29 Para Quran Sharif

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29 Para Quran Sharif

Download all 30 chapters/juz/para of the quran from 1 to 30 in separate HD resolution PDF files. Quran Sharif padhna hai. E Allah Sare jayaz dua ko. 30 para quran sharif, Al Quran is the book of ALLAH (SWT). It is the gift of Allah (SWT) for all humanity. 30 para quran is very easy to use and read. We have also added 30 para quran sharif audio, so that you can listen and read. 30 para quran sharif bangla audio is our next plan to make.

Allah(S.A.W) sent Holy Quran (the last holy book) to his messenger i.e to the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). The Holy Quran forms the idea of Islam as a religion and way of lifestyles. Every Muslim must recite the Holy Quran in Arabic as a mandatory part of his life. Further, everyone should allocate a few time each day in order to examine the translation and clarification of the Holy Quran so that he/she can recognize and exercise the message. Below table contains chapter wise classification of the Holy Quran pdf:-

Tafseer29 Para Quran Sharif29 Para Quran Sharif

29 Para Quran Sharif Bangla


29 Para Quran Sharif Juz

You can download & View Complete Holy Quran pdf

First Para / First ChapterSecond Para / Second ChapterThird Para / Third ChapterFourth Para / Fourth ChapterFifth Para / Fifth Chapter
Para 1Para 2Para 3Para 4Para 5
Sixth Para / Sixth ChapterSeventh Para / Seventh ChapterEighth Para / Eighth ChapterNinth Para / Ninth ChapterTenth Para / Tenth Chapter
Para 6Para 7Para 8Para 9Para 10
Eleventh Para / Eleventh ChapterTwelveth Para / Twelveth ChapterThirteenth Para / Thirteenth ChapterFourteenth Para / Fourteenth ChapterFifteenth Para / Fifteenth Chapter
Para 11Para 12Para 13Para 14Para 15
Sixteenth Para / Sixteenth ChapterSeventeenth Para / Seventeenth ChapterEighteenth Para / Eighteenth ChapterNineteenth Para / Nineteenth ChapterTwentieth Para / Twentieth Chapter
Para 16Para 17Para 18Para 19Para 20
Twenty First Para / Twenty-First ChapterTwenty-Second Para / Twenty-Second ChapterTwenty-Third Para / Twenty-Third ChapterTwenty-Fourth Para / Twenty-Fourth ChapterTwenty-Fifth Para / Twenty-Fifth Chapter
Para 21Para 22Para 23Para 24Para 25
Twenty Sixth Para / Twenty-Sixth ChapterTwenty-Seventh Para / Twenty-Seventh ChapterTwenty-Eighth Para / Twenty-Eighth ChapterTwenty Ninth Para / Twenty-Ninth ChapterThirtieth Para / Thirtieth Chapter
Para 26Para 27Para 28Para 29Para 30
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