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Table of Contents,Introduction Page 3,Methodology Page 4. The 8 Trillion Longevity Bonus Page 5,Giving Gives Back Page 12. Giving to Family Page 15,The More Generous Gender Page 17. A Game Plan for Greater Giving Page 20,Unleashing Your Longevity Bonus Page 24. Endnotes Page 25, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management makes available products and services offered by Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner Smith.
Incorporated MLPF S a registered broker dealer and member SIPC and other subsidiaries of BofA Corp Merrill Lynch. Life Agency Inc MLLA is a licensed insurance agency Trust and banking services are provided by Bank of America N A. Member FDIC and affiliated banks Bank of America N A and MLLA are wholly owned subsidiaries of BofA Corp. Investment products offered through MLPF S and insurance and annuity products offered through MLLA. Are Not FDIC Insured Are Not Bank Guaranteed May Lose Value. Are Not Insured by Any Federal Are Not a Condition to Any Banking. Are Not Deposits Government Agency Service or Activity. 2015 Bank of America Corporation All rights reserved 471447PM 1015. Giving in Retirement America s Longevity Bonus 2,Introduction. Two thirds 65 of retirees say retirement is the best The Study uncovers. time in life to give back How retirees give through How retirement transforms giving and why retirees. financial contributions or by volunteering their time and are able to give more and with greater impact than. skills will have important implications for how our nation s younger age groups. challenges and needs will be met in the years ahead. How giving gives back and why giving can be a key, Generosity is at the heart of America Total U S charitable ingredient to make retirement happier healthier and. donations reached a record high of 358 billion last year more purposeful. While corporations and foundations account for some. of this amount 80 of giving in the U S comes from The 1 motivation for retirees to give. individuals and families 1 In addition Americans contributed How the boomer generation will give differently and. 7 7 billion hours in 2013 through volunteering for charities with more potential impact than prior generations. nonprofits and causes 2 Based on rates of charitable Seven strategies for teaching generosity to the next. donations volunteering and helping out neighbors and. generation and which strategy retirees say is the most. strangers in need the U S ranks among the most generous. nations in the world 3, How giving while living to family rather than waiting. But while people of all age groups give generously the. until the end of life is becoming the new norm, center of gravity of giving is about to shift Over the next. two decades there will be a surge in giving by retirees How women are the more generous gender and are. America s 8 trillion Longevity Bonus Three forces are increasingly taking control of giving in retirement. converging to create this new phenomenon The top barriers that limit giving by retirees and what. The movement of the massive boomer generation into is most important when retirees seek guidance and. their retirement years advice, Increasing longevity which means more people may The five giving conversations couples should have.
spend more years in retirement Methods and innovations that can make giving in. High rates of giving among retired men and women retirement both more impactful and personally fulfilling. especially women of both money and time The following report summarizes the key findings of our. The impact of the Longevity Bonus is not only about how Study. much retirees give but also how they give The Giving in. Retirement America s Longevity Bonus Study is an in depth. exploration of the priorities rewards and challenges of. giving in retirement,Giving in Retirement America s Longevity Bonus 3. Methodology, This research study completed in July 2015 was conducted in partnership with Age Wave and executed by TNS. via an online data collection methodology The sample is nationally representative of age gender ethnicity. income and geography The survey was conducted among a total of 3 694 adult respondents age 25 The. generational distribution of the 3 694 respondents is 762 Silent Generation age 70 90 2 140 Boomers age. 51 69 373 Generation Xers age 39 50 and 419 Millennials age 25 38 Qualitative research six focus groups. among both pre retirees and retirees and interviews with national thought leaders on a variety of topics related. to giving was also conducted prior to the quantitative research. About Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management is a leading provider of comprehensive wealth management and investment services. for individuals and businesses globally With 14 563 Financial Advisors and 1 9 trillion in client balances as of September 30. 2015 it is among the largest businesses of its kind Merrill Lynch specializes in goals based wealth management including. planning for retirement education legacy and other life goals through investment cash and credit management Within Merrill. Lynch Global Wealth Management the Private Banking and Investment Group provides tailored solutions to ultra affluent. clients offering both the intimacy of a boutique and the resources of a premier global financial services company These clients. are served by more than 150 Private Wealth Advisor teams along with experts in areas such as investment management. concentrated stock management and intergenerational wealth transfer strategies Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management is. part of Bank of America Corporation For more information please visit www ml com retire. About Age Wave, Age Wave is the nation s foremost thought leader on population aging and its profound business social financial healthcare. workforce and cultural implications Under the leadership of Founder CEO Dr Ken Dychtwald Age Wave has developed a. unique understanding of new generations of maturing consumers and workers and their expectations attitudes hopes and. fears regarding retirement Since its inception in 1986 the firm has provided breakthrough research compelling presentations. award winning communications education and training systems and results driven marketing and consulting initiatives to over. half the Fortune 500 For more information please visit www agewave com Age Wave is not affiliated with Bank of America. Corporation, Source Bank of America Corporation Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management MLGWM represents multiple business areas within Bank of America s wealth and investment.
management division including Merrill Lynch Wealth Management North America and International and Private Banking and Investment Group As of September 30 2015 MLGWM. entities had 1 9 trillion in client balances Client Balances consists of the following assets of clients held in their MLGWM accounts assets under management AUM of MLGWM. entities client brokerage assets assets in custody of MLGWM entities loan balances and deposits of MLGWM clients held at Bank of America N A and affiliated banks. Giving in Retirement America s Longevity Bonus 4,The 8 Trillion Longevity Bonus. Retirees lead the nation in giving As the boomer generation retires they will help create an 8 trillion. surge the total value of retirees giving and volunteering. The Retirement Giving Potential, Giving back is important to Americans of all ages However younger Americans face many constraints on their giving work. schedules the responsibilities and costs of raising a family and daily expenses that often leave little extra time or money for. either volunteering or charitable donations, For many retirement unleashes new opportunities to give Retirees have the greatest amount of time savings life experiences. and skills they can contribute to charities nonprofits and causes. More time As people emptynest and retire from full time work they gain free time and become more available to engage. in charitable giving and volunteering FIG 1, More savings Many retirees have accumulated savings which are necessary to fund their retirement years but part of. which may be available to contribute to causes and needs they are passionate about FIG 2. More skills Retirees bring a lifetime of experience when they give back According to our survey 84 of retirees say an. important reason they are able to give more in retirement is that they have greater skills and talents compared to when. they were younger,Figure 1 Discretionary,Figure 1 Discretionary time.
time by age by age group,group Figure 2 net,Figure 2 Median Median. age ofby age of household,80 Retirement Retirement. 250 000 250 000,216 100 216 100,200 000 200 000,65 65 165 900 165 900. Emptynesting,Emptynesting,Hours per week,Hours per week. 60 60 150 000,55 55 105 300,50 50 100 000 100 000,46 700 46 700.
50 000 50 000,10 400 10 400,30 3535 35,30 35 44 45 44. 25 34 25 44,35 34 35 54,45 44 45 64,55 54 55 64,65 74 65 74. Source BLSSource BLSSurvey,Time Use Time Use,2014 Survey 2014 discretionary. discretionary time definedtime defined,as time not as time not Source. Source Federal Federal,Reserve Reserve in Changes,Changes in U S.
U S Family Family,Finances Finances,2010 to 2010 to 2013. spent for work for work educational,educational activities. activities sleeping sleeping,personal personal,care care household. household Evidence,Evidence from from of,the Survey theConsumer. Survey ofFinances,Consumer2014,Finances 2014,chores and chores andothers.
caring for caring for others,Figure 6 hours,Figure 6 Average Average hours volunteered. volunteered perage,per year by year by age Figure 7 as. Figure 7 Retirees Retirees as aofpercent,a percent of total. total U S adultU S,population,population financial contributions. financial contributions and volunteer,and volunteer hours hours.
140 140 133 133 45 45,128 128 45 45,Giving in Retirement America s Longevity Bonus. 120 120 40,100 100 31 31,83 83 30 30,The Most Generous Americans. With more time savings and skills to contribute two thirds 65 of retirees say retirement is the best time in life to give. back As people move to and through their retirement years giving often escalates Older adults are the most likely to donate. money or goods to charities FIG 3 and among those who give contributions are by far the most dollars of any age group. Percent who,give money goods,money goods to,to charities. charities Figure,Average amount,amount given,to charities. charities by,nonprofits,nonprofits or,1 800 1 672,Figure 1 Discretionary.
1 600 time by age group 1 462,70 62 1 462,1 400 1 307. 60 58 1 307,1 200 Retirement,600 555 Emptynesting,Hours per week. 45 25 34 35 44 45 54 55 64 65,25 34 35 44 45 54 55 64 65. 25 40 Base,gave money goods,money goods to,to aa charity. charity nonprofit,25 25 34 35 44 45 54 55 64 65 74.
Source BLS Time Use Survey 2014 discretionary time defined as time not. spent for work educational activities sleeping personal care household. A similar pattern emerges when looking at volunteering Currently chores. olderandadults,caring are not the most likely to volunteer The. for others, percentage of people volunteering is highest in midlife FIG 5 often related to volunteer activities with their school age. children Compared,But while midlife volunteersI retired. often have limited time to contribute olderGreatest. Figure adults give much more of their time or,Figure 8 8 Compared toto how. how II gave,gave before,before I retired Figure 9,9 Greatest motivations.
motivations for,for charitable,charitable giving,inaverage number. in retirement,retirement, contributed by volunteers soars among older adults FIG 6. volunteering,volunteering among,among retirees,Makingaa difference. differencein,I have more time to figure out what,I have more time to figure out what 77 81. Figure 5 Percent,charities who,really volunteer,care about.
about for a charity by age 77 Figure 6 Average hours volunteered. others per year by age,Meaningand,andpurpose,give how II want. how30 want 140 133,instead of,how others,othersexpect. to 29 72 Beingmentally,mentallyand,andphysically,physically 128. have aa better,better strategy,strategyfor,22 for giving. Friendships,Friendshipsand,andrelationships,relationships 36 5x.
20 Expressing 83,Expressingororacting,actingupon,uponmymy 34. 80 religious,religiousor,orspiritual,spiritualbeliefs. able to give,more impact,impact Charitable,Charitabletax. tax deductions,deductions 16,0 20 40 60 80 0,0 20 40 60 80. Age 50 retirees,retirees Base,Base Age 50,50 retirees.
25 34 35 44 45 54 55 64 65 25 34 35 44 45 54 55 64 65. Source Bureau of Labor Statistics 2015 Base Age 25 who volunteered for a charity nonprofit or cause in the. last 12 months,15 Percent,Percent of,of retirees,retirees who. they have are,Which ofof the,the following,following brings. brings you,you greater,happiness in,in retirement,retirement. Strong sense,Figurepurpose,10 Change in population. by age group 2016 2035 Figure 13 Percent who give to religious spiritual charities. purpose 43,nonprofits,70 or causes by generation,High self esteem.
self esteem,volunteers,volunteers 60,Does 48 48,66 Does not. Happy or 30 24,40 in Retirement America s Longevity Bonus. 52 or volunteer,volunteer 30 38 24 6,Healthy 10, Without question when considering contributions of. Figure 6 Average hours volunteered per year by age Figure 7 Retirees as a percent of total U S adult age 25. both money and time retirees lead the nation in giving. population financial contributions and volunteer hours. Although retirees account for less than a third 31 of. 140 adult U S population age 25 they contribute 45. the 128 45 42,42 of money given to charity,Nearly half 45 of total. 83 volunteer hours FIG 7 30, Percent of population Percent of total money Percent of total hours.
25 34 35 44 45 54 55 64 65 given volunteered, Base Age 25 who volunteered for a charity nonprofit or cause in the Source Calculations based on U S Census and Giving in Retirement. last 12 months America s Longevity Bonus survey data. Figure 13 Percent who give to religious spiritual charities Figure 14 Percent who give to select causes by generation. nonprofits or causes by generation,51 20 18 18,Volunteered for Volunteered for Gave money to. Gave money Volunteered time animal rights enviromental causes human rights. Millennials Generation X Boomers Silent Generation Millennials Generation X Boomers Silent Generation. Base Age 25 who gave money or volunteered in the last 12 months Base Age 25 who gave money or volunteered in the last 12 months. Bases vary Bases vary, Figure 18 Percent retirees who say what they do Figure 19 Which of the following better defines success. miss most in retirement in retirement,Social connections 34 85. Reliable income 29,Having purpose and work goals 19.
Mental stimulation 12,Employer health insurance 7,0 10 20 30 40. Being wealthy Being generous, Source Merrill Lynch Age Wave Americans Perspectives on New Retirement Base Age 50 retirees. Realities and the Longevity Bonus Survey 2013 among retirees. Giving in Retirement America s Longevity Bonus 7,nonprofits or causes by age. Figure with Greater, 60 7 Retirees as a percent of total U S adult age 25 Figure. 58 1 4008 Compared to how I gave before I retired,population financial.
In50 addition contributions,to giving more thanand volunteer. younger agehours,groups in retirement,1 200 agree,also give differently Retirees report that. 45 1 000 949,42 I have more time to figure out what. retirement,can be a gateway to more fulfilling and 800. charities I really care about, giving Compared to before they retired the 600 555.
of retirees say they now give in a way that is 400I am able to give how I want. instead of how others expect me to 72,focused hands on and impact oriented FIG 8 200. 20 fact 25,giving 35 44,with impact 45 is54 a priority. 55 64 for retirees,I have a better,25 34strategy for giving. 35 44 45 54 55 64 65,Base There, 15 are many motivations for giving including having time and money. Base Age 25 who gave money goods to a charity nonprofit. purpose staying active and connected expressing or cause in the last 12 months. I am able to give back in a way that, or spiritual beliefs and charitable tax deductions has more impact.
for retirees Percent,Percent of population,making a difference. of total money,in the lives,Percent of total hours. Figure 4 Average amount given givento charities by age. volunteered Figure 5 Percent who volunteer0 for a 20. charity 40, of others is by far the top motivation to give 5x more. Source Calculations based on U S Census and Giving in Retirement Base Age 50 retirees. America s Longevitythan getting,Bonus tax deductions FIG 9. survey data,1 800 1 672 30,Figure 8 Compared,America s to how I gave.
Longevity before I retired, Bonus 1 462 Figure 9 Greatest motivations for charitable giving. in retirement,agree 1 307 volunteering,22 among retirees. 1 200 is the future of retiree giving To answer this 20. question this study calculated the Longevity Bonus the. 1 000 time to figure out 949,I have more what,Making a difference in the lives of 81. value of money and time that retirees are projected. charities I really care about 15, Figure 14 Percent who give to select causes by generation Figure 15 Percent of retirees who say they have are. 555 forces will drive a surge in retiree giving 10. Meaning and purpose in life 61,I am able to give how I want.
instead of,the next two decades,how others expect me to. 72 Being mentally and physically 36,25 5 active, 200 movement of the massive boomer generation Strong sense of 59. I have a into,0 17 their,better strategyretirement. for giving,18 years 18 64 0 Friendships,and relationships. time and money, 25 34 35 44 45 54 55 64 65 25 34 35 44 45 54 55 64 65.
15 Expressing or acting upon my 34,Increasing,Base Age 25 who gave longevity which. money goods,to a charity more people will,nonprofit Source Bureau of Labor. religious Statistics,or spiritual 2015,beliefs 57,11 High self esteem. cause in 10,last 12a months,to give morein years,way that in retirement The 9 aging of the. 51 Gives or, has more impact Charitable tax deductions 16 volunteers.
and increasing longevity will drive the age,66 Does not give. 65 population up0 by 57,20 FIG 10 60 80,40 Happy 0 20. 40 60 or80 100,0 Age 50 retirees,Base Base Age 50 retirees. High ratesforof giving,Volunteered among,Volunteered for retirees who toas the. Gave money,animal rights enviromental causes human rights.
survey found have more free time and causessavings than Healthy. younger adults,Millennials andX give,Generation more generously. Boomers Silent Generation than people,0 20 40 60 80. Figurein9 their,workingmotivations, years for charitable giving or Figure 10 Change in population by age group 2016 2035. Base volunteering,Age 25 who gave moneyretirees, among or volunteered in the last 12 months Base Age 50 retirees includes giving and volunteering activities. vary combined effect of these three forces is the potential in the last 12 months. for tremendous, Making a difference ingrowth in financial giving Assuming.
the lives of giving 60 57, Figure 15 Percent of retirees who say they have are. rates among retirees remain at the level they are today Figure. 50 16 Which of the following brings you greater,we believe. Meaning and charitable, purpose in lifefinancial giving from 61 retirees happiness in retirement. thementally,nextand two decades,physically will swell. to an estimated 76,active 30 80,Strong trillion,sense of 5 59.
purpose 43 70 20,Figure 19 Friendships,Which ofandtherelationships. following better defines success5x Figure 20 Top motivations for retirees to give or volunteer. in retirement,Expressing or acting upon my,High self esteem 50 5. religious or spiritual beliefs 51 Gives or,volunteers 0. Charitable tax deductions 16 85 Does not give Gratitude 54. Happy 10 7,52 or volunteer 30,25 34 35 44 45 54 55 64 65. 80 0 20 40 60 80 100 48, Base Age 50 retirees 50 Source U S Census Bureau 2015.
60 Healthy 10,Passion 31,Spending money on myself Helping people in need. 40 0 20 40 60 80 Obligation 21, Base Age 50 retirees includes giving and volunteering activities Base Age 50 retirees. last 12 months 15,20 Pride 20,Figure 16 Being wealthy. Which of the followingBeing generous,brings you greater Figure 17 Percent. 0 pre retirees,10 20 who say what,30 40 they will,happiness in.
Base Age 50 retireesretirement miss most in retirement. Base Age 50 retirees,80 in Retirement America s Longevity Bonus. Reliable income 38, 70 Top motivations for retirees to give or volunteer Figure 21 In your most fulfilling giving experience in what. 60 ways did you contribute,Social connections 17,The best giving strategies. o focus giving on fewer 37,my giving hasorganizations. give to larger charitable,How much time to volunteer 42.
organizations,ax deductions 15 19,ble organizations spend. But it s not just about money Retirees are44,projected to volunteer. How to involve family members58 billion hours over. 32 the next two decades Assuming,n the best possible way. el it is theirindustry,duty standard, give 30 40 50 60 of the value of volunteer time we believe. 19 0 retiree,20 volunteering,60 contribute almost 1 4.
trillion worth of services nationwide 6 Base Age 50 married retirees. 0 20 40 60,Trillion Trillion, 9 In total we believe the value of giving by retirees including both charitable giving and the value of volunteer. hours will create an estimated 8 trillion Longevity Bonus cumulatively over the next twoValue of FIG 11. decades Charitable,volunteer hours contributions, Source Calculations based on data from the Center for Wealth and Ph. the U S Corporation for National Community Service and Giving in Re. Figure 11 Estimated value of retiree charitable contributions 2016 2035 in trillions. America s Longevity Bonus 2016 2035,Generation,Trillion Trillion. Value of Charitable,volunteer hours contributions, Source Calculations based on data from the Center for Wealth and Philanthropy at Boston College the U S Census. the U S Corporation for National Community Service and Giving in Retirement America s Longevity Bonus survey. Giving in Retirement America s Longevity Bonus 9,Boomers Will Transform Giving.
The Longevity Bonus also means new kinds of giving are on the horizon As the boomer generation moves into retirement. over the next two decades they are poised to transform how people give during a stage of life already characterized by high Fig. levels of generosity Compared to their parents generation boomers say they are more strategic hands on and demanding. with how their time and financial contributions are used They also say they are more likely to want to fully leverage the. talents and skills developed over a lifetime when volunteering FIG 12. Figure 12 According to boomers which generation is more likely to. Seek to understand how a charity uses its 49,money before donating 9. Prefer to specify how charitable donations 44,are used 15. Prefer to challenge themselves to fully use 41,their skills and experience when volunteering 16. Want to understand impact of charitable 40,donations 11 Boomer Generation. Give a lot of thought to which charities to 39 Boomers Parents. donate to 11 Generation,Prefer to focus giving on fewer 37.
organizations 13,Prefer to give to larger charitable 23. organizations 39,Believe charitable organizations spend 19. donations in the best possible way,Feel it is their duty to give 35. 0 20 40 60,Base Boomers age 51 69,Giving in Retirement America s Longevity Bonus 10. 83 83 30 30,80 80 25 25,55 55 58 58 20 20,Retirement Giving Priorities 15 15.
Today s retirees give generously to a variety of causes However they are10 most. likely to give to religious or spiritual, charities nonprofits and causes Among retirees who donate money or goods about half 53 donated to religious or. 0 0 organizations or causes in the past year far more than for example 0 0. to poverty,of population,of population Percent,Percent money. money Percent of 26,Percenttotal hours,of total hours. 25 34 35 44,35 44 45 54,45 54 55 64,55 64 65 65 given volunteered. given volunteered, or educational institutions 19 Similarly among retiree volunteers almost half 48 gave their time to religious spiritual.
Base AgeAge,25 volunteered,who forfor, a charity nonprofit or cause in the Source Calculations. Source Calculationsbased on on,based U S U S,Censusandand Giving in Retirement. Giving in Retirement,organizations,1212months,orvolunteered. causes three a charity nonprofit,times theorrate,cause in the. of retiree volunteering for any other,America s Longevity.
America s type,Longevity of survey,Bonus recipient. survey data, Future generations of retirees may change the giving landscape Younger generations are less likely to give to religious or. spiritual causes and more likely to give to animal rights environment and human rights causes FIGS 13 and 14. Figure 13 13,Figure Percent who,Percent whogive toto. give religious spiritual charities,religious spiritual charities Figure 14 14. Figure Percent who,Percent give,give select causes.
select byby,causes generation,generation,nonprofits oror. nonprofits causes byby,causes generation,generation. 20 5 5 4 4,Volunteered,Volunteeredforfor Volunteered forfor. Volunteered Gave money,Gave moneyto to,Gave money,Gave money Volunteered time. Volunteered time animal rights,animal rights enviromental causes.
enviromental causes human rights,human rights,Millennials. Millennials Generation X X Boomers,Generation Boomers Silent Generation. Silent Generation Millennials,Millennials Generation X X Boomers. Generation Boomers Silent Generation,Silent Generation. Base AgeAge,Base 25 who,gave or or,money volunteered in the.
volunteered lastlast,in the 1212,months Base AgeAge. Base 25 who,gave or or,money volunteered in the,volunteered lastlast. in the 1212,Bases vary,Bases vary Bases vary,Bases vary. Figure 18 18,Figure Percent,Percentretirees who,retirees saysay. who what they,they Figure 19 19,Figure Which of of.
Which thethe,following better,following defines,better success. defines success,miss mostin in,retirement,retirement in in. retirement,retirement,Social connections,Social connections 34. Reliable income,Reliable income 29,Having purpose,Having and. purpose work,work goals 19,Mental stimulation,Mental stimulation 12.
Employer health,Employer insurance,health insurance 7 7. 0 0 10 20 30 40,Being wealthy,Being wealthy Being generous. Being generous,10 20 30 40,Source Merrill Lynch Age. Merrill Wave,Lynch Age Americans,Wave Perspectives. Americans on on,Perspectives New Retirement,New Retirement Base AgeAge.
Base 50 retirees,50 retirees,Realities andand,Realities thethe. Longevity Bonus,Longevity Survey,Bonus 2013,Survey among. 2013 amongretirees,Figure 23 23,Figure What,Whatareare. most effective,effective toto,ways teach,teach Figure. Figure24 24,Whichof of,following brings,following greater.
brings happiness,greater at at,generosity,generositytoto. nextgeneration,generation this time,this timein in. a role model,a role modelforfor, Giving in Retirement America s Longevity Bonus Men. Create holiday family giving,Create holiday family giving 90. traditions,traditions 80,Involve children,Involve in family.
children giving,in family giving,Giving Gives Back. Figure 8 Figure 8 Compared,in retirement,in retirement. to how Itogave,I gaveIbefore,retired I retired Figure 9 Figure 9 Greatest. volunteering,volunteering,motivations,motivations,among among. for charitable,for charitable,retirees retirees,Making a difference.
Making a difference in the livesinof,the lives of 81. I have more timemore timeout,to figure to figure,what out what 77 81. 77 others others,charities Icharities I really,really care aboutcare about. Meaning and andinpurpose,purpose life in life 61 61. I am able to able,give howto Igive,want how I want.
72 72 Beingand,mentally and physically,instead ofinstead of how. how others others,expect meexpect,to me to Being mentally physically 36 36. Giving is a key ingredient to a better retirement Today s retirees are almost 6x more likely to define success by active. I have I have,a better a betterfor,generosity,strategy strategy for giving. giving than by their wealth,Friendships,Friendships and relationships. and relationships 36,time and money and money,ExpressingExpressing or acting.
or acting upon my upon my 34,religious orbeliefs,spiritual beliefs 34. religious or spiritual,I am Giving able to give backthat. in a way that,able to Transforms,give back in a way Retirement 59 59. has more has more impact,impact CharitableCharitable tax deductions. tax deductions 16 16, The Longevity Bonus has the potential to transform giving in the years ahead But giving can also transform retirement Seven.
80 80 0 20 0 40,20 60 40 80, ten retirees 69 say being generous is an important source of happiness in their retirement years Retirees who give are. Age 50 retirees,Base Age 50 retirees Base AgeBase Age 50 retirees. 50 retirees, more likely than those who don t to say they have a strong sense of purpose high self esteem and are happy and healthy FIG. 15 Multiple studies have demonstrated that giving and volunteering are associated with lower rates of depression blood. pressure and mortality 7 Retirees are 3x more likely to say helping people in need brings them greater happiness vs spending. money on themselves FIG 16,Figure 15 15 Percent,Percent of retirees. of retirees who saywho,theysay they have are,have are Figure.
Figure 16 16 of,Which Which of the following,the following brings. brings you you greater,happiness in retirement,in retirement. Strong sense of sense of 59 59,purpose purpose 43 43. High self esteem,High self esteem 50,51 Gives or Gives or. volunteers,volunteers,Happy 66 Does not Does,66 give not give.
Happy or volunteer,52 or volunteer 30 30,Healthy Healthy 43 10 10. Spending money on money,myself on myself Helping people. Helping people in need,Base AgeBase Age 50 includes. 50 retirees retirees giving,andgiving and volunteering. volunteering activities activities Base AgeBase Age 50 retirees. 50 retirees,in the lastin12the last 12 months,Figure We makeoravolunteer.
living by what we get We make Figure,21 what wemost. Figure 20 Top 20 Top motivations,motivations for retirees. for retirees to volunteer,to give or give Figure 21 In your In your. most fulfillingfulfilling giving experience,giving experience in what in what. Sir Winstonways ways,did youdid you contribute,contribute.
Gratitude Gratitude 54,Faith Faith 48,Passion 31,Passion 31. ObligationObligation 21,Pride Pride 20 20,Guilt 3 0 0. Guilt 3 Donated money Volunteered my Both donated,Donated money Volunteered my Both donated. time time money andmoney and,volunteered,volunteered. Base AgeBase Age 50 retirees,50 retirees Base AgeBase Age 50 retirees.
50 retirees,Giving in Retirement America s Longevity Bonus 12. 0 Gave money Volunteered time, Giving Connection 7 Millennials Generation X Boomers Silent Generation. Under 25 25 34 35 44 45 54 55 64 65, While pre retirees predict a reliable income is what they ll miss most after leaving work FIG 17 retirees tell us instead that it. Base Age 25 who gave money or volunteered in the last 12 months. isSource U S Census,actually Bureau,the social 2015. connections that they miss most FIG 18 By helping retirees. Bases vary connect with other people who have similar. interests values and passions giving and volunteering can often help create new friendships to replace the social connections. that can be lost when people retire Eighty five percent of retiree volunteers say they have developed important new friendships. through their giving and volunteering activities, Figure 17 Percent pre retirees who say what they will Figure 18 Percent retirees who say what they do.
miss most in retirement miss most in retirement,Reliable income 38. Social connections 34,Social connections 17 29,Reliable income. Having purpose and work goals 16 Having purpose and work goals 19. Employer health insurance 16 Mental stimulation 12. Mental stimulation 12 Employer health insurance 7,0 10 20 30 40. 0 10 20 30 40, Source Merrill Lynch Age Wave Americans Perspectives on New Retirement Source Merrill Lynch Age Wave Americans Perspectives on New Retirement. Realities and the Longevity Bonus Survey 2013 among pre retirees Realities and the Longevity Bonus Survey 2013 among retirees. Figure 22 Percent who provided financial support to Figure 23 What are the most effective ways to teach. family members in the last five years generosity to the next generation. 60 Be a role model for giving 74,50 Create holiday family giving.
traditions,Involve children in family giving,20 13 14 decisions. Volunteer as a family 44,Set aside part of children s. allowance for giving,Create a list of family giving goals 14. Create a shared family giving fund 13,0 20 40 60 80. Source Merrill Lynch Age Wave Family Retirement The Elephant Base Age 50 retirees. in the Room Survey 2013 among age 50 with adult children. grandchildren parents siblings other relatives bases vary. Figure 27 Who takes the lead in making decisions regarding. Figure 28 Percent of U S men and women by age group. Wife Husband Equal,Giving in Retirement America s Longevity Bonus 13.
Volunteering Activities 34 22 44 55 53,Smaller Financial Donations 28 18 54 50 47. 5 able to give,5 back in a way that4 66 Does,66 not give. Does not give,59 Happy Happy or volunteer,or volunteer. has more impact Charitable tax deductions 16 52 52. Volunteered for,Volunteered Volunteered,Volunteered Gave money. for to money to,animal rights 0 20,enviromental causes 40 60 rights.
human 80 rights 0 20 50 40 60,animal rights enviromental causes human. Base Age 50 retireesRedefined causes causes Base Age 50 retireesHealthy 43 43. DuringMillennials,the working Generation XGeneration. years many,Millennials Boomers X Silent Generation. define their success by career advancement or0,Silent Generation. the size 20,0 of their20 bank,40 account,40 60 house.
Base Age 25 who,Agegave in retirement,25 who gave money oravolunteered. or volunteered new,in the definition,12the lastof,months 12success. months emerges Today s,Base retirees,Age Base are,Age almost. 50 retirees,50 includes6xgiving,retirees moreandlikely. includes to define,volunteering,giving and success.
activities,volunteering by,activities,Bases varyBases vary in the last in. their generosity rather than their wealth FIG 19 last 12 months. In fact retirees say a top reason they want to give is because they are grateful for what they have had in their lives They are 18x. more likely to say they are motivated to give by feelings of gratitude rather than guilt FIG 20. Figure 15 Percent of retirees who say they have are Figure 16 Which of the following brings you greater. happiness in retirement,Figure 19 Which,Figure 19 ofWhich. the following better59,of the followingdefines,better success. defines success Figure,80 20 Top motivations,Figure for retirees. 20 Top motivations for to 76,retireesor,tovolunteer.
give or volunteer,Strong sense of,in retirement,in retirement.

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schools serving low-income families, moved into low-status district secondary schools. By contrast, those from urban schools serving middle-income catchments were more likely to enter a higher-status provincial secondary school. Access to the top-status national secondary schools was largely pre-

Rebecca - Macmillan Education eBooks

Rebecca Macmillan Education eBooks




TM2026 DECEMBER 2002 JOHN DEERE WORLDWIDE COMMERCIAL & CONSUMER EQUIPMENT DIVISION 2026 December 2002 Lawn Tractors L100, L110, L120, and L130 TECHNICAL MANUAL North American Version

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Daphne du Maurier Writing, Identity and the Gothic Imagination Avril Horner and Sue Zlosnik

Daphne Du Maurier Rebecca

Daphne Du Maurier Rebecca

Rebecca Daphne du Maurier First published in Great Britain 1938 Chapter one Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again. It seemed to me I stood



Attachments Component Location - 349 ATTACHMENTS COMPONENT LOCATION 42-Inch Mower Deck mif A - Gage Wheel (Left Front) B - Belt Cover C - Primary Drive Belt D - Flat Idler (fixed) E - Gage Wheel (Right Front) F - Flat Idler Sheave G - Left and Right Blade Brake Assembly H - Spindle Sheave I - Discharge Chute and Metal Deflector J - Deck ...

Lesson 24: Percent and Rates per 100 - EngageNY

Lesson 24 Percent and Rates per 100 EngageNY

Lesson 24: Percent and Rates per 100 Student Outcomes Students understand that percents are related to part-to-whole ratios and rates where the whole is 100.




Precalculus, 2nd Edition

Precalculus 2nd Edition

About the Author Cynthia Y. Young is a native of Tampa, Florida. She currently is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and the author of College Algebra, Trigonometry, Algebra and Trigonometry, and Precalculus. She holds a B.A. degree in Secondary Mathematics Education

Food Safety Auditor Qualifications and Competencies ...

Food Safety Auditor Qualifications and Competencies

Food Safety Auditor Qualifications and Competencies Project ... 1.0 Canadian Supply Chain Food Safety Coalition ... Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, ...