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Name of Test Description of Age Range Reliability Validity Strengths Weaknes. Participation, School Function Completed Children with Internal consistency The SFA satisfies. Assessment SFA 3 through disabilities Cronbach alpha 92 the IDEA. physical attending 98 requirement that, therapist grades K 6 Test retest related services must. observations reliability ICC 80 be tied to an,and report of Criterion 99 educationally. IEP team referenced relevant outcome,members Content validity. parents Relevant for children Test can be used to, teachers other with disabilities document progress.
related services and effects of,professionals Construct validity intervention. Shown to behave as, Measures expected from theory Test results can help. student team develop, performance of Limited research on specific goals for. functional interrater and IEP,tasks that intrarater reliability. support their and criterion related Can be completed in. participation in validity between SFA 30 minutes or longer. the academic and other existing if done as a team,and social tests.
aspects of,elementary, Pediatric Measures Ages 1 to 21 Test retest reliability The PEDI CAT. Evaluation of capability and years ICC 958 997 corrected the ceiling. Disability performance of across domains effect on mobility. Inventory functional Norm items from the, Computer Adaptive activities in referenced and Discriminant validity original PEDI This. Test PEDI CAT 4 Daily criterion between normative problem limits the. Activities referenced and disability groups use of the original. Mobility including autism PEDI for physical, Social Cogniti diagnosis at all ages therapist working. ve and was significant at with the population,Responsibility P 0001 of children with. dimensions of autism,participation,Choice of speedy.
with 5 15 items per,domain or content,administration with. 30 items per domain, 2 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet. Combines elements,of adaptive,behaviors measures,typical of special. education programs,and functional,assessments used in. rehabilitation, Canadian Student and or All ages Test retest reliability COPM is easy to.
Occupational parent report ICC 63 for administer and takes. Performance Criterion performance score approximately 20. Measure Fourth Designed to referenced 84 for satisfaction minutes to complete. Edition COPM 5 detect change,in client s or,perception of. occupational,performance,satisfaction, Children s Student report Ages 6 to 21 CAPE test retest Test takes 45 65. Assessment of with or without years reliability ICC 64 minutes to. Participation and parent s 86 administer,Enjoyment Prefere assistance. nce for Activities Internal Child uses visuals, of Children 55 items 5 consistency Cronbac and visual rating. CAPE PAC 6 scales h s alpha 67 to 84 scales which allow. depending on the independence for,Provides domain or type of some children with.
information on activity for the PAC ASD,6 aspects of preference score. recreational and 30 to May need to have, participation 77 depending on the parents assist with. domain or type of answering,activity for the CAPE questions confirmin. participation score g answers when,using with children. Validation process is with ASD,ongoing Item,development was.
conducted through a,literature review,expert review and. pilot testing of the,CAPE and PAC with,both typically. developing children,and children with,disabilities. 3 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet. Perceived Efficacy Student Ages 5 to 10 Reported valid for Questionnaires take. and Goal Setting parent and years use with children about 20 minutes to. System PEGS 7 teacher reports with varied complete. disabilities including,Assesses a autism Uses colorful cards. child s daily as visuals support,activities in the.
home school Helpful in,and identifying goal,community priorities. environments,Looks at self,care academic,activities. Assessment of Life Student or Ages 5 to 13 Reliability for total Short form is. Habits Life H parent report years score ICC 73 recommended for. Children8 Long and short school based,forms 242 or Versions also. 77 questions exists for,available children birth,to 4 years and Helpful in. for adults identifying goal,Questionnaire,looks at priorities or need for.
nutrition accommodations,personal care,communicatio. responsibilities,interpersonal,relationships,life education. employment,and recreation, Vineland Adaptive Parent and All ages Test retest reliability Various editions of. Behavioral Scales teacher reports r 83 94 for the test can be. Second Edition Fine and gross Adaptive Behavior completed in 20 90. Vineland 2 9 5 domains motor norms Composite ages 3 21 minutes. Communicatio only for years,n children,Daily Living younger than Interrater reliability. Socialization 6 11 years old r 78 for the,Motor and Adaptive Behavior.
Maladaptive Composite ages 0 18,Behaviors years,Internal consistency. split half reliability, 4 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet. coefficients 95,97 for Adaptive,Behavior Composite. ages 0 18 years,Validity evidence,based on clinical. groups in individuals,with ASD the,Adaptive Behavior.
Composite and,domains scores were,at least 2 SD below. the mean of the non,clinical group9, Scale for the Teacher report All ages N A The design is. Assessment of flexible and can be,Teachers 5 point scale adapted to any. Impressions of for goodness routine,Routines and of fit across 12. Engagements routines Guides clinicians in,SATIRE 10 Arrival Free building a picture of.
Play Meal the motor,Circle Snack expectations,Nap throughout all daily. Structured routines,Departure etc, Vanderbilt Physical Age 18 N A The form is based on. Ecological therapist months to a 10 minute, Congruence of observations school age observation for 10. Teaching different routines,Opportunities in Assesses and is scored using a. Routines ecological 5 point scale,VECTOR congruence in.
Classroom 3 Use of the VECTOR,Version11 developmental guides changes in. domains the environment and,Engagement adult interventions. Independence as needed for,and Peer optimal engagement. Interactions of student,The form is,appropriate for early. intervention,kindergarten and,first grade, Therapists as Teacher s Preschool and N A The questionnaire.
Collaborative report kindergarten helps identify,Team members for challenging routines. 5 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet. Infant Toddler Questionnaire and optimal timing,Community for gathering for providing. Services information intervention,TaCTICS from,questionnaire classroom The administration. from Florida teacher on the takes approximately,Project12 student s 15 minutes. participation,and Questionnaire can be,preferences done as an interview.
or the teacher can,complete and return,Face to face. administration,provides more,complete relevant,information. Activity level, Miller Function Visual motor Ages 4 to 7 11 Internal consistency The M FUN skills. and Participation fine motor and years 17 reliability assessment takes 40. Scale gross motor skills coefficients 85 for 60 min to. M FUN 13 skill visual motor 90 for administer,assessment Ages 2 6 to fine motor 92 for. 3 11 years 15 gross motor The participation,Participation skills checklists each take.
assessment Test retest reliability an additional 5 10. home and Norm ICC 77 for visual min to complete,classroom referenced for motor and gross. checklists skill motor and 82 for fine The behaviors are. assessment motor rated using an easy,to use 5 point scale. Criterion Interrater reliability from almost always. referenced for correlation 91 for successful to not. participation visual motor and observed,assessment gross motor and 93. Looks at motor,for fine motor,skills for games and. For a screening play in context,population sensitivity.
and specificity are,74 and 94 on fine,motor and 67 and. 94 on gross motor,Sensitivity and,specificity for a. referral population,are included in table,format in the test. 6 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet. Test of Gross Locomotor and Ages 3 to 10 Reliability for content Test includes skills. Motor Object Control years sampling ICC 85 typically practiced. Development subtests 91 for time during play or in. Second Edition Norm and sampling ICC 88 physical education. TGMD 2 14 12 test items criterion 96 classes,referenced. Scorer reliability Visuals from the,98 across all aspects manuals are helpful.
of test for children with,There are few items,assessing balance. Test takes 30,minutes to,administer,Quality of,movement and. activity skills are,Test identifies,children who are. significantly behind,their peers in gross,motor development. Movement Includes Ages 3 to 16 Lack of research on Test includes simple. Assessment Battery manual years reliability and validity tasks taken out of. for Children dexterity is a reported game or play,Second Edition aiming and Norm weakness16 context.
Movement ABC catching and referenced,2 15 balance Factorial validity Test takes 20 40. subtests confirmed for min to administer,children with. Non motor Developmental Easier to administer,factors Coordination with children with. affecting Disorder but not short attention span,movement are convergent or than other traditional. considered discriminant motor skill battery,validity17.
3 age bands Teacher checklist is,Construct validity an interesting tool to. Checklist Cronbach s alpha gather activity and,94 participation. Discriminative information,validity comparing,children with and The repeated trials. without motor 5 practice and 10,impairments test trials can be a. 7 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet. challenge for some,Checklist Sensitivity children,41 Specificity.
Bruininks 8 subtests 4 21 years Sensitivity 88 Due to the. Oseretsky Test of Running Speed Specificity 74 complexity of tasks. Motor Proficiency and Agility Norm in the BOT 2 use of. Second Edition Balance referenced Mean subtest internal this test may be best. BOT 2 19 Bilateral consistency reliability suited for children. Coordination coefficients ranged with ASD who,Strength from 73 91 across function at the. Upper Limb all subtests and the higher end of the,Coordination three age ranges spectrum The. Response manual includes, Speed Visual Interrater reliability information on use. Motor Control Pearson s r 98 99 of the BOT 2 in a, and Upper for all components clinical sample of 45. Limb Speed except fine motor individuals 4 21,and Dexterity r 92 years with ASD.
30 items in The test may have to,gross motor be administered over. and upper limb multiple sessions,coordination due to child fatigue. Use of this test is not,recommended for,children with. significant motor,disabilities, HELP 3 6 2nd Covers 585 Ages 3 to 6 No data not Helps guide. edition 20 skills across 6 years standardized observations and. domains review expectations,Cognitive Curriculum for play skills.
Language based expected of children,Gross Motor not at 3 6 years of age. Fine Motor standardized,Social and no normative,Self Help sample. Assessment Multi domain Ages 3 to 6 No data not Test includes simple. Evaluation and evaluation for years standardized gross motor tasks. Programming preschool expected of children, System AEPS 21 children with Curriculum up to age 6 years. disabilities based,not Parent questionnaire,standardized is very helpful in. no normative gathering,sample information and,selecting relevant.
goals across,environments, 8 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet. A 3 point scale is,used consistently,inconsistently or. does not meet, Early Start Denver Multi domain The No data does not Best used with an. Model Curriculum evaluation for intervention provide a score interdisciplinary. Checklist for preschool approach was team model Useful. Young Children children with developed for for tracking progress. with Autism ASD children 7 and for goal setting,ESDM 22 months to 48. Includes 8 months old It The checklist can be,domains includes task used for children up.
receptive analysis and a to transition to,communicatio data collection kindergarten. n expressive system,communicatio Completion of the. n social skills Criterion checklist is done in a,imitation referenced tool play based. cognition Not interactive style It,play fine standardized can usually be. motor gross no normative completed in one,motor sample play session of 1 0.
behavior and 1 5 hours,independence, Verbal Behavioral Includes 16 Can be used No data not scored Best used with an. Milestones areas of skills with any against a normative interdisciplinary. Assessment and mand tact individual sample team model using a. Placement Program intraverbal with a combination of. VB MAPP 23 listener language teacher or parent,echoic delay reports and. imitation Specifically structured,textual designed for observations and. copying younger testing,transcription children with. listener ASD or Useful for tracking,responding developmental progress and for.
visual disabilities goal setting,perceptual,independent Criterion The skills observed. play social referenced are those typically,behavior tool achieved by 48. spontaneous Not months of age The,vocal behavior standardized assessment results. group skills no normative are presented as a,linguistic sample visual summary that. structure and can be updated,math following each,evaluation.
assessment of, 9 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet. barriers to Can take several,learning and testing sessions to. a transition complete Can be,assessment to completed by. guide assigning parts of,placement the assessment to. decision different team,Body structure,and function.
Sensory Processing Includes 7 Ages 5 to 12 Internal consistency Takes 15 20 minutes. Measure24 areas visual years Cronbach alpha 95 to complete. auditory Interrater reliability,tactile ICC 98,proprioceptive. and vestibular Content and construct,sensory validity is established. systems as,well as praxis Criterion related,and social validity established. participation,4 point Likert,type scale, Sensory Profile25 Determines Ages 3 to 10 Internal consistency Links sensory. how well years Cronbach alpha processing with,children ranged from 47 to child s daily life.
process 91 across the 14 performance,sensory sections and 9 factors. information in Easy tool to,everyday distribute to the. situations teachers and parents,to get some,Looks at baselines on unusual. sensory responses to sensory,processing stimuli,modulation. and behavioral,and emotional, Sensory Profile Evaluates a Ages 3 to 11 See manual for Easy tool to.
School child s sensory years information 26 distribute to the. Companion26 processing teachers and parents,skills and how to get some. these skills baselines on unusual,affect the responses to sensory. child s stimuli,behavior and,performance, 10 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet. Sensory Integration Provides All ages See manual for Involves 30 to 60. Inventory information on information 27 minutes of. Revised27 the subject s observation and,sensory caregiver interview. processing,abilities and,specific self,stimulatory or.
self injurious,vestibular,proprioceptive,and general. Quick Neurological Through Norms Temporal stability The QNST III was. Screening Test III counting the available for between test retest designed for. QNST II 28 number of ages 5 through showed a correlation children and adults. neurologic soft 90 years of r 87 for the total such as individuals. signs present score while the item with learning, in an Standardized difficulty index disabilities with soft. individual criterion based neurological signs,used as a measure of. assesses 15,internal consistency,areas of Takes 30 minutes to. neurological showed most of the administer,integration indices at r 80 or.
including above This is when Does not have,praxis looking at 15 items children with ASD. dexterity across 6 age in its sample so,visual tracking categories validity of results. spatial may be affected,orientation Construct validity all. tactile clinical groups Only 11 out of 37,perception comparisons to participants with. abilities and matched non clinical autism or PDD NOS. motor skills groups showed were able to be,statistically tested with this tool.
significant higher by Pfeiffer et al 29,scores more due to participant. neurological soft difficulty following,signs present t tests directions. for separate variance,at p 0 00 for selected,groups are ADHD. t 7 05 df 112 80,developmental delay,df 46 28 learning. disabilities t 5 85, 11 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet.
Florida Apraxia Gesture to Used with Interrater reliability Mostofski et al31. Screening Test Command 25 children with for modified the FAST. Revised FAST items Gesture ASD ages 8 to total percent correct R by removing. R 30 to Imitation 12 years31 and total absolute gestures likely to be. 25 items errors respectively unfamiliar to, Modified for use Gesture with ICCs 85 and 92 children e g. with children by Tool Use 17 Pearson s correlation shaving and. Mostofski et al29 items coefficients were 86 replacing them with. and 0 93 all p s gestures better,001 31 known to children. e g tooth brushing,No norms for,children but one can Test was adapted for. use control data from use with children,Mostofski et al31 to with ASD to assess. compare results whether only,imitation skills were.
challenged or,whether a more,generalized deficit in. praxis existed, Sensory Integration Measures Ages 4 0 to Interrater reliability r Extensive training is. and Praxis Test sensory 8 11 years 94 99 required for test. SIPT 32 integration administration,processes that Norm No comparable tests. underlie referenced for concurrent Lengthy time 2,learning and validity hours is required to. behavior administer the SIPT,with 2 testing,17 subtests sittings.
requiring recommended,children to,perform visual,kinesthetic. Test of Ideational Long form 6 Criterion and Interrater reliability The short form can. Praxis Long items norm ICC 85 long form be administered in 5. Form and Short variations of referenced total35 minutes. Form TIP 33 34 movement,children can Ages 5 to 8 The full test takes 40. produce with a years minutes to,variety of administer. materials Can be used,boxes hoop also for older,string etc children. Short form 1,variations of, 12 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet.
positions a,produce with a, Brockport36 Companion Offers various See manual Different Therapist can pick. version of the fitness for each subtest 36 and choose which. Fitnessgram assessments to test to use,for children choose from. with for strength Aligns with physical,disabilities flexibility education fitness. agility curriculum provides,cardiorespirato adaptation ideas for. ry endurance fitness testing,References, 1 Section on Pediatrics American Physical Therapy Association Practice recommendations for the.
school based physical therapy evaluation of children with autism spectrum disorder Fact Sheet. http pediatricapta org Accessed January 30 2015, 2 Section on Pediatrics American Physical Therapy Association List of pediatric assessment tools. categorized by ICF Model Fact Sheet http pediatricapta org Accessed January 30 2015. 3 Coster W Deeney T Haltiwanger J Haley S School Function Assessment User s Manual San. Antonio TX Pearson 1998, 4 Haley SM Coster WJ Dumas HM et al Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory Computer. Adaptive Test PEDI CAT version 1 3 6 Development Standardization and Administration. Manual Boston MA Health and Disability Research Institute 2012. 5 Law M Baptiste S Carswell A McColl MA Polatajko H Pollock N Canadian Occupational. Performance Measure Toronto ON CAOT Publications ACE 1998. 6 King G Law M King S et al Children s Assessment of Participation and Enjoyment and. Preferences for Activities of Children San Antonio TX PsychCorp 2004. 7 Missiuna C Pollock N Law M Walter S Cavey N Examination of the Perceived Efficacy and. Goal Setting System PEGS with children with disabilities their parents and teachers Am J. Occup Ther 2006 60 2 204 214, 8 Noreau L Lepage C Boissiere L et al Measuring participation in children with disabilities using. the Assessment of Life Habits Dev Med Child Neurol 2007 49 9 666 671. 9 Sparrow SS Cicchetti DV Balla DA Vineland II Survey Forms Manual Circle Pines MN. American Guidance Service 2005, 10 Clingenpeel BT McWilliam RA Scale for the Assessment of Teachers Impressions of Routines. and Engagement SATIRE http www siskin org downloads SATIRE pdf Accessed May 8. 11 Casey AM Freund PJ McWilliam RA Vanderbilt Ecological Congruence of Teaching. Opportunities in Routines VECTOR Classroom Version. http www siskin org downloads VECTOR pdf Accessed May 8 2012. 13 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet. 12 Florida State University Project Therapists as Collaborative Team Members for Infant toddler. Community Services Identifying child Care Classroom Routines and Activities. http tactics fsu edu pdf HandoutPDFs TaCTICSHandouts Module1 childcareclassroom pdf. Accessed May 8 2012, 13 Miller LJ Miller Function and Participation Scales San Antonio TX Harcourt Assessment Inc.
14 Ulrich DA Test of Gross Motor Development Second Edition Examiner s Manual Austin TX. ProEd 2000, 15 Henderson SE Sugden DA Barnett AL Movement Assessment Battery for Children Second. Edition MABC 2 Examiner s Manual London Harcourt Assessment 2007. 16 Brown T Lalor A The Movement Assessment Battery for Children Second Edition MABC. 2 a review and critique Phys Occup Ther Pediatr 2009 29 1 86 103. 17 Wagner MO Kastner J Petermann F B s K Factorial validity of the Movement Assessment. Battery for Children 2 age band 2 Res Dev Disabil 2011 32 2 674 680. 18 Schoemaker MM Niemeijer AS Flapper BCT Smits Engelsman BCM Validity and reliability. of the Movement Assessment Battery for Children 2 Checklist for children with and without. motor impairments Dev Med Child Neurol 2012 54 4 368 375. 19 Bruininks RH Bruininks BD Bruininks Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency BOT 2 Circle. Pine MN AGS Publishing 2005, 20 Teaford P Weath J Baker T HELP 3 6 Assessment Manual 2nd ed Palo Alto CA VORT. Corporation 2010, 21 Bricker D Assessment Evaluation and Programming System for Infants and Children AEPS. 2nd ed Athens GA Paul H Brook Publishing 2002, 22 Rogers SJ Dawson G Early Start Denver Model for Young Children with Autism Promoting. Language Learning and Engagement NewYork NY The Guilford Press 2010. 23 Sundberg ML Verbal Behavioral Milestones Assessment and Placement Program Concord. CA Advancements in Verbal Behavior Press 2008, 24 Parham LD Ecker C Sensory Processing Measure Manual Los Angeles CA Western.
Psychological Services 2007, 25 Dunn W Sensory Profile User s Manual San Antonio TX The Psychological Corporation. 26 Dunn W Sensory Profile School Companion San Antonio TX The Psychological Corporation. 27 Reisman J Hanschu B Sensory Integration Inventory Revised for Individuals With. Developmental Disability User s Manual Hugo MN PDP Press YEAR. 28 Mutti MC Martin NA Sterling HM Spalding NV Quick Neurological Screening Test Manual 3rd. ed Novato CA Academic Therapy Publications 2012, 14 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet. 29 Pfeiffer BA Koenig K Kinnealey M Sheppard M Henderson L Effectiveness of sensory. integration interventions in children with autism spectrum disorders a pilot study Am J Occup. Ther 2011 65 1 76 85, 30 Gonzales Rothi LJ Raymer AM Heilman KM Limb praxis assessment In Gonzales Rothi LJ. Heilman KM eds Apraxia The Neuropsychology of Action Hove UK Psychology Press. 1997 61 73, 31 Mostofsky SH Dubey P Jerath VK Jansiewicz EM Goldberg MC Denckla MB Developmental. dyspraxia is not limited to imitation in children with autism spectrum disorders J Int. Neuropsychol Soc 2006 12 3 314 326, 32 Ayres AJ Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests SIFT Manual Los Angeles CA Western.
Psychological Services 1989, 33 May Benson TA Test of Ideational Praxis Examiner s Manual. http www tmbeducationalenterprises com pdf TIPManual pdf Accessed May 12 2012. 34 May Benson TA Praxis Assessment for the Busy Therapist. http tmbeducationalenterprises com pdf Praxis 20Assessment 20for 20the 20Busy 20The. rapist Lecture 20PPT pdf Accessed May 18 2012, 35 May Benson TA Cermak SA Development of an assessment for ideational praxis Am J Occup. Ther 2007 61 148 153, 36 Winnick JP Short FX The Brockport Physical Fitness test Manual A Health Related Test for. Youths With Physical and Mental Disabilities Champaign IL Human Kinetics 1999. For More Information, If you have additional questions would like to order additional copies of this fact sheet or would like to. join the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy please visit the Academy s Web site at. www pediatricapta org or e mail pediatrics apta org. 2015 by the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy American Physical Therapy Association 1111 N. Fairfax Street Alexandria VA 22314 1488 www pediatricapta org. Developed by a volunteer workgroup of the APTA s Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy s School. Based Special Interest Group chaired by Marcia K Kaminker PT DPT MS PCS Special thanks to this. workgroup chaired by Liliane Savard PT DPT PCS which included Michelle Albrecht PT DPT Lori. Glumac PT DSc PCS Karen Greeley PT DScPT Kathleen Murphy PT DPT and Bala Pillai PT MA PCS. The Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy provides access to these member produced fact sheets and. resources for informational purposes only They are not intended to represent the position of APPT or of. the American Physical Therapy Association, 15 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheet.

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