all the important keyboard shortcuts. This utility app offers you interactive training sessions that take less than 5 minutes and make you learn 10 shortcuts. Learn shortcuts for your favorite apps in bite-sized exercises and get your fingers fly across the keyboard.


  • 1000+ keyboard shortcuts at your fingertips.
  • Translates shortcuts as per the language requirements of a keyboard.
  • Mouseless runs offline as well.

4. Amphetamine- Best Mac Utility App

There is no computer system that can keep you away from annoyances and this is when an application like Amphetamine comes in. This is one of the best Mac apps 2020 that can keep your Mac and its display awake through a simple on/off switch. Amphetamine can also keep your screen awake automatically through easy-to-configure Triggers.


  • It fits in naturally with the rest of your Menu Bar items.
  • Auto-ends session if your Mac’s battery is low.
  • Supports hotkey commands and deactivation reminders.

Must Have Apps For Macbook Air 2019

5. Systweak Anti-Malware- Best Security Apps For Mac

If you’re looking for the best Mac apps, it is indeed important to have an anti-malware application installed to prevent your device from malware, adware, spyware, Trojan and other malicious attacks. Systweak Anti-Malware is a must-have Mac app that gives you multiple advantages such as cleaning infected files on Mac, secure Mac against Malware attacks and more.


  • Puts a stop to all malicious threats to your Mac.
  • Prevents your confidential data.
  • Compatible with the latest Mac versions.

Click Here to Download Systweak Anti-Malware

6. Microsoft Remote Desktop 10- Operate From Anywhere

Must Have Mac Programs

For your work reasons, you might anytime require an application that lets you use Windows PC on a Mac. This is why we have listed this awesome app Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 in the list of must-have Mac apps. This app will let you connect to a remote PC or virtual apps on your Mac. This is one of the best Mac apps allowing you to be productive no matter where you’re.

Must Have Apps For Mac 2019


  • Allows audio and video streaming.
  • Lets you connect through a Remote Desktop Gateway.
  • It provides a secure connection to your data and applications.

We’re Listening!

According to us, the above mentioned are some of the must-have Mac apps for 2020. You are free to share with us your take on the best Mac apps that are much needed for its smooth functioning. Be it a music, utility or system optimization app, we welcome all your suggestions. Share with us in the comments section below, which apps do you think should be included in the must-have Mac apps list.

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