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SPECIFICATIONS, ELECTRICAL RATINGS 77 F 25 C TIMING SPECIFICATIONS. All times are in seconds unless noted otherwise,Input Voltage 25 VAC 50 60 Hz. Max Input Current 25 VAC 0 45 amp 50M56U 843,Relay Load Ratings Pre Purge 30. Valve Relay 1 5 amp 25 VAC 50 60 Hz 0 6 pf,Initial Ignitor Warm Up. Ignitor Relay 6 0 amp 120 VAC 50 60 Hz resistive 17. 1st 64 attempts,Inducer Relay 2 2 FLA 3 5 LRA 120 VAC.
Circulator Relay 14 5 FLA 25 0 LRA 120 VAC Maximum Ignitor Warm Up 19. Flame Current Requirements Ignition Activation Period 2. Minimum current to insure flame detection 1 a DC Trial for Ignition Period 4. Maximum current for non detection 0 1 a DC, Maximum allowable leakage resistance 100 M ohms Retries 2. Measured with a DC microammeter in the flame probe lead Recycles 3. OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE Valve Sequence Period 12. 40 to 176 F 40 to 80 C Interpurge 60,HUMIDITY RANGE Post Purge 25. MOUNTING Lockout Time 275,Surface mount multipoise Heat Delay To Fan On 30. Timing Specs 60 Hz Heat Delay To Fan Off 100 150,maximum Cool Delay To Fan On 6. Flame Establishing Time 0 8 sec,Cool Delay To Fan Off 45.
Flame Failure Response Time 2 0 sec, Gases Approved Natural Manufactured Mixed Liquified Auto Reset 60 minutes. Petroleum and LP Gas Air Mixtures are all approved for use These times will vary depending on option switch. position See OPERATION section for further infor,INSTALLATION. MOUNTING AND WIRING, WARNING All wiring should be installed by a qualified heating and air. conditioning contractor or licensed electrician according to. local and national electrical codes and ordinances. FIRE HAZARD, Do not exceed the specified voltage The control must be secured to an area that will experience a. Replace existing control with exact model and minimum of vibration and remain below the maximum ambient. dash number temperature rating of 176 F The control is approved for. Protect the control from direct contact with water minimum ambient temperatures of 40 F. dripping spraying rain etc When mounting the control any orientation is acceptable. If the control has been in direct contact with Choose a location that will not damage obstruct or place. water replace the control stress on the control s terminations system wiring harness or. Label all wires before disconnection when serv system components After finding a suitable location drill four. icing controls Wiring errors can cause improper 4 1 8 holes for mounting control To ensure proper mounting. and dangerous operation hole locations use the control as a template When drilling. Route and secure wiring away from flame the holes take care so that the transformer wiring harness or. SHOCK HAZARD other system components are not damaged Four 4 8 sheet. Disconnect electric power before servicing metal screws are provided to complete the installation. Ensure proper earth grounding of appliance Refer to the wiring diagram and wiring table when connecting. Ensure proper connection of line neutral and line the 50M56U 843 control to other components of the system. hot wires UL approved 105 C rated 18 gauge stranded 2 64 thick. EXPLOSION HAZARD insulation wire is recommended for all low voltage safety circuit. Shut off main gas to appliance until installation connections. is complete UL approved 105 C rated 16 gauge min stranded 4 64. thick insulation wire is recommended for all line voltage. CAUTION connections, After installation or replacement follow appliance manufacturer s.
Do not short out terminals on gas valve or primary. recommended installation or service instructions to ensure. control Short or incorrect wiring may damage the,proper operation. thermostat,INSTALLATION,INSTALLER MUST READ FOR PROPER. INSTALLATION, Wiring harnesses and a Universal 21D64 2 ignitor are. included in this package Refer to the enclosed Cross. Reference and Harness Application Chart Part Number. 37 7077 for harness selection and ignitor application. information Ignitor installation instructions are in the. UNIVERSAL 21D64 2 Ignitor package included with this kit. IMPORTANT For continuous fan speed operation one of. the unused parked motor taps must be connected to the. low heat speed terminal Failure to do this will result in the. blower not energizing in the constant fan mode operation Figure 1. Refer to figure 1 For continuous fan speed,connect one of the unused. Installer must read Page 6 Operation and follow option. parked terminals here,switch setting for proper control operation.
In certain applications it may be necessary to remove the. control board from the cover to be mounted in the space. allowed Standoffs supplied in the package must be,installed before the control board can be mounted. 4 Blower lead extensions are included in the kit if extra. length is needed to complete installation Pin 11 RO In. IMPORTANT OEM REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS,TRANE and AMERICAN STANDARD Jumper 0151 290600. For all TRANE and AMERICAN STANDARD furnaces for Trane and American. only Install jumper 0151 290600 included in this Standard applications and. package into the back of the furnace 12 pin connector York P3UR PCLU only. harness from pin 5 to pin 11 as shown in Figure 2, Make sure jumper snaps into the connector securely. RHEEM RUUD 1994 and earlier models, If the furnace control being replaced has 2 green lights. and NO amber light furnace date code 3294 or earlier. a Flame Sensor Kit RHEEM Part Number 62 24044 71, not available from White Rodgers is required Install.
the flame sensor and plug the flame sensor lead into Pin 5 RO Out. pin 7 of the connector on the furnace as detailed in the. Rheem Flame Sensor Kit instructions Plug the furnace Figure 2 12 Pin Connector back view. connector into harness B included in this package on existing Wire Harness in Furnace. Plug the other end of harness B into the new module. Attach the orange wire from harness B 3 16 female, spade terminal to FS on the new module to complete. the flame sense circuit,BRYANT CARRIER DAY NIGHT PAYNE. This kit will not replace BRYANT CARRIER DAY,NIGHT PAYNE HK42FZ013 modules or CARRIER. BDP modules using an 11 pin straight connector,Refer to the enclosed Cross Reference and Harness. Application Chart Instruction sheet Part Number 37. 7077 included with this kit for the list of modules it. York P3UR PCLU, Install Jumper 0151 290600 included in this package.
into the back of the furnace 12 pin connector harness. from pin 5 to pin 11 as shown in figure 2 Make sure. jumper snaps into the connector securely,WIRING DIAGRAM. TYPICAL SYSTEM WIRING DIAGRAM,HOT NEUTRAL,24 VAC CLASS II. TRANSFORMER,TH 24 VAC TR,CIRCULATOR,LINE BLOWER,HUMIDIFIER IND. IGN N IGNITOR,4 Pin Connector,ELECTRONIC HUM N,AIR CLEANER. W W COMPRESSOR,THERMOSTAT,PROBE PRESSURE SWITCH N O.
HIGH LIMIT AUX HIGH,N C LIMIT N C,RO IN ROLLOUT,1 STAGE N C 2 STAGE. VALVE MV COM VALVE,12 Pin Connector,For Goodman 50M56 289 Application. HLO PSO HLI PSI,Low Voltage 24 VAC MV RO RO,Line Voltage 120 VAC. IND IGN MV MV,N C Normally closed switch,TH TR COM HI. N O Normally open switch,4 Pin Connector 12 Pin Connector.
WIRING DIAGRAM,TYPICAL SYSTEM WIRING TABLE,50M56 TERMINAL SYSTEM COMPONENT. TERMINAL TYPE CONNECTION,W low voltage thermostat W terminal or equivalent. G Terminal low voltage thermostat G terminal or equivalent. R block with low voltage thermostat R terminal or equivalent. Y captive low voltage thermostat Y terminal or equivalent. screws 2nd wire from Y terminal goes to 24 VAC HOT side of. compressor contactor coil,C 24 VAC COMMON side of compressor contactor coil. HLO Pin 1 high limit OUTPUT,MV LO Pin 2 gas valve first stage. TH Pin 3 24 VAC transformer low voltage HIGH side,PSO Pin 4 pressure switch OUTPUT.
RO OUT Pin 5 rollout switch OUTPUT,HLO PSO HLI PSI. TR Pin 6 24 VAC transformer low voltage COMMON side. HLI Pin 7 MV,IN high limit INPUT, GND Pin 8 TH TR MV MV MUST BE RELIABLY GROUNDED TO CHASSIS. MV COM Pin 9 gas valve COMMON,PSI Pin 10 pressure switch INPUT. RO IN Pin 11 rollout switch INPUT,MV HI Pin 12 gas valve second stage. IND Pin 1 inducer HOT side,IGN Pin 2 IND IGN,ignitor HOT side.
IND IGN N N,IND N Pin 3 inducer NEUTRAL side,IGN N Pin 4 ignitor NEUTRAL side. COOL spade terminal circulator blower COOL SPEED terminal. LO HEAT spade terminal circulator blower LO HEAT SPEED terminal. HI HEAT spade terminal circulator blower HI HEAT SPEED terminal. PARK 2 terminals spade terminal unused terminals, LINE spade terminal input voltage 120 VAC HOT side. XFMR spade terminal 24 VAC transformer line voltage HOT side. EAC optional spade terminal electronic air cleaner HOT side. HUM optional spade terminal humidifier HOT side, CIR N spade terminal circulator blower NEUTRAL terminal. LINE N spade terminal input voltage 120 VAC NEUTRAL side. XFMR N spade terminal 24 VAC transformer line voltage NEUTRAL side. EAC N optional spade terminal electronic air cleaner NEUTRAL side. HUM N optional spade terminal humidifier NEUTRAL side. FS spade terminal flame sensor probe, Maximum recommended flame probe wire length is 36 inches. OPTION SWITCHES If flame is not detected both valves are de energized the. The option switches on the 50M56U 843 control are used ignitor is turned off and the 50M56U 843 control goes into the. to determine the length of the heat delay to fan off period retry sequence The retry sequence provides a 60 second. the mode of operation and the 2nd stage delay period The wait following an unsuccessful ignition attempt flame not. following illustration shows the options and the selections of detected After this wait the ignition sequence is restarted. the switch positions The switches are shown in the factory with an additional 1 second of ignitor warm up time. default positions If flame is established for more than 10 seconds after ignition. the 50M56U 843 controller will clear the ignition attempt or. retry counter If flame is lost after 10 seconds it will re cycle. the ignition sequence, During burner operation a momentary loss of power of 50.
MODE and 2ND STG DLY for Goodman 50M56 289 only milliseconds or longer will de energize the main gas valve. When power is restored the gas valve will remain de energized. HEAT MODE and a restart of the ignition sequence will begin immediately. When heat is required the thermostat will send a call for heat A momentary loss of gas supply flame blowout or a shorted or. to the control This starts the control s heating sequence The open condition in the flame probe circuit will be sensed within. ignitor and humidifier optional are powered The ignitor is 2 0 seconds The gas valve will de energize and the control. powered after the pre purge period will restart the ignition sequence Recycles will begin and the. Upon initial application of power the ignitor warm up time is 17 burner will operate normally if the gas supply returns or the. seconds The ignitor on time will then be increased depending fault condition is corrected. on whether or not flame is achieved The warm up time is If the control has gone into system lockout it may be possible. limited to a maximum of 19 seconds During the first 64 warm to reset the control by a momentary power interruption of one. up periods following power up the warm up time may not be second or longer Refer to SYSTEM LOCKOUT FEATURES. less than 17 seconds, In the event of a retry the warm up time will be increased by COOL MODE. one second and locked in at that duration Once the warm up In a typical system a call for cool is initiated by closing the. time is locked it remains fixed until another call for heat results thermostat contacts This energizes the 50M56U 843 control. in a retry in which case the warm up time is again increased and the compressor The cool delay to fan on period begins. by one second and remains locked After the delay period ends the optional electronic air cleaner. In the event of two successive retry attempts the warm up is energized and the circulator fan is energized at cool. time will be unlocked and set to 19 seconds If flame is then speed After the thermostat is satisfied the compressor is de. achieved the warm up time will begin adapting again with the energized and the cool mode delay to fan off period begins. next call for heat If however this third attempt fails to achieve After the delay to fan off period ends the circulator fan and. flame the control will go into system lockout electronic air cleaner optional are de energized. After the ignitor warm up period MV LO first stage and MV MANUAL FAN ON MODE. HI second stage are both energized to the gas valve Flame. If the thermostat fan switch is moved to the ON position the. must be detected within 4 seconds If flame is detected the. circulator fan low heat speed and optional electronic air. 30 second HEAT delay to fan on period begins The circulator. cleaner are energized When the fan switch is returned to the. and electronic air cleaner optional will also energize at this. AUTO position the circulator fan and electronic air cleaner. optional are de energized, 1 Stage operation If the Option Switch MODE SW1 2 is. set to the 1 STG position both MV LO and MV HI will remain SYSTEM LOCKOUT AND. DIAGNOSTIC FEATURES, 2 Stage operation Goodman 50M56 289 Application only. If the Option Switch MODE is set to 2 STG MV HI will de SYSTEM LOCKOUT FEATURES. energize after 5 seconds leaving MV LO energized If the When system lockout occurs the gas valve is de energized. MODE is in the 2 STG position 2nd STG DLY SW1 3 will the circulator blower is energized at heat speed and if flame. determine the second stage on delay as follows is sensed the inducer blower is energized The diagnostic. 5 MIN On call for heat the 5 minute 2nd stage recognition indicator light will flash or glow continuously to indicate. timer begins After the 5 minute delay the second stage heat system status System lockout will never override the. MV HI is energized precautionary features, AUTO On call for heat the automatic second stage will To reset the control after system lockout do one of the. determine the optimum timing between stages for comfort following. Auto will adapt the delay to energize MV HI from instantly to. 1 Interrupt the call for heat or cool at the thermostat for at. up to 12 minutes, least one second but less than 20 seconds if flame is.
When the thermostat is satisfied the gas valve is de energized sensed with the gas valve de energized interrupting the. After proof of flame loss the heat delay to fan off period begins call for heat at the thermostat will not reset the control. and the inducer blower remains energized to purge the system 2 Interrupt the 24 VAC power at the control for at least one. for 25 seconds When the purge is complete the inducer blower second You may also need to reset the flame rollout. is de energized After the delay to fan off period ends the sensor switch. circulator fan and electronic air cleaner are de energized. 3 After one hour in lockout the control will automatically. 6 reset itself,DIAGNOSTIC FEATURES FAULT CODE RESET. The 50M56U 843 control continuously monitors its own The stored fault codes can be erased from memory When. operation and the operation of the system If a failure occurs the control is in standby mode no call for heat or cool press. the LED will indicate a failure code as shown on page 8 If the FAULT RECALL switch for five to ten seconds or until. the failure is internal to the control the LED will stay off the diagnostic LED begins to rapid flash When the switch is. or flash 8 times In this case the entire control should be released the LED will turn off for two seconds to indicate the. replaced as the control is not field repairable codes are erased After two seconds the LED will turn on to. Failure codes will flash the LED in the following flash indicate return to normal status If the switch is held pressed. pause sequences to indicate failure status each flash will for over ten seconds the rapid flash will stop and the LED will. last approximately 0 25 seconds and each pause will last be on to indicate return to normal status. approximately 2 seconds, FAULT RECALL The 50M56U 843 has only one serviceable part an automotive. The last five fault codes stored can be displayed on the type fuse which protects the low voltage transformer from. diagnostic LED When the control is in standby mode no damage if the output is short circuited If the fuse has opened. call for heat or cool press the FAULT RECALL switch for up remove whatever caused the short circuit and replace. approximately two seconds or until the diagnostic LED turns the fuse with only a 3 Amp automotive type fuse If the fuse. off Release the switch and the LED will remain off for two does not correct the condition replace the entire 50M56U 843. seconds Then the fault codes will display beginning with the control There are no other user serviceable parts. most recent fault first with a two second pause between codes. After the stored fault codes have all displayed the LED will. remain off for two seconds and then turn on to indicate return. to normal status While displaying the stored fault codes the. control will ignore any new call for heat cool or fan. DEFINITION OF TERMS, Auto Restart After one 1 hour of internal or external Inter purge The period of time intended to allow for the. lockout the control will automatically reset itself and go dissipation of any unburned gas or residual products of. into an auto restart purge for 60 seconds combustion between the failed trial for ignition and the. Cool Delay To Fan Off The period of time between the retry period. loss of a call for cool and the deactivation of the blower Post purge Time The period of time intended to allow for. motor at Cool speed the dissipation of any unburned gas or residual products. Cool Delay To Fan On The period of time after a thermostat of combustion at the end of a furnace burner operating. demand for cool before energizing the circulator blower cycle Post purge begins at the loss of flame sense. motor at Cool speed Pre purge Time The period of time intended to allow for the. Flame Failure Response Time FFRT The period of time dissipation of any unburned gas or residual products of. between loss of the supervised main burner flame and combustion at the beginning of a furnace operating cycle. the action to shut off the gas supply prior to initiating ignition. Heat Delay To Fan Off The period of time between the Recycles The additional attempts within the same. loss of a call for heat and the deactivation of the blower thermostat cycle for ignition after loss of the supervised. motor at Heat speed ignition source or the supervised main burner flame. Heat Delay To Fan On The period of time between proof Retries The additional attempts within the same thermostat. of the supervised main burner flame and the activation of cycle for ignition when the supervised main burner flame. the blower motor at Heat speed is not proven within the first trial for ignition period. Igniter Warm up Time The length of time allowed for the Trial for Ignition Period TFI The period of time between. igniter to heat up prior to the initiation of gas flow initiation of gas flow and the action to shut off the gas flow. Ignition Activation Period IAP The period of time in the event of failure to establish proof of the supervised. between energizing the main gas valve and deactivation ignition source or the supervised main burner flame. of the ignition means prior to the end of TFI,TROUBLESHOOTING. Flash Error Condition Comments Troubleshooting, 1 External lockout exceeded retries Failure to sense flame is often caused by carbon deposits on.
the flame sensor a disconnected or shorted flame sensor lead. or a poorly grounded furnace Carbon deposits can be cleaned. with emery cloth Verify sensor is not contacting the burner. and is located in a good position to sense flame Check sensor. lead for shorting and verify furnace is grounded properly Verify. gas supply to valve gas valve in On position and appliance. lighting properly Verify flame reaches flame sensor during. ignition attempts and gas pressures are correct, 2 Pressure switch stuck closed Pressure switch stuck closed Check switch function verify. inducer is turning off Refer to wiring diagram terminals PSI. 3 Pressure switch stuck open Check pressure switch function and tubing Verify inducer is. turning on and pulling sufficient vacuum to engage switch. Refer to wiring diagram terminals PSI PSO, 4 Open high temperature limit switch Verify continuity through limit switch circuit Refer to wiring. diagram terminals HLI HLO, 5 Flame sensed with gas valve de energized Verify the gas valve is operating and shutting down properly. Flame in burner assembly should extinguish promptly at the. end of the cycle Check orifices and gas pressure, 6 Open rollout switch Verify continuity through rollout switch circuit Refer to wiring. diagram terminals RO IN RO OUT, 7 Low flame sense current Low flame sense current is often caused by carbon deposits on.
the flame sensor a poorly grounded furnace or a mis aligned. flame sense probe Carbon deposits can be cleaned with. emery cloth Check or improve furnace and module ground. Verify sensor is located in or very near flame as specified. by the appliance manufacturer Refer to wiring diagram FS. terminal and GND, 8 Ignitor relay fault This flash code does not indicate a broken disconnected or. shorted ignitor It indicates the ignitor relay contacts on the. ignition module are not functioning properly Replace the. ignition module, Rapid Flash Reversed polarity Verify the control and furnace are properly grounded Check. and reverse polarity primary or secondary if incorrect. Continuous Normal operation No fault, Off Control failure Verify power to the control replace control if power is at the. control and no lit Red LED,Homeowner Help Line 1 800 284 2925. White Rodgers is a business,of Emerson Electric Co.
The Emerson logo is a,trademark and service mark www white rodgers com.

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