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Contents 1,Introduction 2,Your role as a parent guardian 2. Helping your child to choose their higher education courses 3. The application deadlines 4,Completing the application form 5. Important correspondence from CAO 6,Making amendments to a CAO application 7. The offers stage 8,Deferring a place 9,Accepting an offer 9. The recheck process 11,Conclusion 11,Communicating with CAO 12.
A summary of the major stages of the CAO application 13. www cao ie 1,The CAO A guide for parents and guardians. Introduction, Welcome to The CAO A guide for parents and guardians This document has been prepared by. the Central Applications O ce CAO to assist parents and guardians supporting a student in their. undergraduate application to Irish Higher Education Institutions HEIs. The CAO is responsible for processing applications and recording. acceptances for HEIs but all decisions on admissions are made by the. individual institutions and not by CAO, The information provided in this guide is tailored for parents and should not. be used by students Students must carefully read the CAO Handbook. distributed to their school in September which contains information on all of. the courses restrictions deadlines fees and application guidelines All. students should also seek the advice of their school guidance counsellor. before completing their CAO application,Your role as a parent guardian. Help your child to Encourage your child to Make sure your child lists. research their courses apply early their courses in genuine. order of preference,Remind your child to, Watch out for review all CAO Accept offer online by the.
important deadlines correspondence carefully reply date. Throughout this guide we use the terms parent guardian and child but please note that this. document has been prepared for a parent step parent guardian carer or supporter of someone. applying to CAO,www cao ie 2,The CAO A guide for parents and guardians. Helping your child to,choose their higher,education courses. It is extremely important that your child takes the. time to review all of the courses and Higher,Education Institutions HEIs available to them. Courses are listed in the CAO Handbook and can,also be searched using the Courses facility at. www cao ie,Students should request a prospectus or visit the.
website of the institution that they are interested in. attending When deciding on courses your child,must make sure to check the minimum entry. requirements for each of the courses and take note. of any restrictions such as early application dates. supplementary information that may need to be,submitted or if an interview forms part of the. quali cation process such courses are referred to,in the handbook as restricted courses and late. application or an application on Change of Mind,may not be available options. When helping your child to decide what courses,they want to apply for you should also take some.
time to consider the nancial implications of their Helpful Tips. decision consider the cost of accommodation food,and travel expenses for every year of study. If you know of any family,members or friends who are. attending the institution that,your child is interested in. applying to or who have,completed the courses that. they are interested in studying,then you should arrange to.
meet with them to discuss the,course and institution in. greater detail Attendance at,Open Days and Education Fairs. can also be helpful,www cao ie 3,The CAO A guide for parents and guardians. THE APPLICATION DEADLINES, There are a number of important deadlines throughout the year that you should take note of. DATE DEADLINE,EARLY NOVEMBER Online application facility opens.
20 January 5 15 PM Discounted online application fee deadline 30. 1 February 5 15 PM Change of Course Choices closes. 1 February 5 15 PM Normal closing date for online and paper applications 45 fee. EARLY FEBRUARY Online facility to amend course choices opens 10 fee. 1 March 5 15 PM Closing date for amending course choices. 1 March 5 15 PM Closing date for nal completion of DARE HEAR forms. 15 March 5 15 PM Closing date for DARE HEAR documentation to be received by CAO. 1 May 5 15 PM Closing date for late applications, EARLY MAY Online Change of Mind facility becomes available. END OF MAY Statement of Application Record sent to all applicants. 1 July 5 15 PM Change of Mind closes, 22 July 5 15 PM Exceptional closing date for those attending a participating HEI. www cao ie 4,The CAO A guide for parents and guardians. Completing the 1 2,application form,The majority of students now complete the. application form online Students who, submit a form online may avoid some of the Applicants should place their courses choices in.
many common pitfalls experienced by those genuine order of preference and not based on. who submit a paper application form for predictions about what the points score will be. example entering an invalid course code or how they will perform in their examinations. Personal details, Your child should take care when entering their personal details for example their date of birth. and email address They must also inform CAO of the examinations that they will be taking or that. they have completed in the past If we do not have this information in advance your child cannot. be credited for it at the o ers stage CAO must also be noti ed of any exemptions for example. exemption from Irish or a third language, Ample time should be allowed for the completion of the application form Occasionally browsers. will time out and information may be lost CAO has no control over this Deadlines are strict so. applicants should avoid leaving an application to the last minute. Where supporting documents are required please number date and write the CAO application. number on the front of each page and refer to the CAO Handbook for more information. Applicants applying for the DARE and or HEAR schemes should allow time for the completion of. the online forms and gathering the necessary supporting documentation in advance of the. deadline For more information visit www accesscollege ie. CAO application number, When your child submits an online CAO application they will receive an. e mail containing details of their registration an e mail verification. code and their CAO application number This number is extremely. important as it will be used by your child for all interaction with CAO. throughout the year,My Application facility, This is where your child will log in to their CAO account once they have registered on the CAO. system They will need their CAO application number their date of birth and the account. password that they created at the registration stage. Choosing courses, There are two course choices lists the Level 8 and NFQ levels Major Award Types.
Level 7 6 lists Applicants can enter 10 course, choices on both lists The two lists are independent Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree HD. of each other the only time the applicant must Level 7 Ordinary Bachelor Degree DG. choose between them is at the o ers stage if they Level 6 Higher Certi cate HC. receive an o er o both lists in the same round,www cao ie 5. The CAO A guide for parents and guardians,Important correspondence from CAO. CAO communicates with applicants via e mail text and post at di erent stages throughout the. year All correspondence from CAO should be treated as extremely important and checked. carefully to make sure that the information held on le by CAO is correct Please ensure that your. child checks their e mail account regularly, Application number email immediately after applying online. When your child applies online their rst correspondence with CAO will be in the form of. an automated e mail which will contain your child s application number an e mail. verification code and the application details that they have provided. Email correspondence, CAO will communicate with applicants via email at various intervals throughout the.
application process All CAO correspondence must be read carefully and any errors or. omissions notified to CAO immediately via the Contact form on our website www cao ie. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all relevant correspondence is. received and dealt with appropriately Please make sure to regularly check the email. account provided at the application stage,Statement of Application Record end of May. Before the end of May all applicants online and paper will receive a Statement of. Application Record in the post This is an extremely important document and must be. carefully reviewed and any errors or omissions must be noted on this form and returned. to CAO immediately, If your child has not received this document by the end of May you must contact CAO via. www cao ie and we will issue a duplicate copy, O er Notification Statement of Application Record mid August or earlier. for some applicants, At the o ers stage your child will either receive an O er Notification or a Statement of. Application Record by e mail If they receive a Statement of Application Record this is. because they have not been deemed eligible for an o er in this round You must ensure. that your child checks that all of the information that CAO currently holds on le is. correct including their examination details If your child receives an o er. notification this means that they have been deemed entitled to a place. on one of their Level 8 or Level 7 6 courses or both. Please check that the information contained in the O er Notification is. correct and inform CAO of any incorrect or omitted information A further. explanation of the o ers stage is provided later in this document. www cao ie 6,The CAO A guide for parents and guardians.
Making changes to a CAO application, There are a number of deadlines which must be noted when your child is making amendments to. their CAO application Changes to some personal information cannot be carried out online and. your child will have to post the amendment with their CAO application number to CAO Tower. House Eglinton Street Galway please obtain and keep a certi cate of postage. Amendment deadline,Date Deadline, Early November 1 Feb at 5 15PM Change of Course Choices facility available online FREE. Early February 1 March at 5 15 PM Online facility to amend course choices available FEE 10. Early May 1 July at 5 15 PM Change of Mind facility available FREE. It is important to note that there are restrictions on introducing courses using the Change of. Mind facility page 3 of the CAO Handbook outlines these restrictions. To make changes to,course choices,during the periods outlined above. Log in via the My Application,facility and go to add change. course choices, Introduce all courses on the new list in the preferred order of.
preference remembering to click Continue with course. changes to save the information, Check the acknowledgement e mail sent to the e mail address. supplied when making the application Make sure to check that. the changes have been recorded completely and correctly. For more information on the Change of Mind facility watch the video guide in. the student Resources section,www cao ie 7,The CAO A guide for parents and guardians. The o ers stage,There are three main rounds of o ers Round A. Round Zero and Round One,After Round One o ers have been accepted CAO. then issues Round Two o ers for remaining places,Subsequent o ers are issued by CAO as necessary.
until late Sept to ll any vacancies that may arise. For the full timetable of offer and acceptance dates. check the Important Dates section of www cao ie,The O er Rounds. Round Category of applicants, Round A Deferred applicants mature applicants mature nursing midwifery. early July applicants and applicants who have completed an access course. Round Zero Graduate entry medicine applicants additional mature deferred and. early August access applicants and applicants presenting QQI FET FETAC for. consideration for entry to courses with a quota for QQI FET FETAC applicants. Round One All applicants applying on the basis of school leaving examination results. Mid August regardless of year completed including QQI FET applicants applying for non. quota courses, Round Two and subsequent o ers All applicants applying on the basis of school leaving examination results. late August to mid October regardless of year completed including QQI FET applicants applying for non. quota courses, If your child is applying on the basis of school leaving examination results regardless of the year. completed they may receive an o er in Round One Round One o ers will be issued as soon as. possible after the current year Irish Leaving Certi cate Examination results become available. The Common Points Scale, In 2017 a new Leaving Certi cate Grading Scale and.
Common Points Scale was introduced From 2017 all, applicants regardless of the year that they sat their. Leaving Certi cate examination will be competing,using this new Common Points Scale For more. information on the scale go to www transition ie,A Points Calculator for current year and pre 2017. Leaving Certi cate candidates is available at,www cao ie You will also nd more information in. the Student Resources section of our website click. on the Applicant Scoring page,www cao ie 8,The CAO A guide for parents and guardians.
Accepting an o er, If your child decides to accept an o er they should accept the o er online before the reply date. If they receive an o er off both lists in the same round they must choose between them they can. only accept one o er from either their Level 8 or their Level 7 6 list in the one offer round. Accepting an o er in Round One will not prevent your child from. receiving an o er of a higher preference course in subsequent. o er rounds, If a place on a higher preference course becomes available in a later. round and if your child is entitled to this place they may receive an. o er which they can choose to accept or ignore Accepting the new. o er will automatically cancel the previous acceptance. If your child accepts an o er online they will,receive an acknowledgment e mail and they can. check that their acceptance has been recorded,online at www cao ie. Deferring a place, If your child decides to defer an o er of a place they must write or e mail immediately to the.
Admissions O ce of the appropriate HEI They must give their name as it appears on their CAO. application quote their CAO application number and the course code of the o er they wish to. defer and set out the reason s for the request They must mark DEFERRED ENTRY clearly on the. envelope or in the Subject Line of their e mail, The letter or e mail must arrive in the Admissions O ce at least two days before the Reply Date. shown on the O er Notice The HEI will communicate their decision to your child If the deferral is. not granted your child may then accept the o er for the current year providing they record the. acceptance by the reply date,www cao ie 9,The CAO A guide for parents and guardians. How o ers are issued,The applicant s leaving Certi cate results. are released to CAO, CAO checks if the applicant meets the minimum entry. requirements for each of their chosen courses, CAO calculates a points score for all of the courses.
that the applicant is eligible for, The applicant is placed on a list for each of their eligible courses Their position on the list is. determined by their points score relative to the other eligible applicants for that course The. list is commonly referred to as the Order of Merit list. The colleges instruct CAO to make X number of o ers for each course. The o ers are issued to applicants based on their position on the list The applicant with the. highest points score will be o ered the rst place the second highest will be o ered the. second place and so on until all places have been o ered. The points score of the last person to receive an o er in that round is the cut o point for. that course i e the points that are published for that course for that round. The applicant will receive an o er of the course highest up on their preference list that. they are deemed eligible for If they are eligible for an o er on their 2nd preference. course they will not receive an o er for any lower preference courses. www cao ie 10,The CAO A guide for parents and guardians. How o ers are issued contd,Later o er rounds, In a later round the applicant may be deemed eligible for an o er of a course higher up on their. preference list They can choose to accept this higher preference o er even if they have already. accepted a lower preference o er in an earlier round. Random number selection, For some courses random number selection may also be a factor Before students are placed on. the Order of Merit list for a course they are assigned a random number If there are ve applicants. with an identical points score competing for one remaining place random number selection. applies and the place will be o ered to the candidate with the highest random number. No o er received, If your child does not receive an o er in the rst round of o ers they will receive a Statement of.
Application e mail Please check this document carefully to ensure that all of the information is. correct for example their examination number and results. In the absence of an o er in Round One it is important to consider other options and consult with. a guidance counsellor if possible Your child may still receive an o er in Round Two or subsequent. o er rounds They may also choose to make an Available Places application see below via. www cao ie, Other options include further education taking a year out and reapplying to CAO repeating the. Leaving Certi cate apprenticeships and studying abroad It is important to remind your child that. there are many options available to them,Available places. If your child does not receive an o er in subsequent rounds or if they are unhappy with the o er. that they receive they may apply through the Available Places facility on the CAO website This. facility opens in the days after Round One offers are made available online The Available Places. facility lists all of the courses which institutions have not yet lled Applicants who meet the. minimum eligibility criteria may apply for such courses An application for an Available Places. course does not guarantee an o er, For more information watch the Available Places video guide in the Student Resources section of. www cao ie,www cao ie 10,The CAO A guide for parents and guardians. The recheck process, If your child has requested to have some of their Leaving Certi cate examinations.
rechecked and if the recheck discovers that your child deserved a higher mark. and thus obtains a higher points score their position on the Order of Merit list. will be altered to re ect their new points score, The decision to o er a place to a recheck applicant is made by the HEI in. question and not the CAO,Conclusion, Thank you for taking the time to review the information provided in this guide We hope that we. have helped you to develop a better understanding of how the CAO works and answered some of. the questions you may have about your role in the application process. As a parent or guardian it is extremely important that you encourage your child to take time to. review all of the courses and institutions available to them and remind them to place their course. choices in genuine order of preference on their application form. It is also important that you encourage your child to submit their application form well in advance. of the deadline and to keep track of all relevant deadlines and important CAO correspondence. If you have any additional questions throughout the year you should consult the CAO Handbook or. visit the CAO website If you are interested in learning more about the CAO watch the CAO videos. available on our website, If your query is not answered online or in the Handbook please do not hesitate to contact us via. www cao ie,www cao ie 11,The CAO A guide for parents and guardians. Communicating with CAO, If you wish to make general enquiries with CAO on behalf of your child you must have their.
application number full name and date of birth, CAO staff members will only be able to discuss details of your child s account once you can verify. knowledge of that information for example if you wish to discuss course choices you will be. asked to verify the courses that are listed on your child s application The same applies for. examination details and results If you do not have any of this information CAO cannot. communicate any information about your child s application to you. The best method of communication for you or your child is via the CAO website www cao ie. Using the online Contact facility and quoting the application number will allow CAO time to. review your child s le and revert with an answer to the query in writing within one working. day You can also call CAO on 091 509800 but please note that due to the large number of. applicants each year our phone lines are extremely busy. www cao ie 12, A summary of the major stages of the CAO Application. Register with Edit your application,CAO before using the. 5 15pm on My Application,1 February facility,Introduce your Level 8 and Level. Provide supplementary information and 7 6 courses using the. any documents required by the My Application facility before. deadlines stated in this handbook and or 1 February at 5 15pm to. the online application form avoid restrictions,Remember to place Use the free Change of Mind.
your course choices facility from early May to 1 July at. in genuine order of 5 15pm to make changes to your. preference application restrictions apply,Round One Offers are issued as soon as. Carefully check the Statement possible after the release of the Leaving. of Application Record when it Certificate results If you are accepting an. is sent to you in May and offer you must do so by the reply date on. inform CAO of any errors or the offer Other categories of applicant. omissions immediately may receive offer notifications before this. Applicants who do not receive a Round Offers are issued to eligible. One Offer will receive a Statement of applicants until the offer season. Application email Please check this closes in mid October or until. statement carefully and inform CAO of all of the places have been. any errors or omissions filled whichever comes first.

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