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Three Year Strategic Destination Direction,Destination and DMO 2025 Visions. DMO Mission Strategic Focus and Goals,Current Tourism Situation. National and State of Wisconsin Travel Trends and Implications. Destination Challenges and Priority Initiatives, Critical Factors for Continued Greater Green Bay Tourism Growth and DMO Success. Destination Marketing Sales and Services,Target Markets. Marketing Communications Support Action Plan,Agriculture.
Association Corporate Government Religious SMERF Meetings. Tribal Native American,Sports Events,Group Tours,Outdoor Recreation Leisure Travel. Arts and Cultural Heritage Leisure Travel,Culinary Leisure Travel. Leisure Travel,Green Bay Packers Fans, Visiting Friends and Relatives and Pass Thru Travel Action Plan. Destination Development,Target Projects,Development Action Plan. DMO Community Relations,Target Audiences,Community Relations Action Plan.
DMO Finance and Administration,Target Audiences,Funding Administration Action Plan. 2018 DMO Budget Allocation,Three Year Strategic Destination Direction. The enclosed 2018 Destination Marketing Sales Services Plan for Greater. Green Bay is aligned to the strategic direction and priority initiatives identified in. the 2017 2019 Greater Green Bay Strategic Destination Plan with advice. received from more than 75 community visitor industry leaders and Greater. Green Bay CVB board management and staff This plan details the annual. program of work based on the agreed to destination and destination marketing. organization DMO visions mission and long term goals. A summary of the agreed to strategic direction follows. Destination and DMO 2025 Visions, Greater Green Bay with its legendary professional football team and unique. waterfront communities is a year round and family friendly visitor destination. offering diverse entertainment areas and attractions centered on conventions. sports and special events arts and cultural heritage and recreational travel. The Greater Green Bay Convention Visitors Bureau is the recognized. destination leader in the development and marketing of the Greater Green Bay. DMO Mission and Strategic Goals, The Greater Green Bay Convention Visitors Bureau is the regional destination. marketing organization committed to improving the visitor experience and. increasing the economic impact of tourism to its communities in order to. enhance the quality of life for all residents,Destination Marketing Sales and Services.
To market promote and service the Greater Green Bay destination and partners. through strategies enhancing the awareness and conversion in all targeted. Destination Development, To be a supporter and facilitator of industry and infrastructure product for the. proper development of the destination experience,DMO Community Relations. To communicate the benefits of tourism and the value of the Greater Green Bay. CVB to community stakeholders,DMO Finance and Administration. To be a financially viable accountable and partner based organization with a. professional staff,Current Tourism Situation, Various economic and travel trends will affect the marketing direction and. performance of the Greater Green Bay CVB Thirteen major national and state. travel trends have been identified with implications for Greater Green Bay. destination marketing and sales strategies and programs From the strategic. destination planning undertaken six key prioritized challenges have also been. determined along with 17 priority initiatives to be enacted over three years. National and State of Wisconsin Travel Trends and Implications. Trend Implications, 1 More resourceful and sophisticated leisure Increased amount of web driven.
traveler leisure travel expected to grow decision makers mobile being used. 2 0 in 2018 more regularly must be mobile friendly. Further decisions based on discounts,and value added benefits. 2 Shared Economy Lodging Marketplaces AirBNB VRBO HomeAway etc have. has become a major change agent in how become major players in overnight. people travel accommodations creating safety and,room tax issues Wisconsin now requires. that all homes follow state law and,local ordinances including inspections. and paying taxes,Continuing to grow into new areas such. as food services special experiences,guide services etc.
3 WACVB and Wisconsin Department of Additional marketing increasing the. Tourism Development now working awareness of Wisconsin as a destination. collaboratively in sports and,Increasing competition from cities. meetings convention markets,throughout Wisconsin that were not. previously in these markets,New opportunities to partner and. collaborate, 4 Enhanced experience based leisure travel Highlighting of family and peer group. with top focus on VFR and family trips vacation activities. More emphasis on emotionally laden,experiential travel stories.
5 Increased use of integrated content and Social media is a major travel influencer. social media as a trusted information of vacation choices. Trend Implications, source high level of trust in information Large social media presence on. from local tourism office destination websites, 6 Video is becoming a preferred social Many social media site algorithms prefer. communication tool video content and profiles that make. use of video will rank higher and reach,a larger audience. High visual content that has a high,emotional impact while telling the. community story is more effective, 7 Stronger participation in outdoor activities New outdoor story opportunities.
river lake camping hiking biking etc development adventure park trail. system etc,Increased outdoor recreation and,adventure travel promotions. 8 International travel is expected to slow Build off from Wisconsin Department of. 1 9 after strong growth the past few Tourism Development and Great Lakes. years the Trump Slump is expected to sales and marketing efforts. see declines in growth of US Travel from,Partner with Oneida Nation Green Bay. Europe Mexico and Canada,Packers and Door County, 9 More attention to mobile smart phone Increased amount of mobile driven. marketing decision makers,More travel information received. and or booked through mobile devices, 10 Business travel to grow 1 1 in 2018 Continue to promote and service both.
meetings and individual corporate,business travel with hotel partners. Opportunity to meet the needs of the,combined business leisure travel market. 11 Increased marketing partnership with Take advantage of the State s. Wisconsin Department of Tourism partnership sponsorship with the. Packers and support of WI golf,Ongoing visitor friendly linked and. accountable destination website,development, 12 Stabilized gasoline prices aging population Further marketing in state and to. and Wisconsin destination appeal adjacent states origin city markets. Baby Boomer and identified age cohort,higher discretionary income marketing.
Trend Implications, 13 Weaponization of travel Need to be prepared to react to. attempts to ban travel due to news or,business related activities beyond travel. industries control,Maintain adequate reserve cash to. provide flexibility to support marketing,campaigns to counteract negative. Sources 2017 Portrait of American Travelers Destination Analysts Inc July 2017. The State of the American Traveler US Travel Forecast Destinations. International and Wisconsin Department of Tourism various research. Destination Challenges, 1 To design marketing strategies that embrace new technologies that reach.
out to specific target markets using the budget available. 2 To educate the general public local leaders and state officials about the. importance of tourism, 3 To determine the best way to work with the shared economy AirBNB UBER. 4 To agree on a consistent Greater Green Bay community destination brand. 5 To decide how the DMO participates in and supports new visitor product. development, 6 To determine the funding sources and raise the needed funds to build the. community an official Greater Green Bay visitor center. 7 To continue to find additional and stable funding sources for DMO activities. Key Initiatives 2017 2018 2019,Destination Marketing Sales and Services. Continued investment in website social media and database. marketing programming, Execution of a targeted destination marketing and sales plan. Agreement on a consistent community destination and allied. DMO brand identity positioning and messaging using new. development Titletown District Uptown District etc. Local convention leads programming expansion,Development of new meetings and sports websites.
Implementation of a multiyear visitor market research program. DMO Community Relations,Increased local media tourism programming. Proactive stakeholders communications plan Tourism Talk. DMO annual report,Destination Development,Tourism product development master plan setup. Well located Greater Green Bay Visitor Center development. Secure funding for Greater Green Bay Visitor Center. Grow Greater Green Bay branded Tourism Insider Program sales. and service training program,Work with Attractions to develop Experiences. Develop Group Market website content,DMO Finance and Administration. Funding alternatives strategy development,DMO performance measurement scorecard compilation.
DMO international accreditation compliance,Not for profit 501 c 3 organization. Completed In Process Not Completed Added Imitative. 2018 Destination Marketing Sales Services Plan 1, Critical Factors for Greater Green Bay Tourism and DMO Continued Success. Strong and engaged Board of Development of state of the art visitor. Directors and executive leadership education center. Creative and entrepreneurial Communications with tourism partners. professional staff and other stakeholders, Focus on targeted Strong relationship with the Wisconsin. convention meeting business Department of Tourism,including KI Convention Center. expansion renovated Radisson Adherence to achievable and. Conference Center space accountable DMO program returns. and reporting,Focus on sports event market,Full implementation of an agreed to.
Focus on marketing technology strategic destination plan. capabilities digital social targeted,Diversified destination marketing. Focus on specialized niche leisure funding options. Development of cruise ship visits,Destination Marketing and Sales. The annual focus of the Greater Green Bay CVB in this strategic goal attainment is to. drive more visitors to Greater Green Bay and partnering communities through an overall. destination marketing communications support effort and a twelve target market. strategy approach The key marketing support and targeted sales services strategies. with action plans follow, To increase the awareness of the Greater Green Bay visitor experience by target market. through effective sales and marketing strategies,Target Markets. Agriculture, Association Corporate Government Religious SMERF Meetings Conventions.
International,Sports Events,Greater Green Bay Convention Visitors Bureau. 2018 Destination Marketing Sales Services Plan 2,Tribal Native American. Group Tours,Outdoor Recreation Leisure Travel,Golf Enthusiasts. Arts and Cultural Heritage Leisure Travel,Culinary Leisure Travel. Leisure Travel,Green Bay Packers Fans, Visiting Friends and Relatives and Pass Thru Leisure Travel.
Marketing Communications Support, The specific activity support to the overall Greater Green Bay destination marketing effort. is detailed as follows,Marketing Communications Support Action Plan. Action Plan Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4, Implementation of annual destination marketing sales and services plan. Execution of target market audience strategies and action plans. Development of online special interest niche travel itineraries. Implementation of integrated promotional campaigns to top drive in. Utilization of destination Greater Green Bay brand platform including key. Ongoing promotional collateral user needs assessment. Market destination website with social media and online tools. Effective use of opt in electronic newsletters for all marketing channels. Continued targeted database development and related e. communications using iDSS software Cyclone,Greater Green Bay Convention Visitors Bureau. 2018 Destination Marketing Sales Services Plan 3, Development of effective visitor guide and map as marketing sales and.
services collateral piece, Grow distribution routes for Visitor Guide in Wisconsin and N Illinois. Continue to develop and grow a successful travel journalist strategy. that generates earned media to market Greater Green Bay brand. Use Discover Wisconsin partnership to market through all available. DW channels,Market Calendar of Events through all channels. Measurable Objectives,Promotional advertising inquiry response rates. Website statistical analysis,Increased social media numbers. Email database reaches 130 000 leisure traveler contacts. Earned media article and advertising equivalent totals. Greater Green Bay Convention Visitors Bureau,2018 Destination Marketing Sales Services Plan 4.
Agriculture, Greater Green Bay CVB will deploy the following detailed strategy and activities for this. targeted market segment,Positioning, Brown County and Kewaunee County have dairy farms that are available for touring. Brown County and Kewaunee County have wineries vineyards that are available for. Area cheese factories and stores provide an excellent product and can also provide. an educational component for tour groups travel writers and individual travelers. Many restaurants now offer farm to table experiences. Wisconsin is branded as America s Dairyland or the Dairy State and has a. longstanding image as a dairy producing state, Greater Green Bay can provide several experiential opportunities. Proximity to town centers makes it easy to enjoy both rural agriculture and city. Oneida Nation Buffalo and Tsyunhehkw Certified Organic Farm. Great products award winning wines and cheese etc, Farmers Markets feature many locally grown products. The Cannery offers Public Market and farm to table educational and dining. opportunity,Action Plan Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4,Marketing Activities.
Agritourism itinerary for the motorcoach tour market. Use social media tools to promote farmers markets farm to table. opportunities,Sales Activities,Greater Green Bay Convention Visitors Bureau. 2018 Destination Marketing Sales Services Plan 5, Telemarketing and direct sales to convention and group travel. Membership in Circle Wisconsin, Membership in Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association. Membership in MPI and ASAE, Develop new tradeshow material and attend show s attended by. agricultural market planners, Promote opportunities to agritourism group leaders at the 2018 BiG.
Conference and Agritourism Summit,Evaluate potential agritourism tradeshows. Services Activities, Provide all CVB services as outlined in the CVB Services Directory. Measurable Objectives,Included in total leads and potential leads goals. Included in total event services goals,Greater Green Bay Convention Visitors Bureau. 2018 Destination Marketing Sales Services Plan 6, Association Corporate Government Religious SMERF Meetings.
The Greater Green Bay CVB will deploy the following detailed strategy and activities for. this targeted market segment,Positioning, KI Convention Center provides first class convention and meeting space. Addition of four star hotel accommodations opens new opportunities. Development of new Titletown District Bellin Health Sports Medicine Orthopedics. Clinic opens opportunities to pursue new markets in sports medicine. Unique meeting venues such as Lambeau Field National Railroad Museum Green Bay. Botanical Gardens Automobile Gallery etc,National headquarters for a number of companies. Greater Green Bay Chamber partnership provides opportunities to backyard market. to local businesses and to work with economic development professionals to pursue. new markets, St Norbert Abbey St Francis Xavier Cathedral and National Shrine of Our Lady of. Medical community is a major sector of local economy four major hospitals and. Veterans Administration Clinic Medical College of Wisconsin and Bellin College. Several higher learning institutions including the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. St Norbert College and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Located near two maritime museums and four shipbuilders. Airport accessibility for attendees and speakers, Easy highway access for attendees and speakers after completion of I 41 construction. Strong community name recognition,Hotel variety a number offer government rates.
Convention center has riverfront and city views,Greater Green Bay Convention Visitors Bureau. 2018 Destination Marketing Sales Services Plan 7, Connected overflow hotels variety of lodging options within walking distance of the. KI Convention Center, Unique meeting venues including Resch Center for large group events including. development of new exhibition center, Additional four star property being developed Hotel Northland. Considerable new development at attractions and venues throughout Greater Green. Due to Green Bay Packers known destination that is desirable and will help to drive. attendance at event,Supportive and accessible local government.
Only Vatican designated Marian Shrine in the United States now recognized as a. National Shrine, Home to four major hospitals a veterans administration clinic and several medical. Hub for higher education with several colleges and nearly 50 000 students. Tremendous maritime history with museums and shipbuilding great place for military. Affordable and safe easy parking, Easily accessible via Green Bay International Airport and outstanding interstate. highway system,CVB offers complimentary services, Variety of extra curricular activities available in area. Action Plan Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4, Targeted online advertising for meetingreenbay com. Social media targeted ads to planners,Targeted print advertising.
Direct mail niche markets,Greater Green Bay Convention Visitors Bureau.

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