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2003 Accord Sedan Online Reference Owner s Manual Honda

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2003 Accord Sedan Online Reference Owner's Manual Use these links (and links throughout this manual) to navigate through this reference. For a printed owner's manual, click on authorized manuals or go to www.helminc.com.

Owner s Identification,OWNER This Owner s Manual should be considered. a permanent part of the car and should,remain with the car when it is sold. This Owner s Manual covers all models of,ADDRESS the Accord Sedan You may find. STREET descriptions of equipment and features that. are not on your particular model,The information and specifications included. CITY STATE PROVINCE ZIP CODE in this publication were in effect at the time. POSTAL CODE of approval for printing Honda Motor Co. V I N Ltd reserves the right however to,discontinue or change specifications or.
design at any time without notice and, DELIVERY DATE without incurring any obligation whatsoever. Date sold to original retail purchaser,DEALER NAME DEALER NO POUR CLIENTS CANADIEN. AVIS IMPORTANT Si vous avez,besoin d un Manuel du Conducteur en. ADDRESS fran ais veuillez demander votre,STREET concessionnaire de commander le. num ro de pi ce 33SDAC00,CITY STATE PROVINCE ZIP CODE.
POSTAL CODE,OWNER S SIGNATURE,DEALER S SIGNATURE,Introduction. Congratulations Your selection of a 2003 Honda Accord was a wise As you read this manual you will. investment It will give you years of driving pleasure find information that is preceded by. a symbol This, One of the best ways to enhance the enjoyment of your new Honda is to information is intended to help you. read this manual In it you will learn how to operate its driving controls and avoid damage to your Honda other. convenience items Afterwards keep this owner s manual in your car so you property or the environment. can refer to it at any time, Several warranties protect your new Honda Read the warranty booklet. thoroughly so you understand the coverages and are aware of your rights. and responsibilities, Maintaining your car according to the schedules given in this manual helps. to keep your driving trouble free while it preserves your investment When. your car needs maintenance keep in mind that your Honda dealer s staff is. specially trained in servicing the many systems unique to your Honda Your. Honda dealer is dedicated to your satisfaction and will be pleased to answer. any questions and concerns,California Proposition 65 Warning.
WARNING This product contains or emits chemicals known to the State of. California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. A Few Words About Safety, Your safety and the safety of others You will find this important safety information in a variety of forms. is very important And operating this including, car safely is an important Safety Labels on the car. responsibility Safety Messages preceded by a safety alert symbol and one of. three signal words DANGER WARNING or CAUTION,To help you make informed These signal words mean. decisions about safety we have, provided operating procedures and You WILL be KILLED or SERIOUSLY. other information on labels and in HURT if you don t follow instructions. this manual This information alerts, you to potential hazards that could You CAN be KILLED or SERIOUSLY.
hurt you or others HURT if you don t follow instructions. Of course it is not practical or You CAN be HURT if you don t follow. possible to warn you about all the instructions,hazards associated with operating or. maintaining your car You must use Safety Headings such as Important Safety Reminders or Important. your own good judgement Safety Precautions, Safety Section such as Driver and Passenger Safety. Instructions how to use this car correctly and safely. This entire book is filled with important safety information please read it. Your Car at a Glance,HAZARD WARNING LIGHTS P 72,AUDIO SYSTEM P 134 150 169. DIGITAL CLOCK P 139 156 174,MIRROR CONTROLS,DOOR LOCK SWITCH. P 79 HEATING COOLING,POWER WINDOW,TRUNK RELEASE HANDLE HOOD RELEASE.
P 232 ADJUSTMENT, Only on cars equipped with Navigation System Refer to the Navigation System Owner s Manual. Driver and Passenger Safety, This section gives you important 3 Adjust the Seat Backs 14 Protecting Larger Children 36. information about how to protect 4 Adjust the Head Restraints 15 Using Child Seats with. yourself and your passengers It 5 Fasten and Position the Seat Tethers 39. shows you how to use seat belts Belts 15 Using LATCH 40. properly It explains your Supple 6 Adjust the Steering Wheel 18 Additional Information About Your. mental Restraint System And it tells 7 Maintain a Proper Sitting Seat Belts 42. you how to properly restrain infants Position 18 Seat Belt System Components 42. and children in your car Advice for Pregnant Women 19 Lap Shoulder Belt 42. Additional Safety Precautions 20 Automatic Seat Belt. Protecting Children 21 Tensioners 43,All Children Must Be Seat Belt Maintenance 44. Restrained 21 Additional Information About,Children Should Sit in the Back Your Airbags 45. Seat 22 SRS Components 45, The Passenger s Front Airbag How Your Front Airbags.
Important Safety Precautions 6 Poses Serious Risks to Work 45. Your Car s Safety Features 7 Children 22 How Your Side Airbags Work 47. Seat Belts 8 If You Must Drive with Several How Your Side Curtain. Airbags 9 Children 24 Airbags Work 48, Seats and Seat Backs 10 If a Child Requires Close How the SRS Indicator Works 48. Head Restraints 11 Attention 25 How the Side Airbag Cutoff. Door Locks 11 Additional Safety Precautions 25 Indicator Light Works 49. Pre Drive Safety Checklist 11 General Guidelines for Using Airbag Service 51. Protecting Adults 12 Child Seats 26 Additional Safety Precautions 51. 1 Close and Lock the Doors 12 Protecting Infants 30 Carbon Monoxide Hazard 52. 2 Adjust the Front Seats 13 Protecting Small Children 33 Safety Labels 53. Driver and Passenger Safety 5,Main Menu Table of Contents. Important Safety Precautions, You ll find many safety Be Aware of Airbag Hazards Control Your Speed. recommendations throughout this While airbags can save lives they Excessive speed is a major factor in. section and throughout this manual can cause serious or fatal injuries to crash injuries and deaths Generally. The recommendations on this page occupants who sit too close to them the higher the speed the greater the. are the ones we consider to be the or are not properly restrained risk but serious accidents can also. most important Infants young children and short occur at lower speeds Never drive. adults are at the greatest risk Be faster than is safe for current. Always Wear Your Seat Belt sure to follow all instructions and conditions regardless of the. A seat belt is your best protection in warnings in this manual See page maximum speed posted. all types of collisions Airbags 7, supplement seat belts but airbags Keep Your Car in Safe Condition. are designed to inflate only in a Don t Drink and Drive Having a tire blowout or a. moderate to severe frontal collision Alcohol and driving don t mix Even mechanical failure can be extremely. So even though your car is equipped one drink can reduce your ability to hazardous To reduce the possibility. with airbags make sure you and respond to changing conditions and of such problems check your tire. your passengers always wear your your reaction time gets worse with pressures and condition frequently. seat belts and wear them properly every additional drink So don t drink and perform all regularly scheduled. See page 15 and drive and don t let your friends maintenance See page 248. drink and drive either,Restrain All Children,Children are safest when they are.
properly restrained in the back seat,not the front seat A child who is too. small for a seat belt must be properly,restrained in a child safety seat See. 6 Driver and Passenger Safety,Main Menu Table of Contents. Your Car s Safety Features,Your car is equipped with many. 3 10 8 9 1 4 features that work together to,protect you and your passengers.
2 during a crash,7 Some safety features do not require. any action on your part These,include a strong steel framework. that forms a safety cage around the,passenger compartment front and. rear crush zones that are designed to,crumple and absorb energy during a. crash a collapsible steering column,6 and seat belt tensioners that.
7 automatically tighten the front seat,5 11 belts in the event of a crash. 1 Safety Cage,2 Crush Zones,3 Seats and Seat Backs. 4 Head Restraints,5 Collapsible Steering Column,6 Seat Belts. 7 Front Airbags,8 Side Airbags,9 Side Curtain Airbags. 10 Door Locks,2 11 Seat Belt Tensioners,If equipped.
Driver and Passenger Safety 7,Main Menu Table of Contents. Your Car s Safety Features, These safety features are designed Seat Belts In addition most states and all. to reduce the severity of injuries in a For your safety and the safety of Canadian provinces require you to. crash However you and your your passengers your car is wear seat belts. passengers can t take full advantage equipped with seat belts in all seating. of these safety features unless you positions,remain sitting in a proper position. and always wear your seat belts Your seat belt system also Not wearing a seat belt properly. properly In fact some safety includes a light on the increases the chance of serious. features can contribute to injuries if instrument panel to remind you and injury or death in a crash even. they are not used properly your passengers to fasten your seat if you have airbags. Be sure you and your,Why Wear Seat Belts passengers always wear seat. Seat belts are the single most belts and wear them properly. effective safety device for adults and,larger children Infants and smaller.
children must be properly restrained When properly worn seat belts. in child seats,Keep you connected to the car so, Not wearing a seat belt properly you can take advantage of the car s. increases the chance of serious built in safety features. injury or death in a crash even, though your car has airbags Help protect you in almost every. type of crash including frontal,side and rear impacts and. 8 Driver and Passenger Safety,Main Menu Table of Contents. Your Car s Safety Features,Help keep you from being thrown Airbags.
against the inside of the car and,against other occupants. Keep you from being thrown out,of the car,Help keep you in a good position. should the airbags ever deploy A,good position reduces the risk of. injury from an inflating airbag and,allows you to get the best. advantage from the airbag, Of course seat belts cannot Your car has a Supplemental Standard on V 6 and EX models.
completely protect you in every Restraint System SRS with front Optional on the U S LX model. crash But in most cases seat belts airbags to help protect the heads and Your car also has side airbags to help. can reduce your risk of serious chests of the driver and a front seat protect the upper torso of the driver. injury passenger during a moderate to or a front seat passenger during a. severe frontal collision moderate to severe side impact. What you should do Always wear,your seat belt and make sure you. wear it properly,Driver and Passenger Safety 9,Main Menu Table of Contents. Your Car s Safety Features, Airbags do not replace seat belts Seats and Seat Backs. They are designed to supplement Your car s seats are designed to keep. the seat belts you in a comfortable upright,position so you can take full. Airbags offer no protection in rear advantage of the protection offered. impacts rollovers or minor by seat belts and the energy. frontal or side collisions absorbing materials in the seats. Airbags can pose serious hazards How you adjust your seats and seat. To do their job airbags must backs can also affect your safety For. inflate with tremendous force and example sitting too close to the. speed So while airbags help save steering wheel or dashboard. lives they can cause minor injuries increases the risk of you or your. or more serious or even fatal passenger being injured by striking. U S EX V6 model optional on Canadian injuries if occupants are not the inside of the car or by an. EX V6 model properly restrained or sitting inflating airbag. Your car also has side curtain properly, airbags During a moderate to severe Reclining a seat back too far reduces.
side impact side curtain airbags help What you should do Always wear the seat belt s effectiveness and. to protect the heads of the driver your seat belt properly and sit increases the chance that the seat s. front seat passenger and passengers upright and as far back as possible occupant will slide under the seat. sitting in the outer rear seating from the steering wheel or belt in a crash and be seriously. positions dashboard injured,The most important things you need. to know about your airbags are,10 Driver and Passenger Safety. Main Menu Table of Contents,Your Car s Safety Features. What you should do Move the front Pre Drive Safety Checklist Front seat occupants are sitting. seats as far back as possible and To make sure you and your upright and as far back as possible. keep adjustable seat backs in an passengers get the maximum from the steering wheel and. upright position whenever the car is protection from your car s safety dashboard see page 13. moving features check the following each, time before you drive away Seat backs are upright see page. Head Restraints 14, Head restraints can help protect you All adults and children who have.
from whiplash and other injuries For outgrown child safety seats are Head restraints are properly. maximum protection the back of wearing their seat belts and adjusted see page 15. your head should rest against the wearing them properly see page. center of the head restraint 15 All doors are closed and locked. see page 12,Door Locks Any infant or small child is. Keeping your doors locked reduces properly restrained in a child seat All cargo is properly stored or. the chance of being thrown out of in the back seat see page 21 secured see page 214. the car during a crash It also helps,prevent occupants from accidentally. opening a door and falling out and,outsiders from unexpectedly opening. your doors,Driver and Passenger Safety 11,Main Menu Table of Contents. Protecting Adults, The rest of this section gives more Introduction Your car has a door monitor light on.
detailed information about how you The following pages provide the instrument panel to indicate. can maximize your safety instructions on how to properly when a specific door is not tightly. protect the driver and other adult closed,Remember however that no safety occupants. system can prevent all injuries or For safety locking the doors reduces. deaths that can occur in severe These instructions also apply to the chance that a passenger. crashes even when seat belts are children who have outgrown child especially a child will open a door. properly worn and the airbags deploy seats and are large enough to wear while the car is moving and. lap shoulder belts See page 36 for accidentally fall out It also reduces. important additional guidelines on the chance of someone being thrown. how to properly protect larger out of the car during a crash. For security locked doors can, 1 Close and Lock the Doors prevent an outsider from. After everyone has entered the car unexpectedly opening a door when. be sure the doors are closed and you come to a stop. See page 78 for how to lock the,12 Driver and Passenger Safety.

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