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Lin Jong C h i e f E x e c u ti v e s M e s sag e. The new face,Inside this Edition, of football Bulldogs lead. the way in our, 3 Chief Executive s Message The first AFL player of East Timorese and Taiwanese descent Bulldog. rookie Lin Jong is blazing the way for players from multicultural. 4 Community Heartland backgrounds to be recruited to the elite AFL competition . Western Heartland, The Bulldogs first pick in the 2011 Rookie Draft the 20 year old. is fast becoming an inspiration for the next generation of culturally. 5 Community in Numbers diverse footballers following his rise through the AFL ranks . Jong s raw athleticism and natural aptitude to learn on the job . 6 Community Settlement has seen him progress rapidly from the VFL affiliated Williamstown. Development Squad through to the senior squad , Epitomising the true Bulldogs spirit his selfless nature shines through. 8 Community Partnerships on the football field with Jong more than willing to put his body on the. line to help his teammates get the ball out from under a pack . 10 Community Programs While Jong is flattered he could help engage a new generation of. young people in footy particularly in Melbourne s multicultural west . the reserved and unassuming teenager is firmly focussed on making. 12 Educating Communities a mark on field as well as off . 15 Community Partners, While our core business at the Western.
Bulldogs is football off the field we are just, as focused on our work in the community . We are proudly setting an,ADDRESS,Victoria University Whitten Oval. earning us the reputation as the Community example to all other clubs. 417 Barkly Street, Club of the AFL , For over 100 years the Bulldogs have been. on the importance of giving,PO Box 4112 Delivery Centre. Footscray West 3012 proud citizens of Melbourne s west our back to those who support us. TELEPHONE, heartland forging genuine partnerships, and love the west as much as.
we do , 1300 GO DOGS 46 36 47 within our community to ensure we play. our role as a committed community leader ,FACSIMILE. We are proudly giving back to those who, 03 9680 6103. support us and love the west as much as,WEB, we do cultural and community standing to advocate League when it comes to investing in. www westernbulldogs com au, Our diverse range of community for and support the inclusion of people from our community the Bulldogs are leading.
COPYRIGHT, engagement initiatives are underpinned by the west many of whom are from culturally the pack . Material contained in this magazine may, a professional program delivered by the and linguistically diverse backgrounds . not be reprinted without the written, Western Bulldogs community team SpiritWest Be it through our work with newly. permission of the Western Bulldogs , Services who use the power of sport to arrived refugees and migrants to our. DESIGN PRODUCTION, achieve positive social outcomes and to build community or through our engagement.
Spike Creative 03 9427 9500, stronger communities with juniors across Melbourne s west via. PHOTOGRAPHY, Sport is a language that all people share partnerships with local schools Victoria Simon Garlick. Slattery Media Darren Pocock , and the Bulldogs are well placed to use our University and the Western Region Football Chief Executive. Rob Keeley, www westernbulldogs com au community I 2013 3. Communit y Heartl and, 2013, Bulldogs,The Multicultural in the Community.
West, According to the 2011 Australian Census Melbourne s. Western Region is one of the most culturally diverse. The Bulldogs , Multicultural, Heartland in, numbers. 609 067 total residents, 254 000 people born overseas. 298 565 people with both, parents born overseas, 26 Junior WRFL clubs. 31 Auskick centres, 35 Bulldog Friendly Schools, 107 Bulldog Friendly.
School Visits, areas in Australia In fact Census figures show that. there are 95 nationalities represented in Melbourne s The top four 200 people affected by. multicultural west the Bulldogs heartland countries of birth homelessness alcohol and. Almost half the 609 000 people living across the Vietnam 28 712 . other drugs are supported, Maribyrnong Brimbank Hobsons Bay Wyndham India 23 831 . and Melton local government areas were born United Kingdom 17 888 through Reclink. Philippines 13 659 ,overseas and speak a language other than English . Further Brimbank and Maribyrnong are in the 220 people living with. 20 local government areas in Australia with a disability supported. the highest proportion of people from through work education. non English speaking backgrounds , 600 Bulldogs FRESH students. since 2004 , 4 000 Auskick participants, 4 000 participants using the.
Victoria University Whitten Oval, Community Sports Hall weekly . 4 500 WRFL participants, 4 800 seats donated to, the Bulldogs Backyard. Community Bay, 10 000 newly arrived, migrants and refugees. supported by the Bulldogs, 18 000 students attending. Bulldog Friendly Schools, 40 000 multicultural groups.
or individuals reached through, Bulldogs community engagement. initiatives since 2005 ,4 Spirit, Working, Communit y Settlement Success through. football, Livingstone Thachaw and Franky, Takto are Karen refugees who arrived. it out, in Australia from the Thai Burma, refugee camp in 2007 . After settling in Melbourne s west , the two young men then aged 20.
and 19 enrolled in youth classes T he Western, at Footscray AMES This brought Bulldogs are. them into contact with the CALDplay As part of our ongoing commitment to work placement a lot Working in schools funded to. program and they soon learned how assist new arrivals settling in the west the with young people from all backgrounds and. assist newly, to play our great game Club provides meaningful work experience helping them to develop core values such as. arrived refugees, Livingstone and Franky who had opportunities for students studying English at respect teamwork leadership harmony and. and migrants,Helping refugees no prior experience or knowledge. of AFL were natural athletes with, Adult Multicultural Education Services AMES .
centres throughout the Western Region , fair play was also an amazing experience . Mirdita Djeka Macedonia Werribee AMES, to settle in. Australia through, and migrants to feel proven talents in soccer and volleyball . Through CALDplay the boys quickly, Since commencing in 2009 the program. facilitates the placement of at least one I got an opportunity with the Western the Federal. Department of,at home in the West, developed into key position players in student per term with the Western Bulldogs Bulldogs where I had different jobs every day.
the AMES Footscray Football team that community engagement team who mentor that I really enjoyed Most of all I learned that Immigration and. competed in the inaugural CALDplay the student for up to two weeks they work for fans new migrants refugees Citizenship s. While the Western Bulldogs deliver a broad range of Football Carnival at Victoria University Often this relationship extends beyond students and children It was most impressive DIAC Settlement. community initiatives throughout Melbourne s west Whitten Oval the short term placement with students to me Hopefully someday when my English Grants Program. we are particularly proud of our programs that support Their enthusiasm and talent were becoming keen Bulldogs supporters gets better I look forward to work with these SGP . further acknowledged soon after who continue to be involved in the people and if possible to work for the Club . refugees and migrants and help them to embrace their Through sport . with dual Team Asia selection for Club s community programs as Jaeseung Ye Korea Werribee AMES. new community the 2008 AFL International Cup volunteers and ambassadors health and. Through the hard work of the Western Bulldogs including athletics badminton lawn bowls Proudly the boys were the only I was really excited when I found out that youth leadership. community team SpiritWest Services the Club swimming tennis gymnastics water polo two representatives from their Since I have been in Australia I have my work placement experience will be with programs the. assists more than 3 000 refugees and migrants and of course Australian Rules home country of Burma improved my language and work skills at the the Western Bulldogs I learned new skills in Bulldogs help new. a year helping them to settle in the west using CALDplay began working with newly arrived After taking part in CALDplay AMES language centre and done a Western working with kids communities organising arrivals in Western. the unique vehicle of sport to help newcomers young people aged 18 25 who were studying both Livingstone and Franky have Bulldogs work placement for two weeks sport activities and I also learned more Melbourne to. learn about local culture and develop language English at Footscray Adult Multicultural participated as peers and leaders Since I have been there I have developed my multilingual skills However one of the most. develop self , skills in an inclusive and active way Education Services AMES in late 2007 at the Club through our work with communication skills teamwork and become important things that I learned about was. As the only sporting club in Australia In the space of six years the program has multicultural communities and youth an ambassador for AFL in my youth class the footy Panche Danilov Macedonia . reliance and, to receive funding under the Federal grown to include multiple language centres leadership camps Both of these It has also helped me to know more about St Albans AMES. to integrate, Government s Settlement Grants Program across the west with adults up to the age amazing young men have played Australian work culture Biruk Bekele . successfully, the Western Bulldogs are leading the way when of 65 participating an integral role in encouraging and Ethiopia St Albans AMES Before I volunteered with the Club I was into the broader. it comes to helping newly arrived Australians Under the program students participate helping their friends families and not confident to talk and meet with people community . to successfully integrate into the community in a structured sporting activity over five to other community members to attend I had my work placement at the Western who are different from my background I m. The SGP target, eight weeks The underlying theme for each Western Bulldogs matches through our Bulldogs in the community department very sure that you really made my life better .
CALDplay sports program is health promotion as well own Bulldogs Backyard and the AFL s As a person who loves sport I enjoyed my Snow White Burma Werribee AMES. group comprises, The Western Bulldogs CALDplay Sports as the development of English language and Multicultural Match Visit programs . permanent, Program is an important cornerstone of our employment skills Franky and Livingston both now work. residents who, work in Melbourne s west By participating weekly in sport the students full time in the area but when time. Thablay Sher and, Snow White Kiddman, have arrived in. Through CALDplay the Club has helped over gain a better appreciation and understanding permits they volunteer their time to assist from Werribee AMES Australia during. 2 500 migrants and refugees from Culturally of that particular sport s rules and structure other new arrivals helping them to the last five years. and Linguistically Diverse CALD backgrounds while supporting them to maximise language learn sport and meet other members of as refugees and. to engage with their new community by proficiency and enjoy engagement in their our community as they themselves did humanitarian. participating in a range of sporting activities new community entrants or. family stream, From the participants I like lawn bowls I want to go every migrants with low.
In Vietnam I had never played tennis Lucky, Friday I had good fun Thanks everybody levels of English. for me when I study EAL English as an, Guo Guang proficiency . additional language in Victoria University It was great to play football I had fun The Western. Sunshine I can get somebody to help me I enjoy it and love it I would love to play. Bulldogs are the, learn tennis I hope in the future I can play next time thank you Josephina. well Now I play very badly Tuyet, only AFL Club to. I like the football program because when receive funding. Thanks for your help I enjoyed playing I come to football I feel so happy under the SGP . badminton I love it Alisheikh Mayan, 6 Spirit www westernbulldogs com au community I 2013 7.
Generation M, C o m m u n i t y Pa r t n e r s h i p s. Fired, Since 2011 the Western Bulldogs have been, funded by the Federal Government to promote To be honest I think there is no such thing as. social inclusion and harmony within Islamic Jewish footballers You start playing with them. up for, communities in Melbourne s west , Following on from the success of the Club s. and form good relationships and the team was, More Than a Game project in 2011 which like a big family I ll shepherd you you block. worked specifically with Muslim young men for me We broke down the barriers as well as. Passport, Football, the Club has established Generation M an communicating before the game and after the.
initiative that has successfully extended the, game The Western Bulldogs hosted lots of. to the program to multi faith young men and women. in the Western Region events where we would actually just converse. West, Generation M offers young people from the with each other We broke our fast together . Newport Islamic Society and Youth Victoria It s been really positive Generation M participant. The Western Bulldogs community This extremely successful partnership the opportunity to participate in leadership . programs are not just about changing received the 2012 Community The Western Bulldogs proudly welcome mentoring and media training programs that. lives but saving them as well The Club s, swimming and bike education programs. Multicultural Fire Awareness Award, from the Victorian Department of. international students to Melbourne s west, through the Passport to the West program .
will strengthen their skills competencies and, abilities to address various factors that can. A Multicultural The Peace Team s visit was the result. of a unique partnership between the, are two prime examples of how we use Environment and Sustainability delivered in collaboration with Melbourne lead to violent extremism Partnership Western Bulldogs and Programmed. sport to address issues such as water This program is a great example Airport and Victoria University A highlight of the Generation M project has The formation of the MUJU Peace Club Integrated Workforce the Club s. and road safety within the community of two organisations working together This unique partnership sees international been the continuation and expansion of the was inspired by a special visit by the AFL Peace Multicultural Partner . Since 2011 the Club has taken an to achieve great outcomes for both students in the Western Region engaged in MUJU Football Club a youth led combined Team to Victoria University Whitten Oval Over the past 12 months this partnership . innovative approach to promoting fire themselves and their communities sporting and social activities through our Muslim and Jewish football team inspired by The Peace Team a joint Israeli Palestinian the first of its kind in the AFL has delivered. safety within Culturally and Linguistically The MFB needs to access CALD and own SpiritWest Services the joint Israeli Palestinian Peace Team Team in Australia to compete in the 2011 numerous multicultural initiatives in the. Diverse CALD communities partnering at risk communities to ensure their The program kicked off in 2012 with Generation M is supported through funding International Cup hosted a Football for west including the Western Bulldogs . with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade MFB needs are addressed Without these a Welcome to the West Expo held at from the Australian Governments Attorney Harmony Clinic at the Oval attended Multicultural Schools Cup EAL English. to deliver fire safety initiatives to our networks the work we do would be Victoria University Whitten Oval where over General s Department under its Building by more than 400 school children from as an additional language Cup and. newest Australians participating in the much harder The CALDplay Program 80 international students were introduced Community Resilience grants program across the west Multicultural Match Visits . Bulldogs CALDplay program is one of the most productive to the western region services and of. The involvement of fire fighters as partnerships the MFB has and we course football . CALDplay football coaches trainers hope that it serves as a model to Bulldog big man Will Minson and rising Last year we played at Victoria University. and runners breaks down historical other agencies and organisations star Lin Jong were on hand to introduce the. Whitten Oval and it s not a Jewish ground , barriers which exist between newly about what can be achieved together students to the Club s Mission Elite Learning. arrived CALD communities refugees Assistant Chief Fire Officer Rob Centre and to show them some new tricks . it s not a Muslim ground it s a footy ground, in particular and uniformed emergency Purcell Director Regional Community While the MFB Victoria Police and Lifesaving that has its own rules and regulations . services officers Resilience MFB Victoria took the opportunity to promote fire It was neutral Generation M participant. beach and public transport safety to the group , The Expo also inspired 120 students to.
attend their first AFL match at Etihad Stadium, where they saw the Dogs take on Sydney . There are over 5 000 international students, currently studying across Victoria University s. eleven campuses in Melbourne s west , predominantly from China India and Malaysia. with a growing population for South Korea , Kuwait and South America . The students really treasure the opportunity, to become involved in their community They.
especially loved the Western Bulldogs cap and, football I can really see this expanding into. the future and hope our students continue to, have such a rewarding relationship with the. Bulldogs It is such a fantastic program and, one that helps to build a supportive social and. community network for international students , Dianne McKeagney Director of Studies . Victoria University English Language Institute, 8 Spirit www westernbulldogs com au community I 2013 9.
r, Communit y Progr ams, Supporting people with, disability in the West Junio. The Western Bulldogs work closely with, disability service providers Mambourin. Enterprises and Annecto , Our partnership with Mambourin. Enterprises alone provides training, opportunities to more than 350. Students are also regularly given, the chance to attend our home games.
in the Bulldog s Backyard at Etihad, Stadium Their support for the team. has been unwavering and extremely, enthusiastic and vocal . Programs, people living with a disability in, I have really enjoyed Work. Melbourne s west , Education so far When we worked. Bulldog Friendly have the chance to attend an elite sporting. In collaboration with Victoria University , at the Bulldogs Family Day I was.
Schools Program event with the opportunity , the Club offers Certificate 1 Work In 2013 the Western Bulldogs playing Not only does the Bulldogs Backyard. Woofer We have also had tours, Education Certificate 1 in Transition group visited 107 schools from Melton to allow children to experience a live game. of Etihad Stadium the MCG , Education to Mambourin and Annecto Footscray Sunshine to Werribee with 35 from the comfort of our own community. clients The emphasis of these courses Victoria University and of the schools participating in the Club s section they also receive a Bulldogs Pack . is to improve work readiness skills spent a morning in the Bulldogs Friendly Schools BFS a special visit from Woofer the Bulldogs. and provide community involvement Footy Department The Club prides itself on its ongoing mascot and a player appearance to cap. at all levels at Victoria University partnership with a number of schools in the off a memorable day . The Bulldogs also provide people with Whitten Oval I have west through the program which encourages The Western Bulldogs would like to thank. disability volunteering opportunities learned a lot youngsters to lead a healthy lifestyle and to the current donors and encourage new. such as family day banner making and Brendan Allwood boost grassroots football within the region donors to get involved and help support. community events Mambourin Student BFS primarily focuses on motor skill the community that supports us . development through physical activity , leadership nutrition and of course Western Region. Aussie Rules Football League, BFS includes six physical activity lessons Junior Partnership.
as well as curriculum supported lessons Bulldogs Backyard As part of their ongoing support of. Since the early 1980s the 20th Man on health and nutrition All participating The Bulldogs Backyard bay at Etihad Stadium grassroots football the Western Bulldogs. Fund has been lending support to, the youth of Victoria predominantly. Victoria University schools also receive a visit from a Western. Bulldogs player and are offered tickets to, provides children and families from the west. with the opportunity to experience a day at, are proud to partner the Western Region. Football League WRFL Under the, in Melbourne s Western Region Whitten Oval Western Bulldogs home games the football partnership the Bulldogs and the WRFL. It has grown from small beginnings Community Sports Hall While the player visits always prove to be Thanks to the support of Victoria University team up to increase participation in the west. the highlight the program also integrates the program has been successful over four and to create a unique Bulldogs experience. when a handful of children were given The Victoria University Whitten Oval Community Sports the Bulldogs partnership with Victoria years enabling over 14 600 community for the region s junior AFL players It is also. a Christmas party in Sunshine into Hall is the largest multi sport stadium in the inner west of University utilising the skills and energy members to experience the excitement of a out to inspire a new generation of loyal and. what is now a broad reaching range Melbourne This state of the art facility boasts a range of of Bachelor of Education students to Western Bulldogs home game passionate Bulldog fans . of programs offering opportunities competitions and programs to cater for people of all ages deliver the BFS Program as a part of In 2013 alone 4 800 people attended Over the past two years the Western. for young people to re enter or backgrounds and fitness levels With weekly adult and. remain in the education system their professional placement in schools a Western Bulldogs match courtesy of the Bulldogs sponsored Player of the Week and. junior competitions in a range of sports after school and. or engage in local sporting clubs Victoria University been engaged in this Bulldogs Backyard program Team of the Month competitions to engage. pre school programs court hire and casual shooting. Through our community capacity since 2008 with 72 students This fantastic program provides ticket participants as well as providing player. there are unlimited ways to get involved and get active . connections we have also been currently involved in delivering BFS to donations to not for profit organisations appearances Auskick super clinics match. able to link young people to training over 4 000 students a year enabling children who may not normally tickets and merchandise giveaways . To find out about all of the things on offer at, and employment opportunities Victoria University Whitten Oval Community Sports Hall .
We benefit from a high level of check us out online at www whittenovalstadium com au. local corporate philanthropic, and individual support to keep. ongoing programs like Back To, School Redskins Basketball Club. and Children s Christmas party, running and to fund new initiatives. such as our H2Go Homework program, and Saturday School . To donate go to our website, www 20thman com au or call.
Bronwyn on 9689 4800,10 Spirit, Ed u c at i n g c o m m u n i t i e s. The Bulldogs A FRESH Start, The Western Bulldogs Fresh Program. FRESH in focus,Community Hub, is an important community education Whether in life or in learning you get The bonds Sofia built with her teachers. initiative for young people aged 15 to out what you put in that s the lesson also played a large part in her success. 20 years old who have experienced Sofia Rajan took away from her two at FRESH with smaller classrooms and. difficulties with mainstream schooling years as a FRESH student more teachers providing a more. In partnership with Victoria University Almost five years on Sofia is still living individualised approach . 600 students have participated in the by that mantra succeeding in her first I have kept in contact with a few of. Victoria University Key features of the Victoria University Headquarters for some of the most program since it started in 2004 year of a Bachelor of Nursing after the teachers and they still help me in. Whitten Oval Precinct Whitten Oval Precinct include important education and sporting Now in its ninth year Fresh spending four years abroad living in my journey she said . The Western Bulldogs recently completed the organisations in Melbourne s west provides disadvantage young people New York and Miami The teachers create focus and. The Susan Alberti Bulldogs Community, final stages of the 31 million redevelopment including Victoria University and the in Melbourne s west with a fresh start Throughout her junior schooling Sofia understand each student more and. Children s Centre the only community was a reasonable student but as she the way they learn I think it was a. of the iconic Victoria University Whitten Oval Western Region Football League and the opportunity to attain secondary. based children s centre within an AFL approached senior high school she felt really important part of my learning. As a result the Club is now home to some of the Club s Junior Partner education qualifications through a. Club The 105 place centre provides her motivation dwindling experience . the leading community commercial and elite unique and tailored program . much needed early childhood education The Pound Caf Bar and Events Space I didn t enjoy the environment I didn t It really helped me in terms of the. training facilities in the Western Region and The Fresh Program strives to. in the AFL competition and care options for working families in a great local breakfast lunch or dinner effectively engage families and the enjoy the teaching I didn t enjoy the way contact that you have with the teachers. The Victoria University Whitten Oval Precinct has Melbourne s west option that provides a unique footy community in ways that build strong the schoolwork was managed I just didn t the connection they have and everything. been well and truly transformed into a dynamic experience and opportunities for both positive and sustainable partnerships enjoy anything about it Sofia said vthey offer you . The newest sporting asset in the west, and vibrant community and sporting hub that The focus of these partnerships is The once driven student still had With ambitions to further her studies.
the Victoria University Whitten Oval casual dining and private functions . forms a centre bounce for our community to provide young people with rich aspirations of attending university and after attaining her Bachelor s Degree. Community Sports Hall a four court, In March 2013 the Club officially opened the learning personal development and becoming a nurse but was struggling and continue to travel the world Sofia. indoor sports stadium to find a pathway to suit her needs no doubt has big things ahead of her . Bulldogs Museum located on the ground citizenship opportunities . Contemporary and flexible Community floor of the John Gent Stand at Victoria Our long standing partnership with Weighing up her options between. Conference and Education Facilities University Whitten Oval The Bulldogs Macquarie Sports is an example TAFE and other VCAL programs Sofia. of a sustainable relationship which made a judgement call on her future. minutes from the CBD including a 25 seat Museum has twelve themed cabinets. supports young people s learning and enrolled in the FRESH Program. Executive Board Room boasting some of showcasing the Club s history from. and development outcomes after a recommendation from a friend . the best city views in Melbourne inception in the 1880 s to modern day . There are many benefits of schools Sofia believes the self directed learning. and community working together and practical life skills she learnt while. which include increased student at FRESH have better equipped her. self esteem increased students for university studies and gave the. engagement and participation in classroom more relevance . learning and improved connection I was a lot more motivated when I was. to school and learning going to FRESH than I was at school . she said , Learning those life skills and that, self management and motivation it. has helped push me to where I am now , I don t know how I would have managed. without FRESH , 12 Spirit www westernbulldogs com au community I 2013 13. Community, Partners, SpiritWest Services would like to thank.
our community partners and sponsors for their, support and contribution during 2013. Funding Bodies, AUSPICE PARTNER, COMMUNITY Sponsors. We support Passport to the West a,Western Bulldogs community program for new. migrant students in the western suburbs ,A community organisation flying high through.

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